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  1. That’s a lot to cover... I guess it depends on how you like to travel. I am not one to plane hop too much, I get air sick so if I go somewhere I tend to linger for quite a while in the one place. I like Jack Ryan. I haven’t watched the series. Just the different movies with him as a character. Currently slowly rewatching Life after going through Stranger a second time. Witcher is a bit too gory and explicit for me. I may just watch it to keep hubby company but I won’t be watching it on my own. Haven’t heard about Aeronauts till you mentioned it. I like Eddie Redmayne. Not sure how I can watch it. I don’t have Amazon Prime. Only Netflix. 630
  2. I doubt it. He’s in NYC now. I think agency sent him away to get away from the furore. Personally I think he just wasn’t thinking straight at that moment. One of those sleepless night postings... big no-no for celebrities. Reminds me of Trump and his tweets. He’s just come out of the army so getting back into the whole entertainment scene will take some adjusting. His comeback drama fell flat despite high expectations. He’s never been a very confident individual so it would’ve hit hard. I hope he steadies himself and gets back on the horse with a better drama. In the meantime, it may be better if he stayed in musical theatre for a bit to get his confidence back. 628
  3. Sigh I am not sure why JI ChangWook had to post the smoking video recently? It just seemed so unnecessary? Is he so desperate for publicity? Even if it’s negative? I know a lot of actors smoke and I know JCW does too but to post it so blatantly online just seemed thoughtless on his part. It’s a PR nightmare. The response online was scathing. Maybe he’s depressed from the lackluster reception of MMS but still...this is not the way to regain the spotlight again. And it wasn’t even like he was saying anything mind blowing... he merely said, “it’s too cold to sleep...but I am still happy” or something to that effect... he could’ve said it without the cigarette. 628
  4. Ahh probably why my son never played the games then. We sort of restricted the ratings of games he played to certain levels of violence and explicitness. There was a lot of blood and guts (Call Of Duty type stuff) but nothing that I would say was overtly explicit. I got a bit lost as they kept throwing all sorts of different types of characters at the audience (some of which were foreign concepts or concepts remodeled for the Witcher world eg elves, sorcerers, mages). And then there was a lot of background that the noob audience had to get their mind around eg The Cleansing, feuds between people groups etc...it gets confusing if you’re coming in cold (like I was). Hubby may still watch it. He can take a lot more gore than I can. When it’s overwhelming I tend to get numb to it and I check out mentally. And with it my interest wanes. Thus far the only character that appeals to me is Ciri (ironically) - yes she’s all weak and helpless at the moment but she’s got potential. Geralt and Yennefer lost me after gratuitous s@x scenes. PS I agree with you regarding your abs. Keep your shirt on. 624
  5. Yes definitely stay in KDrama land if explicit is not your scene. I am not sure I will stay either. After Ep4 my interest is already waning. 626
  6. Never watched GOT. . I read about the hype and never got into it. But that’s exactly what hubby said too. That it had that GOT feel to it. I guess given its (GOT) cult status Witcher had to be compared to something so GOT was the natural choice. It’s gotten increasingly explicit and gory. I left Hollywood for the cotton candy land of KDrama for this exact reason so I am not sure I want to go back to that. Never played the game either or read the books so I have nothing to compare. Didn’t the male lead play Superman before? It takes a bit of getting used to the whole background and world building complete with strange terms. So I would wager it would appeal quickly to original Witcher fans but for newbies like me it will take some time to wrap my brain around what roles each type of being plays in the fantasy world. 626
  7. @bedifferent Bee (I am borrowing @Dhakra’s term of endearment for you) - have you had a chance to check out Witcher? I watched 2 episodes with hubby and we really like it. I mean I have to get used to the gore once more after walking away from Western Dramas for a year but other than that it’s not bad. It’s even got humour in it, which I like. I liken it to watching Lord of the Rings or an XBox game like Zombie Apocalypse (?). Once you get used to the blood and gore, it’s a pleasant watch . I used to drive my son up the wall with my inane questions whilst he’s playing those XBox games. Why are you killing so many people? What’s the whole point of it? And my all time favourite to get his eyes rolling, “Is there a Princess to save?” EDIT - I take that back... Ep 3 just got exponentially... gory and explicit... I am not sure I will be able to keep watching... I may continue for hubby’s sake but will close my eyes to much of the explicit scenes 612
