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  1. Hi @andaer kim, Thanks for posting. I honestly don’t see JSM having feelings for Se Chan, but again I could be wrong. And I did read all of your analysis.. I’m not them. Nor I’m not their best friend. I’m just a third party, who finds KJK and JSM having amazing chemistry. I just doubt very much she would be willing to do a ‘loveline’ at RM with Sechan when her real feelings are put to the test. The loveline looked totally forced in my eyes, and unnecessary in my opinion. But that’s just my opinion. And I think you are a tad bit worried, but if you go down the path of actually thinking that what you see on tv is the 100% “truth” , you are going to be in a world of pain. My suggestion is just relax and enjoy the moments that JSM and KJK have as a shipper
  2. I actually have a couple of theories in why they have started lovelines again. Theory 1: They are trying to promote YSC a little bit more. To make him look more attractive in character, etc. YSC took a long time to integrate with the group. He has “started” to fit better this year I believe. Theory 2: Anti fans are no joke. I honestly think So Min is being paired up with YSC because of anti fans. I think she actually mentioned that the anti fans didn’t want her dating any of the cast members (a while back she stated this on RM almost at the beginning of her tenure). So in order to “please” certain fans they have resulted in doing this awkward love line. I’m honestly not worried about the loveline. I think it will fizzle out once a) YSC has a character, etc and/or b) the anti fans have stopped buzzing... Hopefully next week’s broadcast we will get to see some interactions with our fav shipped couple at the fan meeting on RM .
  3. @Laijan Hi! My first point? When So Min and Se Chan had to promote the handcuffs on RM. handcuffs in Spanish are esposas/manilla/grillos. I ship them because they have good chemistry. My points are really just theoretical. It could be fact or fiction. Who knows? I like So Min as an actress and I hope she’ll have or find future happiness (married or unmarried).
  4. In the current episode RM (ep 456) 1. I found it interesting that it was HaHa who interjected to shut down the promotion of the handcuffs. Usually it’s KJK, and Yu Je Suk who interject when things start getting a tad bit kinky. The fact that KJK DID NOT interject made my wheels in my mind turn a tad. And the fact that HaHa did? Hmmmm? 2. KJK actually made a somewhat defensive posture when questioning So Min. He crossed his arms. And had the somewhat same expression on his face when he teased her. It looked the same, to me, as when he teased her during the SBS award show last year. These two actions to me are telling. 3. I also noticed, to which another KookMin shipper mentioned, that he asked her in the beginning of the show if she has now an extra room. This, to me, tells me is that he remembers certain details that most peps who visit only a few times wouldn’t. For example, I have some friends who have come maybe twice or once before to my house still have to be oriented to where the bathroom is. Either he has visited her old home more x (could be with other members), or she told him the layout of her new home outside of RM. Either way it speaks volumes that they are getting closer. I also agree with @Kookminislove and @Benji D about the current or preview of the MUD episode. To me it looked like a promotion for So Min and for her play girl character. The, RM, members do act a certain way sometimes. To me it looked too scripted. RM, unfortunately, won’t be on tv forever so I agree that KJK is helping her by promoting her on his other show. Another idea is that he is introducing her name to his mother. There are so many actors and actresses in Korea that it could be a way to put her name out there in order for his mother to remember her.
  5. Just wanted to add some small details, that I saw, during the current episode of RM. Although we only saw few interactions between them they are actually quite telling. 1. KJK is known to be rather of a germ phobe ie, he shy always from peps who are sick. I think a few years ago they commented about it. He can’t stand getting sick. Either he is getting mellow with age or? Ie. In RM’s episodes of last week and this one, SM was sick. My respects because she was/is a total pro. 2. During the dance practice KJK was in his element. Usually logically thinking takes a side step when you have an euphoric rush. When he grabbed SM’s head?! That’s def not logically thinking... 3. SM is getting quite chummy with HaHa. This is a new. She is using him as a buffer because he’s married most likely. SM is closer to Se Chan and LKS, but they aren’t married. AND HaHa is one of KJK’s closest friends. They have become quite a trio which is a dynamic that is quite interesting. Details that make you go hmmmm?
