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  1. Alright guys. I am back (for now). I missed you actually! :kiss_wink:


    Anyways, I can't seem to keep up with the posts for the past weeks. It's been quite a while that I last posted here. 

    Back to TaEun world. I've been quite stressed lately b/c of the situation that the world is facing now. 


    In regards to that taken down of the YT vids and it's all TAEUN vids. I heard that they are re-airing WGM TAEUN in South Korea now that maybe the reason why. And guys, don't u worry about if they are still together or not coz THEY STILL ARE FREAKING LOVING EACH OTHER UNTIL NOW. :wub: Why I said so? HAHAHA.. oh well, gutfeels on the roll. First off, those things fans just think that are small things if put together they are one big hint. I cannot elaborate everything to u since I know and we all know how stronger hints are flying from here to there, right TaEunians? And just think if these hints stop for some time, oh well... being in a relationship that long 7 years and counting u cannot really give away hints anymore coz you as a couple and us fans knew quite well that they really are a couple. Nothing can make me change my mind more now. My head may have been in a lockdown too but my belief that these two are GF and BF won't waver. And Taemin getting bolder each hint is too wonderful to ignore. Don't get pressed about those villains in their story coz at the end of the clouds there's always that rainbow of hope. And note guys, it's been freaking 7 years now why are Apink and any SHINee member won't talk about their WGM  still? Why others can do that freely easily? Others think, it could be because it has longed ended and it's not a recent thing to talk about, hell no... i don't think that way completely. Yes, they could be more mature now that they feel it's not new but the reason behind it could be b/c they have matured and they are still together. They have been growing in love together over the years. So keep that TAEUN heart beating TaEunians! Those haters, let them hate, they can't change what's really real. 


    By the way, welcome to the new TaEunians! Welcome to the TAEUN WORLD! :heart:

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  2. 49 minutes ago, socchi05 said:


    OMG.. in Hangul, the word "Valentine" would be written as "Bal-len-ta-in" / "발렌타인", which means, "Valentime" would be "Bal-len-ta-im" / "발렌타임" and if we are considering wordplay, "Bal-len-ta-im" kind of sounds like "Bal-len-TAEM" / "발렌" !! so it's like she was saying, "Happy ValenTAEM's" :wub:  she was letting the whole world know that she is Taem's valentine~ :wub:


    I surely love how you think fam! :love:

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  3. 1 hour ago, Natalie said:

    that’s a good summary of their interactions

    when I started I was also very suspicious but there are more that made it seem like they’re actually dating (This is off the top of my head there are more)

    just to add on...

    - I think I’m 2017 when Apink had their comeback naeun had a Instagram live where she walked by flowers and wreaths sent to Apink fan meet and she pointed at one sent by Japanese taeun shippers (she also took photos)  - I remember this moment. It was JTaEunians thats ent her those. Hayoung even assumed her unnie pointed at her but no...naeun actually pointed out the wreath about WGM.


    - there was one year in an award show they taemin stood alone at the back alone while shinee was at the front and naeun and him kept looking at each other. Then taemin left and naeun literally dragged namjoo to leave and go backstage with her. The two left shortly after taemin and the rest of Apink Was confused -This happened back in 2016 , Korea Sale festival. Their eyes locked at each other and it's very adorable!


    - during danger era taemin went on this comedy show and apinks song comes up and one of the hosts turned around and looked at taemin -The host was Jo Seho. The same man who asked Naeun what her ideal type is (2014 Mr Chu era) and Naeun answered that sunflower thing (the same thing what Taemin looks for a girl).


    - Apink singing that ra.d song to naeun which made her burst into laughter in 2014 -That Apink Showtime never fails to make me happy! Thank u Oh Hayoung maknae!

    - finding x pink reality show naeun laughed and had to lie while wearing taemins bracelet when hayoung Basically asked her to admit that she wasn’t a solo since birth to the lie detector -To add on that, Apink sisters all laughed with so much giddiness feelings. OMG! :lol:


    - another reality show of Apink the jeju one where naeun slipped and mentioned hyeri art valley and her o-mouth really tells a huge story..ha young and Eunji were also shocked -THIS! OMG! The craziest slip of Son Naeun in history! hahaha :love:


    now for the juiciest ones...

    - 2019 naeun birthday fans had to guess a male guest that was invited and a fan said “taemin” hen naeun laughed (I mean if they’re true fans and if they’re not together why make things awkward...so the fan saying taemin implies yeah we know hahaha and they were teasing her) -Yes! That.. having a fanboy mentioned it meant a lot! And he didn't mention it once too! He really intended to say it! 


