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  1. OMG! There WAS someone making a mess here again and again I wasn't around during the time! Damn it. You guys are so quick in quoting these types of post though. Good job guys! If not by the quotes I would have wondered again what the fuss was about. But hey guys just know everything you've said was awesome! I mean wow TaEunians we've matured a lot. We tried to look for the facts first before side commenting. This is the reason why this ship is strong and lucky! Strong because we are open minded enough to separate opinions from facts. Lucky because we've got each other's backs. It's heart warming really. Pretty sure that someone who did register just to tell us off about TaEun shipping went back to tell her buddies how we didn't agree to play with her. "Alright, I went to those delulus in that TaEun village to confuse/play their minds but they didn't believe me when I told them Taemin is not with Naeun. We've got proofs but they've got pure delusions". I say, when you come back here. Oh please do yourself a favor. Present the facts and real proofs that Taemin and Naeun were only co-workers. And never dated. Let's face those proofs together. If I am wrong to be in this ship, I'll admit defeat. But if we're right all this time, what could you possibly give? Would you say you're wrong and take back your words on "I told you so that TaEun are not real. But you never listened to me"? ....but hey do we have the right to laugh at you so hard if that actually happens? Will you give us the privilege to "laugh hard" as well? Again... Just come back to present us your facts and proofs. Remember dear I for one never joined a forum just to tell people off. And thanks for your time in registering just to say we are delusional. Nice one! But I suggest you stop that act coz you're lucky you haven't bumped into TaEunians that are real responders. Coz if you do you're not gonna just lose your lollipop but your entire toys. Don't ever wish to enter a tiger's den. Coz even ants do bite back if they get hurt.
  2. OMG! I am not trying to fuel the fire but it's so true. Not all but most talk about mental health awareness but were the very ones who bullied Naeun hard in the past.
  3. I agree about that some of the believed to-be hints are just nothing but since we wanted to push it in, it becomes a hint (no one is forcing anyone anyways) already. The MARiCELLA incident. Yes again... it just so happened that the fan's name is MARiCELLA. I don't and won't question any TAEUN shipper for being delulu on that though coz it makes the TAEUN heart more lively. I guess TAEUN shippers just become too much in reading and analyzing situations is also because at times TAEUN lack hints that we always crave for. So I understand others 100%. Even some far-fetched situations occur I may not agree with it but I don't opposed with those people either. I just let them be. It's just like if wherever TAEUN ship heads to, I will be ready. Maybe not 100% ready but I still will prepare for it. Nothing is certain after all. Same here. I am open to anything that points to the other side of the coin. I am saying that even it might hurt me big time b/c I love them so much together if they are not really together after all this time so be it. That's a good point right there dear. I am also curious as to how Taemints (anti TAEUN) will accept it. Still a lot of them hate WGM and Naeun. Anyways, after having said all these, who ever they end up to it's fine but of course it would be the greatest if they end up with each other. Together forever.
  4. I understand your sentiments dear. If I may ask are you a Taemint? Shawol in general? "Proof" about TAEUN. Delulu. Would u care to tell us what we don't know? I am being objective here honestly. I know you quoted another person but I just want to know where you're coming from to be able to say that Taemin is dating someone else and not Naeun. Honestly dear if I may add. You really can't calm ALL people down if that's what they believe in. As much as you love Taemin is dating that someone you know, it's the same thing as TAEUN shippers believing that he is dating Naeun. And if ever (well obviously you're annoyed with us) you wanna push in the "coincidences exist", yes of course it does exist, but TAEUN shippers in general believe it's too much of coincidences that keep linking the two. It's been happening over the years. Just my two cents btw. I intend no harm by this. Feel free to state your side, TaEunians are willing to listen. Thanks for opening up to us. Appreciated.
  5. New TaEun vid guys~ @Soul Welcome to the TaEun thread! The face of Taemin was like, alright I am single in public but dating in private since you're public so i am still single you know". And his members were like, "we are but we don't know with Taemin though". I say, let's just pretend we believe him. Aigoo~ Taemin-ah~ continuously saying he is single when clearly he's totally not! LOL (inserts Naeun's line: I'm so sick of lying...)
  6. Alright.. IDK what to feel now.... Wiki has confirmed it..may others too but SM hasn't released an official statement yet. edit: Confirmed dead, former f(x) member Sulli. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/seongnam-fire-department-releases-official-statement-sullis-suicide/
  7. @Stephanie Lim Actually someone has been helping someone to learn English at home. my imagination is running too wild again. The fate did his part. What happened to Taemin was an accidental hint. Naeun posted a Francesco artist and now that Francesco she knows said her Christian name, Marcella.
  8. I don't know all of SuperM members but who are the two guys right behind Taemin? I mean at his back... two of them actually looked at Taemin when they were asked about being single. It's funny really! I only know the one on Taem's right was Kai, on his left was Baekhyun. @Stephanie Lim Don't u think it's about time that Naeun and Jennie have to be friends now coz their boyfriends are damn having a hard time denying everything and fans who monitor them consistently just LOL at everything, talk about romantic relationships - TaeKai - "I'm out of here!"
  9. Taemin better be quieter and just nods coz he might be on a hotter seat. LoL To Mark: Of course we are curious! Super dead curious dear. If you only answer fans yes or no this would've ended two instances. Your career or your love life. and you've got to choose only one. Either you choose career and bid your love bye or choose her and bye career. Choose wisely. If you're damn famous you can't have the best of both worlds after all.
  10. They looked at Taemin because probably he is the master of lying when it comes to relationship talks. The guys wanted his expertise in lying. He always lies but I find it very interesting. Naeun always keeps a straight face saying she's single but she's totally NOT. Aigoo~ these two really! Don't forget when Super Junior Ryeowook asked him about relationships and Taemin stuttered, RW really emphasized on why was he stuttering. LoL And guys RW is a Naeun fanboy.
  11. Someone (a family woman/man in Indonesia) sent Naeun a letter thanking her and Taemin for being in wgm back in 2013. It made her/him happy that TaEun's presence in one event is a gift for their 10th wedding anniversary. S/he even mentioned in the letter that many are suspecting the two to be dating until now.
  12. Another thing... If u add the artist's birthyear it's actually equalled to Taemin's birthday (18). So basically, it's Naeun's and Taemin's birthdates in one.
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