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  1. Very beautiful he is there. YSH looked good in that role. I liked the movie too (and Go Ara as female co star), but Yeo Woon was much better character imv. More complex, more intense--plus sword-fighting and horse-riding! His relationships were interesting and his dilemmas were heartbreaking. Hwan hee in the Magician was enjoyable---I wouldn't mind another role like that. But Yeo Woon has special place in my heart. @Berou ahhhh so I got the whole body swapping thing confused in the plot. Now it all makes even less sense to me. How does the sexist guy get any better? I haven't looked at the link yet with my bad Korean even. I still have little hope that anything can redeem such a silly story, let alone one that comes at such a bad moment in contemporary times. I know many dramas are made out of webtoons and some are very different from the originals. Dramas based off manhwa can be very different (WBDS). But I just can't be optimistic. Maybe it's because I've been optimistic for too many times now with YSH projects and this time.... this time may be asking too much. If I can only be proven wrong. Wouldn't that be great? YSH is SUCH a nice, smart guy, such a talented person---it would only be fair if once, just once, he would hit on a project that would not only be worthy of himself but would make his fans happy too..... *deep sigh*
  2. He was so young then but stole the show. I was spoiled for the ending but it still shocked me. Don't get me started about it made no sense or I'll rant forever. Yeo Woon is a good example of an anti-hero (not villian), a character who does bad things but with whom an audience can still sympathize with, relate to and cheer for---he is not, by any means, like the character we are hearing described in this new YSH project. Woon's actions were contradictory and often misunderstood--but he never demeaned women (he went around rescuing fair damsels etc as well as other innocent ppl etc) and tried to be a good person and spoke respectfully to people. WBDS was a swashbuckling action historical, it's own type of genre, and the romance in it was really badly written or not emphasized as much as other elements---with a rom com, the relationship between two people NEEDS to culminate in true love, and I just go UGH at any woman ending up with a sleazebag, no matter how much he's changed.... because... magic? It just doesn't happen that way. I have so many problems with that. I like fantasy. But *poof* you're no longer a sleazebag, joke, funny, funny, rom com, haha. It all sounds like a trainwreck to me. Ahhhh, I am upset. Give YSH a serious role again. He did so many when he was much, much younger. His Yeo Woon was so ... mature.
  3. Guys, I want to be optimistic and I know YSH can pull off any character but... no. I just can't manage the tiniest hope. The issues of the mistreatment of women right now in Korea and the rest of the world are too serious to be addressed by a silly rom com. Apparently this is the sort of story in which a sexist sleazy guy is made to see the error of his ways after his soul is trapped in a woman's body for a while and he can she her point of view--right? That's how these stories go. Sorry, Korea's problems, women's problems right now are too serious to be addressed that lightly. I felt similarly when I saw My Strange Hero tackling the subject of suicide (in Korea) and the problem of Korea's stratified high pressure school system with a light comedy. it felt... awkward. A serious drama addressing these issues would be another thing, but a rom com? Secret Garden belongs to a more innocent era of comedies. I can sense that the Korean shows I'm watching are changing and being more open about subjects that would never be mentioned before, but I do understand perfectly what YSH's Korean fans are upset about. Not just for YSH's career but for the sake of women---it is pure fantasty to think what women go through at the hands of sleazeballs can be fixed with MAGIC. NO MAGIC SOUL SWAPPING can fix sexism. No guy will suddenly go from bad guy to good guy because of MAGIC (I don't care if he looks like YSH and has those glistening compassionate eyes). Moral of my story: MAGIC DOESN'T CURE SEXISM. That's the last thing Korea (and most women) want to hear right now). it doesn't work that way. In the wake of scandals, #metoo, and all the sufferings of women in Korea and elsewhere, there isn't any worse timing for this show.
  4. Thank you so much for clarifying. I just started shaking a little, though. I am far from puritanical, but if the script is anything close to the original character, this sounds like a disasterous career move for YSH. A main character who demeans women isn't someone I want to see at all---I don't care how redeemed he is eventually. Or how "sexy" people find this sort of character. Forgive me, but I have always expected better of YSH. Bed scenes? The context matters in a script. I don't mind bed scenes if the characterization and script are well done, but everything about this tells me nothing will be done right. The character you're describing sounds like a playboy, and fans are excited about fanservice? Gratuitous sexy stuff? No, just no. Forgive me, really, Yoo Seung-ho. This isn't how to show that you're grown-up.
