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  1. Gotta say, love YS' character. Even the smallest bit of dialogue towards the end of episode 11 (I've only seen the last ten minutes or so, hoping for a better internet connection so I can see the whole thing soon!):

    When KJS' (lead?) man grabs YS' hair before throwing the first punch, YS demands that he let go.

    KJS man: ... because you're going to die today.

    YS: Let go. I said, let go! I'm someone who cares about my hairstyle, you know.

    KJS man: [WTF?!]


  2. Yes, I appreciate that little detail dorkette.  Now that she knows YS the player is CH, I'm curious to see how they will weave her into the future revenge plot.  Is the prosecutor's father the next target #3?

    either #3 or #4, there were two names that came up when JP interrogated target #2, and i do believe the prosecutor's father was mentioned second. but who knows?

    EDIT/ #3 is definitely the prosecutor's father. was the only one mentioned.

    & otcho, i will try to help more if i can! i've actually only watched the first 10 minutes or so, i can't get anything to load on my computer today haha :) so by the time i get my hands on a full episode, i bet the subs would already be out :P but what you have done is super solid!

  3. ep 9

    replay of NN with the no. 2 official

    they see CH-YS with prosecutor.. no. 2 official made NN as his bait...

    NN do the taekwondo thing and she was pushed into the side...

    prosecutor ran off to official no. 2 while YS saves NN

    JP was there and saw what happened

    YS blood flows but he was able to save NN..

    YS was about to leave but NN hold of him

    NN: excuse, you are the person from before (the one who I've shot)

    but YS don't answer her and leaves

    otcho did a fine job recapping but want to clarify a translation at the beginning -- guess it is a spoiler... after YS saves NN at the beginning of episode 9, NN doesn't ask YS if he is the one she shot before; rather she asks:

    "during that sniping incident (with official #2)... you were the one who saved me then, weren't you?"

    not a life-changing detail, but i think NN-YS fans would still appreciate the nuance, yeah? :)
















































































































































































































































































































































































































    hi, i was wondering if anybody knew of any CBs with lee soo young MVs. thanks in advance!




































































    episode seven preview;;































































































    got it off of springwaltz.com // translated to english by dorkette































































































    highlight to read, it's in white!
















































































































































    Phillip, Eun-young, and Lina are all startled by Jae-ha's sudden outburst.































































































    Phillip warns Jae-ha that because Eun-young is the woman he loves, Jae-ha cannot treat her poorly. Jae-ha is feeling unsettled because of his own actions. He calls Phillip and apologizes...































































































    Eun-young's thoughts are all jumbled up because of all the mishaps between her and Jae-ha. She heads off to her hometown [island]. Phillip asks Mi-jung where Eun-young went, and goes off to find her...
















































    no real surprises here.
















































    but much anticipation for the next two episodes on my part!
















































    thanks Luv for the gifs and pics :)
















































    ooh la la, this is my 400th post XP



















    I remember the first time we see Chris (when Ina drools over herself while watching him play the piano) he immediately reminded me of the Phantom from Phantom of the Opera!








    Dark past, living a secret life, hidden in the dark, hunched over his precious piano.. he's so Phantom-like!















    haha i just finished watching episode six and chris sort of has the serious aura around him.








    and then i came here and saw that picture.








    and i went kekekaka *dies from laughter* even though that's one of the most serious scenes in episode six . pretty much, i'm way too immature for my age.








    but yes, i think i'm perturbed that chris is being so... chris. i dunno what to say.








    that's the thing about these seasonal dramas... lots and lots of waiting X__X








    anyways. i have a question about what chris's plans are for his album recording.








    i believe it was in episode six but i couldn't hear it completely... did he say he wanted to record the album somewhere special? if so, where was the place? i believe phillip responded with a "i'll check on it". it was when all the music business people were sitting around at the house/office... yeeah.








    much thanks in advance for any help.








    chris and phillip's hotel room is pretty sweet.








