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  1. First time I see the news that the novel would get live drama adaption, I have reservation about it and low expectation. I was fresh from two drama adaptation that quite butchered the original: The Legend (for its awful ending) and Fight Break Sphere (I can no longer recognize this drama as an adaptation). Plus, I see that we would have idol casted as two main lead (I was thinking that Wang Yi Bo was too young for this role), so acting wise I was afraid of what I would see. Moreover, I have seen drama adapted from BL novel that show two awkward actors on screen (painful for my eyes). Watching first 2 episodes, I was pleasantly surprised. The acting is good enough (even though there are rooms for improvement) and there was undeniable chemistry there. And that chemistry was enough to carry the show. Honestly, I think the drama would make Wei Wu Xian and Lan Wang Ji go separate ways in the end (if they go together like in the novel, it would be too ..... ).
  2. Lots of IP drama comes out in this season. The Untamed, The King Avatar, Prince of Tennis ..... I have my reservation on drama adaptation of web novel. Because usually it just all pretty face with very awkward acting. Not to mention changed storyline ... The King Avatar and The Untamed are a pleasant surprise for me. I just watched TKA yesterday (6 episodes) and very much enjoyed it. They change the story a bit (on why Chen Guo choosed to be a gunner) but I think it was to add more drama so I am okay with it. Up until this point, the acting is good enough. Yang Yang surprisingly good as Ye Xiu here.
  3. The preview looks very intense. Storywise, it seems interesting and unique. Romance, I think we will still get it but in minimum level, just to spice things up.
  4. This is crazy! I have been waited for this drama to air since last year and then this?? Sometime I just don't get how China government operates for this entertainment sector. If you already licensed a show, you need to stick to your decision. This kind of uncertainty habit would not make them look good to their people anyway. First time I saw something like this happened was Legend of the White Snake. But this is worse....... Anybody know what is the public reaction in China? I smell dirty politic in this. Perhaps some problem in the higher ups; because it makes no sense to just postponed a drama already scheduled for airing just a few minutes before it airs. I believe the story is not the problem. It already passed censorship, what more they want? Also, it has not even aired yet. Nobody could complain about the story not good for children or something like that.
  5. And I also have seen Youtube clip for episode 52. It made my blood boil for more.
  6. @celebrianna Even though I do agree that the romance in the later part of the series is good, what I don't like is more on how it begins. I mentioned about "no poignant moment during their childhood" because I feel the child character feels disconnected with his/her adult self, especially Jing Rong. I don't think they have to be in love or something in their childhood but at least I want them to separate with more feeling. Perhaps it was the fault of the child actor, I don't know, but I felt that child Jing Rong was quite cold to literally everyone not his father. Even when she bade goodbye to Yi Qing while he was sleeping, I could not feel sincerity from her. It was that flat. That was why, 10 years later, when I saw the adult Jing Rong, I could not understand why she would be immediately friendly with Yi Qing (to the point of attracted to him - bordering fall in love in my point of view). The change was too sudden. Even though she touched by Yi Qing act of staying vigil with her, it should not make her do what she did in the early episodes (protecting Yi Qing using her body and the likes). I had hoped that the change would be more gradual. Regarding Yi Qing, this was even more baffling for me. I don't understand why he suddenly so caring toward Jing Rong. In their childhood, it was a matter of empathy. But in 10 years later, why the sudden care? Okay, you said that Yi Qing flirted with her and showing his interest. But why? Was he attracted to her beauty? I don't think Yi Qing character is someone who can fall in love because of that superficial thing. If he interested to Jing Rong due to her personality, the drama needs to show it instead of just force feed us with the fact that the main leads attracted to each other. You mentioned also their first meeting in Sand Valley after they had become adult. Yes, I agree that scene shows attraction, especially from Jing Rong side. My problem is: the drama should have shown us WHY they should be attracted to each other before this scene ever happen. Well, I know the reason could be very easy like Jing Rong was amazed by him when he saved her. But, ......... with character like Jing Rong and Yi Qing, I expect more ...... Perhaps it is just me with my idealistic view on how romance should develop in the drama.
  7. I cannot wait for this drama to air. I hope they bring out the sizzling chemistry here, too. Chemistry does not always correlate to romance anyway. So even though the romance is less here compared with The Legends, chemistry could be found in other places. If the leads (Bai Lu& Xu Kai) chemistry is off chart again in this drama, could we get another drama with these two again?
