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  1. I will certainly give it a go. He did well as a dad in SF1. Writer is the one who penned Go Back Couple? Which I have heard is good? PD did Abyss (but that may have failed because of the plot)...he also directed 100million stars from the sky (which I heard was good?). It sounds like a cry fest...but a good cry fest... like Be With You. is it cold in Chengdu? Didn’t you say you were there on holiday? 926
  2. New year new profile pic. Ms Cat is taking a break. 926
  3. @triplem this sounds suspiciously like So JiSub’s Be With You (movie)? If it comes even a smidgen close to what BWY was...it’s a cry fest... and I am on board. Upon my word I watched that movie so many times. It’s my go to feel good movie. Like Forrest Gump. A Box of chocolates that keeps on giving. 924 https://www.soompi.com/article/1374975wpp/kim-tae-hee-and-lee-kyu-hyungs-upcoming-drama-reveals-new-character-posters
  4. I love a man who has his priorities right. Fabulous example of standing up tall and doing the right thing. Acknowledging his failures but manning up and learning from them...then taking the necessary steps to make it right. https://www.soompi.com/article/1374954wpp/ji-sung-talks-about-family-life-quitting-drinking-and-more 918
  5. @triplem @ktcjdrama @bedifferent shall I summon the Avengers for this? . Serial killer hunting alert - a hunting we will go? https://www.soompi.com/article/1374839wpp/watch-jang-hyuk-and-sooyoung-trust-nothing-but-what-they-see-in-thriller-drama-teaser 904
  6. Yes . I thought it would be fun. They show you around and act like your personal guide. @packmule3 mentioned it in her blog. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/08/02/richard simmons-talk-rent-an-oppa/ 884
  7. Not if he doesn’t admit himself to get treated. That’s the problem. He thinks he’s perfectly “normal”. Unless he acknowledges he needs it, you can’t force him to get treated. He has committed no crime. He’s just stalking her. She can take out an AVO (apprehended violence order -not sure if Korea does this) so he has to stay outside a certain radius of her and if he crosses that line, he can be warned/punished but there’s really no other way around it. You can’t lock him up. He has basic human rights too. Lots of pedophiles and weirdos are out there loose. He’s one of thousands. It’s just a reality that idols/celebrities and even normal people (I know wives who take out AVOs against their abusive husbands) face on a daily basis. Sad but true. 884
  8. Doubt it. He is not of sound mind. He doesn’t think like “normal” people do. None of these stalkers/Sasaengs are sound mentally. I pity the poor girl. It’s enough to drive her to insanity (always watchful, always on the edge in a crowd). I hope she’s getting counselling to deal with her fears and that it doesn’t curtail her socially as a result. 884
  9. @Ameera Ali A bit extreme but I get the gist . My daughter is already hoping she will bump into “someone famous” on the streets of Korea when we visit in Feb. I told her maybe we should just buy face masks and don black caps and hoodies and pretend to be celebrities instead and see how many people we trick into believing that we are celebrities. ((Cue eye roll from her)). Definitely going to do the sauna thing and wear a towel on our heads and crack hard boiled eggs on our foreheads. Essential to get the whole cultural experience. 884 EDIT - @packmule3 nice to see you pop in for a visit. I am still trying to convince daughter dear to “Rent an Oppa” with me. It’s not going down well.
  10. That’s me too. I will keep watching. Tried to watch some Hollywood stuff again but baulked at the amount of violence and immorality. I will stay in the safe space of Kdramas and varieties for now. It’s harder finding stuff that gives me the good feels...so I have been wading through older dramas with good reviews. I can understand why some just leave after a while. The novelty wears off. I think I will keep dropping dramas that don’t satisfy. Will try to get regular with varieties instead. 2D1N was my staple but after JJY, it left a bad taste. May pick up something like Running Man. 862
  11. @triplem . He still looks awkward but never mind. NJH has always been one to help her costars relax into their roles. She’s bubbly and professional and easy to get along with so filming with her is a real treat. 2020 is looking good for me drama wise.
