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  1. I really love how gently and carefully this drama has approached the whole topic of ageing. Slow with lovely mellow tones. And that pic of the old folks watching the sunset...they have reached the sunset of their lives. Actually I always thought HJM's fashion sense was kinda old school but I just put it down to her liking retro stuff...how fashion comes full circle and the old becomes new again (wait...I just wrote something profound...sometimes I surprise even myself ). And yes I am dying to know if YoungSoo really ended up in Africa or not .
  2. Thank you mod @angelangie for floating in like an angel, restoring order and spreading the love . I get that people are angry. Just like how Netizens took their anger at JJY out on KBS and 2D1N, we should expect no less from angry visitors to our thread. Welcome friends who have suddenly appeared when the scandal surfaced and friends of these friends. As mod @angelangie so aptly said, language matters. Especially in our thread here which is family friendly, rated PG13 probably? Profanity and name calling are banned (thank you angelangie for editing and cleaning up posts). JJY has left the show now so all talk of him should now reside in his individual thread (if there is one). We will see how far the fall out extends regarding the show as the next few weeks and months unfold.
  3. It was just a brilliant way to highlight Alzheimer's. The gradual slow loss of memories that you hold dear. The sad plight when you don't even recognise the ones nearest and dearest to you (mistaking her Son for her Father). The fact that the disease basically punches holes in your memories so it's a mish mash of what you actually experienced and what you had dreamt life to be. Some days you are good and remember more and other days you struggle to know what day it is or who it is you are talking to. And it's petrifying knowing that slowly but surely you lose all your memories (and who you are) and you rely on others to do the remembering for you. That last scene at the beach of her at the beach on her own? Dementia and Alzheimer's patients do that a lot. They wander off on their own. My friend's Mother did that. He took his eye off her for a few minutes whilst shopping and next thing they knew they were frantically searching for her in the department store. She had left, got on a bus and rode somewhere and didn't know how to get home. They had to call the Police to finally locate her. The finale will probably attempt to try to tie it all together for us somehow. The following is pure conjecture on my part I think JoonHa died young leaving her with her Son to raise on her own - that's why HJM was in mourning clothes and holding a box (presumably with his ashes) at the beach. Her frantic attempts to save her 'Father' could be her way of frantically trying to replay that fateful day and save JoonHa? The old man in the wheelchair with the watch could very well be the driver who killed JoonHa. Time stopped for her then. Her dreams of a life together with JoonHa shattered by his premature death. The old man returned the watch to her because he was the man who "robbed" her of the time she would've spent with JoonHa and potentially the life she would've had as a news announcer - it can't be easy being a single Mom. It may be that she bumps into the man who killed JoonHa again in the Senior Facility. There was that scene in the Preview where he looks to be lying in bed (?) - was he dying? Perhaps she will finally extend her hand of forgiveness to him for his act so long ago. NJH was the lookalike doctor treating her at the Senior Facility so he would've triggered her memories of her past life with JoonHa and it gets all mixed up with her current situation in the Senior Facility. The insurance policies and vitamin pills could be real or they could just be her mind working overtime and being suspicious of well meaning helpers in the Facility. Alzheimer's does that to you. My Friend's Mother was convinced all the Nurses at her Facility were out to poison her food and they had a hard time convincing her to eat her meals . Which leaves me wondering how YoungSoo fits into the whole picture. I think he's her real grandson. He played along with her (like her Son and Daughter in Law did). EDIT - just saw @snowbird12's analysis and looks like he/she is on the money. The old man with the watch is the big question mark. I am happy to be wrong.. Bring on next week.
  4. That's our very own "YoungSoo" moment to inject humour to the thread.
  5. That’s a highly reactive response from Knetizens. To call for an axing of a show, to muddy the reputations of the others because they were kind enough to forgive him and give him a second chance? What has the world come to? Have they paid the price for embracing him back to the fold and trusting his words? Indeed. Emotions are high right now and all that anger has to be directed somewhere tangible - unfortunately that would be at his 2D1N family. You only need to look at the huge outcry and his treatment at Incheon to see the level of hate he has generated. They were outright ready to stone him at the airport. I would hazard a guess to say that just as we are appalled by JJY’s betrayal of our trust, the 2D1N family being closer to the action would be exponentially more so. We are all greatly pained by his actions, angry, confused and just gobsmacked. Just because we continue to support the family of 2D1N does not equate with us condoning the wrong actions of the one. If you look at the scandal in 2016 you would know that the only facts everyone had of the case was that of his ex gf suing him for filming consensual intercourse? It did not have the full sordid details that we are getting now? Supporting the show going forward does not mean we support the actions of JJY. He has been stripped of all his public duties already. Undoubtedly as the case is dealt with in the court system he will more likely than not serve jail time. It remains to be seen if the show can move forward with the remaining members and if the public will continue to watch regardless. It has cast a shadow in the wake of an otherwise delightful Sunday night of fun filled laughter. That’s just a fact everyone has to deal with. Some will stop watching in anger and disgust. Others will continue as a support for the remaining members. Still others will take a break to just digest all the information and reassess. There is no right or wrong way of dealing with it. Everyone deals with it the best way they know how. Sending virtual hugs to everyone in this little community here who have been part of the 2D1N family whose hearts have been torn asunder by recent events off topic so in spoiler
  6. your reply is even funnier... That's like saying 'policeman number 1'. Probably then. The lady who walks really slow is the same as the grandma who looks like an ordinary person. . Clear as mud.