  6. Just wanted to comment on episode 454 1. When they realized that KJK had all the money power, So Min went over to him and held briefly his hand. Again new body language that I have never seen them do before. 2. When they were playing the quiz game Seok Jin tried to mess up So Min’s mind, and added in “brother KJK”...hmmmmm
  7. SM + current PD make Running Man extremely enjoyable to watch. When they went on their penalty trips I was laughing uproariously. Some interesting “body language” which I can’t help to point out in this current episode (453) 1. When SM was playing the cup game, and asking questions , and answering questions. I don’t know if this was intentional by the PD to create speculation (editing).Or KJK, doing it himself. My speculation is for some minutes it looked like he was intentionally “hiding” ,so he wouldn’t show his honest reaction. And other members helped him. 2. When SM was found out not to be a ‘fake’, KJK purposely came over to give her a comfort hug. Another member did it too. But again I don’t remember KJK doing that before.
  8. I’m just going to add a bit. I’m really happy that they have a closer relationship than before.i concur with @TaengTaengoo. SM,was before, extremely uncomfortable with KJK. KJK actually a few episodes (don’t remember the exact episode) back declared that SM saved Running Man. To me,I think this was the turning point in their relationship. I also not only do I see their interactions between them, but I also see the reactions of the other members. The reactions are telling.
  9. Wow! Thanks for all of the posts and eagle eyes. I’ll most likely be a lurker here, more than an active participant. Great fun to read your posts. Keep up the good work!
  10. Ever watched Pride and Prejudice the series? The one with Colin Firth? There is a scene in which Colin Firth who plays Mr Darcy jumps into a pond with clothes and all. Comes out with wet transparent clothes. A VERY memorable moment. Was NOT in the book tho. Jane Austen, the writer, was a virgin in late 1700’s-1800 England. Sex sells...brings high ratings (unfortunately or fortunately). Take it with a grain of salt. The Story of Ming Lin, has it flaws yes. But the overall acting, plot etc in my opinion diffuses it (the flaws).
  11. I always find that once you go down the path of stating a firm decision, others will either defend their favorite actor to death or will be a little bit confused. I think, in this case, I’m in the camp of being confused. Trolling or not that is the question? Im confused because in my opinion you never really stated your reasons why you consider William Feng to be a B actor. You did state his emotions are stagnant I believe. But a little bit of advice you need to develop your arguments a little bit more ie. state episodes, etc. Because otherwise we can’t do a proper debate! The horror !
  12. Wee. Finally caught up to the sub episodes & this forum.. Although, probably while writing this I won’t be anymore! A while back I think somebody put this link out to read the translations of the novel. They are up to 35, and they update regularly. https://www.flying-lines.com/novel/the-legend-of-the-concubine-s-daughter-minglan Love the analysis keep it up guys!
  13. Never finished that show so, I can’t really comment. Maybe, I’ll pick it up again. To me, Im getting vibes of Jane Austen’s works. I love this show, and I’m going to figuratively cry buckets when it concludes. Maybe they’ll do a season 2?!
  14. We are all shaped in our different perceptions in life. We are shaped in our culture, backgrounds, sex, etc. We all have prejudice, and bias. This drama perception is in the point of view of a woman. Thus most men (not all) are not pictured in a favorable view. This is ML’s point of view of her world. Absolute patriarchy power corrupts and we see problems. Thus QH is perceived as a disappointing love failure. Her father disappointing and then some. The emperors and royal families are a bunch of incompetent fools. GLY wins her, but does he really? Its the best arranged marriage of the time, but she didn’t have 100% of a “choice”. Doesn’t mean I don’t believe in the concept of a modern arranged marriage tho. Forced modern arranged marriages on the other hand.... We also see an unfavorable view of women, but I believe we, as viewers, see the reasons behind their struggles more so than the male counterparts. And we are more sympathetic to them. The point I’m trying to make is for the peps here who feel that they shouldn't write about a specific topic don’t give up! Even though I might not agree with everything peps write on this forum,doesn’t mean I don’t think about it. It’s important to write your perceptions and discussion is key to uncovering the different layers of this drama.
  15. QH tried to fight for ML, but it was a little too late . I also don’t see anything wrong with talking to GTY. And no I don’t think they were best buds compared to GTY and ML’s brother. I think they respected each other but QH does have a prejudice in regards to GTY’s past. Warranted or not, what matters is that QH is not the man for ML for the actual “present” in the story. At the moment QH is one of the least flawed characters in story (aside from the maids). My opinion could change tho in the future. I just think after ML’s successful revenge she became absolutely incompatible with QH or with the Dr. too. Time to go watch episode 36 with subs, yeah!