  8. I was of the impression that she was killed for the USB she stole from her father’s drawer? Or did I get that wrong? I must admit I switched off when it came to her scenes. She annoyed me too much. Because she was illogical in her approach. That was what annoyed me most. And I think that annoyed SM as well. She was hellbent on pinning the blame on LCJ. She wasn’t objective. She’s too close to the action. I completely understand why SM would exclude her from the investigation. You can’t have someone who’s already decided who should be prosecuted from the get go. It wouldn’t be a fair starting point. Lady Justice is blindfolded for a reason. ES was a liability to him and she kept getting herself into trouble. Look how she tried to establish that LJH’s character wasn’t capable of killing someone? She provoked him enough for him to strangle her? Then acted like it was nothing? That’s not “normal”. SM can handle himself, she is defenseless? So it irked him that she wouldn’t think things through. Rationally. Logically. I think the fact that YJ is rational made ES’s character worse for me. I just kept wanting to shake her too. Just as well SM did it for me. She flirted at his apartment. He told her tomorrow. She insisted on coming into his apartment. He kept telling her to leave as it was inappropriate. She kept coming back. She asked for his sweater. Her lame excuse was that she didn’t want her folks seeing the marks on her neck. So she’s fine with them seeing her coming home in a man’s sweater instead? Hey if my daughter came home at night in a man’s sweater I would want answers. She sent him a song...why? She buys him a new sweater. These are all over and beyond mentee-mentor affirmation seeking behavior. She wanted more. Initially I thought she was just looking for a father figure. Her father was MIA for 3 years. I thought all she wanted was for someone to affirm that she was doing well but the apartment incident just sealed it beyond doubt for me that she was flirting.
  9. I think for him it’s a concept. He pursues it dogmatically. It’s almost purely academic? If that makes any sense. And I am not even sure he’s critical. He just tells it like it is. It’s a monster based on these parameters he’s set up in his mind. It’s a very non-emotive way of dissecting a problem. He is so fixated on the problem that he forgets to eat/sleep. Geniuses are often like that. Solving the problem takes precedence and stimulates them so much that they will forego basic things like eating and sleeping. My nephew will forget to eat/sleep too if he’s fixated on something. I think for SM, his version of Lady Justice truly wears a blindfold. It can prove very harsh but at the same time it’s also very “comforting” to know that the rules will be adhered to...to the letter of the law. It’s an absolute. Yes I think that’s what SM knew too (or maybe only in retrospect as you suggest). The duplicitous nature of LCJ stumped SM (I think it stumped a lot of us). In his letter to his wife it sounded like he really thought he was doing the right thing. That he was backed into a corner and this was his only way out. He departed this world believing he left it a better place. Which of course was hogwash. Taking a swan dive off the building was a cop out. Why not face the music if he felt like he was “doing the right thing”? Dissonance is one thing but choosing to just run with it just because of one misstep isn’t right either? If you know you’re on the wrong path, man up, admit to your mistake, take it on the chin and get back on the right path. EunSoo’s father was the same. Refusing to reveal those secrets in the USB drive. For the sake of his family? Really? Surely his integrity mattered more to them than their safety? That was what EunSoo was attempting to reclaim on his behalf? Instead, she died trying? He was so afraid to lose her respect for him that he took the cowardly option of asking SM to protect her on his behalf? It was a smokescreen. He wasn’t the victim. But he played the victim and it cost ES her life. Maybe it’s best to let sleeping (dead ones) dogs lie. If you go to read the old thread in SF1 you will see why...her fandom is...how should I put it politely...a tad... Yes that was where it was at really. I was willing to give Life more leeway because for the general populace that debate would be over and beyond what they would want to ponder about for 16 episodes. The other side plays acted as buffers/fillers to make it more palatable as a drama for them. Unless you understand the system and how it works and the inherent pros and cons it’s an intellectual exercise that bears no relevance to the daily life of the general public. SF was different because it had underlying themes that everyone understood so little was needed to flesh out the story. That’s how I approached both stories anyway. You only need to look at the discussions in SF1 Vs Life here in Soompi to get a feel as to how pertinent either stories were to people on the whole. Re Life