  7. And who might that be? I have a hard time with Korean names so I can't be judge. Thanks for the little tidbit of information about the Pro-democracy movement. See old folks all have wonderful stories to tell. I find it's so ironic that I really only find out at their funerals how interesting their lives actually were. A sad indictment on me for not having asked them to recount their life stories whilst they were still living.
  8. Ratings 190312: still number 1 SBS #Haechi: 6.1% | 7.2% KBS #MyLawyerMrJo2: 6.3% | 7.3% MBC #Item: 3.4% | 4.1% JTBC #TheLightInYourEyes: 7.9% tvN #HeisPsychometric: 2.2%
  9. No words ... That plot twist Cr https://melohwa.blogspot.com/2019/03/the-light-in-your-eyes-ep-10-spoilers.html EDIT - it's trending on Naver ... And so it should.
  10. Beautifully said. . I actual really like the pacing of this show. I have read comments that the episodes so far have been 'fillers'/too slow and seem superfluous because the commenters feel like the side stories don't 'matter' as much as the one between the young OTP? They don't get the point of it? The fact that they don't get it is really an indictment on their prejudices about what constitutes romance, or what constitutes value, or what constitutes stories worth watching? Similar to what everyone did in the beginning with the news of Chanel's death? Changing the channel, reading something else, as if she never mattered...and ironically only when her case becomes a potential homicide with JoonHa's involvement did the Internet articles seem to surface? Ordinary is what this drama is about. How all these 'old people' really do live in our lives yet we have no eyes to see them. They become nearly invisible, waiting to die. Relics of the past who we give due adulation to when necessary but are by and large inconveniences. Yet their lives are so rich. They cherish everything they can do. They dance, they sing, they care for each other. In actual fact, they are the ones who 'see' everything because life slows for them and they can sit and watch and observe. We need to see them and relate to them like we do our peers or our children. Cried pretty much the whole episode. . So sad that it is only at her death that we finally (actually everyone) gets to know her real name, even HyeJa. And only after her death that her Son acknowledges her existence to his Son (she is not the Grandma from yesterday. She is your real grandma)...did he see his potential future in the eyes of his Son? How when he ages he too may face the same fate as his Mother? Forgotten. Put aside. Obsolete. Personally no matter how this drama ends, it's a winner on all fronts for me. I'm one satisfied customer already.
  11. Down from high of last week but still number 1 (only just) (Source kDrama News Tweet) Ratings 190311: #Haechi : 6.5% | 7.5% #MyLawyerMrJo2 : 5.2% | 6.9% #Item : 3.2% | 3.6% #TheLightInYourEyes : 7.7% #HeisPsychometric : 2.5%
  12. Thank you @chickfactor for you recaps and thoughts woven in. I haven't had the chance to watch yet. Waiting for subs. I agree with you about liking how the drama's take on reality is just telling it as it is minus the histrionics and blame game. Not long now till resolution next week. I'm really intrigued to find out how the writer will pen the ending.
  13. Visuals on this drama is dreamy... eye candy all round. Personally I thought this was an odd choice for a drama after the successful run of Crowned Clown but his recent interview clarified his reasons for taking this up. In spoiler tag coz for some reason my phone is not letting me use quotes. Ahh...so he’s challenging himself, breaking new ground, pushing himself out of his comfort zone. Kudos for being brave. He’s grown up well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. cr https://www.soompi.com/article/1309198wpp/yeo-jin-goo-talks-about-his-new-attitude-towards-acting-his-upcoming-drama-with-iu
  14. Indeed it is. It humanizes him and for that alone he has my respect. Rom Com is actually very hard to pull off well. It’s very hard to behave in such a way that you’re not a total idiot (in an attempt to be comedic) yet come across as believable so it endears you to the audience. Maybe he can ask Lee SeYoung - she acted in Hwayugi (also Hong Sisters) and I adored her zombie character. Or maybe (more likely this), he will feel his way around it. It’s a big risk to take up this project no doubt about that. We’ll see if it pays off for him or not.
  15. https://www.soompi.com/article/1309198wpp/yeo-jin-goo-talks-about-his-new-attitude-towards-acting-his-upcoming-drama-with-iu I like what I am hearing from the horse’s mouth. I must admit I was rather skeptical about his choice of drama post TCC, but hearing about the reasons why he’s taken up something like this is refreshing. It shows growth. He is doing what he fears most and challenging himself as an artiste (against popular opinion). I like that. For that alone I will tune in to watch Hotel De La Luna despite all my reservations (apparently according to proper Spanish grammar, it’s supposed to be De La Luna).