  8. I am actually surprised that this thread is so silent for a drama with ENG sub this early. Does everyone not like this? The story is not exceptional but the ML character is very interesting. I really enjoy how Yi Qing mind works. It has been a while since I have watched a drama with such strategic minded ML (since NiF honestly). I am bored with physical strong ML but so naive and gullible. In the end I would only get a knight in white horse character that only exist to save the FL. Here I get a frail yet strong ML (he is not a damsel in distress despite his handicapped body) with a genius mind and no-nonsense way of thinking. I like it when he always sees through his enemies scheme. If I want to say something bad about this drama, it will be the romance. In my point of view, the romance between leads quite comes from nowhere. In their childhood, there was no some poignant scene or something that indicate that they were attracted to each other. Yi Qing seemed only to be empathetic toward her and she was so hostile to him in the beginning and thankful in the end. And then suddenly we get 10 years later, Jing Rong lost all her childhood bitchiness (I was annoyed with child Jing Rong) and we get this naive woman who seems to be interested in Yi Qing. Couple of episodes later, we suddenly get fed up with the fact that Yi Qing interested (or perhaps fall in love already) to Jing Rong ...... Am I missing something?? I am still at episode 28 right now (but already peek the raw episode until 35). Up until now, all the conflict in the drama could be summed up to one word: Jealousy. Nearly all bad character here doing what they did in the name of jealousy. It get tiresome after a while but I persevere because I like the ML. I just fast forward the scene with Ming He and Xiao Tai. Those two infuriated me to no end. Ming He is just a child with tantrum caused by lack of parents love (her possessive way with QIng Lan tells everything) while Xiao Tai just a spoiled brat who never take responsibility of her wrong in her entire life (with that kind of father and eldest martial brother, this is the expected result). As far as I know, we are in for tragic ending. Yi Qing death seemed to be preordained. I just hope the drama can make his death really meaningful.
  9. Agree with this character evaluation. ZZR is certainly depicted as pure and kind maiden in the story, but she doesn't have what it takes to lead. I always see her as this demure and submissive lady. And this is a bad recipe for a leadership. ZWJ on the other hand, in my opinion, has what it takes for leadership. Even though right now we frustrated with him being so naive and wishy washy, we need to admit that he has this charisma that is able to inspire people. His naivety, I think, mainly caused by his unique upbringing. But give him a few years, I think he has potential to be wiser while still retaining his compassion (if he really want to rule). He has Yang Xiao by his side (who seems to be very adapt in this politic ploy) to help him anyway. ZZR is too character-weak. She knows very well that her teacher last order was wrong, but she still following that order. It has always been like that, ever since in Guan Ming peak arc. Her fellow disciples do not respect her, only kind of accepting her because it was their teacher order and because ZZR is more powerful than them (later on). Ji Xiao Fu is stronger than ZZR, character wise. JXF has this strength and courage to do what her heart told her to do even though she needed to pay with her life. This inherent weakness, coupled with a great pressure of expectation as Emei sect leader, made ZZR finally succumbed to short cut way. She could no longer thinking clearly. All she wanted to do is to finish her teacher wish as soon as possible and as easy as possible (person with weak character usually also equal with having no confidence in themselves, hence I doubt she will ever think about challenging ZM in martial duel). It is not that she inherently evil, but in the face of pressure she doesn't have what it takes to control herself to stay in right path.
