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  1. I love reading all the fan comments on the tvN youtube, instagram and twitter posts about APOYM. They've been posting fan art, clips from the last 2 eps and behind the scene clips the last couple of days. Many of them are praising the drama, how amazing it was and wishing they didn't cut the 4 episodes out. This drama was truly loved by international fans and I hope these comments get relayed to the whole APOYM team so they don't think their drama flopped From what I've noticed, the artificial intelligence/robot type themes haven't been doing so well lately as it's a newer area for dramas. It's a little out there for some of the viewers. Viewers usually dislike certain pairings because they favor another actress or is biased which sucks because like you mentioned, this pairing of JHI and CSB is unexpected but yet completely captured our hearts and I wish viewers gave them a chance to watch their amazing work. But like many said, you can't please everyone I think both JHI and CSB (as well as the whole cast) saw this drama as a way to branch into different realms of romance and the melodrama genre because it focused on self-growth and topics rarely talked about in dramas (all the taboos) so even if they had some doubts about its topic and popularity, it had many pros in the end for themselves personally
  2. Aside from all the focus on Ji Soo and her husband, I'm glad HW and SW found the closure they both needed to move on as a happy couple I think if they retained the full 16 eps, there would've been 2 choices for the writer: more fillers regarding Ji Soo and her husband or the 2nd possibility would've been focusing on SW's past , how she overcomes those obstacles and thoughts in her head since they don't focus as much on her background with the support of HW. I also agree that they should've utilized the final 2 episodes to focus on the couple alone and while i'm glad they had a happy ending, something felt like it was missing Maybe a scene where they fully discuss how they both felt after the mini break and what was going on in SW's mind, all the emotions/sadness she carried while helping everyone around her plus many viewers also mentioned wishing they saw this too. I really hope they both get casted in another drama because they're a pretty good match w/ their skills+energy and get along really well (even though I still love her with Yoo Seung Ho) plus like everyone said, it would be a waste of talent Maybe a different genre to showcase another side of their acting skills? Also loved this comment from a viewer named Fullmoon on dramabean, She broke down many of the metaphors she discovered throughout the drama: http://www.dramabeans.com/2020/04/a-piece-of-your-mind-episodes-11-12-open-thread-final/
  3. This channel has some videos with the BTS clips of various eps. with eng translations All Credits to: Moon Sub (@ GCF081117 on Twitter)
  4. Very true! I've only just recently started watching K-Dramas and this is my first time watching anything with JHI but from what I've gathered, he's a very versatile actor. I don't think his characters could possibly be the same as every drama has a different background for every character. Same for CSB, she does a good job portraying her characters :) I definitely loved APOYM and I'm so glad I gave it a chance. It focuses so much on topics no one really wants to talk about, specifically grief and losing a loved one which I found the most unique aspect of the drama. I am so glad it became popular internationally. I have already recommended it to a few people
  5. I'm so sad we didn't get to see them together in the yellow outfits It looked like it would've made a great ending clip as well or a glimpse of their happily ever after. I also agree with you, CSB looked so sad after the final scene. You could hear see it on their face when they were hugging and hear the sadness in their voices while talking to the director. I believe she said "this cant be the end"
  6. Hello We have discussed the kitchen so much in the past on this forum! We all think it was a real kiss in disguise for the camera based on their body language and the overall scene itself plus we have never seen either of them kiss like that in their dramas
  7. Hello! I just finished watching this drama and I'm honestly quite sad it ended I was deterred from watching it at first because many said it was slow paced but I'm so glad I gave it a chance. This drama deserved so much more from the visuals to the whole cast chemistry and the plot line. I also didn't like seeing the bad reviews some viewers left about JHI and CSB's pairing and acting skills. They honestly did an amazing job and I could totally feel them immersing themselves as HW and SW in the drama and their strong friendship totally translated on camera. Based on the BTS clips, you can tell they didn't let the bad reviews affect them too much in anyway and if anything, it created a stronger bond as a cast so I hope to see them all reunite one day in diff projects.
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