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  1. Wait, when on the earth did I say I disliked HaeRa? If you read my previous messages, before the one explaining how I see SooHyun because some reader said they couldn't understand her, I never once said a bad thing about her. Expect if me saying that I absolutely adore the two main female actresses and their characters is me disliking HaeRa. The only character/person you can 'accuse' me of disliking is JTO, if you check my messages after every episode I always bad-mouthed the actor bad acting and by consequence his character. I'm sorry I posted and liked a character you hated and I'll be sure to never post anything about her in the near future because I don't want to be told I dislike someone I don't. I truly and sincerely apologize for posting my point of view on a character that everyone seems to dislike because of some sort of mistranslation (apparently, I dunno because I don't know what the eng sub are saying). I beg you guys to rewatch the scene with the babysitter at the airport, the bad one was Tae Oh not SooHyun. It's truly one of the key scenes to understand SooHyun's misery. Hope you guys will enjoy Saturday's episodes and ending. And once again I apologize for having bothered you and apparently for hating on HaeRa.
  2. Even myself I'm not sure how I would have translated this because just saying "dying" makes no sensEnglishglish (funny enough it would make some sense in my mother's language). Adding the pronoun can make sense but it also makes SooHyun seems meaner than she was in this scene. I can't remember my original feelings about this scene in particular but it's more on the "melodramatic" side than the mean one. I think the scene is was made to have the flashback and make us wonder why they are saying they have been dead for 7 years now and all. You said: "one could assume that she may have thought he was talking about himself as in "my heart is breaking. I am dying.." kind of dialogues..." Yes, it could totally be interpreted like this, especially how he is showing off after her relation with InJoon is becoming "more serious".
  3. Not sure if you can replay the scene (it's around the 3 mins mark in episode 2 (or episode 3/4 for the 30 mins format) but I did and here: JTO: 죽는데 (to die/dying) --> normal intonation CSH: 죽는데? (dying?) ----> Her intonation got high on the 데 part which means it's a question. CSH: 그름 죽어: Then die / Then kept dying. Then she said they have been dead for 7 years now. *flashback happen* Here it's the Naver dictionary entry on the 죽는데 as you can see, it's mean to die (but it's weird in this situation so dying makes more sense). JTO never once used a pronoun or Jennie's name, so without knowing the contest it's mean he is the one who is dying. JTO said it twice, I believe that SH wasn't aware of Jennie so I definitely think she thought he was the one dying. She actually learned about Jennie being the one dying in episode 6 (episodes 11-12 for those with the 30 mins format), JTO told her that "Jennie is really (ton insisting on the "really" part) sick".
  4. I don't think she "messed up" more like her mother realized how she was losing total control over her. Jennie was born in January 2012, and SooHyun and Tae Oh mentioned that they were "engaged" to each other back in 2009 so were together for at least 3 years (and more because you generally don't get engaged after a few weeks). So my best guess is that her mother realized SooHyun's won't be her tool/puppy anymore and that why she took Jennie away (I really would love to know how she did that in a foreigner country....) I agree with the fact that SooHyun, Tae Oh and HaeRa are all manipulators, but I believe sometimes their circumstances that change a person. And neither SooHyun or Tae Oh engendered someone life with their lies and manipulations. Won't argue much about the whole wedding thing because it's all about pride and feelings and nothing logical. It WAS a good drama, starting episode 10 (episode 20/21 in 30 mins format) it started to become a mess. There way too many holes in the scripts and stories, SooHyun and Tae Oh barely get one appearance per episode (or one every 2 episodes for the 30 mins format) how are we supposed to understand these characters, see them evolve and understand their story with 3 mins to 5 mins of screentime per week? We will never know about SooHyun and Tae Oh's story, past and I start to fear the future. I have a feeling the whole Jennie thing will end with SooHyun's being told Jennie know she is her mom and that is all. We will don't know if she will step up as a mom or not. About the sister in law, they wasted such a potentially good story.