  5. i like that about YSH. He does what he wants. I like that he has said things in interviews that go against what other actors say (such as he has been outspoken about disliking studying--although polite--and saying he didn't want to go to college and that it would be taking a person's place who did want to go--he thinks things out well--all the more reason why his choice of scripts ... is puzzling). Yes, you are right--he seems to do what he wants to do. But maybe fans can influence the agency--and yes, it would be seen as rude and inconsiderate to disregard what fans express with his best interests in mind. I think that part of Korean culture is real; businesses do take into serious consideration their market responses. I don't know what will happen with this rom com thing. The announcement itself seems to point to the decision practically being a done deal. But who knows. I'm very curious now. I had no idea that Korean fans were opposed to his being in rom coms too. I'll look at the webcomic link and on Naver later. This is all very interesting.
  6. Wow. That's so interesting. Thanks for that information. Culturally, that makes sense. "What other people think" seems to be an important construct in Korea more so than here in my country. I hope the pleas for better script choices for a talented actor make an impact. They are well-intentioned.
  7. Interested too about the character. How bad can he be and aren't these chaebols always redeemed anyway. LOL about the email to agency. I don't know why I was suddenly struck with image of hundreds of scholars outside the palace petitioning chona! Like in dramas. Don't let Yoo Seung-ho-ssi ruin his career! We beg of you! Don't let him play a terrible man who takes his shirt off! Not another rom com! Chona!
  8. No, haven't read it but adaptations can be very different. Love your blog by the way and agree that fantasy can work well in a rom com---the cliche elements like people have mentioned and the very fact that Ruler's shadow is over this script makes me frown. I know I'll end up watching this because I end up watching a lot of shows because of cast and deciding after a few episodes if I'm staying. Who knows. oh @WoozyPrincess don't even get me started about Yeo Woon. I could write a book. My fave. YSH shone in that role---the script was wobbly and the end was terrible, but unlike Ruler Master of the Mask, where the script was flawed from the beginning, WBDS had some high moments and good characterizations and went to hell with plotholes all over the place--and like too many dramas, ended hurriedly with no proper resolution. I was fed up with Ruler from the get-go because the mask concept, while interesting, was so poorly executed---I mean, the super tall bodyguard wore it and wasn't recognized as a different person? This could work onstage, has worked as a device in Shakespeare, but even as a sageuk fantasy--I was just not buying any of it in Ruler. No amount of pretty scenery or good casting could make up for the script. Sometimes I wonder how many good scripts there really are out there, how many of them are ruined by directors during production, and if we can really blame actors and agencies for their choices. in this case with YSH though, I definitely want to support his life choices and with him happiness, I definitely want to see his talents onscreen again, but it seemed a no-brainer for me to go with a THIRD rom com? WHY PICK A ROM COM SCRIPT WITH SO MANY CLICHES? Does he really want to establish himself as a romantic lead? I don't know. Is being in the body of a girl and playing girly (I'm already wincing at sexist stereotypes) really going to do that? There are so many red flags about this choice.
  9. i will make every effort to control myself and the volume if I am so lucky as to see Seung-ho! @WoozyPrincess Haha, I am as "youthful" as you. YSH has fans of all ages!
  10. I honestly have no idea what he might do with his long hair---all I know is that I love the long hair! I think a ruffian in an action film would be great. A period drama that isn't Joseon era would be good. How about a 20s/30s drama (that would mean short hair though but the period is interesting). I know most period dramas are difficult, expensive and wearying on actors, but a Silla era (like Song Joong Ki is doing right now) would be awesome (I'm dreaming, aren't I? Sigh). I'd like to see him in a serious, not cutesy role. Although I do love that smile. I also think that directors take advantage of his ability to cry. He can speak so much with his eyes alone--unshed tears are more effective that oceans of tears. A good script is all I ask for, regardless of genre (ok, rom com isn't my thing--and he's already done two in a row). We should do a poll. He likes to film in winter, doesn't he? I don't think he'll take his shirt off. I think he's going to maintain his no gratuitous shower scenes streak. He's always worked out, but one needs to be in shape just to keep up with a rigorous shooting schedule. Ah, I can't wait. I hope it's really a good series this time.