    - 2019 close to naeun bday taemin sang that song he sang for her in last ep on a show (that month he sang that song like 3 times...although being skeptical...he could’ve just sang it because it was indeed a song he sang a lot when he was a trainee...but I mean he knew shippers would feel this way so he could’ve chosen any other song..I dunno)

    - That I Once Lived By Your Side


    - a fan might’ve shouted “taemin ____” to naeun leaving an event or something on Instagram then naeun smiles and put her finger to her lips in a friendly shush

    -That SsHhH was life!


    I don’t know..I mean can I say they’re dating for sure? Nope. But somehow given the fact there are still so many shippers in the YouTube comments...given there being celeb couples that actually last that long...somehow I feel it’s possible they are??



    im sure some of their fans know who they’re dating...but they’re protecting them by being quiet...

    Good job TAEUNIANS for remembering all these events! 

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  4. Hello there, @naesarang_naeun!


    Reading your post makes me relive those starting moments I had when I joined this ship. I feel you dear! B)


    And the funnier thing is the fact that I also dreamed about them when I started too crazily about this couple! :joy:


    Also the fact that Naeun spoke up first in Apink about the mistreatment they got from KBS was just awesome! She literally wrote a whole essay about how they were treated and how it must be done fairly the nextime. Bravo uri Nangnie~ :thumbsup:


    Update with TAEUN this new year guys. Did u know about that interview of Taemin wherein he was given a brush to write smthing in a Hiragana form (I think it's a Japanese writing system or smthing). He decided to write his full name, LEE TAEMIN. But u know what happened? He was able to write a letter N only! Oh well he's correct he has a letter N in his name though but don't u think it's too funny that out of all the letters in his name why it got to be the letter N???  :love::lol: 


    My TAEUN heart is celebrating this new year really!


    :innocent: Oh by the way TAEUNIANS HAPPY 2020 to all of us! :kiss_wink:

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  5. 54 minutes ago, lallinachan_ said:

    Sbs has many things to apologize for... it was a dangerous stage for many performers. One of Red Velvet was badly hurt, let’s hope she will get a full recovery.

    Anyway, seems like Taemin will get a collab stage with Twice, as one in this forum guessed right. I’m very curious... (will Naeun get a bit jealous? XD)

    KBS did dirty to them this time.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Natalie said:

    Well I mean even back in WGM she was known to be understanding before making any judgments. This is probably the same...not sure if she met up with the commenter but whatever it is I’m sure she considered the facts and decided to be the bigger person...sparing herself a public lawsuit. I know many are shocked but given we don’t actually know what went down, I trust her and support that it was the right choice. Unless her company forced her to drop the lawsuit...but until I see implications of that, I support it. :)

    I think the reason why she forgave that hater is because she doesn't want any further publicity (not that she even wanted it, she's famous enough already). As introvert as Naeun makes us understand her end as to why she did it. And there's this article that says that the hater's family begged her for forgiveness and maybe as to make everything back to normal she forgave him. And we all are aware that she's too used to this kind of things. This maybe a bit too much but if the hater has a mental illness then maybe we can understand. I may not agree fully but it's Naeun's life. I liked that she replied to that attention-seeker hater too, and resolved things between her and the hater's fam. Besides she can't fully charge the hater like a normal person since he's ill.


    This comes down to the mental illness issue in South Korea. 

    They must raise more awareness of this illness so these people suffering won't go to the extent of killing themselves.

    South Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world btw.


    Anyways, I just want their real happiness. My beloved muffins~ TAEMIN and NAEUN fighting! :heart:

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  7. Son Naeun’s p*ssy is a sl*tty p*ssy. iKON‘s B.I licked Son Naeun’s p*ssy like a dog and f*cked it!!! Son Naeun is an ugly sl*t who can’t act and she’s a retarded comfort woman who murders by abortion. Son Naeun is a flat chested richard simmons with no curves…. Son Naeun is a dirty richard simmons who gives sexual favors, etc.

    — Son Naeun’s Hater @eddie39r on Instagram


    And you know what...


    She forgave that hater. :smirk: she dropped the lawsuit against him just because he's suffering from mental illness. 


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  8. 7 hours ago, lallinachan_ said:

    I guess it’s a good sign, she reacted as if we should keep it a secret, am I wrong? XD just my impression.

    anyway, in the last ig live, taemin say he will be alone at Christmas... poor him... how is this possible? I don’t think he was referring to his family, maybe his secret gf? XD

    He will be alone WITH HIS GF this Christmas. :lol:

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