  5. As someone who used to really like SooHyun's character and thought the writers would do her justice (they gave up on her character around episode 20ish), here is my take on the character and more especially her relation with JTO and Jennie. First, I need to say: I'm watching the drama in Korean, not using any sub if I don't understand something (happened once last week), I ask my Korean roommate who is often around when I watch the show. Secondly, I'm busy right now so I'll write a better and more complete "my view on SooHyun" message later on. It's important to remember that her first scene with Tae Oh is him announcing he is dying: Koreans do not use pronouns and he said "Dying" to which she responded by saying to continue to die because they were already dead anyway. He never once says Jennie was the one daying and I don't know where the 2 persons who posted about it back then got it from? I myself realized it was about Jennie when we learned that she was sick. Also, SooHyun's didn't know Tae Oh was raising their child neither she did know if Jennie was still alive or well. In the airport scene, the nanny said Tae Oh need to tell SooHyun they found their child but he refused and said she now abandoned them. While, yes she gave up on him and to some extent her child, she didn't know Jennie was with him or that she was sick. From the little screentime she, JTO or her family got, here was I gathered: Her mother kept telling her to marry someone who is rich and can help her. She told her at least twice that she doesn't and never loved her father but that she does "love" SooHyun and she needs her to do what she wants and to copy what she did. That type of behaviour is not something that happens when someone is an adult, pretty sure she grew up being told that. Her mom was pretty proud of the fact that SooHyun always did what she told her and like she told to Tae OH, if she was putting food in front of SooHyun and tell her to not eat it, then SooHyunwould listen to her. She has been raised to be her mother's puppy and that is why it's so hard for her to disobey her mother. Imagine being a child, someone put (surely more than once) candies in front of you and told you to not touch it, not eat it. In the end, you lost your will to fight. Her mother also harmed Jennie twice. The first time when she was born (I would love to know how she got her/kidnapped her from the hospital) and got rid of her before Tae Oh found her. The second time, SooHyun's was at fault for telling about the kidney donation but when she realized her mistake, she immediately went to save her child and got her safely back to Tae Oh. The only time she went against her mother in the present time, we know she went against her parents once to be with Tae Oh. Now, we don't have any idea what happened between Tae Oh and her, how they feel in love, their relation, if she wanted Jennie or not (could have aborted if she didn't want her though), we got one flashback they played like 5 times and nothing more. We do know she really loved Tae Oh, because of the book " Crazy in love" and the dedication she wrote in it. She is miserable, she said it herself in the car scene with Tae Oh. Went he screamed and said he and Jennie were the miserable ones and not her. The way she glared at him makes me think that she doesn't realize how they feel just like he doesn't realize how she feels. That day was the first time she was seeing her daughter since her mom took her away, did you guys saw how scared, curious and emotional she was. The actress is doing an awesome job at showing her emotions. That same day she went to see her child at the playground, which later got her scolded by Tae Oh because he didn't saw her. She was so moved by the fact her child was here, alive and sort of well that she almost got into a car accident! Now the whole "you need to give her your kidney" and her refusal make no sense. She never took the tests how they are so sure she was compatible? Also, she does care for Jennie and showed it a lot of time so I have no idea why the writers kept writing her off like this. You think she doesn't care about, you are wrong: - Went to her mom to actually to her about Jennie and already planned to takes 10 days off and give it to her (then suddenly it was no no no) - Saved her from her mother - Watched her from far away (rather than showing off like "I'm your mom hi") - She and Tae Oh were arguing last week when he got the call about her being in the hospital and left without her. She followed, stayed and waited to ask if she was okay. No one forced her, she did it because she was worried. - She cries or always has tears in her eyes when her child is around. - Broke down, when her kid called her auntie then mom (hospital). - Jennie is aware SooHyun's is her donor and has been in touch with her during the 2 years gap, which is why she got so needy about SooHyun's presence. About HaeRa and her hate for her. The writers once again did a poor job, at first it makes sense she disliked her: she was stealing her fiancee and going out with her ex (which we sort of got hint she might still love). Then HaeRa used Jennie against her, and it must have hurt. To be called "Jennie's mom" when you were ripped off this right..... little edit: I would like to remark that SooHyun's has absolutely no idea how to act around Jennie or how to interact with her. Their car scene is the proof of it. She was angry at her mom (and surely herself) and wanted to say things but in the en,d she "scolded" Jennie and because she had no idea how to comfort her she told her "stop crying". When Jennie mentioned her mother, watch the actress expression: smile, disbelief, sadness, anger. And once again she didn't know what to say/do and ended up asking about her seat belt. That's all for now, don't have time to write more. But I'll be happy to hear what you think. About In Joon, I think she was actually in love with him but also her pride got hurt. From the way I see it, In Joon is like her father (he seems way more aggressive than her mother). The fact that 2 years after she is still at his side and still wants him/help him means a lot.