    and the pink truck's name, "boo-nong-ee" heh heh heh cute.











    just finished watching episode five!















    i downloaded both five and six today, and i skimmed through six before i watched five [i'm really bad at this!] and was wondering what CHRIS/JAE-HA/SU-HO's problem was...















    and i figured it out. duh. :blush::sweatingbullets:























    first off, i apologize if this post already has information that was revealed by a fellow drama watcher who understands korean... i have not read backlogs, so i wasn't sure if this was posted.























    basically, i hope i haven't stolen any of jahye's thunder.















    i know jahye is very knowledgable about this drama and the korean language :)























    if not, HERE IS A MAJOR SPOILER for episode five.








    it may shed some light on chris/jae-ha/su-ho's actions...

    But i have a question... you know how jaeha goes to find out things in the hospital and at first they say they cannot provide him with the info, but later on they tell him something... They say that eunyung had the surgery and what happened to her later? anyone know?








    the spoiler is in response to this post -- HIGHLIGHT TO READ --























    .... jae-ha initially goes to the hospital in order to find out if eun-young is still alive.















    the doctor at the desk says that he cannot reveal this information.















    jae-ha says that he is eun-young's "oppa". in that figurative sense, of course. but doctor won't say anything because he does not have proof of this relationship.















    when doctor sees that jae-ha will not leave, he says, come back tomorrow.















    later on in the episode, towards the last five-ish minutes...















    right after eun-young and friend meet daniel after the terrible truck ride...















    we see jae-ha/su-ho walking sullenly outside the hospital.















    the voiceover is of the doctor.








    HE SAYS... "i'm very sorry... but after the surgery... the patient died."























    sa-mang = death, basically.








    whoa! tell me that isn't strange?! i want to know what happened.








    maybe something is revealed in episode six. i haven't watched it yet.








    please please please forgive me if i'm missing crucial information from episode six :(








    but that shed a lot of light on jae-ha's weirdness for me.








    Somebody, I forget who, talked about Hyo Joo's English in the drama and wondered if it was how she really talked in English or if she was "over acting". I've never heard Hyo Joo speak English, except maybe a word or two every week on Inki Gayo when she had to introduce a group/artist with an English name.. and it was with the same accent she uses in the drama, so I think that's really the best she speak in English. :lol: But it is endearing and awfully cute. (I know people think DH's Korean is endearing and awfully cute, but I can't disagree more.)








    I don't think Eun Young has amnesia prior to her surgery because like someone mentioned before, she recalled her childhood memories when she heard Chris playing the piano. And we see in the previews at the end of episode 6, she visits her mother's grave. (I'm assuming..)
















    Uhm, Choi Si Won looked like a giant in a dwarf's house in his scene with Choi Jahye.








    I didn't think anyone could be more annoying than young Ina, but I was wrong. We meet grown-up Ina's friend.















    *waves* that was me asking about HHJ's english.















    thanks for the reply... it makes me smile to read that! i can totally see it :)















    the only real bit of daniel henney korean that bugged me was his "ah-ni-yo" when lina asked him if he was going to mess around with eun-young. made me go :crazy: for a bit there heh heh.























    pretty much i agree that eun-young ever had amnesia.















    she remembers fully well what happened.















    even after the concert back in episode 1/4, when chris plays clementine and eun-young sings along... after she stops singing, she says "man, and i promised myself i'd never sing it again". she remember su-ho easily but tries not to, basically.























    the choi si won - giant in a dwarf's house comment makes me smile.















    i was thinking the same thing, heh.























    ratings, bah humbug.





































    I'm working on an MU link for episode 6 right now.
































    I will edit this post when it's ready. (it might be a while though.. over 2 hours!)
































    I normally hate watching predictable dramas that drag out birth/death/blackmailing secrets and dramas where it's impossible for the second male lead to "win the girl" at the end, but I'm still watching this.. WHY???
































