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    Graphic design, Photo editing. I basically love to create things using Photoshop.

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About Me

a Shawol (SHINee World):wub:  

a freelance graphic designer and photo editor:lol:  

also... a UI-designer wannabe ^_^




I enjoy watching dramas and sometimes if the leads have "off-the-chart" chemistry, I can't help but shipping them. After shipping them, I lurk to shipper threads and sometimes I find shipper threads that are so interesting (and of course, have no wars!), be it from their discussions or the way they are being so fun in the thread.



At some point, the ChaeYoo shipper thread and the "I'm Not A Robot" thread were the ones that made me sure to create a Soompi account and it was really fun to be there!

This is a super TMI, but currently I ship Kim Jaewook x Park Minyoung so hard! xD hahaha




Discussion, whether it's about the shipping thing or the drama analysis or similar things like those, is always fun. And I do enjoy discussing with people who have such a broad way of thinking, analyzing, people who are fun, and people who are talking with honesty., especially those who don't initiate a fan-war! (fan-wars are tiring! phew!:sweatingbullets: they drain your energy, physically and mentally, so lets live happily without it! :D). 


I'm that someone who likely will avoid every fan-war that might happen at any time, so if you want to mess with me by initiating fan-war? I'm out!:lol::ph34r: let's live a happy and peaceful life, will you?

and I really respect people who can respect others' thoughts and themselves. respecting people is "easy", but respecting yourself is a complete different matter that can lead to how you act and behave in forums, right?




Oh, yeah, the thing I shouldn't forget, I'm a (hardcore) SHINee World who loves all the members and their amazing skills in art. If you are also a Shawol or someone who likes them as well, feel free to befriend with me~ x)




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