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  1. I somehow managed to get through MSH but it was painful towards the end. IANAR wasn't terrible--just sloppy, although funny or touching at parts, and YSH was very convincing in the role, but rom coms aren't my genre, I fully admit. I adore historicals but Ruler was a nonsensical mess with one the stupidest plots I've seen on screen. It's been SO LONG (*SOB*) since I've seen our young man in a good project. I still admire and support him, but one does get weary of bad shows, y'know? One of the reasons I like YSH so much is because I like to think I have discriminating taste. He's a very good actor--hence, I don't like to see him in bad shows.
  2. I will try to be positive. I live in perpetual hope as a YSH fan. Good to see the support for him. I worry, but I support him too.
  3. I am very disappointed as well. Maybe we'll be proven wrong and somehow this drama will be the right vehicle for his career, but I have serious doubts. I am almost certain it will be a bad drama, another bad choice, and yet another disappointment for his fans (except for the ones who will turn up for the eye candy).
  4. I'm happy he's not doing the drama with the yucky lead role and tired webtoon plot. I'm sorry he cut his hair. I thought he looked he looked great. i'm glad he looks happy. I can wait for other projects. I can only hope he chooses well. In the meantime, yes, there are other actors and other dramas. I watch many. I loved Yeo Jin-goo in the Crowned Clown, and I've been loving the Arthdal Chronicles--such a different historical drama. Seung-ho's talent is unique, though, and I will always wait for him. I don't need for him to be a superstar; I just want him to make the best use of his talents in a quality project. The best to you, darling, Yoo Seung-ho, once Korea's baby brother, and still a respected young actor. One day may more people respect your talents.
  5. I see that Warrior Baek Dong-soo has started streaming again on Kokowa and is available to American audiences again! I own the DVD, but now that VIKI has acquired the rights i can legally watch it on my old laptop and see all the audience comments on the screen (always hilarious--and most of the comments on this drama are about how beautiful Yoo Seung Ho is---I haven't watched the saddest parts yet, not ready!) Oh Seung-ho, my dear boy, what are you driving on the side of a cliff now? That thing looks like a bumper car and a motorcycle had a baby!
  6. I can already see the tension of waiting affecting everyone! Like I said before, I wish we could fast forward time like we can fast foward parts in a drama but I guess we have to be patient! Then of course, if he takes this romcom, there will be the dread of HOW BAD will it be--the drama itself and the aftermath. Yes, @Berou I do remember on several occasions YSH saying good things about his previous agency. I felt warmth there- YSH radiates warmth towards people he's near. That is what he does. He forms attachments. I like that about him. I'm certain he's beloved by most people who are around him too. But again, business is cutthroat. He is growing up in an especially rough business. I wish the best for him. He's so smart--I hope he does well. To change subject! Earlier we were talking about the fates of Jin Woo, Harry and Woon. I do think Jin Woo's made the least Kdrama sense. There's a Kdrama rule that once you kill someone (as in illegal murder not self defense or in defense of others) you almost always doomed. Not always but often. Jin Woo was a total hero, c'mon. I saw all of YSH's characters as savable--his acting makes them particularly sympathetic. I saw Come and Hug Me not long ago and ( quasi spoiler) someone who is indirectly responsible for a lot of deaths gets off scott free? I fumed. Because Yeo Woon should have been freed if this could happen. He tried to save people all along and tried to save his own life in the next to last episode and was only triggered to suicide in that poorly written, plot-hole ridden final ep. I fully believe all suicides are preventable, and one of the things I HATE most in Kdrama are melodramatic, romanticized, unnecessary suicides in a country where the suicide rate is so high. Jin Woo losing his memory for the sake of an artistic parallel with his father was as stupid as Yeo Woon impaling himself the way his father did for a similar artistic parallel. Character development and growth, from a writer's view, is more important that sucking audience sympathy and milking tears with easy pretty parallels. Unfortunately this sort of thing is a bane with Kdrama--not all dramas do this, the younger writers do this a lot, the lesser dramas do this a lot.
  7. No need to apologize. I am just a worrywart. I go off worrying at the slightest thing. Exactly. I love his unconventionality. I celebrate this quality in family members and friends. But business is business. He has SAID he wants to be an actor and he wants to be a successful one. To do that, he needs to be less unconventional and play smarter. If he doesn't, he doesn't get to act and we will see less and less of him. No one wants that. To fail at business and one's life's goals affects one's emotional health as well. His current business choices spell bad news all around. But no one can make this realization but himself.
  8. My heart did a little flip flop when I read the words "crazy, weird, suicidal, reckless, emotional." I've wanted to think of YSH as a sensitive but sensible guy, but I am fully aware that people have public personas that can hide immense internal turmoil. Child stars especially are well-known for having unhappy adulthoods. And Korea is famous for the pressure it puts on stars. As many young stars return from the military this year and are giving charming interviews, I can't help but remember YSH who fled into the army so young to escape stardom (from leisure and money to a drill instructor and MRIs) and who gave a sobbing return public appearance. I always worry about him in a Jewish mama way. And the never ending news of celebrity suicides and suicide attempts like the news about Go Hara recently---all this unsettles me. I feel helpless enough in the face of this sort of unhappiness and emotional uncertainity. I know that there's nothing that can be done if someone doesn't want help or advice from others--the best thing to do is step away and watch people learn, make their own mistakes and learn from bad choices. As a parent, I learned this and know it's hard. As someone who is perpetually frustrated with (and scared for) YSH's poor career choices and possible emotional health, I know there's nothing than can be done other than hope and pray that his intelligence and better self will show him the way. It always seems to be the most sensitive and smart ones who fall hardest, but maybe that's what they need to do to rise up again. I don't know. I can only speculate, but as someone who respects YSH's talent and really likes him and believes he's an especiallly good person, I'm going to be positive. I am going to believe that eventurally he'll learn from his mistakes. I couldn't bear it if he destroys his career... or worse.
