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  1. 4 hours ago, cikbie572 said:


    Whoaaaa... what is this?!


    Shame on you. How could you zoom in between two lovers who trying to show passionate love between them while waiting to destroy haters - ehem i mean black dragon mission.


    Where is the saliva? Need to zoom to 1000%. B)



    I noticed that you watching gifs @ritausma and select rotate 90 degree views + zoom in. You can nearly see their saliva. :ph34r:

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  2. 5 hours ago, ritausma said:

    Ahhh, all of the beautiful gifs and videos made me go through my favorite ones and I just can't stop myself from posting these.....:wub: So many feelings radiating from these two :love: *runs away blushing*




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    Whoaaa @ritausma always finding ways to make everyone blush.

    This kiss is everything..:wub::sweatingbullets:

    They were so afraid to lose each other. 


    Love them~



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  3. On 7/20/2018 at 9:03 PM, kopikosong said:

    I made a clearer image of yeonseo eye to get a better view of that guy reflecting off eye.




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    Actually we don't have to prove who is the one taking the picture for her. Just assume it is seung gi and enjoy all the pictures she post on her date ok? 


    Please don't spill anymore coffee :tears: Coffee is gold.


    I’m actually dying over this:joy::lol:

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  4. 1 hour ago, klila said:



    source: tumblr



    To be honest, im not focus about the reflection in OYS' eyes, but when you see clearly and zoom third gif of @klila , you can see the saliva on Ohgong's outer lip. :ph34r::sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets:

    I couldn't believe my eyes. Is it true? or it is true.. 

    Sorry, maybe my eyes aren't very good.



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  5. 5 hours ago, whileyouarehere said:

    It's be more than 48 hours since the news broke. It feels like such a long time for me and yet it was only 2 days... I felt compelled to write down my thoughts here in order to help me make peace with reality and move on (sorry, this post could be more about me than about either OYS or LSG...).

    Hwayugi has been a joy to watch (i followed the drama since 1ep), esp for the 1st 10 eps or so. The quality of the second half of the story line goes down hill really fast but the quality of acting of 503 kept going up, which is why i ended up following the entire show. I was (and still am) really into the on-screen chemistry between the two and started following this thread after the show ended. It's been a fun ride and became a outlet for me when i am facing a lot stress at work. I guess that is when i changed from a fan of 503 to a obsessive shipper of them in real. Big mistake, complete my fault. Not saying it's wrong to ship them (given their endearing personality and oozing on-screen chemi, who wouldn't?), but it's wrong to be obsessive.

    My grieving process quickly progressed from shock to denial to anger within a few hours. Anger at myself, of being so blind, of being so absorbed into a fantasy, and of being hurt from the breaking of that fantasy. Now I am in the bargain stage. Being a engineer for over ten years, bargaining to me is trying to make sense of things happened and rationalize what I saw and what I thought.

    I do not be believe in conspiracy. I believe in common sense based on life experience. I think OYS is indeed dating KB. The timeline could be skewed a little bit by the agencies' statements, i felt, but not the major facts. Giving the short time span between confirmations, this is more like a planned announcement or at least the agencies were informed by the new outlet who broke the news in advance (i heard that this is a quiet common practice in Korea tabloid). Which lead me to believe that the confirmation statement reflects the will of the people involved (OYS and KB), because from the agencies' standpoint, such announcement is best made in-between actors' on-going projects and social media buzz. With CITT only in cinema for 2 weeks and social media buzz about Hwayugi/503 still on-going, the timing of the news does seemed less than ideal. . However, in the standpoint to OYS, constantly being associated with LSG while already in a relationship with KB is awkward and even stressful. The same thing applys to LSG and KB. Confirming/announcing they are dating now helps to clear the water and put an end to the rumors.

    I admire OYS' courage and dignity. She stands to receive the most back-lash from this news. By confirming the dating news, she showed her commitment to her current relationship, helped to rid LSG of similar unpleasantness of being romantically associated with a co-star, at the expenses of her actress image and career (i think the impact is not significant but there still could some detrimental effect).

    That being said, I still believe LSG is intrigues and attracted by OYS. There is no point discussing how much is that attraction or whether it is induced by immersing in characters in the drama (i don't believe so) or genuinely by their real-life personality (yes!). Life is about timing, the timing of LSG and OYS was wrong. It could become right in future, who knows, or it could never be right. Personally, i wish fate could bring them back together, for another project or better even, for real life, because these two looks so right together (momentarily indulging myself to fantasy again)... 

    Well, i think i have written too much rambling here... But hey, i feel so much better after writing it down! Word heals, indeed! 

    I hope whoever out there hurt by the news, could heal soon and recall the one thing that attracted you to this thread. These are two very nice and decent person. And they are great actors too. They deserve our love and they deserve happiness in life


    Well, i think i have written too much rambling here... But hey, i feel so much better after writing it down! Word heals, indeed! 

    I really think this is a good idea :)that's what happened to me


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  6. Hy guys, 
    The first time I wrote in Soompi, sorry i don't speak English very well,:(

    I'm silent reader on this tread since page 60 and use google translate to follow this tread. I like OYS when CBM and MSG project. I am not an LSG fan but this drama I'm amazed by their chemistry.
    Start liking him also his acting and add his ig account:D

    I haven't watching eps. 20 because it was so sad, then came the news dating OYS it makes me heartbroken, I was crying at work and locked myself in the room.:bawling:

    I’m very pleased to meet you guys. And then, I learn to accept reality
    I love my OTP.. keep their support in work and still in my hearts. :wub:

    Now, I will watch eps. 20 although it will make me cry again, but I still have power with you here. Love you all.. *group hug



    Ps. please forgive my poor English :bawling::bawling:

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