  10. We all quite agree that the editing is very bad. However, I haven't regretted that I decided to watch this. The storytelling (excluding the ending) is good, chemistry is superb (one of the best that I've ever seen), acting is .... (including protagonist and antagonist side characters). I can always create my own ending inside my head, so ..... the re-watching value of this drama is high for me. Now that I more or less have sobered up from frustration of bad ending and editing, I want to talk about the drama ending in general. I think chinese drama has this chronic sickness called "rushed ending". Like 95% drama or more that I have seen always have rushed ending. The only drama that really take time to elaborate their ending (that I know of) is Ten Miles Peach Blossom. That drama really took its time to elaborate Bai Qian pain in losing Ye Hua so when it was time for the couple reunion I could feel the relieve of "Final". The legends, I believe we have seen all the footage available and we have more or less reached consensus that the original ending should be the scene of Liu He sword in sword tomb. If we followed the original ending, the timeline should be: 1. Li Chen Lan - Zhao Yao fight in sword tomb 2. Li Chen Lan dies 3. Zhao Yao desperately trying to find Li Chen Lan body 4. Zhao Yao in white clothes, waiting for Li Chen Lan comes back 5. Liu He sword comes out in sword tomb I wish that the drama took time to elaborate what had happened in between point 3 and 4. In the point 3, Zhao Yao was in craze moment, trying to find Li Chen Lan remains only to fail. What happened next? Did she return to Wan Lu Men heart broken? Or she refused to return at all? And how did she get this believe that Li Chen Lan would come back? Because she didn't find the body? Well, Li Chen Lan body could have been turned to ash like had happened to Luo Ming Xuan. In her conversation with Sima Rong, I got the feel that Sima Rong was very careful and gentle when he brought up Li Chen Lan issue. I believe any sane person in Wan Lu Men would think that Li Chen Lan was dead, so what had happened that made them never say that aloud in front of Zhao Yao? Bai Lu acting in the end arc was very good. She is the first actress that I have seen that can emote the devastated state of mind that well. Acting for this type of screen is not easy I think because the sadness that must be emoted is beyond tears. The actor/actress needs to emote with their whole body. Bai Lu nailed this very well. You can see in the way she smiled, walked, and talked when she was in that white mourning clothes. I can only imagine how she would act in a screen when she needed to defend her believe that Li Chen Lan was still alive; when the memory of her thrusting Liu He sword through Li Chen Lan body was still very fresh in her mind. That would be one hell of performance if nailed well. The pain, the disbelief, the desperation, and above all anger to herself. Li Chen Lan brought out Liu He sword on his own choice, correct. But at that point of time, it would not matter for Zhao Yao. All she knew, she was the one who asked for the sword, and she was also the one that used the sword to kill him. Her conclusion would be: I was the one who brought him to his death from the beginning. My point is, you have such wonderful actress in your hand. Why not let her perform the ending scene to its fullest? Let us the viewers feel the pain to its fullest, too. Make us crying for the whole episode. Instead we were only given a couple of minutes ..... sigh .....
  11. @frostflower14 @Alila N I think we have different opinion of the number of bed scene. There are two bed scene in total in this last week episodes: 1.The bed scene in episode 53 (the passionate) and in episode 52 (I haven't sleep this well in a long time) should be originally one scene. We can see that in both scenes, Li Chen Lan clothes is the same. He is in black undershirt. Zhao Yao hairdo is also the same. And both have the same conversation nuance. Basically, both scenes talking about how Li Chen Lan xin mo is now under control. Therefore, it is logical to put this bed scene right after the sword sealing. Because the sword returns in Luo Ming Xuan arc. 2. The bed scene in episode 55. This bed scene is put correctly, because this must happen after Luo Ming Xuan death. Li Chen Lan wears his golden-black pajamas (different from bed scene no. 1) and Zhao Yao hairdo is also the same as the one she wears in Luo Ming Xuan arc. Plus we can see Li Chen Lan has red mark on his neck and hand which can only come from his restraint in that arc. Following this logic, that was why I said in my previous post that we missing a scene when Li Chen Lan loses consciousness after sword sealing. Remember in raft scene, we can hear Zhao Yao calling Mo Qing name. I think in the real world, Li Chen Lan must have loss his consciousness. Conclusion: There are two times of Li Chen Lan losing his consciousness which lead to two bed scene. However, we have only seen one.
  12. Where is this fight? The only time Li Chen Lan fight with Luo Ming Xuan and loss consciousness should be in episode 55 only?! We have 2 bed scene. One should be following the sword sealing because at that time, Li Chen Lan said "Body seems to have no power, the heart feels empty, but seems there is no mo qi". These words could only come after the sword sealing. And then we have those kissing and .... the deed perhaps. The other bed scene is following Luo Ming Xuan death; you can see Li Chen Lan has read marks around his neck which come from his restraint. This scene should be followed with Shen Qian Jin marriage in Gu Han Guang tomb.
