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  1. wow 50% is really quite impressive! I want to go to regen for fat injections but didn’t have a consultation with them yet. I want to inject some around eyes to get rid of goose feet wrinkles and lips to make them a bit plump. after the procedure, how fast can fat come back and when did you return to your daily life style? were there any limitations like keep a diet? and I don’t live in seoul and don’t know korean at all, do you think it’s better to plan through some company like docfinder?
  2. thanks a lot for your review. your results are really magnificent but you didn’t mention where the fat was taken from, what was the settle down rate in % and which areas were improved? did you consider some other places?
  3. As I get older my checks lost volume and wrinkles in eyes and nose zones make me look older than my actual age. I'm doing botox and fillers for quite a while but the effect lasts only for several months. I'm not really ready for a facelift, as I don't have deep wrinkles, just want to return my checks some volume and get rid of small wrinkles. Discussed an anti-aging procedures recently with my friend and she advised me a full face fat transfer she found about on the forum. Started to search but the number of satisfied is quite small, afraid that fat would be contributed unevenly. Can anyone share a real experience with fat transfer?
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