  6. So Jennie was aware of SooHyun being her mother. I wonder if she realized it when her grandma mentioned how she looked like SooHyun and JTO called her by her full name in front of Jennie. It's sad to see a child know she is not wanted/loved by her mother. After 2 weeks of boring episodes, I'm happy today's ones were so good. A lot of information . I'm the only one who couldn't understand what the secretary was saying in episode 35, around the 28/29 mins? It's been a long time since I had to play and replay a scene and can't understand what it does say.
  7. I need more SooHyun in the episode, we see her less and less. Barely got 10 mins of air time today. I know I'm in the minority here, but I really like this character and I actually want to know more about her past and who she is in reality. HaeRa can't catch a break: her friend got killed sort of because of her (no one asked her to play detective), In Joon end up in jail and JTO have mixed feelings toward her. SooHyun: Don't like/care you or our child also: save Jennie from her mother, creep into Jennie room, goes to the hospital with JTO and visit Jennie's room and cry everytime her child is around her. Also, I really think JTO's actor is lacking a lot. Everyone is acting so well and he is just below them.
  8. She knows from the letter that Tae Oh got that HaeRa isn't trustful. Seeing how Tae Oh can't keep his mouth close in episode 14, pretty sure he is the one who told her where to find HaeRa's sister.
  9. Done with episode 13 (25/26). WOW didn't expect this twist at all! Need to see the next episode like right now. Firstly, I laughed at how horrified SooHyun was to wake up in JTO's apartment. And also how her first reflex is to actually visit Jennie's room like a creep. Well, at least now she knows that both her child and Tae Oh want her. So, the book she found is called "crazy love" and she gave it to JTO, she wrote "I will always love you/Always love you" in it. Now is the big twist, someone mailed pictures of SooHyun and In Joon to Tae Oh with a letter..... and this letter mention Hae Ra, so none of this was actually a coincidence. The highlight of the letter: "This woman wants to destroy In Joon". Will edit when I'm done with episode 14 (27/28). Edit: 100% sure it's sister/daughter in law doing now!
  10. This week episodes were boring and it was like all the characters personalities changed. I'm very disappointed because I like this drama a lot and waiting a week for 4 episodes is somewhat way more difficult than waiting for 6 days for a weekly drama. A little late but I just realized, how do they know that SooHyun is a compatible donor? She never took the tests to found out if she was compatible. So rather than keeping asking for her kidney, shouldn't they ask for her to take the test?
  11. Well, today episodes were a rollercoaster. The drama is progressing quite well and stay consistent which is a very good thing. About Cha SooHyun, I know almost everyone here hates her or doesn't care about her but I truly think she is the most pitiful character of this drama. No, I don't agree with how she lives her life or how means she is/tries to be but I truly feel sorry for her. Can we talk about how her mother basically kidnap her child to get rid of her? (All thanks to this journalist by the way) I really think SooHyun loves JTO and Jennie but she is so scared of her mother that she run away to save their lives. This woman can be how she wants to be, with how she wants to be and is basically sold to a man by her parents (well TIJ is also sold). Her mother must have been like this all of her life, no wonder she is scared of her and does what she wants. If only TIJ and CSH would open more to the other, they would become good friends and actually help each other. They are in the same situation: their families are their enemies. I felt so heartbroken when she realized her mother will harm Jennie and went to save her. The whole car scene and Jennie calling her "Auntie" ("who was this grandmother?" "Who are you Auntie" </3) while asking her to not cry while SooHYun asked her the same just moment ago when she asked her if she was an idiot (to follow stranger). Imagine being this close to your child, to love her and yet to be only a stranger for her. Even if she decides to be involved with Jennie in the future episodes, it will never replace all those years lost. Also, the way she looks anywhere but at her child, heartbreaking. I guess her mother was right, SooHyun's weakness is JTO and their child. Never saw this actress before but damn her eyes are amazing, you can see so many emotions in it. The two lead actresses are amazing at their job and at shows emotions. My only regret is the 2nd male lead... his acting isn't that bad but definitely lacking in comparison of the other 3. Going to watch the episodes once more and will surely post more. Love this drama.
  12. I don't think CSH is heartless rather I would say she is under her mother's spell. Seems like JTO and Jenny are a scar, a deep one, for her and she does care for them. Doubt she will help Jenny or JTO because she is scared of her mother and do listen to everything she said. From JTO and her mother meeting, seems like she was madly in love with JTO and tried to rebel against her parents because of that. But it didn't work out. As you can see I'm really into CSH and JTO arc story, must be my Juliett and Romeo syndrome. Lol I wonder if how far KHR will takes thing and if she will betray TJO. I like her character and I hope they won't turn her into some sort of vilain.
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