  11. Been following this thread faithfully, but my theory is that many YSH fans are as reticent as he is and don't always speak up. I've been hopeful for his career since he switched agencies and I've been worried about him as he's been continuing his speed freak ways with a new dangerous sport (argh! I hate bikes! My uncle and husband rode motorbikes and worried me to death! I hate fast cars too! I'm a hypocrite though because I love it when YSH rides horses fast in historical dramas!) I wanted to chime in when everyone was shaking their heads over his recent choice of rom coms---I myself could barely get through My Strange Hero. YSH is too good an actor for most of the material he's in. I was surprised by his interview in which he said he was too young to play a doctor--what? He's always played people older than his true age? The answer was weird. Actors can suspend an audience's disbelief and project whatever identity they want, even whatever age they want (within certain limits of course on film--the theatre stage is a more fantastical place). I wonder if being a child actor gives him some issues with how old he is and what roles he can play--former child actors seem to want to establish themselves as adult actors but they also seem to want to stay in the safe zone where they are recognized for their youthful charms. YSH has always been wise beyond his years, but I do wonder what he was thinking when he said he'd play an intern but not a doctor. I thought about that too much maybe....was he trying to identify himself strictly as his true age? Insofar as Yoo Seung-ho's career, I want our young man to break out and be a superstar too, but I know he wants to live a good life and be known as a good actor more than a superstar. Whatever makes him happy makes me happy too. I HAVE TO SAY that I would rather not see him squander his talent with mediocre scripts. He shines in whatever project he's in, but he owes it to his own talent to be in better dramas and movies. I'm partial to action and sageuk so I was happy to hear he's open to action and I made a BIG SIGH when I heard he was taking a break from historicals (I didn't like Ruler though--the script was clumsy in my opinion--YSH and the actors were great but the script made me wince). Oh yeah, every time his hair grows out a little I get the hope he's growing it for a sageuk. His hair was a little long in Strange Hero, wasn't it? Count me in as one of those fans all abuzz over his unshaven photo. He has a pretty boy face, yes, but that scruffy look suits him--he looks beautiful without all the flower boy frills and lipstick. He looks more grown-up now, yet still beautiful. There's this intelligence and sensitivity in his eyes--you can't draw that on with guy-liner. He just has it. Was it @woozyprincess who saw him on a trip to Korea? Whoever it was said something about screaming after catching a glimpse of him at some red carpet event and her husband was there, covering his ears or something like that. YSH isn't one of the many SK actors who would make me scream--but I don't know now. Maybe if he kept that scruffy unshaven look! My husband would just have to cover his ears. He won't be with me on my trip to Korea and Japan next year, but my daughter will be and SHE'S a huge YSH fan--if he has a fan meeting, heaven help anyone with ears in the area! My daughter can squeal! I am so excited just to think about what the next YSH project may be. I am always excited, though.
  12. Wow. What l suspected. I wish him the very best. He has always shone in every project, no matter how it failed to live up to his talent. I never completely disliked any of his movies or dramas but always wanted better vehicles for him. I understand that some breaks in life are difficult, but I hope that soon now Yoo Seung ho can work towards realizing his goal of being an actor who is recognized for a long lifetime of achievement. He is so much more than a pretty face; his talent is world-class. He deserves the best of everything! Good Luck to our young man!
  13. @Berou I am so happy. YSH spoke! I am so happy that he wants to touch base with his fans who respect him and his work and are cheering him on in his career. The first episodes of his new drama have been fun! FIGHTING, SEUNG-HO!
  14. Ah thank you larosa. I looked on naver but didn't even think to look up his profile let alone click on Instagram! LOL Du'uh. The biggest evidence like you said is people he knows following him back. There are some cute photos there. Ppo Ppo Bang is in TWO OF THE PHOTOS. Wonder if the dog makes an appearance in the drama. I usually go squee over YSH's cats but he really does look adorable with that doggie. Still wondering why the previous account was deleted--I mean, is this some way of going rogue from San Entertainment? Seems peculiar. He seems like a very well groomed and cautious, albeit an honest independent-minded young man in interviews. I can't wait for the drama; I love YSH in everything, even though rom-coms aren't my favorite (I loved him in angsty stuff--Remember War of the Son, etc--he's got the acting chops for a lifetime. He's so talented. Damn--wasn't I am Not a Robot a comedy? He made me cry, lol. My fave was when he was so young---*eyes avatar*--ah, he was a great Yeo Woon--but sageuk is my freak).
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