    I have to vent and say Daniel Henney's Korean is SO ANNOYING. I can't understand anything he says! OK, that may be an exaggeration, but honestly it is annoying and most of the time it is hard to clearly understand what he's mumbling. I think I'm just bugged that people were complaining about Lee So Yeon's English and fanning DH with praises of looking hot and all that, but the truth is LSY's English is so much more appealing to the ear than DH's Korean.































































    i actually thought LSY's english was not that bad compared to other kdrama instances i've seen.
































    oh well. for me, daniel henney's korean seems "cute" because it's funny to watch him try in what seems to me to be [eww confusing wordage!], an earnest manner. i have many non-korean friends who are learning korean right now and i will admit their attempts are much more annoying-sounding than daniel henney's. his is tolerable enough for me, at least it makes me smile. but heh heh, i'm guessing it doesn't exactly make you smile? :P
































    i have never seen han hyo joo clips before spring waltz...
































    i wonder if her attempts at english are overexaggerated? like KSA in samsoon. :)
































    or if HHJ has better english speaking abilities than that?
































    once again, she is very adorable.
































    thank you for the caps! especially the crystal museum ones... very gorgeous.
































    and thank you for the MU links as well! i am thanking you in advance for episode six.
































    whee, insideMYheart... off to check out the icons! thanks!








































    thanks Tanya66 or the OST ~ .. :)
































    .i think the pace is okay for now if the recogintion happen around next week or so then it should be quite perfect ..if not then ..er .....i got to wait and see what happen <_<
































    i think is just our heart are anxious .but i think that how the way it is with such dramas .just the part about how chris and eun young is attaching up with the other leena and philib respectively ..er ...hm..it spell alot of more troubles to come ..` ANd that is not even with the parents appearing :ph34r:































































    very much agreed!
































    it's gotta happen naturally, don't you think?
































    although from the episode six preview that i saw [have to watch both five and six still]...
































    it seemed that chris was shaking lina's hand and saying, miss song lina, let's start again from the beginning. and then he tells phillip "best of luck with her [EY]" as if he's giving her permission... but! he also mentions, "just don't call her by that name" :crazy: what's he thinking?!
































    and holy cow, i didn't even think about the parents!
































    oh goodness gracious. especially the father, i suppose...
































    wow! :wacko:









    gosh it is epi 6 they still have not reconized each other. now to me that is dragging a bit. with this i doubt the rating for this epi would go up any higher. they need to move on with the story.
































    haha i was hoping by episode six they would recognize each other too... :P































































    but we must keep patiently waiting!


































































































    now that i think about it, though, i think the pace is fine... as of now.































































    this drama is slated at twenty episodes? if they already knew each other by now, what would the remaining fourteen episodes be about? lots of twists and turns, maybe? lol i'm thinking about stairways to heaven... oh man, i was rooting for CJW to finally remember KSW... it felt like it took forever... *sigh*


































































































    i think if the recognition happens next week, timing/pacing is perfect.


































































































    but that's just my strange opinion.


































































































    eeks and Tanya66 thanks for the parts of the OST!!































































    wow, they're putting damien rice's cannonball on the OST ^___^































































    good stufffff.












































    eek have to catch up on episodes five and six!































































    these are scenes i've been anxiously waiting, i can't wait to watch!































































    insideMYheart... i missed your posting of icons... where can i find them? :)


































































































    ay caramba! after reading the spoilers to the end of episode six, i'm thinking it's another cliffhanger. gosh! darn those producers.












































    ^^ i can't wait for that scene either!































































    actually, it seemed that eun-young and the ajumma [her deceased mother's friend] run a business out of their truck selling things and such. there's a lot of that in korean markets and whatnot. looked like phillip somehow landed in the back of the truck and eun-young was driving around pretty roughly, which would lead to major carsickness for anyone, i would imagine. and when the truck stops and ahjumma and eun-young get out to reopen the back of the truck, out falls phillip!































































    haha it's bound to be a cute scene.


































































































    i also liked eun-young's note in episode four, "pillib" = phillip.































































    hahaha cuteeee!


































































































    and then! of course, i have to have my daily dose of chris finally finding eun-young sitting in the truck, and he starts running... but the truck starts leaving... oh no!


































































































    pretty much i thought that preview was over-satisfying. i doubt all of that will end up in episode five, but i can dream for the time being, right? haha it's going to be very exciting.


































































































    i'm tired. had to wake up way too super early because i'm off... on a trip! see you guys later.








