  10. Yes that’s why I felt NoEul (the pediatrician) was more like YeoJin. She didn’t seem as disillusioned and wearied as the CT surgeon that Joo KyungMoon portrayed. And she stayed with her convictions right to the end and went rural to help out in the hospital there. She remained optimistic and buoyant in spite of the entrenched corruption within the system. Yeah she’s surprising like that. And that’s one of the reasons I like her. Totally out of the box. Quirky AND smart. Quirky without the smarts is just ODD . She’s really spontaneous (she took in the grandson too and then opened up her place for their company dinner and invited stragglers and lost souls - the detective who did the “wrong thing”). I think she puts being “human” above and beyond “duty”. She forgives as long as there is true repentance. That’s why I really like her. SM and her need each other. She provides the insights into the human condition (the emotions) and he in turn provides the stability and rudder when her emotions threaten to derail her. I like how understated they are when it comes to their support of each other. It’s never overt but it’s apparent enough for each of them to utilize when necessary. It’s unspoken and that’s the beautiful thing about it. I concur. Whilst my insatiable curiosity does tend to want to know more about her backstory I can live without it. It’s not a deal breaker for me. Urgh...she was the one I liked least as a character. Her dad too. Mr Pontius Pilate. Absolving responsibility for his daughter’s life and instead in cowardice palmed it off to SM. And then he had the gall to blame her death on SM at the funeral. I clapped and shouted Bravo when SM let fly at him during the funeral (breaking all the rules of decorum but hey, SM doesn’t do niceties ) and put the blame solely back on him (her father) for indulging her death defying ways. It was only a matter of time before she ended up dead, that was a given. And all the undertones of her crush on SM didn’t do her any favours when it came to holding her in esteem in my eyes. Initially I thought it was just her needing affirmation (mentee-mentor) but that incident at his apartment late at night? That was not just affirmation she was after... EDIT I think we can get insights into LCJ’s motivations from SM’s speech on TV at the conclusion of the investigation? LCJ believed it was okay to “do away” with the “bad people” in the pursuit of justice? So PMS and the underage call girl were expendable? SM called him a monster, a creation of the system which deemed some people’s lives less worthy than others. So I think SM knew he wasn’t capable of killing him because LCJ deemed SM was doing the right thing. LCJ was using SM as his pawn to enact justice on his behalf. That or maybe SM was just so dogged in his pursuit of truth that he didn’t care for his own life. Yeah hard to know what he does or doesn’t “get”. He would definitely “get” what ES was insinuating when she came to his apartment. He knows about prostitution and bribery. There’s really nothing wrong in that department. I think he does “get” some things but other things he opts to ignore because for his standpoint, it’s not important. He chooses not to answer many times when he is asked questions. So I think he does see and pick these things up but he doesn’t deem them important in the grand scheme of his investigation so he ignores them. That’s why he doesn’t do social things like eating with his colleagues (to build rapport). It’s interesting that he bends this rule when it comes to YJ. Initially I thought it was just because he wanted to talk through the case with her but in the last meet up it seemed purely for “social” reasons. So I see character growth there. That and the fact that he is smiling at the end as well. He is learning to engage better with the world around him. So guessing what he does get and what he doesn’t is hard because he isn’t static. He is growing in his understanding and perceptions as well so it’s hard to know what he does and does not pick up. SM is fascinating for me too. I read him like I do my high functioning autistic nephew. The similarities are stark.
