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  1. @princressagents1 The last 2 time ZLY/FSF was spotted together in public, they both didn't wear their wedding band's. Is that a new trend for couples?
  2. Nothing is for sure, if there no announcements. To me, I like to give our XINGYUE a chance to tell us or we just have to wait and see... celebrity life is unpredictable...
  3. if there's no announcements from ZLY/LGX....its doesnt hurt to have hope still..
  4. When did I ever tell you that you cant visit this ship. How do know I was bitter? I remember on my recent post that I did congratulate FSF/ZLY so get your facts straight. Maybe you should ask yourself that question when you and your ship use to bash LGX. Did I say that he didn't like her, I'm asking you a question when you're constantly referring wlk as his girlfriend, when he never admitted that wlk is girlfriend. ADD: but I do have a problem with you are tell us here on how we should comment on uncle FSF and aunty WLK. What make you the superior tell us to conduct ourselves here
  5. @lxands since when you become a little angel and tell everyone here how conduct and posts on ZLY/LGX thread. Have you already forgots when you use to ship kw, you and your ships use to bash LGX and never once we go to your ship and tell you and your ship what to posts. So don't be a hypocrite. When you talking about old man, if your refer to FSF, if I'm not mistaken we always prefer FSF as uncle FSF. I remembered back in the days your ship use to bash LGX I dont see you any concerned about that. Who are you prefer regarding to "LGX girl" are you referring to lgx ex girlfriend zly or his friend WLK. If referring to WLK and when did we criticize her, we give full respect and call aunty WLK and what wrong with that. Did LGX tell you that he like WLK. But if you are referring to ZLY, most definitely
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