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  1. I am so impressed, you are able to eavesdrop on Koreans, obviously all that Kdrama watching is proving to be very beneficial .
  2. @SweetLullaby Thanks for sharing that post. Hoping that tvn must be gearing up to start the promo of Black Dog with HJ's previous works. Wish I could understand what they are saying especially about the Princess Kang Yoon Seo drunk scene. For someone who doesn't drunk she is the cutest drunk I've ever seen
  3. Thank you for the update @hola2jin I find it quite odd that filming has started on Black Dog without either HJ or Ra Mi Ran confirming.
  4. Looks like the girls are back from Bali as there was a post on April 26 of HJ and JHB with some of the cast and crew of Liver or Die and AOHY at dinner. Surely we will be hearing about HJ projects soon.
  5. @whatsmyname52 Yes, I agree with @SweetLullaby that the KBS drama The Allies has already been filmed as it's a historical drama and they don't tend to do live airing, the drama details are too comprehensive on Hancinema for it not to be real. I don't think actors have a say about when dramas are broadcast and it shouldn't be an issue with HJ being in two dramas airing at the same time with The Allies being half way through when Black Dog starts as they are different genres. Personally, I am looking forward to a double dose of my favourite actress
  6. I love her short hair too! It really suit her, I thought these were old posts from her RDTK days until I checked on IG Yes I think it is the girls trip they were talking about, glad it happened. It's good to see that HJ has recovered from her illness and is living a balanced life
  7. RL has been very hectic so I haven't been able to contribute much but I was sooo excited to hear this news. Thanks for the update everyone. SHJ in a historical drama and possibly another one ... 2 in a year, awesome!! I am looking forward to The Allies as it was during a period that is not well dramatized. I tried watching Mr Sunshine to get a better knowledge of this era but I just couldn't get into it, the writer didn't enthuse me very much, not to mention the male lead and the difference in ages of the main actors. Can't wait to start hearing news about these new dramas. @justright It would make sense now about SHJ having to postpone and then unable to show up to the award ceremony. Yes you could be right in that the postponement was due to filming which Soop were not able to divulge this info to reporters since it a stealth project and then HJ was really ill the second time around.
  8. Poor HJ, I am concerned that she is not in very good health if she asked for the the ceremony to be postponed and then cancel her appearance at the last minute. It is very sad to hear that netizens are leaving negative comments about the situation when they have no idea what someone is going through. It's time for Soop Manangement to do their job by standing up for their artist and release a statement to stop any negative press and shut the nasty netizens up so that HJ can rest and recover in peace.
  9. Really nice article on Soompi, I only copied where HJ is mentioned. 12 K-Drama Couples That Exude The Best Chemistry May 2, 2019 by binahearts One of the most exciting parts about K-dramas is finding out who the two main leads are. When the two leads are super popular, the only thing you can really hope for is that the chemistry is there. It’s tragic, really, when there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding the main leads and then when the series starts, there’s not even a flicker of that spark. Most of the time, the success and popularity of a K-series ride a lot on how well the main leads connect. Here’s a look at 12 drama couples who had the best chemistry! Warning: Minor spoilers for the dramas below. Seo Hyun Jin and Eric Mun in “Another Oh Hae Young” “Another Oh Hae Young” is a drama that involved a lot of tears and passion, so it’s obvious that the two main leads have to engage in a lot of chemistry. The pain and anguish that Oh Hae Young (Seo Hyun Jin) experiences after falling in love with Park Do Kyung (Eric Mun), only to realize that he had her confused with another Oh Hae Young, is devastating. But, it doesn’t stop the two from embarking on a serious passion-filled romance. There are a lot of fights and drama in this series. The level of intensity between the two characters definitely calls for some chemistry, which is exactly what Seo Hyun Jin and Eric Mun were flawlessly able to exude. The kiss scenes were especially intense.
  10. If the second season is based on the new hospital that Doctor Kim had been planning in RDTK, it wouldn't work if HSK isn't going to be in it. I would only like HJ in it if she got more screen time as I was wanting to see more of her character Yoon Seo Jung. It would great to see HJ in a drama with RMR, hopefully it will be well written to compliment the stellar acting that we know these two will deliver.
