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  1. Sorry if you take from amazingyooinna translated can you put a credit please
  2. I think InNa and Seho is really a close friend if you watched the last InNa radio DJ actually Seho will be a guest but he couldn’t attended at that time https://youtu.be/Na-NB0STlvw
  3. I love her since Secret Garden i think i’m the oldest in here lol beside her visual i really love her personality. She born with adorable and cute side how can people not love her right hehe
  4. InNa unnie explained during her special radio on 2019, he just wore any panties near him back when he was in military. I heard he just wore any panties, with other guy there too. So yeah he's panties thief. Lol
  5. No twslm wrap up party, actress Lee Joo Woo said that during her live instagram. They just cheer up to each other in their kakao group chat.
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