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  1. I think Narea got mother/buddy feeling for Yihan.. That's why he ran to her 1st when he success.. but ya do feel bad for SG, can see he quite heart break when he wanna high five.. Oh that part very funny too! suddenly is like in relationship consultant room. Seriously 6 yo kids already know I like you and write love letter.. What happened to my age? I feel so outdate.
  2. Lols~~ I'm sure I'm gonna record down if this happen in front my eyes! BUT Coffee is my best friend too~~ Me too! Surely I will take his number if he is good looking guy. This guy is extinct! Must keep and care it well. 778
  3. Lols.. I will see situation.. If I'm in hurry I will quickly press close door. Advanced? How advanced? @Ameera Ali 766
  4. Don't worry darling @Lawyerh not only you think is ridiculous. Count me in! Holding girl's bag sound gentleman but please your girlfriend's lovely, cutie, luxury, elegant little small bag is definitely not suitable at all for you to hold it, take it, or hang it on your arm, shoulder.. Imagine you have nicely sexy biceps and you are holding a "little bag"... Seriously??? If your girl friend's bag is unisex shoulder bag, cross bag or backpack.. yes please you may carry it. What I found nowadays guys seldom will opening door or even just hold the elevator door.. (Maybe I did it 1st ) 758
  5. Hey chingus! If you all like all classic music that appeared in drama, they already released the IWHYS - Classic Original soundtrack. Let me know if you cant get the album.
  6. Oh my.. any damage happen? Well nowadays wind speed are no jokes.. Really like Typhoon categories. Sometimes I stay in living room also feel scary coz of "hunted" sound 750
  7. Oh, this year really bad.. Last time was just orange and this year 1st time I saw is red.. My place now slightly better coz this few days was in heavy raining. Hope the rain can wash away the haze as soon as possible. Oh I didnt know got video.. Is a drama or movie? 744
  8. My bottom strength very bad Now slightly ok coz went for gym.. Squad can strength up your bottom muscle and core. Brooke keep doing Spiderman's action are so funny. Yihan looks enjoy doing superman~~ So happy to see Yihan learned how to ride bike without extra wheel.. Nice job! Poor SeungGi (Uncle Motors) almost wanna out of breath when Grace said "again" ..
  9. Watched with Sub @Lawyerh Oh my they did a great team work for this pose! Well done! This pose is not easy at all.. Both really need to trust each other to complete this pose.. If the person who stand on top didn't use core strength and stand still sure will fell off.. SooMiin failed few times when she learned on class.. So glad she made it this time! Well done! Oh yes, SeungGi really strong. considers he is in half squad and support SooMin, Good job!
  10. I think I saw there is video from YouTube this morning when she arrived but looks like they delete it.
  11. But at least yours is Unifi.. @triplem Mine is antique (streamyx).. Oh Maestro is not a bad guy in IWHYS (yes my guts is right!).. He really care and protect HYY and cried so badly when Ian dead.. He is a guardian.. Im so glad he can freedomly do what he want. I'm staying at apartment.. quite a old apartment.. Got any upgrade skills can provide @angelangie? 726
  12. Oh trust me, been there before.. That's why nowadays my wifi device is following me anywhere.. "I will follow you~~~" 724
  13. Oh yes, I used TIME before at KL. Super Duper damn nice! When I came back to Penang, I feel like I wanna smash the Internet hub. Digi already treat me well.. At least "Streaming" words won't come out consistency.. Please stay with TIME, do not give up on it! Ya I know Farlim... I think Paya Terubong also same right? 720
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