  9. Ah, the eggs bit. The losing memory. Harry, Woon, so many unhappy endings. I do love YSH in melodramas but even in Remember: War of the Son he got a horribly sad end, even though he was the main. I'm not counting that damn Ruler mask drama because I'd rather forget it, lol. The movies were fun but I like the dramas better--more YSH, I guess?--except for the rom coms. The lipstick was the least of my problems with the rom coms. Can we just fast forward until we get to the part where YSH picks a wonderful drama and everyone is enjoying it and having a great time? I'll even take a sad ending--it's only fiction, right? YSH is still alive and well (But don't get me started about Woon--ah, crying forever about that ending)
  10. Very beautiful he is there. YSH looked good in that role. I liked the movie too (and Go Ara as female co star), but Yeo Woon was much better character imv. More complex, more intense--plus sword-fighting and horse-riding! His relationships were interesting and his dilemmas were heartbreaking. Hwan hee in the Magician was enjoyable---I wouldn't mind another role like that. But Yeo Woon has special place in my heart. @Berou ahhhh so I got the whole body swapping thing confused in the plot. Now it all makes even less sense to me. How does the sexist guy get any better? I haven't looked at the link yet with my bad Korean even. I still have little hope that anything can redeem such a silly story, let alone one that comes at such a bad moment in contemporary times. I know many dramas are made out of webtoons and some are very different from the originals. Dramas based off manhwa can be very different (WBDS). But I just can't be optimistic. Maybe it's because I've been optimistic for too many times now with YSH projects and this time.... this time may be asking too much. If I can only be proven wrong. Wouldn't that be great? YSH is SUCH a nice, smart guy, such a talented person---it would only be fair if once, just once, he would hit on a project that would not only be worthy of himself but would make his fans happy too..... *deep sigh*
  11. He was so young then but stole the show. I was spoiled for the ending but it still shocked me. Don't get me started about it made no sense or I'll rant forever. Yeo Woon is a good example of an anti-hero (not villian), a character who does bad things but with whom an audience can still sympathize with, relate to and cheer for---he is not, by any means, like the character we are hearing described in this new YSH project. Woon's actions were contradictory and often misunderstood--but he never demeaned women (he went around rescuing fair damsels etc as well as other innocent ppl etc) and tried to be a good person and spoke respectfully to people. WBDS was a swashbuckling action historical, it's own type of genre, and the romance in it was really badly written or not emphasized as much as other elements---with a rom com, the relationship between two people NEEDS to culminate in true love, and I just go UGH at any woman ending up with a sleazebag, no matter how much he's changed.... because... magic? It just doesn't happen that way. I have so many problems with that. I like fantasy. But *poof* you're no longer a sleazebag, joke, funny, funny, rom com, haha. It all sounds like a trainwreck to me. Ahhhh, I am upset. Give YSH a serious role again. He did so many when he was much, much younger. His Yeo Woon was so ... mature.
  12. Guys, I want to be optimistic and I know YSH can pull off any character but... no. I just can't manage the tiniest hope. The issues of the mistreatment of women right now in Korea and the rest of the world are too serious to be addressed by a silly rom com. Apparently this is the sort of story in which a sexist sleazy guy is made to see the error of his ways after his soul is trapped in a woman's body for a while and he can she her point of view--right? That's how these stories go. Sorry, Korea's problems, women's problems right now are too serious to be addressed that lightly. I felt similarly when I saw My Strange Hero tackling the subject of suicide (in Korea) and the problem of Korea's stratified high pressure school system with a light comedy. it felt... awkward. A serious drama addressing these issues would be another thing, but a rom com? Secret Garden belongs to a more innocent era of comedies. I can sense that the Korean shows I'm watching are changing and being more open about subjects that would never be mentioned before, but I do understand perfectly what YSH's Korean fans are upset about. Not just for YSH's career but for the sake of women---it is pure fantasty to think what women go through at the hands of sleazeballs can be fixed with MAGIC. NO MAGIC SOUL SWAPPING can fix sexism. No guy will suddenly go from bad guy to good guy because of MAGIC (I don't care if he looks like YSH and has those glistening compassionate eyes). Moral of my story: MAGIC DOESN'T CURE SEXISM. That's the last thing Korea (and most women) want to hear right now). it doesn't work that way. In the wake of scandals, #metoo, and all the sufferings of women in Korea and elsewhere, there isn't any worse timing for this show.
  13. Thank you so much for clarifying. I just started shaking a little, though. I am far from puritanical, but if the script is anything close to the original character, this sounds like a disasterous career move for YSH. A main character who demeans women isn't someone I want to see at all---I don't care how redeemed he is eventually. Or how "sexy" people find this sort of character. Forgive me, but I have always expected better of YSH. Bed scenes? The context matters in a script. I don't mind bed scenes if the characterization and script are well done, but everything about this tells me nothing will be done right. The character you're describing sounds like a playboy, and fans are excited about fanservice? Gratuitous sexy stuff? No, just no. Forgive me, really, Yoo Seung-ho. This isn't how to show that you're grown-up.
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