  16. I agree with @mooose assessment. ML is not the typical innocent heroine. She manipulated everyone in order for her revenge to gain fruit. Then otherwise, why would she write her confession? Don’t get me wrong, I like ML. However, she is not an angel. She is flawed, and that’s why I like her. She is human. She is an expert in observation. She knew her father’s weakness is keeping up his position thus, she used that tor her advantage. She knew once her father knew the truth, there was no love, he would skin his concubine alive. That’s why the main wife realized something about her husband that she ignored and ML did not. And by the way dying slowly like how Concubine LinQ died is not a merciful death by any means. Honestly, the most flawed character to me at the moment is the new emperor. He has the power to create destruction for everybody including our main characters. That’s the person I’m watching out for the moment. The way he rejected becoming crown prince sent warning bells into my head.
  17. @minglan1 Yep, it’s usually the norm. Sometimes it’s a lot more over the top. I guess I’m used to it, So, I just tend to go for the ride, and pretend Im watching an action flick for some minutes.
  18. I actually don’t dislike any of the characters to be honest. I like some more than others. But over all, I think the actors are doing a heck off a good job in portraying their characters. I also think there isn’t a central “villain” or “villainess”. Sure there are baby villains, but it’s more I think the trails and tribulations of ML/GTY/family/friends. Thus, I think it isn’t necessarily a revenge plot IMHO. Someone mentioned a while back that the characters are flawed, thus human. I think this is what draws me to this drama, and why I like it so much. Sure I like Disney type stories with a happily ever after. However, I also like realistic stories in which a relationship takes a lot of work to maintain. QH, as said before, is the Prince Charming of Disney type stories. Most first love couples do not get married. Personally, my husband is not my first love. And so I tend to prefer stories that have themes to not being married to your first love.
  19. I always find these dramas to be in the “grey” zone in regards to characters being evil or not evil. When watching concubine Q Lin’s receiving her punishment, I didn’t really give a cheer. Or think to myself, good the bad guys/girls get their just desserts. I only felt a sense of pity to tell you the truth. And more so to ML’s sister. I feel a sense of pity for her situation in life. Yes, she could have married a “poorer” husband and become the first wife. But she felt that woman had to “survive”. The survival of the fittest mentality. No, I’m not justifying or feel that because of her situation she had to murder ML’s mother. I just think that the characters in the drama are depicted in such a way that morally there are grey overtones. Consequences for your actions? Yes, always. In regards to QH, I think he put ML in a pedestal. Longing for something that he cannot obtain. I actually meet a couple of guys like this (even when they have married for years). It’s pretty much the concept of young love or what could have been. I personally think it’s a waste of time to reminisce, but that their prerogrative. QH is in his own little purgatory thinking of the past and not the future. I think there is correlation between the “old emperor” which is QH’s family and the future emperor which is the ML and GLY’s future family.
  20. Hi Don Yu, I think this question is tough to answer hence the omitted answers. Why don’t you wait to ask until the ending?
  21. Wow, love all your current posts. @m0us3y@linhlinh111@hello210 @GoldenFlower(Among others) have written eloquently and analyzed perfectly (much better than I could have done).First of all thanks It makes watching this drama even more enjoyable. Secondly, it shows this drama is even more interesting to interpret and watch. It makes you want think, and ponder, to which I treasure those dramas more. Sure there are some valid criticisms of the drama. However, I don’t ever trust 100% what they show to be actual in that specific time period. Cause honestly most likely they wouldn’t be able to show so many episodes.ie. Making ML the steward for example or putting them in classes with men not their brothers. Not likely, but I tend to shrug my shoulders and wave it off. Cause if they showed the women embroider everyday would be totally dull drama to/for me.. Just one observation in regards to QH and GTY, I like both characters truth be told, However, when it comes to marriage it’s a different ball game. Both of them have faults and good qualities. But ultimately who would be the better partner for ML in the long run is what decides her “love” per say ( I’m putting quotations in the love part for a reason). Family ties is what matters in the long run. Personally, there is NO way I would marry or think of marrying QH. Having a mother in law like that would want me to return to my family ASAP. GTY for all his play boy tendicies and having children out of wedlock shows a sense of responsibility, to me, a better marriage candidate. Plus not having a mother or having a crappy family gives the wife a different sort of freedom (postives and negatives of course) ie. Not tied 100% to the in-laws would be a big relief to me. But again I’m not ML
  22. Watching even the raws shows how much I’m enjoying this show. Can’t understand a word, but truly enjoyable, and addictive, to watch Quick question in regards to episodes 24/25. Why was the registration deed of the prositute so important? I have some ideas, but I’m a little bit muddled in that section. Thanks
  23. I don’t quite understand why they didn’t prepare their customers a day before at least. I considered because it become so popular, the shows on Mondays, that the networks wanted more money? Just odd. I think they are lisc to DF. Love the love banter before she turned on episode 5. I’ve become addicted to this show hence my frustration with DF...
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