  13. @frostflower14 Agree. It seems to be correct order. What we are missing right now is a scene when the sword sealing is successful which should be followed by Li Chen Lan loses consciousness, hence the bed scene. And about how the scene jump from discussion for sword sealing and Zhao Yao in white clothes, I know it is illogical but I try to use imagination: Perhaps the sealing made Li Chen Lan some kind of vanishing or "sleeping" dunno where for a couple of years. Therefore, Zhao Yao is waiting for him ...... I cannot imagine anything else to explain that scene jump. Anyway, I also quite sure that we should have a scene that make Zhao Yao "sure" that Li Chen Lan will come back somehow. It doesn't make sense for her to wait that long without any hope. Li Chen Lan tried to take his own life when Zhao Yao dead, but failed because Wan Jun sword didn't let him. He then slaved himself to bettering Wan Lu Men until the point of mental exhaustion. Zhao Yao, armed with the knowledge regarding Liu He sword, with her personality, would not be able to wandering around like she is doing in the drama, if she is that sure Li Chen Lan is dead. She would be either become kind of hermit or doing something in memory of her lover. By the way, anyone know where the Chinese posts their fanfiction? I need fanfic to sooth my pained heart ....
  14. Okay, just done watching. And I think I know which scene that is supposed to be in the original end (the open sad ending thing). Yes, I too hope that they do not use the "kids scene" but perhaps they included that to show us that both of them indeed get married. Now lets me talking about the drama in overall: 1. The acting is very good. Xu Kai surprises me. His interpretation for both Mo Qing and Li Chen Lan drew me to this drama until I feel so much pain for the character. Plus, he has this body build and face that are so fitted for costume drama (in my honest opinion). Not all male can look that good with long hair and that flowy costumes. Bai Lu acting satisfies me. I have my worry whether she can tackle the devastating scenes after she killed Li Chen Lan (no comment regarding her Zhao Yao interpretation. It is perfect). But she emotes very well. Her scenes in that white mourning clothes when she waits for Li Chen Lan are very good. I can feel her pain, how she literally just goes on living without any goal but waiting for Li Chen Lan. Her expression in the tea shop while she tells people of her lover is so ...... All her smile is tinted with sadness, a kind of smile while holding a great pain inside. Surprisingly, I think all side character is acted well in this drama which makes us able to really enjoy all drama scenes without cringing. Gu Han Guang character especially is so well acted. I really wish the novel author will write something about Li Chen Lan - Sima Rong and Li Chen Lan - Gu Han Guang relationships. Actually, I wish the drama could make these for filler. It would be far more interesting. Conclusion is I am very very satisfied with the acting of this drama. Never I cringe when watching some scene. 2. Story I am actually have no complain regarding the change from the novel even though I indeed wish a couple of arc can be done differently. The drama lets us explore Li Chen Lan side of story and I love that very much. Jiang Wu arc is the only thing that annoyed me the most. But I can forgive that. The decision for sad open ending actually quite okay (once I have watched until the end). Li Chen Lan life is so full of pain and grieve. If "death" can grant him peace however temporary it is, I am okay with that. And after Jiang Wu fiasco, I do think that Zhao Yao needs to a moment to ponder how it feels to lose Li Chen Lan anyway. I imagine when two of them reunited, Zhao Yao would be very fiercely protective of him, perhaps would not letting him out of her view for a few years . 3. Costume Love the costume so much!! One thing that I think is the candy/eye-feast in this drama is watching Xu Kai in those Li Chen Lan get ups. I dunno whether it is the characters wardrobes that are so good or because he wears it that they look so good. 4. Editing The worst ever I have ever seen. But I think I can forgive them since it seems the editors were forced doing this abomination. @DontEatMyKimchi Hahahahaha, honestly I am waiting for you to show up again in this thread after the final episode. Since I know you were so enraged already with Jiang Wu arc, I cannot imagine how would it be with this messy editing and ending. I also wait for the DVD version, hopefully we can get more scenes to complete the puzzle. @frostflower14 As I take it, they make that scene of Zhao Yao killing Li Chen Lan as only a "dream". Of "what if" if Li Chen Lan cannot come back to her in that scene after Luo Ming Xuan death. I should say that very genius and creative way to turn a BE into HE.
  15. Yes, it is. If that clip is really the ending, I will crying blood instead of being happy
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