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  1. Ooo @chickfactor bonus points to your for your sleuthing skills . Those little tidbits add so much meaning to the show! Well done Sherlock. I love all the characters of this show. They all add something to it, no-one is superfluous. It has a real family feel. I love how the show connects the young with the old. It's revelationary in nature. The drama doesn't seek to accuse or make one party feel guilty for being young or being old, it just reveals what it is like in a matter of factly way. And it's in understanding and stepping into the shoes of another that you build harmony between generations. The struggles they face, their reality Vs yours. Apparently Mr Law of the Jungle Kim ByungMan is making a cameo - and it's double thumbs up for this show that's for sure! https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003955075
  2. Brilliant episode. Laughed so hard and cried just as much. SHJ has the best lines and him trying to be Internet reality TV's next big thing "I am just checking if you have rabies" "Don't I deserve something special?"...His Mom, "I will spare your life"... I believe it's the first time I have cried my eyes out watching a man eat anchovies O little drama I am so glad to have stumbled upon you. You provide much needed mirth and wholesome entertainment to my life. Taking on the realities of what it means to age and to age well with aplomb
  3. I knew it!! There was a huge surge in number of views for clips. Up up and away!! I love it when the underdog makes a comeback.
  4. Talking about Your Honor. Footage also from Masquerade (Redone now in The Crowned Clown which is currently airing). Not about Mirror of the Witch.
  5. My word. This show just gets better each Episode! I LOVED it! . Bawled my eyes out half the time but it was 'good' tears. You will know what I mean when you watch it. My thoughts in spoiler because some of you here haven't seen it.
  6. Yeah I think everyone dropped bar Lawyer Jo2 and Light In Your Eyes which saw rises. TCC is still number 1 though for that time slot.
  7. O rise in ratings! Go little drama! You can do this! Ep 3 - 3.7% Cr - https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002882647
  8. Positive reviews from last night's episode . I am waiting for subs to watch it. Question that was raised for me from last week's episode was "If something happened to me eg I became a quadriplegic or I was burnt horribly in a fire, will I still cherish the life that I have left? Or will I wallow and just 'choose to die' because life isn't 'worth living anymore'?" I love dramas that make me think. Cr - https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/02/the-light-in-your-eyes-ep-3-spoilers.html
  9. Pants this time...they are really putting him to work, not that I’m complaining. So spiffy.
  10. Honestly this show is on an obscure channel and weird time so I am not sure we will get Eng subs on it. Will see how it goes I guess.
  11. I think the premiere date for this may have been pushed back from its original Mar launch. It is supposed to take the place of Nieghbourhood Lawyer Mr Jo 2 (what a mouthful ) on KBS in the Mon-Tue night slot. I just read this in NLMJ2's Wiki page. The drama went on hiatus (no episode was aired on January 28-29 and February 4-5) due to Park Shin-yang's surgery. so it looks like it will finish end Mar - Assuming that NLMJ2 is 20 episodes. That means Dear Citizens could well premiere first week of April? Pure speculation on my part. It will give them more time to film episodes in advance and not live film as much.
  12. O you could be right then! Re 12 eps, I know. I was terribly disappointed to hear that it was so short. It's a little gem of a show. I didn't expect much to begin with because I was in a bit of a Drama slump. So I watched with zero expectations. It was a winner from Ep 1. I needed a heartwarming family drama that just went back to basics. I was pleasantly surprised by the warmth and the ordinariness of this drama was what kept me invested. Less is more. Too much of what was on offer of late was just over the top and grandiose...I needed ordinary for a change . Yes to the brother. I love his comedic timing. I think he will be the one to balance the darker, sadder elements of the drama.
  13. More hilarity from SHJ tonight . Life must go on. Cr https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=015&aid=0004094390 @ChewyChocolate I know. But this drama only has 12 episodes so it doesn't have the luxury of slow progression. That's an interesting thought that he will see her as a young person still. From the preview though it seems to imply that HyeJa seemed disappointed that he didn't recognize the 'light in her eyes' when they did meet later so that may well be wishful thinking. I am expecting that despite the rude shock of seeing their daughter age suddenly that her family will still rally around her. She remains their daughter regardless and they will continue to treat her as such.
  14. This popped up on Naver for me. Kim HyeJa talking about the drama. Don't understand much of what she's saying except she keeps talking about 'time' - so I think we may be right that this drama is reminding viewers to cherish the now, to count your blessings and live for the moment because you never know when the opportunities you have before you are taken away in an instant. I love hearing her speak though. So gentle and soothing. http://naver.me/F7wkfpyX Link won't embed for me - it's on Naver TV so clicking on it should take you to the page.
  15. Some people are so clever to put all the pics of his modelling for Austin Reed all in a video.
  16. Cast enjoying filming together. Cr https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=437&aid=0000202969
  17. In case anyone is wondering why the 2D1N furry outfits look so familiar, it's because they have been recycled. They were used in the Harbin 2D1N episode a while back. Modern British Style
  18. nrllee

    anti love game

    Thanks @Lmangla and @sushilicious for organizing. Had a blast just opening all those spoiler tags and educating myself on anti-love KDramas. A new genre that I never knew existed. Learn something new every day. In fact, I only recently stumbled upon this really niche genre in the drama thread Light In Your Eyes. Genre : Switched Bodies.
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