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  1. Hello! Just want to drop to say this is one of the two ongoing dramas I'm currently watching. And I'm so happy that this finally gets the k-viewers' attention. I love this drama. It's just light and a feel good one. I still am looking forward on how and when DH will realize that SB is really the one for her. Haven't read the webtoon so I don't know really the plot and what will suppose to happen. Anyway, haven't watch the latest episode so I'm gonna go and watch it hehe. Backstreet Rookie, fighting!
  2. Hello. I just started to watch this last Friday and finally got to catch up with the recent episode and I definitely regret why I didn't decide to watch this earlier. Anyways, can't count how many times this show manage to make me cry. It just speaks to you deeply. Like in the latest ep, that back story with KT's mom. I really ugly cried at that part. Anyway, I really want to know if MY's mother is still alive, like her disappearance seems fishy. Also, what really happened between MY and her dad. Like I wanted to know who's really the bad guy in their family. And I real
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