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  1. Agreed @nubianlegalmind regarding her inability to plan. Not everyone has that presence of mind to think rationally or logically in stressful scenarios. People with that ability are rare. Which is why in real life hostage situations, the audience watching can go, "Man if I were in that situation I would totally wrestle the gun from his hands. Nothing to lose". Yet reality paints a very different picture because very few would? Which is why when it happens we laud these people as heroes and put them on a pedestal because they are extraordinary. This drama on the other hand is about ordinary people. Who really if you look hard enough are quiet heroes in their own right. Plodding through life with little recognition or affirmation but living as best they can all the same. The hairdressing Mother who sacrifices for her family. The dejected Father who is trying so hard to 'be useful' but gets shot down every time (that's gotta be hard for a man's self esteem). The good for nothing Brother who dreams of being an Internet sensation closing his mind to his family's suffering (I am seeing signs of his character shifting from this so I am looking forward to more development in this space). Personally I think HyeJa is doing admirably for someone who is suddenly aged. Her situation is vastly different from the 93yo lady you refer to (she aged naturally, she's 'lived' all those years). HyeJa's situation for me is more like a young person who's had an accident and suddenly become a paraplegic. You suddenly have to say goodbye to all those 'dreams' you mapped out for your life. In that one instant, poof...gone. There was no adjustment phase (like in normal ageing). It would've been a lot like her Father with the loss of his limb? His new reality was suddenly changed dramatically. To me everyone is just coping with life the best they can. Even depressed JoonHa. So to me this drama tugs at my heartstrings not because it's trying to portray life 'as it should be' but 'life as it is'. When the PD said this drama is there to offer hope. I think he meant it. It doesn't give the audience heroes on pedestals to look at and gawk over, it gives us ordinary people slogging through life's challenges and just doing the best they can. It may not be world changing, news worthy stuff but it is wonderfully ordinary. Life is lived in the mundane. Hmm...writer needs to research her facts better. I thought previous record was 6.6 percent? @rocher22. I liked her songs too! I must admit initially I found her cutesy voice a little hard to take when she speaks but put it in a song and it's a beautiful fit. That breathy ethereal wispy feel to it.
  2. Child actor for JJS's character cr https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=144&aid=0000598527 M filming site
  3. @ChewyChocolate I don’t think that’s been revealed yet . We have to keep watching to find out
  4. Ahhh another satisfying episode. I may have to rethink my guess about JoonHa already having used the watch for that dream date sequence YoungSoo is just a barrel of laughs. His dancing on stage for the old folks And that cliffhanger at the end
  5. My word. Number 1 for that time slot! Granted there was no competition from TVN but still... Go little drama!
  6. I still love this drama but it seems like the public may be finding the story a bit slow for their tastes...especially those who just want to see the sparks fly between the young leads. Maybe because I am more 'mature' in age so slow is okay for me - if it's slow for a reason that is (development of side characters to flesh out the story). If it's just slow and stalling because the writer has run out of things to say, then I have a problem. Only 2 weeks left of this - I will be sad to say goodbye to this serendipitous find of a drama. Cr https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/03/the-light-in-your-eyes-ep-8-spoilers.html
  7. Ep 7 thoughts (as pointed out time travel always has plot holes if you try to think too hard so I tried not to) I am loving this drama. The PD is right in saying that it offers hope. It does that in bucketloads.
  8. @nubianlegalmind did the ratings dip? From memory it's been steadily rising every week? (https://m.entertain.naver.com/tvBrand/8743150/broadcastInfo/ratingCard). Last night would've been a good test as Crowned Clown was on finale night and it's on at exactly the same time as this little gem. We'll see how it goes. Personally whilst I am frustrated with SHJ's character (yes to his ineptitude and sloth like manner) I welcome his cartoon like caricature character to make me laugh at the sheer stupidity of his antics - it's to the point of being ludicrous. It may well be his form of escape. There are people in the world like him so it's not a far fetched analogy. This drama is breaking a lot of rules when it comes to expectations. It's is far from formulaic so those coming in expecting run of the mill romance between the young leads will undoubtedly be disappointed. I don't miss it. I like how the relationships are convoluted and being developed, but that's a personal opinion. Netizens on the whole are positive. cr https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/03/the-light-in-your-eyes-ep-7-spoilers.html
  9. Some of these replies are purely my opinion, not sure how the writer will pen the second half. No I don't think the younger version is back. Unless we go along with the lines of a parallel universe. It was a dream. I doubt we will see romance between the old lady and JoonHa. Err the romance is already there (sort of?) - maybe more in HyeJa's mind seeing the last episode seemed more like a replay of what 'could have been'. I am not even sure the romance between the young leads will be penned in at the end. It may be the case of it being 'suggested' but never realized, should HyeJa remain in her old body. Although the Watch resurfacing at the end in Ep 6 seems to suggest that we may get a time shift again. I don't really mind either way. I am just enjoying the ride and the punchy messages strewn along the way.
