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  1. As someone who dabbles on classical music, I already have my favorite instrumentals ("Afternoon Date", "KISS ON THE ROOF", "THE MOMENT OF FATE"). I also have some of the songs on repeat ever since I found them on Spotify the other night. I especially love "Blue Sky" , "My Love" , that ballad that played when they kissed after 9 years , and of course the song that played at the last scene . I give the musical director of this drama a big round of applause. The musical cues made the scenes so much funnier
  2. Aww, they made all the new videos not available to my country (except for the preview). Anyway, to those who celebrate it, Merry Christmas! It's already Christmas in this side of the world
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOGwpyxlNs4&feature=youtu.be&app=desktop#menu They had so much fun behind the scenes too
  4. I just noticed, KBS is so attached to quotes for some reason, he even took particular attention and memorized them when he attempted to study.
  5. Just finished watching the subbed version. BS is so stupid I love it (and maybe that's also his fault, he doesn't know anything). The end of this episode is so intense, it's amazing when you think that a few scenes before it was downright hilarious.
  6. Yes, somehow I wanted BS to have partly caused this as well, no matter how indirectly. I'm a sucker for faulty characters, haha (and I want people to ease up on that hate for SJ). Anyway, they have all been deeply affected by that past, especially BS, that they still carry so much of it in the present. I hope they actually talk about it properly on that rooftop the next episode. I'm also curious about SH, there's definitely something wrong with him, but whatever it is BS deserves to get that revenge on him and SJ. I like that the trailers for each episode make things seem so much more serious that I get caught off guard by all the comedic scenes
  7. I think there's something else... She was crying as she was going up the stairs on that flashback
  8. I love it. YSH's cool guy vibes, all the innocence of a high school first love... Plus the book beside JBA gives me all the feels. I'm so on board for more poetry.
  9. ...Is it time to de-lurk?? I admit, I had some doubts when the first few teasers came out, but I got really excited when they showed the comedic parts that I was actually clapping. I'm quite confident that there will be a lot of substance to the story (fingers crossed the viewers will see that too), but not too cheesy, I hope. Coming from his last drama, of course I want this one to be an unexpected hit, but I've realized that it wouldn't matter anyway if YSH didn't get some sort of satisfaction from the project like he did post-INAR. The way he talked about that drama, I could tell he wished it did better, but at the same time it didn't really matter as much as the things he took away from it. After INAR, he was practically blooming; I think what really mattered then was that he thought he had done well (and he did do more than well). Although I wasn't around yet before 2017, based on what I've read and watched so far, yes, ratings are important for him, but not as much as how he thought of the project itself looking back: was he more proud or regretful? Sorry I went on for too long. In short, I'm just so excited because YSH is back!!
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