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  1. It's K-Drama. Drama writers like to either redeem their villains or at least try to invoke sympathy for them. This happens quite a bit. As my comprehension of Korean improves I find several mistakes in subtitles. However, I chalk it up to probably English is not their first language. Also, some phrases in every language, not just Korean, can be literally translated to English. Still a missed word here and there can drastically change the meaning of the sentence.
  2. He was in a hit and run where he hit two pedestrians and at least one of them died. His mother "the fair judge" covered it up it looks like. That is where his guilt came from.
  3. It is schedule to end on 11/8 which currently makes it 123 episodes. I honestly don't know how they are going to fill the time. Unless, they are planning a redemption arc for Shady. Interesting how they will do it if planned. I have kind of given up on this drama. Other than the good looking women, I find no compulsion to make an effort to watch. Honestly, I am waiting on the next one after this one. "Wanna taste?" I'm excited about the cast for that one.
  4. You know I was thinking late last week anticipating the start of "Love is Wonderful, Life is Beautiful" that having the funeral episode gave me closure for this drama. I was really cathartic because I got attached emotionally to the characters. The funeral episode allowed me to say goodbye not only to Sun Ja but the entire cast. Funny.
  5. I’m just skipping the entire episodes and coming here to see what is going. Honestly, this drama has started to bore me. It started off promising but has really gone down hill since the EJ trying to entrap DJ arc.
  6. Like others have said, nice wrap up to a beautiful story about a life well lived. Having SJ sitting under the tree and smiling when the girls visited her grave was a nice touch. Until another drama and another thread. It has been a great ride sharing thoughts and reading feed back.
  7. I’m not going to lie. The wife and I boo hoo’d all the way through Saturday’s episode with SJ’s death. She was such an enduring character. Hats off to Kim Hae-suk for what we would call an Oscar worthy performance in this drama. I suspect on Sunday we will not only get resolution on NHM, but also we will also get a glimpse of the legacy SJ left behind. Thank you to the writer for giving us a chance to say goodbye to a beautiful character. I also loved she reconciled with IS and entrusted her with caring for the children.
  8. I looked and the PD is the same one from Gangnam Scandal. I didn't watch that one so I don't know how good it was. The cast members named so far is what is drawing me to this one. So far three cast members from Happy Sisters.
  9. I’m looking forward to seeing Han Young and Sim Yi-Young every day for six months. Daebak! Hopefully same PD from Happy Sisters as well.
  10. Just saw on IG this morning where the second lead actress from Happy Sisters is cast in the morning drama after this one. Hope it is good. https://www.instagram.com/p/B2lRtrDlOoU/?igshid=1f4rrwhnxykia Edited to reflect second lead actress.
  11. SBS morning dramas typically fall into the 7-9% range. Remember these dramas air after working people have left for work so the target audience is not huge. However, every once in a while, SBS does a morning drama that has higher ratings. Sweet Enemy and Happy Sisters consistently had ratings above 9-10% and aired back to back. They both had good writers and PDs with good casts. I’m a Mother Too kind of got blah in the middle but finished strong. I imagine it is hard to maintain an audience with these long dailys.
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