    Ok, some goods... since dorkette asked me to make some Spring Waltz graphics, I made some banners BUT this was the first time I made banners for other people to use so they aren't that great :sweatingbullets: I still need lots of practice (my first icons, the Goong ones, came out so much better :crazy:) and these are pretty simple:
































    Maybe I will make more when I get better :blush: Icons will come later when I have time.
































    Ohh dorkette, I tried to follow some of your suggestions so hopefully I was successful ^_^































































    awesome! i love them all! haha successful? most definitely.































































    i'm still deliberating over which one i'm going to use :lol:































































    thank you soooo much!
































    ohhhhhh i am loving the previews hint u giving ~~the finding people and the names part =>just like hide and seek ~ !! he looking for her through his music ~ kekek ohhhh .~ does he compose too i wonder if he write something for her ~i been watching dramas with mixed ID .~~ somehow i never expected it from spring watlz and is quite a surprise~
































    ...ahh i think maybe chris will not reveal himself too fast to her ~or he want to but he cant yet ~ ~ we have yet to see his parents i wonder how they are like the character .and how obessed they are over him being the son they want ~ ~ keke but this is making me more excited since i love to see how he can control himself ~ and then seeing how philip is going to court her so ..charmingly~~ ......and he cannot really do much maybe but i think he might surprise me ~~ gosh see how he get jealous even when he dun know who she is ~ i cannot imagine now he know ~
































    but poor philip~~ he just too charming .gosh i cannot bear to see him hurt ! sob !~
































    ohh you guys been such great company watching this drama~ ^^ .let continue it like this ~ i hope this drama really ends as good as it is starting now ~ . :)































































    shirley, you're always so nice! and you have so many interesting things to say! keep it coming, please!































































    all your talk about phillip reminds me... i present you with another "somewhat spoiler" from episode four if you were unable to read the korean subtitles during the german parts.


































































































    this is the part when phillip says goodnight to eun-young and he comes and visits chris.































































    and they're talking about stuff, right...































































    i'm translating the korean subtitles for this part of the episode down below. if needed, the subbing team can use this on the subs.































































    beginning at about 44:20 on LQ [in white], P is Phillip and C is Chris!


































































































    P: you're already sleeping?































































    C: aren't you moving a little too fast?































































    P: it's not that i'm moving too fast,































































    i just feel that this time, there's something really special!































































    P: i know korean women are new experiences for you,































































    but don't fall too hard.































































    P: i didn't know you had this kind of side to you!































































    P: you usually never cared about any of my other girlfriends!































































    C: i'm just saying, don't trust your feelings too much.































































    P: i'll keep it in mind.































































    P: but i'm thinking i see something too?































































    P: you two! don't tell me there's nothing going on between you and lina... [loose translation for this line because it's past midnight and i can't think of the right words]































































    C: *shakes head, change scene*
































    also, while chris and eun-young are arguing right before the sweater incident.
































    he does mention that phillip is sort of like a player, so don't feel too special.
































    phillip seems so innocent! so charming!
































    haha and yet chris has tagged him as a "player".
































    i think i want to waltz with phillip first. :sweatingbullets:








































    I'll bet we'll be hearing Sung Shi Kyung. Just watch in the next episode when Chris looks for Eun Young..
































    Phillip is quite smitten after knowing her for less than a day.
































    And poor Lina the Fool. Your betrothed Jae Ha is long gone!
































    It was mentioned in the first episode when Lina and Phillip were talking in the car, I think Lina wants "Jae Ha" to record an album in Seoul. But Chris seems to be completely against going back to Korea.
































