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  1. Wow i was really surprised with that...if that is really true i feel bad for the writer. As i have said before i love the pace of the drama before and impressed with it because it was not a typical daily drama. Then it came down to this. I might believe this rumor because i have been following a few of the casts in instagram posts and when they posted some pics i have never seen anything that hyo rim is with them. Aside from the actress playing jin ah she posted a pic of her and hyo rim having some girl bonding type dinner. I think they are close. Here they vacationed in jeju i think the cast: And even have a video call with the actor playing nam jim
  2. Such a waste...this drama started so good then went downhill. They dragged the mental illness of SH too long, then this 2 year jump is nonsense. The writer messed this one up, too bad i was really liking the pace of the story before and all the actors they did pretty good portraying the roles, im pretty sure everyone watching was so disappointed.
  3. Just wanted to share, I saw this on the instagram of the actress playing SH (swipe for more pics). I haven't seen any bts videos or pictures of this drama unlike the sunny again tomorrow which has lots.
  4. I am like Jin Ah's mom at this point. I really don't understand why must they go to all this trouble and give SH all attention and care to her. Leave her at a hospital to treat her mental illness, she brought this upon herself. The story is getting ridiculous it's like the writer is just grasping for straws to fill in the 124 episodes.
  5. Thought this drama would retain its nice fast paced storyline but nope it went to the same route with daily dramas. The writer seems to be struggling to reach the required episode. I am frustrated with SJ right now she is acting like as if she is very selfless and thinking of NJ but the way i see it she is just plain being selfish. In a way, i still find this drama a bit refreshing because the villains in this drama are really not that evil compared to the other dramas i have watched before, and the leads are not acting too nice to the point that they are becoming stupid. I will just hang on to the end to see what will happen until the end even if i'm bored to tears, the only thing that i am looking forward right now is the funny and cute scenes of Dae Sik's parents.
  6. Yes i do agree that SH doesn't know about this mix up. Her goal was "her" son would be the only one who will inherit the company that's why she wants to get rid of the other kid not to interchange them. I also think SH is a loving but controlling mother despite doing evil things, she loves her son that's why i think she has nothing to do with it this time she will also be shaken by this news.
  7. I was not expecting this plot twist. If SH doesn't really know and BCS really caused a huge mix up i would really love to see the look on her face when she finds out that NJ is her real son, and she was raising the child of the woman she hates. What will MS do if he finds out that his daughter's future mother in law is SH, i can imagine his blood pressure going way up high.
  8. I can't wait for the day that SW will discover everything about his mom. SH is laughing right now but when people discovers all the things she did she will be all alone and will remember what NJ told her that she will be shedding more painful tears and that day is near. What kind of mother wants to see her child suffer? She is very selfish and desperate for power and been using SW as her excuse for everything. I do agree with Dae Sik's parents they are fun to watch and they bring humor to the drama. I also like Dae Sik and Yeon Ji scenes
  9. I am really liking the writer of this drama. Normally at this point in a daily drama i would be very frustrated with the story and to some characters, but in this drama i feel like it's all balanced. Like the main lead Nam Jin he is not the typical overly nice to the point that he is already being pushed around and being too dumb. I like his character he knows what he wants and doesn't let people look down on him. For the villain i find her really annoying but not the super evil kind one. I really hate that she keeps using Si Woo to justify her actions but in reality she is just a selfish woman who wants power. Overall the story has a nice pace to it, the problems don't drag on too long, here and there cute funny scenes, and most of the characters are good. She did told SW that she is pregnant but she went for an abortion because she said it will be a "hindrance" to her career @viyra
  10. I have to agree with you @sava2sava i also think SW father is not NJ's dad. SH looks like the kind of person who is desperate to do anything for money. I really do hope NJ will get his closure with JA before this week ends. I would love to see him get together with SJ at an earlier stage, not when it's already halfway into the drama. How many times does MS have to forgive the gold digger siblings...i'm getting frustrated with him, he is too nice to the point that he is already looking dumb
  11. @mamanijared "From my understanding they where never official.. All Sw did was lay his demands on SJ and his backstabbing got him outed and she called it off.." @sava2sava true but not everyone knows that, the employees only know what they see not the real story so they will assume.
  12. I thought when i started watching this drama the character i would hate most is the mother of si woo but nope i think i would hate jin ah more. Her evilness is already coming out and i'm sure that's not the only thing she would do as the drama progresses. Based on my understanding of the preview i think Man seok wants Seung Jo to quit being a designer to Nam jin's team because everybody knows she was once engaged to Si woo so people would see her in a "bad light". I guess Nam jin was kneeling to apologize because he recruited seung joo. @sava2sava
  13. I was quite surprised that as early as now NJ already knows his true identity..seems like there will be a lot of twists in this drama to last until ep 120. Hope it will continue it's fast paced storytelling and not become boring in the middle. So far im impressed with the story and actors I don't really like Jin Ah something is fishy about her, i can't quite figure out her personality i'm sensing she has some evilness in her especially in getting what she wants. I think there will be a conflict between her and SJ when it comes to the fashion and designing industry.
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