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  1. 2 hours ago, Cedric Ong said:

    The above pic is filming schedule for 30 june...the column on the left are the various scenes in the dreamworld. They only wrote down Vengo and Reba...the other cast all left blank.


    Another screen capture. They spot the actors as Si Ming and Lian Song a week ago at airport in Yunnan..probably involved in the filming there...but they were known to have returned. The pic on the left...very clear can see is the actor as Si Ming. Guess so far...only Cheng yu's case is still unclear.


    oh my gaaaaaaad! thanks for this @Cedric Ong !! si ming and lian song wiii! i'll wait for Cheng Yu! xD but i dont feel like theyre going to include scenes with bai qian and ye hua haaays hahhaa

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  2. On 6/30/2018 at 11:15 PM, TVN said:

    @banannaface I believe the actor for Lian Sang reprise his role. There was no official announcement but he posted on Weibo before about it (and then took it down I think). Hahaha that dating rumor, most of us think it was heavily edited (some part was Vengo and some wasn't) and it wasn't true. We still have hope =p 



    16 hours ago, redridinghood27 said:


    I don't know but I'm laughing at your comment hahaha esp the part when you said you weren't laughing but hiding your tears lmao...


    Same here, I never ship anyone to wish them marriage in real life excpt for this two..


    But anyway, most likely the actor who played Lian Song will be back.. I like him too as Lian Song and Aside from FJ, DH and the little dough, Cheng Yu was is my favourite too


    CHENG YU.. Cheng yu is an absolute fave in Eternal love <3 <3 Characters like Cheng Yu are gold. I think in the Pillow book, we can say Xie Guchou is somewhat a character like Cheng yu but not as energetic as her but they both help Feng Jiu in this thousand years love story hahaha

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  3. ohhh i loved lian song in the pillow book !! i hope he reprise his role! did he? is there an announcement yet?

    btw i just saw wei guang's dating rumors (2017?) AHAHAH actually i wasnt laughing im hiding my tears!! and Ive read someone say "he sees dilraba as a younger sister" NOOOOOOOOO! all my hype about them are all for naught! hahaha but that was just me wishing they could date in real life and hell to their 9-year age gap! i love it! perfect!

    it would be a great bonus if they actually date and i rarely ship on actors/actresses enough to wish them marriage in real life haha only with this pairing and Lai Ya Yan/Chen Chu He pairing.. and all my ships doesnt sail in real life  *sighs so here i'am stuck in the drama world where everything is happiness hahaha

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  4. 20 hours ago, junerain7 said:

    A warm welcome to those who are new in this forum. To answer @banannaface -


    CP - Couple Pairing

    RM - River and Megan

    BFF - Bromance Forum Friends 

    RTW - Race the World, a Chinese reality show that River joined after Bromance and where he incurred a knee injury


    I haven’t tried to open a weibo account. So I can’t help you there.


    It’s never too late to join this forum since it’s the RM CP page so we will always be on the lookout for any pictures, vids, articles etc about our favorite couple even after Bromance. 


    Recently, I’ve seen some Thai fans posting that Thai-subbed Bromance drama is now available. This is good news!  Bromance and RM are still well-loved. 




    Thank you for the reply @junerain7 !! <3 <3

    Im surprised I know the show RTW haha so ArJoe (Arie Lin <3 Joe Cheng) also joined that show right?


    After getting so addicted to Bromance BTS, there's only one question in my head.... Why didnt they get married? :bawling::bawling:

    Will megan greet baron a happy birthday this year? hahaha *cross fingers

    I need a weibo accnt now. tho i dont think ill be able understand any post there haha



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    It will be Baron's bday soon.. yaaay!
    you know.. these past few years, when i watch a drama i just watch it and be done with it..  but i used Bromance to get over A love so beautiful bnc it has been months and im still addicted to it.. I didnt expect that I would be addicted to bromance too. URGH! HAHAH I even created accounts in various forums just for bromance oh may gaaad.. noooooo! hahahha this is an ultimately different level of fangirling for me. huhuhuhuhu and btw, since iam new i dont know. what, RTW, CP, BFF and RM. HUHU
    and it's been months since i started wanting a weibo acocunt but i cant seem to make one huhuhuhuhuuh someone please tell me how? when i send a confirmation sms , it says too many tries though i havent tried yet.

    *hoping someone would reply.!

    sheshe!! thank you thank you!

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