    Too bad he's going to have to go back to Korea if he wants to find Eun Young.
































    I bet he's not able to meet with Eun Young in Austria in the next episode so he goes to Korea to find her.
































    But then, there were those pictures of them together in Austria.. and the almost kiss..































































    hehe i love reading your commentary. will be anticipating sung shi kyung's song in the next episode teehee.































































    and i wonder how eun-young is going to find her way back in austria? ooh, excited!!































































    is it just me, but how terrible could this potentially be for lina?! wow, if i were in her position and were just told the whole truth, i think i'd be so sick to my stomach... and that's just an understatement.


































































































    potential spoilers IN WHITE for some of you regarding episode four and the preview [this is my ranting outlet]:































































    --wow, chris was getting pretty angry during the waltz, but i sort of understand why. "if you're alice/elise to chris, then who are you to phillip? you're pretty skilled, changing names every time you change men" ouch! and then i had to laugh when eun-young realized that chris wasn't lying when he said his name was chris on the train.
































    --the father telling young su-ho turned jae-ha [AKA CHRIS], "eun-young has died, she died during surgery... don't think about it any longer, you're jae-ha now, not su-ho" :huh::tears:
































    --it's sort of cute/one of those "ahhh!" moments when in the episode five preview you see on the travel form you fill out when you visit other countries... chris writes "yoon jae-ha" at first, then crosses it out and writes "lee su-ho".
































    --again in the preview, a reporter lady asks why chris is doing a concert in korea, chris says "it's more that there are people i want to find"
































    --and haha when phillip gets into the back of the truck in the preview. what a surprise.
































    my kudos to Jahye and shirley for being superb speculators! :)
































































    kekeke it's our two lovely spring waltz men, SDY and mr. henney :)












































    wow, thanks to my_immortality for the ysi link.































































    my friend dl-ed episode 3 for me earlier today from cb, though. i just watched the preview that comes at the end of the episode, and um, it supports shirley's theory even more. i also watched the last minute or so of the episode, where the lady hugs su-ho and starts calling him jae-ha like mad, sort of scared me at first. i see why this theory was created... makes sense now.
































    i'll put the first three lines of preview dialogue in white.
































    SH: if she doesn't get the surgery, could something terrible happen?































































    SH: ahjusshi... do you have a lot of money?































































    *rips the photo with kid and dad*































































    CHRIS: i'm not the yoon jae-ha that you've missed and that you've longed to see...
































    okay... i'm not sure if he said yoon jae-ha or not. that's why it's underlined up there. it ran together really quickly in the LQ version. but it's an interesting bit of dialogue to ponder, even if he didn't say his name. somebody else is going to have to confirm that line for me... SDY's voice is a little deep and throaty too X_X lol i'm making excuses.
































    okay. wow, i'm not going to have time to watch today. eek, this means i have to wait until later in the week! :lol::(








































    Oh wow, thanks ^_^ I suppose I can make some if you'd like to use them... was there a particular style you liked more than the others? The Goong icons were my first ones ever so I was only experimenting with styles :sweatingbullets: I also recently started making banners so they're not that great yet.
































    Let me know what you think about shirley's theory :D































































    shirley's theory -- well, i haven't seen the latest episode yet, but from what you guys are quoting from episode three, i suppose this theory holds lots of water and makes a LOT of sense. i want to believe very badly that suho and jaeha are the same... i don't know why... i guess it makes life easy.


































































































    so is shirley saying that jae-ha died and then su-ho sort of "replaced" him?































































    i can see that happening. anything is possible in kdramas.































































    i also like this theory because then once lina finds out, it might be a happy-ish ending for more than two of the characters. you know? that's not really the boy she liked when she was little...


































































































    but! i'm still a little confused over the piano skill-level of chris.































































