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  1. Thanks for the info @Sarang21 Maybe you should go and help AJH and GHS. You're Saranghae after all. Spread some love, you know 960. Where's @angelangie ? Miss her.
  2. Yeah. Really disgusting. The person editing the show was sleeping on the job or he's male and thought there was nothing wrong with that remark. Heads are going to roll. 936
  3. @cenching Just as there are sexy and unsexy nipples, there are sexy and unsexy belly buttons. Now I know what your belly button and @triplem belly buttons look like Why do I feel that our minds are sinking down a level every time we talk body parts? What's this new story about K drama and underage people? Some info please. Actually this year a lot of bad news in K world-Burning Sun, Song Song divorce, NippleGate and now a K drama with underage actors? How did that K drama script get past the producers? SUB Team-Please show up-we're dying here 936
  4. @sushilicious Makes sense-the pointy ones are easier to reach. We have a version of your cookies/biscuits in Malaysia. In my household when I was young, we literally called them Nipple cookies ! Ah-sweet memories! Yes I always bit off the pointy part first-the sweet part. Must hunt for some this weekend-feeling nostalgic. I actually feel for AJH even tho I don't know him at all. Hope he has friends and family to give him emotional support. He did say he has depression. He should have a friend/family with him 24 hours a day to make sure he doesn't hurt himself . Wish their divorce will finalise as fast as the Song Song divorce so they can move on or at least he can move on. Don't know about her. Do you know that a lot of depressed people don't wake up that day and say they're going to commit suicide? Even those who write suicide notes ? The darkness just slowly creep up on them and if someone is around to let them talk thru it, suicide is preventable. Yes, there are quite a few who have repeated suicide attempts but half of the attempts are not deadly. It's their call for help. In psychiatry, if the doctor suspects the person may harm themselves in the slightest, it's called a psychiatric emergency i.e. instant admission to protect the patient. Same for kids just to digress a little, if the doctor suspects even a little bit that the child is being abused physically-instant admission-to put distance between the child and the abuser. I was offered paediatrics quite early cos I love kids and did well in my exams. Didn't want it There are so many idiotic parents out there that I'd take my job home. Won't be able to detach. The stress will burn me out. 914
  5. Bcos we can't risk upsetting the fandoms, we have to "eat" our words ? So that's why we are eating nipple cookies now? Which part do you bite off first-the pointy part or the flat round part? Dude, I'm gonna get me some detox pills. 916
  6. @cenching Why is your house full of nipple cookies? Are you purposely collecting them to send to AJH to choose the one he likes ? I couldn't stop laughing seeing yours and @Ameera Ali 's Nipple cookies I think you both need to take some detox medicine for your brains. Both your brains are so filthy ! But I worship the ground you both walk on. You've taken gutter brain to a whole new level-it's a gigantic monsoon drain now 908
  7. Trying to delay another loss of SUB Team 904
  8. @Sarang21 His name is Gerhard Shroeder. Tried copying the link but can't-I'm pretty bad at computers. He's 73 years old I think. He met his 5th South Korean wife when he was working there and she was the translator. Now apparently her ex husband is trying to get him for adultery because it happened b4 the adultery laws changed. The SK wife claimed that she and her ex were already living apart for some time so she said it wasn't adultery. They were still legally married,Hello !That's why it made the news cos the ex wants her punished for committing adultery. You can google "ex German ambassador marries South Korean wife" and everything's there. 904
  9. I often watch K variety shows. Love Knowing Brothers/Ask Us Anything. They really let go with their remarks. No Korean honorifics. Love all of them especially when they disturb Jang Hoon about his divorce, Sang Min about his debts and Soo Geum about his gambling-all in good nature. Read an article about the ex German Ambassador to South Korea who has married a divorced South Korean for his 5th wife. Apparently in Germany even the Germans nicknamed him Audi cos the Audi car has 4 rings for his 4 marriages Guess they'll have to find a car with 5 rings. How many rings does the Olympics symbol have? Apparently up until ?2015, adultery is illegal in SK-can be fined and even jailed for it. I'm surprised SK is such a nanny country. South Koreans can't even gamble in another country. If caught, they face criminal charges in SK. 882
  10. I watched a few more episodes of C drama Love and Destiny. There is absolutely no chemistry between Chang Cheh and NiNi. V disappointing cos they both are good actors. Not going to watch further cos there are 60 episodes. So slow moving-they take 5 episodes to do what can be done in 1 episode Anyone finished watching bird husband? So what was the ending like? 878
  11. This woman is vicious to the core. She really wants to destroy him for having the courage to divorce her. 878
  12. @Lmangla Agree. Learn something from all our life experiences-even the bad ones. From the bad ones, we learn what not to do or what type of person to stay far far away from. With dating, just call it quits while we are ahead. There definitely comes a point when I was dating a guy that I know for sure there is no future. Actually it's usually quite clear after 3 dates at the most. So it was pretty easy. We part as friends. Btw do you single ladies get the line when the guy wants to break up and he tries to soften the blow by saying it's not you, it's him who's at fault ? I thought it's quite gentlemanly but a few of my single friends can't stand it. They'll go-"Oh ! Not that line again!" Guess they want a more original line . 884
  13. The guy was keeping quiet. She was the one determined to blow it out of proportion to get sympathy from him not apologising to her mum to her nipples and now she's scared (why be scared if there's nothing to hide?) he's threatening to expose their kakao talk messages. She definitely wants to divorce him as much as he wants to divorce her. Only difference is she wants the court of public opinion on her side. Her plans are definitely backfiring. I'm old school. Marriage is a sacred commitment. If it fails, just reach a quiet settlement and move on with life. At least try to part as friends. After all they loved each other once. Well that's not going to happen in her case now. She doesn't realise she's jeopardising her own career as well. She definitely wants to destroy his life and career. Even all of us here are viewing her in a different light. And I don't know this couple at all b4 this so I'm totally unbiased. If I was a man reading this, I wouldn't go 100 feet near her. Real beauty lies inside. 874
  14. I had nightmares I was being attacked by giant nipples ! Pointy ones, big round ones, many with different colours 874
  15. @cenching Thanks for the link. I read it a couple of pages back. This woman is makjang on steroids !!! She's a real attention seeker, schizo, narcissistic and psycho ! What are "sexy nipples" ?? And she claims she realised her husband doesn't love her anymore cos he watches YouTube ! I'm on Soompi every night while my husband watches Netflix. I call this letting each other do what we want and a stable marriage. No wonder her poor husband has been depressed for almost 1 1/2 years. Imagine the drama in that house then. I'm surprised it took him so long to divorce her. His lawyer should have an easy time convincing the judge that the husband really really needs the divorce. 878
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