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  1. I have posted about Wookie ideal type long time ago well yeah that’s so closer with InNa
  2. Oh i’m so annoyed about hug scene comment in TYH thread. Finally in here as shipper has the same feeling lol How can not close as a woman i’m so awkward and uncomfortable if touchy2 lap or head my “just” friend lol Maybe she still not watch drama chat video
  3. I like LDW because YIN lol but i have watched few of his drama. So far he really care and so polite with YIN. You can compared from his pressconf video with other co star. With SJH and JRW more like a bestfriend tho lol Maybe my opinion too bias but well i really love them together
  4. I have sharp eyes for pichi couple since goblin lol Yes agree i want them dating secretly, and just announce if they will get married. Because InNa past i think it’s better to have relationship quietly. She’s such a faithful in relationship. And for marriage within 3 years can more faster than this? LDW please propose her soon
  5. They still filming, i noticed LDW outfit in eps 7 is same with when he posted chocolate valentine from Jin Shim. Maybe they filming eps 11-12 now
  6. @Alice Mendoza i really love drama chat so much how they really comfort to each other. InNa lend to Wookie even put her hand in his lap when selca. Wookie too how he touch her softly and tapped her to cheer her up. I will not doing that if with just a friend lol
  7. I’m so new too in soompi forum. So clueless how to post something. Wah follow me from 4mydearpichicouple? @Iam Fanning Thank you so much My another favorite is video TYH drama chat and bts hug @intrariver We can see clearly how they are more closer and comfort to each other.
  8. My best edit sweet moment of pichi couple in goblin https://www.instagram.com/amazingyooinna/p/Be-ggNLhq8U/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=qfel5b5b8qux
  9. Oh yeah my friend who read the novel told to me too. Jin Shim will back to law school again but still work as an actress too. Too many spoiler lol I hope they will not cutted like wwwsk just until wedding scene, please want to see they have a kids uwuuu
  10. From that i know who bff with suzy just iu, not InNa. And well you still believe that wookie and suzy was real dating?? I still not believe till now, some people said that’s just to cover up political issues. It’s just my opinion, sorry if i’m wrong. Let’s just sailing happily because they now single right?
  11. I lost my bet. Sunny cried lol but, i’m happy JR put JS’s hand in his pocket uwuuu
  12. I’m kind of nervous, i think tonite Jung Rok just put Jin Shim hand to his pocket not kissing lol
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