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  1. @shjfan23 Thanks for the info. Thankfully Soop has english subs, HJ is so cute. Can't wait to here of her next project hopefully not too far away.
  2. Thanks for making this thread @larus. Episodes 1 and 2 making film
  3. Black Dog episodes 1 and 2 making film. HJ doing the dishes (not doing a very good job! We'll blame it on the oversized gloves )
  4. @hola2jin Wow hyunjinlight are amazing, this is the second food truck support they've sent
  5. I hope so too. I'm really enjoying Black Dog and so happy that HJ chose this drama.
  6. Black Dog episode 2 ratings are out and it's fantastic. EP2 Rating [AGB National] 4.412 ( (+1.081) [AGB Seoul] 5.064 (+1.490)
  7. Wishing our HJ a Happy 18th Anniversary, looking forward to many more to come. @hola2jin I have resorted to watching clips on IG. The first episode has started off well with the below ratings. EP1 [AGB National] 3.331 [ AGB Seoul] 3.574 (cr hyunjin light weibo)
  8. Anyone watched it yet? Black Dog isn't showing on Viki yet
  9. I've been checking Netflix everyday to see if by chance they will be showing it but . Is it not available to watch for free on Viki but with ads?
  10. An hour to go before Black Dog premiers. Is anyone watching it on Viki? If so will it be broadcast at the same time as KST, I see that ep1 is fully subtitled so very happy I don't have to watch it raw
  11. The press conference is on tomorrow (December 11th) at 2pm korean time.
  12. As Viki have the license for Black Dog, Soompi is doing a great job promoting Black Dog. I love Viki subs. Seo Hyun Jin, Ha Joon, And More Take On The College Admissions War In “Black Dog” DRAMA PREVIEW Dec 6, 2019 by S. Park Viewers got a glimpse of the dynamic everyday lives of the leads in “Black Dog”! On December 5, the upcoming tvN series about teachers and their efforts to help students through the admissions process released new stills of its cast. In the photos, Go Ha Neul (played by Seo Hyun Jin), Park Sung Soon (played by Ra Mi Ran), Do Yeon Woo (played by Ha Joon), and Bae Myung Soo (played by Lee Chang Hoon) transform into ordinary teachers devoting all 24 hours of their day to their work. Rookie teacher Go Ha Neul looks surprised as she talks on the phone and looks awkward at doing her job, making viewers look forward to her entry into the private high school. Department head Park Sung Soon will use her experience to come to her rescue. Do Yeon Woo looks at Go Ha Neul with a poker face and makes viewers wonder if Go Ha Neul will be successful as a faculty member. In the stills, Go Ha Neul looks timid at her first admissions information session in a room full of passionate parents asking questions on behalf of their children who are seniors in high school. This department has a lot of power and competition inside of the school because it decides the school’s reputation and popularity depending on its students’ entrance rate into prestigious universities. Park Sung Soon is well-known as an expert in admissions, and she confidently walks into the room with a handful of pamphlets. In another still, she leads Bae Myung Soo, Do Yeon Woo, and Go Ha Neul through the halls of a university. The boxes in their hands hold the secret weapon to the students’ college admissions. Due to the importance of student records in the admissions process, this department needs to stay on top of its game in order to compete with larger admissions consulting businesses. A source from the drama said, “The school’s admissions department is a lot like the striker. [The drama] will show a new side of school through the story of teachers struggling to fight for the students’ future in the fierce admissions war. The passionate acting of Seo Hyun Jin, Ra Mi Ran, Ha Joon, and Lee Chang Hoon will bring refreshing laughter and deep sympathy to viewers as they struggle and grow.” “Black Dog” premieres on December 16, and will be available on Viki! Watch the teaser now: WATCH NOW
  13. @shjfan23 Yes it's about time they started ramping up the promo for Black Dog. Another making film, this time post by guess who ... Soop Management!!
  14. @shjfan23 I am very disappointed that Soop Management have not promoted SHJ new drama whilst posting heaps of other stars events. So happy to hear of JHB's upcoming wedding, what a total surprise! I don't hold much hope of HJ attending the wedding as it's in Bali and she is in the midst of filming. Not long to go now to see our lovely bias on the small screen.