    he is apparently FIRST CLASS, breathtaking, a true professional. this is sort of stereotypical, but someone with suho's childhood background... it would be difficult to reach that skill level. little jae-ha [the one that lina knows] was amazing in episode one. if suho = jaeha, that would be really strange. learning that much piano in such little time? sure, he could have been a prodigy in hiding, but even so... instruments aren't easy to play... i would know...































































    i guess in that respect shirley's theory is even more supported.


































































































    but then! does that mean suho learned piano [remember, he's a little boy who quit school in second grade and barely knew his multiplication tables] and trained to the extent that now he's "Chris Y", world famous pianist? well, i guess anything is possible. but even so, does anybody see what i'm trying to get at? maybe, maybe not.


































































































    more rambling questions on my part.


































































































    in the end, i agree. i don't think we know enough quite yet. i think it's clear that suho is indeed chris, right?


































































































    hmm. good stuff. makes me think a little bit :) :):)












































    ^^ awesome, i love to read theories. will have to check it out.































































    a little off topic question for you, insideMYheart... are you going to make spring waltz graphics/icons? i really liked the ones you made for goong ^___^


































































































    the other thing about jae-ha/suho that might have thrown me off.































































    is the fact that jae-ha is a world-class super amazing pianist in present time. if suho and jaeha are indeed the same person, wow, he must have had some amazing talent inside of him considering his rough financial situations when he was a child.


































































































    *off to read theories*


































































































    oh yes, LSY does not seem to be the typical villain character quite yet.































































    which i like, but i expect that we may see her getting a little defensive/"evil?" later on.































































    but i really like her voice for some reason.







































































    So I took a sn cap for the younger days of Soho/Chris/Jaeha.. NO wonder we're all confuse!! They look so different!! Look..


































































































    bscap00041vh.jpgbscap00052uc.jpg bscap00094uv.jpgbscap00101hp.jpg































































    Are they really the same person............. they looks so different???


































































































    I can imagine Chris being Jaeha because he looks so like him, but Soho is so differentttt!! :huh:































































    i thought they looked terribly different at first, too, but the EYES. it's in the eyes. same boy, the voice [yes, i went back and listened hahaha] is very similar as well. all in the eyes, that haircut is like wonbin's in my brother, the buzz cut with the streak... but at first glance, they look so different!































































    however... i know the PD wants "birth secrets" in this drama... if the birth secret is not in suho/jaeha, then how can it be incorporated?


































































































    BUT! how we can also tell that jaeha = suho [hopefully this hasn't been brought up yet, i'm sorry if it already has :( ]































































    in episode one, chris looks at the pictures of him with lina as children...































































    after the wedding pictures, comes a picture of him with the father in episode two [jong-tae]. it's gotta be him, right.


































































































    lalala. anywho. i'm just rambling -_-


































































































    Luv [kristy] sent me a version of damien rice's cannonball, but there's some dialogue...































































    she's letting me share the link, so i'm posting it here. thank her if you download!

































































































































































    and emily unnie, i got your PM. give me a few days to respond to it, i'm a little tied up right now. :(








































    Preview for episode 3 and 4:
































    right click save (same as the one shown at the end of episode 2)
































































    ::: 미리보기 3회 :::
































    수호는 은영에게 진실을 고백한 후, 은영과 다시 가까워지기만을 바란다.
































    하지만 아버지 종태는 사고를 치고 섬을 떠나버린다.
































    혼자 남은 수호는 은영을 위해 종태를 찾겠다며 섬을 떠나려 하고, 그 모습을 본 은영은 수호를 따라 배에 올라타는데..































































    thanks to jahye for posting.































































    translation of episode three preview in white, by me!


































































































    Episode 3 Preview


































































































    After Su-ho confesses the truth to Eun-young, all Su-ho wants is to get closer (have a more meaningful friendship) with Eun-yeong. However, the father, Jong-tae, causes problems and leaves the island.


































































































    The lonely Su-ho vows that he will find Jong-tae just for Eun-young and tries to leave the island, but Eun-young, who sees this, follows and tries to get on the boat...
































    my translations. i have a little problem with the parents' names, so hopefully you can piece that together.
































    however, like emily said ^^ it seems that episode three will not bring out too much new information. i was really hoping that this drama would only depend on minor flashbacks, not full episodes devoted to childhood scenes, but that's okay!
































    maybe it's because childhood = no daniel henney.
































    hehe emily, yay i love to drool over gorgeous men! :lol:
































    i'll always be around, you know where to find me. thanks for everything!








































    I don't think there is any confusion on who Jae Ha/Su Ho/Chris is.
