  11. Yes ShiMok is very black and white. I look at him as I do an autistic child. Once you teach them the set rule, they never deviate from it. There are no “extenuating circumstances” which would make what is right, wrong. If you tell them it’s not right to be late, it’s a rule they adhere to rigidly. No such thing as being “fashionably late” or being late because the traffic was bad. He has a strict set of rules he sticks to and unquestionably adheres to it. He follows procedures to the letter...hence why he followed EunSoo upon her death...right through to the post mortem room. None of the others could stomach it even though it was “procedure”. He could because it was just what you did. That’s why when I read in the old thread how questions were raised as to why he did that, it never occurred to me to ask why. He was merely following process. To find out cause of death real time, instead of sitting it out and waiting for the report to come out. It actually makes sense to view him like that. That’s why YeoJin’s pictures help him. Autistic children are taught emotions by drawings. They will get primary visceral emotions like anger, fear, happiness but compound ones like grief, which some fan girls of SHS seemed to want SM to experience because of how he treated her (?) would be impossible for him to grasp. 7 stages of grief? SiMok won’t get it. It’s too complex an emotion, because sometimes you’re sad, other times you’re angry and still others you’re in disbelief/denial? I think he finds YJ fascinating to watch. He often stands there trying to process what she’s feeling/experiencing because he can’t feel it himself. I really like how YeoJin responds to the jaded police officers around her. She never caved to their nonchalance about corruption and how the “system” worked. She was buoyant and still held fast to the belief that it was worthwhile doing good despite all the evidence to the contrary. NoEul in Life reminds me of YJ. There’s a naïveté about her that is charming. Neither are bitter. Both are smack in the middle of all the corruption and evil...yet both choose not to waver in their belief in doing what is right whilst in their jobs. Neither are defeatists in their attitudes. Both trust their instincts about CSW’s character against the general tide and both act on it to befriend him. . They are both self giving and warm. Both act buoyant in spite of all the weariness about them. It does make them seem somehow otherworldly but there are people like that in this world. It gives hope to humanity and inevitably boosts morale as a result. Not everything is doom and gloom. For SM, he is incorruptible because of his medical condition. But for YJ, hers is one of choice. She chooses not to be and swims against the tide. So more power to her. PS I am rewatching Life right now. Just enjoying all the intriguing questions the writer poses about non-profits Vs corporations. There’s no right or wrong answer. And I can see both sides of the arguments so it’s fascinating to see it play out.
  12. Yes I caught on to that too Yup. I think she has no living family. I think it has to do with her past. She’s very empathetic to those “lost souls”. I think she must’ve been one herself and she sees herself in them. Not sure if someone extended that kindness to her when she was lost herself but she’s definitely decided that she will share what she has when she can to those who need a home to get back onto their feet. She extended that courtesy to PMS’s son as well. And she was the one to comfort him when he talked about his regret about how mean he was to his dad before he died. So whatever misfortune she encountered in life didn’t embitter her. It made her kinder. Yup. Picked that up too. And the fact that she didn’t want to move from homicide. She wanted to keep going with it to the end. It’s personal. And finally there was that cryptic monologue she said to the high school girl who was a call girl. She told her to live. So that her final look at life wouldn’t be one of the terror and horror of being captured and knifed. So it sounded like she spoke from experience? Did she have a horrible experience like that too? Where she was faced with the prospect of death under similar circumstances? I love her character because it shows us that no matter what life throws at you, you can still be responsible for your own choices. There are too many who wallow and blame their sad lot in life, seeming to use that as an excuse for their own unkindness, bitterness or resentment to those around them. She on the other hand has chosen to be kind, to be upright, to make a difference regardless. She has never lost that resilience and belief that she can make difference in this cruel and unfair world. She may be one person, but she is one nonetheless. Not one of the many who just go with the flow, but one who stands amid the flood waters to rise above and be counted. A beacon.
  13. The boy SongKang? He’s a Rowoon doppelgänger... like Yeo JinGoo and Kim MinJae... Song Kang’s pic popped up for a recent Netflix original drama and at first glance I thought he was Rowoon (from Extraordinary You). But a smaller version. As for Oppas... I thought the rule of thumb was as JiSung stated 518
  14. Actually I want to know her motivations. There was precious little of it in SF1 and she definitely had a backstory. Her drawings. It’s so much a part of who she is. Her room is full of it. She gifts it to others (not just SiMok)...why does she do that? It’s not like they are works of art? They mean something to her. I don’t need a lot but just enough to give me an insight into what makes her tick. I like the writer. Her follow up drama Life was just as nuanced and gritty. I just hope the PD does justice to her script.
