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  1. I don’t understand why an opinion needs justification? It’s art after all. I don’t particularly like Picasso because his art is just not my cup of tea. MMS had too much slapstick for me. I stayed for 2 episodes. Personally I don’t enjoy slapstick. I can’t watch Jim Carey for exactly the same reason. So for me, slapstick is “bad” because I can’t relate at all to it. I love humor done well but slapstick dumbs it down too much for me. I know some people don’t mind it so more power to them. I like chocolate and you like strawberry, I don’t need to justify why I do, I just do? One drama doesn’t define an actor/actress. What defines them is how they respond to failure or lackluster reception. If he is a true artist then the response will do little to dampen his enthusiasm for his next project. He’s done his best given the material he was provided and he should be proud. I think MMS started with sky high expectations. People were just aching to see him back on screen doing what he did best. After a 2 year hiatus, it was a given. I hope he dusts himself off, gets back up and tries again. He’s too good of an actor (and Won JinAh too) not to come back with something more substantial in terms of depth and breadth.
  2. I am gonna tell Packmule to materialize here to prove that she’s not an asexual amoeba. 878
  3. @Sushimi O....YSH scored if she says yes. I am not sure about the plot though... it’s a webtoon? With supernatural elements? I am always a bit tentative about webtoons. EY was a webtoon but it had a novel concept. Some translate well. Others not so well. Item (webtoon) was a fail. I will tune in to see if it’s any good. 878
  4. @triplem I think Soompi already did I can’t link to the article for some reason on my iPad. EDiT https://www.soompi.com/article/1367027wpp/lee-joon-hyuk-confirmed-to-lead-new-mbc-time-slip-drama 872
  5. @triplem confirmed? Now all you need is for NJH to confirm too. I can’t see her saying no to him.
  6. I agree. Definitely better. It’s a credible attempt for his first outing as main lead. I hope it doesn’t typecast him into perfect boyfriend type roles in the future. We’ll see how he fares in his next project. He has no voice of his own. He does everything SHE wants. He obeys her every command. He lives for her. He never says “no” to her. He’s never too busy for her. She even named him. She calls, and he answers. Didn’t you notice he had this ethereal halo about him from the beginning? The stained glass window, the guardian angel references. He only gained a face after she began to look for him. She imagined him into existence. He’s an ideal. Every woman’s ideal boyfriend. 866
  7. yes he is very beautiful. I love his character too. HR is the one to emulate. He’s perfect. But he’s not real. His whole character set up is not real...he exists purely because of DO. He came to life because DO willed him to existence in Secret. That’s why he only cares about her happiness and lives for her alone. He has no familial or societal expectations of him. He lives in the school library and does whatever he wants with no consequences. I know of no one in reality who has that kind of set up. He exists purely as an ideal in everyone’s minds. The perfect boyfriend. Everyone wants a HR as a bf. So Don’t be sad. Continue to live in your heavenly HR world. Packmule exists outside in her blog and visits sometimes. She prefers to write there. Her articles are much too long for posts here. Thought provoking and interesting. 864
  8. You should join me...the sole voice of reason in that thread. But yes definitely just lurk and read if you don’t want to engage in debates. It’s hostile in there and anyone who even dares to make BK out to be a person of any worth is likely to be shouted down. In their eyes he’s irredeemable. And that’s a testament to how good LJW is. Had he been any worse of an actor, fan girls wouldn’t have jumped for the jugular every time he shows even the least bit of humanity...it reflects their insecurity. I am not pro BK though and I understand that OTP is DO and HR...but LJW is definitely the better actor. Don’t be put off by the fan girls in EY thread, the PD knows LJW is the better actor...that’s why he gave the part to LJW even though Rowoon auditioned for the part of BK. PD focuses the camera on his (LJW) facial expressions constantly. He knows LJW will give him the emotions required for the scenes. He has confidence in LJW’s acting. Rowoon is very pretty to look at but he’s much like Cha EunWoo to me...just drop dead gorgeous to look at, but breadth of acting is lacking. Rowoon has a way to go. LJW is the star to watch for the future. And the fact that he can do BOTH good and bad roles makes him very versatile. The scene last night when he said his farewell to DO was the only scene I cried. And that wasn’t because I even liked BK as a character. It was purely LJW’s acting. It has many tones...and it’s beautiful to watch. For an in-depth blow by blow analysis of their acting... go here. Packmule3 has done a wonderful analysis of LJW. 864
  9. It’s a testament to LJW and his portrayal of BK that so many were moved to tears in that farewell scene. Bittersweet. A beautiful goodbye. Well done LJW. Well done. Sleep now and reawaken to a better BK in the next comic. Or next drama. . Tonight beckons and I am sure our OTP (HR/DO) will appear in new comic and find each other again. Surely they have proven their worth to the writer and he/she will give them a straightforward love line together without the angst.
  10. Ironically, this episode left me Team HR on stage, but Team BK in the shadow. I only wept in this parting scene of BK and DO...in spoiler below. Further thoughts
  11. I thought about starting it but it’s got so many episodes? I don’t know if I will have the time and patience to watch for so long. 810
  12. @triplem @Jillia maybe put a friendly reminder up in the Extraordinary You thread that only 3 pics are allowed per post and the rest go in a spoiler? My browser is having a hard time coping. Some newbies have been posting a lot of pics/gifs/videos in last few pages... no big deal, I think they are just enthusiastic about finale week. TIA. 786
  13. yeah that bugged me too. Did Dr Park (?) the Doctor tell him? Did he drive there? I assume he did. There was no other way he could get there...unless BOTH he and YM conspired to catch SHoon and they drove off together? I didn’t think they were that chummy. So maybe 712pm IDG drives to hospital (caught on CCTV). SHoon escapes 730pm. YM arrives to meet SHoon. SHoon runs. IDG shows up short time later at the forest. He catches SHoon, pops him into the boot of his car, takes him to KPY? Hand amputated. He then drops his car off to scrapyard. KPY picks him up at 912 pm from the scrapyard? Pure conjecture on my part. I think that’s why IDG asked KPY where SHoon was (as if he expected KPY to know?).
