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  1. Here is the translation to the preview: (King's Grandmother) You mean the king is ignoring the queen and only looking for the concubine? (Right Minister) What is the problem? Just stop him from doing it. (EB) I don't want to. I can never! (BJY) You will have to, your mother's life depend on it (EK) Must you go this far? (LJH) We don't have time to waste (King) When I look at EB, she feels like someone else sometimes (King) You are not EK. Who are you? Tell me who you are! Speak! (EB) I loved you. I am in love with you. I am going to live rest of my life only loving the king.
  2. I am okay with unrealistic ability/survivability of DG. That kinda comes with the genre (see. John Wick). When it comes to movie/TV show plots, there is the rule of main plot driver suspension of belief. Writers/show/movie asks the viewers to suspend belief for the one major plot device (super heroes exists, body switches, time travel, etc.), but rest of the world needs to be rooted in reality so that there is weight to character decision making and we actually care about what is happening. If anything and everything is possible, then none of the plot matters and people quickly lose interest. THE main plot driver for this show was the fact that because J&M was about to lose a contract and there was no other way to get that contract without crashing a plane. That is VERY far fetched, but sure, whatever, let's go with it. From that point on, the show needed to revolve around that very central plot device. Now they are abandoning that without even a second thought, which means that whole central tenet of the show did not matter at all, which makes rest of the story pointless. This is REALLY REALLY poor writing. And I cannot believe that a show of this renown cast and big budget has such terrible plot line.
  3. I have been catching up on this drama over the weekend and really enjoyed it until the recent episodes. I don't mind some of the over-the-top action scenes and unrealistic/unexpected behaviors of the characters. BUT! The whole point of hijacking and crashing the airliner was to turn the public against Dynamic so that J&M can take the contract even though they were inferior. This really stretches the limits of beliveability, but I understand that it is the catalyst for everything that happens afterwards and is central to the plot. Which is why all the stuff that has happened over the last two episodes make absolutely no sense. If J&M was at such disadvantage that they had to resort to murdering 200+ people to get this contract, why is it that now all it takes is the President's wish to give the contract for J&M??? If this is the case, why the hell did they crash the plane in the first place? They could have just make the President tell the S of D to change his mind and if that did not work, they could have just set him up for the blackmail like they did anyway? What is the whole point of crashing the plane, if all this was so easy to manipulate? If it was hard for J&M to win the contract before, it should be IMPOSSIBLE now with public being aware of the allegations against J&M causing the crash. How is that they can just wave that away with simple "President wishes it so"???? This is such a ridiculous plot that it is seriously about to lose me.
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