  10. One scene that gave me an insight into why I think there's more depth in YoungSoo is the one where he wakes up and sees the stars he accumulated and then he replays the recording of HyeJa. You see him sobbing. That's a glimpse into his real feelings. He was just as affected as everyone else...everyone dealt with it the best way they knew how. Her dad by withdrawing (he is plainly guilt ridden and in a lot of pain). Her Mom in her usual 'life must go on' way. YoungSoo hid his grief behind his cavalier man-child ways. Tear jerker scenes 1. When dad tried to fix the water heater. O it broke my heart to see him reduced to that state (he was trying to be useful). and then to have his Wife yell at him for his incompetence just made it worse. He's a man who has lost his dignity (nothing has been said about why he's lost his job as a taxi driver and why he is now limping - there's a story there). 2. When YoungSoo saw his Sister become the subject of ridicule in the video and sobbed (like she's some oddity/freak for people to ogle at) 3. When JoonHa's loneliness and circumstance caused him to pour his heart out to young HyeJa as she stopped him from taking it out on himself. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you it's not your fault, that life just sucks. To provide perspective and hope in a dark place. 4. When HyeJa reached out to Chanel and saw her plight and reached out with a hand of friendship and understanding. 5. HyeJa is growing up mentally in her 'old' state. She could see all these things she never saw before with her young eyes. When you are forced to slow down, you will pick things up that you never noticed before.
  11. @sushilicious Didn't watch Guest. Horror is so not my thing. My friend icemaid did though. Btw - wild guess but...Majula S to you. If that means something, then I have guessed right. If not, then just look upon it as some cryptic cipher from my sleep deprived brain.
  12. @sushilicious I popped up when you organized the recent games - Love fest and Anti-love game. . That's probably where you remember me from. -2 (608)
  13. Ooo...is this where chilled people chill? -2 (598) I am team 'minus' or 'subtract'. I just read rules...am I supposed to say something clever? Or will the above suffice as an introduction? I feel like I've barged in on conversations and am madly trying to play catch up. And that also means trying to make sense of acronyms - SF1 and 2? Actually I will just chill for a bit. Sexy vampires or priests? I vote werewolf. . Team Jacob all the way.
  14. I agree @chickfactor. There is so much to love about this show. I really like how they showcase the plight of the elderly and their realities. It's not an effort to guilt the audience into feeling 'sorry' for them (not sympathy) but seeking instead to reveal facts of their day to day challenges to evoke empathy. And when you empathize you are less likely to be impatient and rude, you are more likely to be kind. Like your point 1. On the surface if we had not known how Chanel was treated when buying underwear we would just put her down as being a cranky old lady with no manners. Understanding where she was coming from softens our view of her so we can act kindly. And yes to Young-Soo. I think deep down he is kind. I like that he behaved no different to HyeJa when she suddenly grew old. It's like him telling her subconsciously that in his eyes, she is still the same person and he doesn't care that she aged overnight? If you think about it, he was the ONLY person who didn't relate any different to her when that happened. He was constant. He saw her as she really was - his sister (to borrow the phrase they used from Avatar - he 'saw' her). And when he stood up for HyunJoo when she was being put down by her old bf, he covered it up with the food quip at the end. I get the feeling he uses humour and acts the fool as a cover for his acts of kindness. Some people are like that. They act all gruff and nonchalant but deep down they are actually kind. And it helps that he provides endless laughter and fun for us watching him to really lighten up the mood of the drama. Btw thanks for translating previews and also providing recaps of episodes. It is much appreciated
  15. I was expecting a ratings boost but that's impressive . When I saw the number of views for last night's Ep preview climb to over 200,000 I was anticipating it. I am glad this little drama is getting the love it deserves.
  16. Cr https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/02/the-light-in-your-eyes-ep-6-spoilers.html
  17. Another satisfying episode. . Delivering laughter and tears (good ones) all in that one heartwarming hour. I am so glad I stumbled on this little drama. It deals with the sensitive subject of growing old with grace and subtlety. It doesn't seek to over dramatise it which would defeat the purpose but it weaves it into the story with wit and just enough gravitas to give the audience an insight into it without leaving you feeling sorry for the elderly. I only wish I would age that gracefully. SHJ delivers again with impeccable comedic timing. I killed myself laughing at his antics to woo his old gf. The cameos were delightful. The nunchucks and candles by ByungMan . Preview looks great. Can't wait.
  18. Teaser makes it look comedic? Even the synopsis looks like it will head that way. Looks to be a fun ride.
  19. Good responses from last night's episode. Waiting for subs to watch it Cr https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/02/the-light-in-your-eyes-ep-5-spoilers.html
  20. Didn't she throw it off the roof? I vaguely remember thinking,"Don't do that! You may need it again!" and then secretly hoping that NJH would pick it up as he was below. So I was of the impression that it's gone.
  21. Excited about what tonight and tomorrow have in store for us. Looking forward to more laughter and tears. I never thought I would be so happy to be crying but strangely this drama does this to me. This drama sells hope. And I always feel hopeful after each episode, no matter how much I have cried during it or how devastating the circumstances seem to be that have unfolded.
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