  15. This is the article from Soompi about Black Dog and trailer “Black Dog” Teases Mystery And Drama In First Previews With Seo Hyun Jin And Ra Mi Ran Nov 16, 2019 by R. Jun tvN’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama “Black Dog” has revealed the first previews for Seo Hyun Jin and Ra Mi Ran. “Black Dog” tells the story of a young woman named Go Ha Neul who is hired for a short-term teaching position and struggles to keep her dreams in the harsh reality of the classroom. In the new stills, an inexperienced Go Ha Neul (Seo Hyun Jin) arrives for her first day as a teacher at a prestigious private high school. She looks excited and eager to begin work, although as the school folds into fierce preparations for college entrance exams, Go Ha Neul will be faced with growing pains. Ra Mi Ran is Park Sung Soon, the passionate, charismatic head of the career counseling department at the school who is known as the “entrance exam master.” Despite her friendly smile, she has a sharp, critical eye. In the preview with both Park Sung Soon and Go Ha Neul, there is a decidedly chill atmosphere, raising anticipation as to the nature of the characters’ relationship with each other. Go Ha Neul’s and Park Sung Soon’s smiles from the previous stills are suddenly nowhere to be seen, and Go Ha Neul stands nervously at attention, waiting for Park Sung Soon to speak. Seo Hyun Jin and Ra Mi Ran shared their thoughts about working together. Seo Hyun Jin said, “I think the chemistry is great. [Ra Mi Ran’s] energy on set is so great, and she makes everyone laugh. She doesn’t make it obvious, but she sees everything, and there are a lot of times when a casual passing comment that she makes becomes a big help in acting. I felt that this kind of thing is what experience is.” Seo Hyun Jin added, “She always sings on set, and it’s really charming.” Ra Mi Ran said, “It goes without saying that working with Seo Hyun Jin is great, and it’s always fun coming to set. We’re having a lot of fun filming with our group of passionate actors.” “Black Dog” also teased a glimpse of Seo Hyun Jin’s character Go Ha Neul’s past in a short trailer. Alongside footage of a bus accident in a tunnel, Go Ha Neul says, “How could you have done that to me? I have to know,” as the scene cuts to Go Ha Neul standing in front of an empty classroom in tears. “Black Dog” premieres on December 16 at 9:30 p.m. KST, taking over the time slot of “Catch the Ghost.” Watch the trailer below:
  16. SHJ spotted filming for Black Dog. Now this is my kind of work meeting
  17. @guestra I'm not sure if Black Dog is pre-produced, filming started back in August and it will be premiering in December so the majority of the drama has been put to reel which hopefully gives the production team time to produce a great drama. I am not a fan of live filming as most of the endings are rushed creating long working hours for the actors and staff and the integrity of the story is compromised. Below is a Soompi article about the script reading of Black Dog, let the promotions begin!! Seo Hyun Jin And Ra Mi Ran’s Upcoming Drama “Black Dog” Holds First Script Reading DRAMA PREVIEW Nov 1, 2019 by C. Hong Upcoming tvN drama “Black Dog” has shared photos of its first script read-through with the cast. “Black Dog” tells the story of a young woman who is hired for a short-term teaching position and struggles to keep her dreams in the harsh reality of the classroom. Seo Hyun Jin, Ra Mi Ran, Ha Joon have been confirmed to be leading the cast. Present at the script reading were director Hwang Joon Hyuk, screenwriter Park Joo Yeon, and cast members Seo Hyun Jin, Ra Mi Ran, Ha Joon, Lee Chang Hoon, Jung Hae Kyun, Kim Hong Fa, Yoo Min Kyu, Park Ji Hwan, and Jo Sun Joo. Seo Hyun Jin plays Go Ha Neul, who is fighting in a world that is just as competitive as the world of her students. During the script reading, she captured her character’s ability to solve whatever problems life throws at her and demonstrated her trademark optimism. Ra Mi Ran plays Park Sung Soon, the department head of the career counseling department and a known workaholic. She displayed her veteran acting skills, comedic chops, and trademark charisma, and also showed great chemistry with Seo Hyun Jin. Ha Joon plays the Korean language professor Do Yeon Woo, who is popular among the students because of his good looks and talents. He is an idealist who believes that talent can overcome any office politics and walks his own path regardless of what other people think. Lee Chang Hoon plays career counselor Bae Myung Soo, who is known for talking too much and wants the school to have a peaceful environment. Jung Hae Kyun plays Go Ha Neul’s uncle, Moon Soo Ho, who is a teaching director and master of office politics. Kim Hong Fa plays Byun Sung Joo, a passionate principal who is determined to compete with an elite school. Yoo Min Kyu plays Ji Hae Won, who has been a short-term teacher for six years and always claims to be the No. 1 pick for promotion to a regular teaching position. Park Ji Hwan plays Song Yeong Tae, a teacher in charge of the high school seniors, who gets easily jealous and wants to be popular among the students. Jo Sun Joo plays Go Ha Neul’s partner in the classroom, Kim Yi Boon; Lee Yoon Hee plays the forever-second-fiddle vice principal Lee Seung Taek; Heo Tae Hee plays the quick-witted and fierce regular teacher Ha Soo Hyun; and Ye Soo Jung plays career counselor Yoon Yeo Hwa. The production staff of “Black Dog” stated, “It was an exciting script reading, considering that so many character actors were gathered in one place. They will reveal the reality of our current times through the theme of short-term teachers. Please look forward to a completely different type of school drama.” “Black Dog” premieres on December 16, after the end of “Catch the Ghost.”
  18. Oh the drama god must've heard my prayers! The synopsis sounds very interesting, can't wait.
  19. Fundraising for Black Dog by has begun I just can't find any details on when it will be broadcast. Happy that it is pre-produced so the actors aren't working overtime and we won't have rushed finale but if this isn't going to be shown this year, it's a whole year of no new HJ project. Argh!!!
  20. BTS bits that I don't remember seeing of SHJ and LMK. They must've had so much fun during filming, so much laughter! The chemistry of these two are the best.
  21. @hola2jin I forgot that @justright posted that it delayed due Mother of Mine extension but now from what @shjfan23 said above there doesn't seem to have a confirmed broadcasting date @whatsmyname52 below is the link to hyun jin light weibo site with the photos of HJ filming Black Dog https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4410017954537190
  22. Saw this on IG, how accurate it is I'm not sure as no promo as yet and only 10 days away?
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