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  1. The BTS vid of Episode 16 was already posted by tvN yet they deleted it (?) good thing a fan managed to record some clip from it.
  2. I'm sooo willing to give up another year of me being single just for these two to get married. AND TO STAY MARRIED AND HAVE COUPLE OF BABIES. well it's not like it has to do with them but I just want to be together so baaaaad. I hope they know a lot are rooting for them and I hope we can get some very very good news very very soon.
  3. apparently they did. and that explains too the circulating photo of twins being held by SR's Dad and the NIS guy. I really really hope it will get released. It's a waste if those scenes are not going to be published in any way.
  4. Omg! If this is true, I hope the deleted scenes are gonna be added in dvd/bluray. Want to watch it badly.
  5. The way the cast and crews cheer during Seri and RJH’s kissing scene tho. And SYJ seemed shy lmao.
  6. Oohh maybe because of the timezone? But I presume they would make it available to everyone eventually.
  7. It is already out. It’s on Spotify. You can check the official playlist of CLOY here. I guess it was just uploaded last night. The intro/epilogue song is entitled Sigriswil.
  8. Annyeong chingus! Omg the latest BTS of BinJin screams “we’re together”. I can’t count how many times I fee giddy at their interaction. You can really feel there’s something going on there through the screen. They’re just sooo cute and adorbs huhuhu my heart!!! I feel like I can’t take the feels but I need more!!!
  9. it’s Photo of My Mind/Picture in My Heart sang by Song Ga-In. It was played in previous epi I supposed. I don’t know if it will work but here’s the link from Spotify. https://open.spotify.com/track/6SOw5YcoAXoKphG5iPzXEz?si=VW6FXUFDQR2jLK4uNYx85w
  10. Are these new stills? Omo https://twitter.com/mamiself/status/1223790968798736384?s=21 idk why the link isn’t working lol. Lmao
  11. Hello comrade~ I mean chingus since they’re in SK now. I watched the episode 11 last night live in a streaming site and I must agree with some of you here that I found it somehow lacking even there’s a lot of going on between SK and NK. And of course, there’s me wishing for more OTP moments but the ep only gave us stares, two hugs and that one scene with hand-holding. But when I watched it with sub this morning, the whole episode actually made sense and I find it still a good one. Not the best but still a good one especially with the last sequence which was suspense-packed. Whew. In fact, the scenes were interrelated with each other. And I am glad I didn’t felt the urge to fast forward any scenes or I will miss their connection. And lastly, about uri RiRi couple, I understand now why they aren’t doing anything more than those wistful stares and hugs. We could blame it on SeRi for saying to RJH not to do something that will make her remind of him more while he stays in SK as it will be hard for her once he’s gone and it was only all the memories that he’d left her. Imagine the pain she’ll be experiencing. And we should blame RJH for actually agreeing like he really answered, “I will try to do nothing.” So it only means, we will expect nothing. Lol kidding aside, I am still hopeful with the word “try”. And from the past eps, RJH is known for compromising something he stands for especially when it comes to SeRi. So, I hope he will just give in and convince SeRi to do everything, I mean everything, they can do with the limited time they have now. Like they should make the most of it and so what, if they’ll face the pain of just remembering the memories without each other beside them later? At least, they have memories together to remember. It’s worse if they do nothing and regret it eventually that they missed their only opportunity.
  12. Hello I’ve been following this thread for quite a while now. Even before I found the thread for CLOY lol. But I was just silently reading everything you guys posted here until now...I can’t help it anymore but to express how much I ship this two. I have to admit though that I don’t know them both that much. I first saw Hyun Bin in an episode of My Lovely Samsoon and Ye Jin in Personal Taste. But that’s it...never really followed any of their drama (bc I’m not into kdramas then) until CLOY happened & now I suddenly had the urge to watch every drama/film they previously starred into. Anyways, about shipping them...I don’t really ship kdrama leads unless I see really something special between them. And the of them just radiating this some kind of aura whenever they are together. Like how they interact, look at each other (esp HB), & just their body language in general. Plus, I’m so happy to read that even their long time supporters can sense something between them. Actually, right now, even I am super dooper hopeful that they are dating in real life (and please God, let them get married & have beautiful babies...bc the genes...please let’s not put it into waste. ) I am just happy and contented on what they allow to be shared to us like being “close friends”, which is evident in the BTS of CLOY & several interviews. Like they are just so comfortable with each other. So for now, I am looking forward for any news about them especially after CLOY.
  13. maybe they can change the passcode into Ri Jeong Hyeok’s birthday just to really make sure. but I am really one of you guys who’s hoping and wishing for more intense skinships. Please @ writer-nim/director-nim.
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