    To me, they're all the same person.
































    Lee Nah knows CHRIS as Jae Ha.
































    Eun Young knows CHRIS as Su Ho. (well, she doesn't know yet. but the boy she knows as Su Ho is now Chris/Jae Ha)
































    From Lee Nah's flashbacks and from Chris's flashback in episode 2, we all can see Jae Ha and Su Ho are the same boy.































































    good! that's what i thought. got a little confused because the boy at the wedding and the boy running in the fields looks somewhat different. but who cares.


































































































    i must agree, the first episode is shot very beautifully. i love it.































































    i will admit to have started watching this because of daniel henney, but of course, i think han hyo joo is absolutely adorable! what a character, eun young. haha i laughed at the part with the jam/blood part on the train in episode one... "an elise/alice from a far-off land..."


































































































    also dropping by to say hello to emily and kristy and shenny and giving my kudos on the beautiful first page.


































































































    still have to watch the second episode, but i dropped by here first and read the written preview for episode three that was posted just a little bit ago. it's going to be another childhood-centered episode... but i think many questions will be answered. just sharing what i can.


































































































    and... i know this was already posted, but the link seems to have stopped working.































































    is anybody willing to reup "cannonball" by damien rice? it's the song that was playing when eun young and phillip were looking at items in a museum or whatever in episode one. a PM, or simply a post here, would seriously be appreciated.














































































































































    haven't been here in a while, but thanks to all for keeping my goong spirit alive!































































    i've actually been renting this from the video store lately, so i haven't had a need for links for a while.































































    but thanks to everyone for pictures and comments!


































































































    ahhh, yul, you're sort of getting strange now...































































    and about that comment of making hyorin way too important in the drama, i sort of agree. she's everywhere! man, that child should have stayed with her ballet overseas while she could have. =P








































    ^^ haha.. ok ok! no it's not a disappointing answer lolz... ^_^
































    glad to know I'm still a-ok on my english vocabs :lol:
































    btw, I got your PM... will answer it as soon as I'm finished with my pile of papers here... :wacko:
































    but thanks for replying!! hehe.. I'll definitely 'wait' on you in May... kekekeke....
































    page 1086 :D































































    thanks for understanding shenny!
































    i can, however, explain to you why the song is titled parrot.
































    it's quite clever, i think, but to explain this i need to translate the lyrics for you.
































    i will try and do that tonight, okay?
































    i think you would like it.








































    btw, Andrea, what does Parrot mean in Korean? :unsure:
































    Parrot as in the bird parrots? :wacko: *confused lol*
































    just curious coz you said you love this word hehe...































































    hehe shenny, i think you took my "favorite word" too literally...
































    parrot in korean still means parrot. as in the bird.
































    it's just one of my favorite korean words to say -- i know i was hooked on it when i was little.
































    sorry that this is such a disappointing answer o_0









    I believe it's the song that was played when Shin carried fainted-CG back to the palace (epi 11?). L-O-V-E this scene so much!!!
































    it's the song played when cg faints.. and shin carries her...































































    it's not includded in the OSt of goong yet. maybe they will have a 2nd OST































































    thanks for the information! i was wondering what this song was...































































    i loved the scene as well, episode 11 had its healthy dose of nerve-wracking drama so i personally was glad to see that gesture on shin's part.


































































































    just watched some bits and pieces of episodes 13 and 14 yesterday...































































    hyorin had a really bad hair day there?!







































































































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