  11. I love, love her in that outfit. It was my favourite, HSG the true superstar! RDTK is the acronym for Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, it was a 2016 medical drama. It's really good, highly recommend watching if you haven't done so. By some accounts it has been confirmed that she took role. I don't much confidence that RDTK 2 will happen for later this year as Han Suk Kyu has been confirmed for an OCN thriller, I can't imagine RDTK 2 without HSK as the prickly doctor. So, there may still be a possibility for HJ to star in it if it gets pushed out for early next year, hopefully all the stars (humans and celestial) will align
  12. @SweetLullaby I couldn't find it so I must've been dreaming @Super Gal99 there will surely be some male eye candy to balance out HJ prettiness
  13. @Super Gal99 @hola2jin I have official given up my search after spending hours going through my usual drama update sites, I was getting googly eyes . Must be my imagination but I recall reading an article about it thinking hmm strange that an actor has been offered a role when the drama synopsis was about a female and no mention of the lead actress. The male lead had to be a hottie or well known otherwise I wouldn't have bothered reading it Soompi article about casting of Black Dog Seo Hyun Jin And Ra Mi Ran In Talks For Upcoming tvN Drama Apr 19, 2019 by Y. Kim Seo Hyun Jin and Ra Mi Ran are considering co-starring in the upcoming tvN drama “Black Dog” (working title). On April 18, Seo Hyun Jin’s agency Management SOOP stated, “tvN’s new drama ‘Black Dog’ offered Seo Hyun Jin a role and she is currently considering it.” Ra Mi Ran’s agency C-JeS Entertainment shared, “After receiving an offer to appear in ‘Black Dog,’ we are reviewing the details.” “Black Dog,” which will be directed by Hwang Joon Hyuk, will tell the stories of teenagers and the things that happen in school. Seo Hyun Jin was offered the role of Go Ha Neul, an unexperienced teacher who was assigned to teach at a private high school in the neighborhood of Daechi on a contract basis. Ra Mi Ran was offered the role of Park Sung Soon, a full-time permanent teacher in the same high school who also serves as the head of the career guidance department. Seo Hyun Jin last featured in JTBC’s drama “Beauty Inside,” which concluded in November 2018 whereas Ra Mi Ran is currently starring in tvN’s drama “Rude Miss Young Ae Season 17.” “Black Dog” is planned to air sometime this year but no set date is determined as of now.e
  14. @Super Gal99 and @SweetLullaby I've read about an actor being offered a role in Black Dog somewhere but didn't take much notice so going to search for it and hope that it's a hottie for Super Gal99
  15. Bahaha ... the translation of Lets Eat 2 I haven't seen dramas by this writer yet but from the titles it seems like this isn't a romantic comedy, it'll be so good to see HJ in a different genre. @samaf your wish of HJ in a TVN drama may come true @SweetLullaby Ra Mi Ran is an awesome actress, I hope they both accept. @shjfan23 I am so excited to finally hear news on her possible new project, I even thought of contacting Soop to feed us some news
  16. Just read that HJ has been offered the lead role in Black Dog from the below ig account, apparently it's on Naver. Can someone please confirm.
  17. No idea, I am bored out of my brain waiting for news on HJ next project . I am really hoping that as we have not had any news perhaps she is traveling with JHB.
  18. Tbh I didn't hold much hope of HJ being voted for Beaksang for TBI, too many ecellent cameos for her role. @hola2jin yes I had to check the facts too, HJ is smoking in red . I too agree Moon Ji In deserved the nomination instead of LDH.
  19. So I saw this a few days ago on IG which I haven't seen before and had to share with you guys. The magazine edition was back in 2013, now this should have been the red dress HSG wore to Cannes in the last episode of TBI
  20. That is a shame she in no longer Kolping's brand model. Hopefully she will pick up some new ones. @shjfan23 I too hope for some good news this month, no New HJ dramas to watch is driving me to cdramas!
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