  14. @Sushimi what is this I hear there will be Vagabond 2? 788
  15. He’s back!!! Ooo I like the sound of this...on OCN... please pair him with an actress I like. 788
  16. @larrysouth ever the peacemaker . I don’t think anyone took your comments that seriously. No harm done. HR is definitely the one to emulate with regards to how to treat your woman. You sound much like a man who does right by his wife (from the little anecdotes that you’ve shared). More power to you living HR-like in real life.
  17. When I reference HR as otherworldly, this is what I mean. He’s like the Little Prince. Naive, childlike, untainted by the world. So he behaves like someone who is unconventional. He loves DO just as purely. Which is why he comes across as an ideal. He’s totally a person of DO’s imaginings. Probably why he came to existence in Secret when she named him. Entirely connected to her now and forever...fated to meet and fall in love. It’s their story. BK was always a minor detour.
  18. And if we go with this plot line, what we have seen in the drama is that the writer always gets what he/she wants in the end (if the writer planned for her to die on stage from the start, then changing the files meant she dies in the shadow in the interim but eventually will die on stage as well). We have seen that no matter what they try to do to change the scene, they only succeed in delaying it. The proposal scene with the ring...just moved on to another stage setting later. So if it plays like JMC’s fate in TC (where his lover dies in the shadow first and then the stage later so he suffers twice for her “death”), then DO may well still die in Secret on the stage? That would explain why in the Previews she’s seen to collapse and HR carries her off (unless that was a replay of the earlier episode where he took her watch band off and swapped it with SaeMi). Does she die on the Secret stage regardless? If on the other hand, the writer never really intended for DO to die, we were all sold this idea because DO kept thinking she was and the storyboard she saw in her mind seemed to imply this...did she flatline there? Or was it just staged so it looked like all was lost but we didn’t actually see her die/flatline in her flash forward. I need to rewatch that to confirm. If the writer never intended for her to die on the stage and DO was just preempting it because she kept getting negative messages from her doctor, then her shadow death was unnecessary because the writer intended for her to survive and get better from the surgery. It all hinges on what the writer wanted for DO from the start.
  19. Yes I am getting that vibe now as I rewatch earlier scenes with him in it. It’s better with context. In the forest scene when he met SHoon, I missed the fact that his face changes as soon as SHoon shakes his hand off and runs. He was cajoling and “kind” when he first saw SHoon trying to convince him to go back and they would “talk to the Chairman together”. When SHoon looked at him in disbelief and sensed betrayal and ran for it, YM’s face changed. And he looked angry (or annoyed) that his ruse was up? I missed all this on first viewing. IDG did something strange too when he showed up in the forest. He went to YM’s car, inspected it (he would’ve recognised it from the licence plate from the get go? There was no need to “inspect it”?), then he went and opened the boot? Why would he do that? To check that YM didn’t have SHoon in the boot? It would make sense for IDG to scrap his car if it had traces of SHoon in it...his blood, his hair, finger prints etc... otherwise it would be excessive?
  20. Yes @triplem but I think IDG lost him. SHoon escaped. In the forest when he ran away from YM, both YM and IDG were seen at the scene. Did SHoon get away from both or did one of them catch him? The hand amputation had to have happened that night or early the next morning because the coroner put down time of amputation around then? The viciousness of the hand amputation is the work of someone like IDG - that’s how I feel anyway. I went back to try to find out what the coroner said about the foot and there was nothing forthcoming. All we have is TaeSik at the morgue. By the time SHui and YM appear, the foot was gone and there wasn’t a full report mentioned.
  21. Which is why I always said his character seems otherworldly. Like a guardian angel. Faultless and therefore not realistic. But he is the ideal to aspire towards. Character growth wise he has had the least development in the drama. DO and BK have had the most. For those who experience angst from watching possible BK/DO scenes for the final episodes, maybe do what I do when I feel the same I don’t watch live and read spoilers afterwards, then I fast forward scenes and only watch the ones I want to watch to save me heartache. Works a charm.
  22. No but both men held the blade. Had HR not changed the files, she wouldn’t have been in that state in the hospital in the shadow. So you could argue that unconsciously or not, HR put her in danger by switching the files. She needed that surgery. But yes, BK took her mask off for that time so he was at fault too. Both had a hand in killing her (metaphorically)...just like both men held the hilt of the sword in TC. Both are at fault for her death in the shadow in Secret, I think that was what the drama was implying. But yes, if you feel the need to take it out on someone, then BK is the obvious target. He was set up as an antagonist to be hated from the get go so I am sure he wouldn’t mind more of it going his way. If nothing at all, I think the fact that there is so much hate coming his way is an indication of his great acting. It can only be helpful to build the breadth of his acting resume. It’s a lot harder to play a villain than it is a straight up good guy. No wonder he got accepted to play alongside Park MinYoung and Seo KangJoon in his next project. I am looking forward to that one. I can’t see the writer not giving HR/DO their happy ending eventually in some form or another. It’s just a matter of how long they will draw out the angst. Not long to wait now.
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