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  1. Hey guys! Please help me y'all any help would be really appreciated. So there's this guy I like and I am confused on whether he likes me too or not. He's really nice to me but I do not know if I can take that as a sign. He offered to take me grocery shopping and offered to buy me food too which I accepted. He asked me to eat once but I had work so I couldn't go. At first he didn't have my number but right now he does but he barely texts me. Also he's korean and called me by the korean name for "younger sister" once in a text and once in a regular conversation. Please help me guys. Ohh I call him Oppa sometimes and he smiles and seems to like it but I have a feeling it is just because our University is away from his home and he really does not have family here. I'm not sure I don't know. Could this guy possibly like me or is he just treating me a younger sister? (if it helps he is older than me)
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