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  1. she really is hardworking and she has this elegant vibe.. an ideal woman that men want.. no doubt why guys goes shy around her.
  2. i was the other shippers last year. now i am shipping SHYSHY.. what matters is i love yoo seung ho... and im starting to like ksh.. too
  3. 496 HAPPY YEAR OF THE everyone!!!
  4. this is what i like about you guys... you have the friendship... you believe in each other... one for all all for one.. you are all real.. REAL PERSONS, REAL FRIENDS, "GENUINE" isn't that what matters?? PEACE OUT.
  5. I made this FMV because I love this drama so much... I hope you'll like it.
  6. i love because this is my first life but i ship her with her boyfie ofcourse i love My father is strange too
  7. I think nam shin human already talked with his mom.. i dont know can't wait i hope nam shin robot won't be destroyed
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