  12. I just googled it - Korea jails users https://www.upi.com/Top_News/World-News/2019/05/10/South-Korea-shaken-by-rising-drug-use-celebrity-scandals/2091557235499/. He was sentenced for dealing the first time. I was thinking the same about the other guy in the car... he sold LKH’s character out. I am not sure whether he was “let off”. But why was he there in the first place? Unless LKH’s character told him to come pick him up? So that left me wondering. He was certainly in on it with the Police to catch users again? It was just so sad. His family and lover left him to deal with the drug problem alone. Mistakenly believing that he needed to “wake up” and conditioned their acceptance of him ONLY if he left that life. Problem was, the root of him getting into that life of addiction was because he was alone - they didn’t realize that . So in leaving him to deal with it alone, they drove him back to that life. . And his major support network within the Prison system is gone. Most of the original gang in the cell have left... 860
  13. @triplem @ktcjdrama Binge watched Prison Playbook. Ignored the fireworks. . Final thoughts - A+. Long but it was good. I liked how even it was. Not everyone got a happy ending. The most painful ending was Lee KyuHyung’s. After all that hard work of trying to quit drugs in prison, he succumbed straight after he got out... hopefully this time around as a user, he would be rehabilitated instead of being thrown in Prison (as a dealer). He desperately needed affirmation from those around him (family) but never got it... only fleetingly with his lover and even he seemed content to let him fight the addiction on his own. Once the structure, discipline and support from his fellow cell mates was removed and he stepped out into the lonely dismal world, he could no longer fight the addiction on his own anymore. It’s an indictment on society. That the camaraderie shared in the Prison affirmed him more as a person (and gave him the impetus to stay clean) than the world outside the Prison bars. . On a brighter note, the love stories were so sweet. The best kind. . And the camaraderie and bromances were the heart of the show. A motley bunch (including the Correction Officers) who helped each other and shared the burdens, watched each other’s backs. One mistake (however big) doesn’t define you. It’s about making amends and coming out the other side a better person. I am looking forward to the writer’s new work Doctor’s Playbook (?). Although after having watched Life, it’s going to be a tough act to follow. 854
  14. Hmm...thanks @angelangie and @triplem I am not sure I am fan girl enough to take over . Especially now that he’s in the army so he’s not going to have much news anyway for another year. So posts will be scanty at best. I will think about it. 836
  15. @triplem what determines if a thread is archived? And if it is archived, can it be un-archived so posting can start again? I discovered that Do KyungSoo’s actor thread was archived? I just thought it was strange that he didn’t have a thread of his own... so I looked it up. It’s there but archived so no further comments are allowed? Last post was in 2015. 840
  16. Guess Dispatch has to find someone else to reveal as new couple . No idea who this is. SM beat Dispatch to the punch. If I recall right, late last year KwangSoo chose to tell the world about his new squeeze around this time too. https://www.soompi.com/article/1374299wpp/sm-entertainment-confirms-tvxqs-changmin-is-in-a-relationship 822
  17. Yes . I like that it humanises inmates. Too often these Prison type dramas/movies depict the violence and the ugliest side of prison life. Probably also the reason why everyone comes into this drama expecting the worst of humanity to be thrown at us. This drama turns that on its head and reminds the audience that whilst we would like to demonise these outcasts (down and outs) of society, there are many human faces amongst them. You just need to look harder. Past the tattoos and scars and rough edges. And of course their harbinger of hope (for everyone outside and inside the prison community) embodied in the person of superstar baseballer Kim JeHyuk. Everyone is living vicariously through him. 822
  18. Ep 7. The eps are so long. It takes a bit of getting used to. Yes to the bad/scary because of the whole premise of the show. 822
  19. @triplem @ktcjdrama I am dying of laughter in Prison Playbook. They do humour just the way I like it. Droll, dry wit. His cell mates pushing for him to be Chief at Woodworking... with a full on campaign...complete with song and dance to drum up support. 814
  20. Yeah ask for your money back. Or hours. I heard that was what a lot asked for when Vagabond ended. They wanted their 16hrs back. 798
  21. @katakwasabi your homeboy is gonna grace our screens with dry wit in variety... https://www.soompi.com/article/1374075wpp/shin-sung-rok-join-cast-master-in-house-next-year It’s never too late to start I guess...2019 is nearly at the end... don’t you mean 2020? 796
  22. I agree with @Ameera Ali. First few eps were just sad (I didn’t cry but it was just blow after blow of misfortune thrown at the male lead (tropes galore)... got to a point where I was thinking, “Come on, give him a break already?”). I don’t remember laughing though so it’s a serious melo. I dropped it because I couldn’t take it anymore. Future episodes are supposedly better but it’s set in a hospice... so I knew that there was going to be more deaths in the pipeline... and it didn’t sit well with the joyous festivities in real life so I stopped watching. Tuned in to Prison Playbook instead. It’s sad too but because it’s got humour sprinkled liberally through it, ironically it’s an easier watch despite the dour background setting. 796
  23. Okay you lost me here. Who are Airens and Sueweeties? I assume they are fandom names? 794
  24. Why would they attack the other fandoms when they were quoting a “reliable” source? They should just call Soompi out for getting it wrong? So weird. 790
  25. He totally fits the Gumiho... otherworldly spooky fits him to a tee. I am not sure about the pairing though? @Sushimi Wolfie is back baring his fangs 784 http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/12/lee-dong-wook-jo-boa-sign-on-for-new-tvn-fantasy/
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