  15. Feb2020 so we will be freezing. Yeah it should be fun. I wanna like visit all the KDrama sites ... and eat all the different food... @Sushimi I follow but I generally don’t talk to others about them as a rule of thumb. Because I don’t fit the mold of a normal fan. I study them like a research subject which fan girls find weird. I am not generally reactive. So when news pops up about my “bias” I can usually tell if it’s fact or fiction. How do I put it...I study their behavior and formulate a picture in my mind to determine how they would behave given a certain circumstance. Take for example Do KyungSoo and his enlistment. I had already figured out back in December that he would enlist early. And when fan girls were lamenting how there was zero news about him from Feb onwards (and they were blaming SM for locking him up in the “dungeon”), I didn’t worry because I knew he was busy doing things that he loved in the down time. And then when news leaked that he was enlisting in July, it didn’t come as a surprise. 990
  16. Re : “goner” diagnosis. Alas that is my sad plight to date. But it’s an affliction I gladly put up with. Re : musical. Yes, I believe his sold out in a matter of minutes. Daughter dear managed to score tickets for her favourite KPop group (although she laments she’s “really FAR back”). so she’s faring better than I am. My only comfort is that I am not as far “gone” as daughter dear in the “stan-ning” department. She was close to tears when she was “locked out” of the ticketing site for a bit and she was facing the specter of disappointment from not getting tickets in the first place. Then there was that added complication of trying to navigate a Korean site with little knowledge as to what buttons to click or not click to pay... It was a very stressful 10-15minutes. What are the terms of the contract when it comes to “stan-ning”? See that’s a new word I learnt from KPop. That and “bias”... I just like watching them act/sing. And I tend to be quite selective. I usually only have 2 max that I will follow diligently. Currently for me Do KyungSoo is on hiatus in the army and Cho SeungWoo doesn’t do a lot of dramas (although 2020 seems like an exception for him with SF2 and Sisyphus). In sport, I only watch Roger Federer play tennis. There’s something very poetic about how he moves on court. Art in its finest form. 982
  17. Mode of operation. Modus Operandi is Latin (dead language so don’t bother learning). So it means I usually watch really short dramas (20 episodes max). 50 is unheard of for me. But hey, anything for CSW’s smile... he’s irresistible. Too bad my Korea trip isn’t going to coincide with his musical Sweeney Todd or I will definitely get tickets to watch even if I can’t understand a word of Korean. 980
  18. You go girlfriend! More power to you. Everyone has their favourites that they can watch over and over. Gives you warm and fuzzies... currently Cho SeungWoo is giving me plenty in Horse Doctor (The King’s Doctor) or I would’ve given WLFKBJ a try. He’s (CSW) smiling lots... aww... and would you believe 50Eps... unheard of in my modus operandi... but I am fast forwarding a lot... the Palace intrigue... yeah skipping that... . 980
  19. More casting news - Choi MooSung. Sounds like filming will begin in Feb 2020. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/109/0004136769
  20. Yup. You can tell straight away from his body type and also the way he plunges into the water. His stroke...the tumble turns... yes my children both swam in squads... especially my son. He got to do a pretty decent butterfly... now if there ever was a stroke that would determine if you swam for leisure or swam seriously it would be the butterfly... if you could look graceful doing that stroke you’re a pro... 966
  21. How would they swim otherwise? But...can Nam JooHyuk actually swim? Like really well? I am kinda spoilt watching So JiSub swim. He’s like National Level swimming. It’s terribly obvious that he’s (SJS) on another level when it comes to swimming. To be frank if NJH’s stroke isn’t up to scratch it would ruin the scene for me, abs or no abs. EDIT - I just read @Lmangla’s post... You are definitely my spirit animal. I probably would’ve picked it apart like you just did - high five!! With swimmers it’s all about the shoulders... like SJS. 968
  22. Imma gonna just lurk and read all the juicy banter happening here purely for entertainment value .
  23. Ooo...great minds think alike. I saw the trailer and liked it. It’s something hubby will like too (I think) so at least that’s something I can watch with him. I think the last series I tried (operative word) to watch with him was Van Helsing... that lost me when the male lead became a zombie... ... Haven’t read the books (Witcher). Have you? 956
  24. @taeunfighting We’ll be reassembling the A Team when Secret Forest 2 comes out in Jul2020 for sure. So if you haven’t watched SF1 (like I didn’t until a month ago), definitely watch it. It’s on Netflix as Stranger with Cho Seung-woo and Bae Doona. It’s brilliant.
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