  16. @movall welcome back! You're like the aurora borealis - appearing only when the conditions are absolutely right. It has crossed my mind about the truck driver. Good points about JoonHa's other jobs being a possible connection too. I don't have the time to backtrack to find out JoonHa's state of mind during the accident. I am sure it will all come to a satisfactory conclusion soon.
  17. Thanks @richelle for clarifying that. @MsMinnieFran got me curious so I went back and rewatched the scenes about the old man/young man with the watch in Ep 7. And here's what I discovered on second viewing. HyeJa is worried when the man doesn't turn up. Goes into the office to try to find out his address and if anyone will check on him. The conman then informs her 1. There was one time recently where he didn't show up for a month This prompts her to visit all the old people to ask about where he normally gets picked up and dropped off. 2. Nobody seems to know where he lives. She then meets the 2 police officers and return to the Police Office with them. They refuse to give her any information and tell her it's pointless to try to locate him. She walks to a shelter (?) where she tries to buy something from the vending machine and drops her coin. The young man with the watch picks it up. She gives chase. But this is what I missed on first viewing. As he walks past 2 other police officers, they salute him and he returns the salute.. 3. He is a Detective? Or someone within the Police force. He crosses the street, HyeJa is too slow to follow. A truck drives past as he crosses the street and he vanishes. Still no idea who he is or how he knows JoonHa. But he is part of the Police Force.
  18. No clue. . But I thought it was really odd that the timelines intersect. As in, the old man was in the wheelchair with the watch in the Exhibit Hall and then HyeJa meets the young version of him at the Police Station (was he a policeman or a suspect or a witness? It wasn't clear). Then she chases him down the street...and he disappears when the van drives across the street. How would he have met JoonHa because he seems to recognise him? The only crossover in the story so far (aside from the Exhibit Hall) for the 2 of them is the Police Station - where JoonHa's dad accuses him of falsely pressing charges? How did his Father get evidence that JoonHa falsely accused him? I thought that was odd.. Did his grandma testify against JoonHa? I can't remember.
  19. cr: screenshot from SBS Catch site. There's a Q&A happening for MBF. Questions can be submitted between 6-19Mar and the leads will answer the questions (I guess potentially they pull them out of a hat - depending on how many there are) in a video broadcast probably in April some time.
  20. Agreed @nubianlegalmind regarding her inability to plan. Not everyone has that presence of mind to think rationally or logically in stressful scenarios. People with that ability are rare. Which is why in real life hostage situations, the audience watching can go, "Man if I were in that situation I would totally wrestle the gun from his hands. Nothing to lose". Yet reality paints a very different picture because very few would? Which is why when it happens we laud these people as heroes and put them on a pedestal because they are extraordinary. This drama on the other hand is about ordinary people. Who really if you look hard enough are quiet heroes in their own right. Plodding through life with little recognition or affirmation but living as best they can all the same. The hairdressing Mother who sacrifices for her family. The dejected Father who is trying so hard to 'be useful' but gets shot down every time (that's gotta be hard for a man's self esteem). The good for nothing Brother who dreams of being an Internet sensation closing his mind to his family's suffering (I am seeing signs of his character shifting from this so I am looking forward to more development in this space). Personally I think HyeJa is doing admirably for someone who is suddenly aged. Her situation is vastly different from the 93yo lady you refer to (she aged naturally, she's 'lived' all those years). HyeJa's situation for me is more like a young person who's had an accident and suddenly become a paraplegic. You suddenly have to say goodbye to all those 'dreams' you mapped out for your life. In that one instant, poof...gone. There was no adjustment phase (like in normal ageing). It would've been a lot like her Father with the loss of his limb? His new reality was suddenly changed dramatically. To me everyone is just coping with life the best they can. Even depressed JoonHa. So to me this drama tugs at my heartstrings not because it's trying to portray life 'as it should be' but 'life as it is'. When the PD said this drama is there to offer hope. I think he meant it. It doesn't give the audience heroes on pedestals to look at and gawk over, it gives us ordinary people slogging through life's challenges and just doing the best they can. It may not be world changing, news worthy stuff but it is wonderfully ordinary. Life is lived in the mundane. Hmm...writer needs to research her facts better. I thought previous record was 6.6 percent? @rocher22. I liked her songs too! I must admit initially I found her cutesy voice a little hard to take when she speaks but put it in a song and it's a beautiful fit. That breathy ethereal wispy feel to it.
  21. Child actor for JJS's character cr https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=144&aid=0000598527 M filming site
  22. @ChewyChocolate I don’t think that’s been revealed yet . We have to keep watching to find out
  23. Ahhh another satisfying episode. I may have to rethink my guess about JoonHa already having used the watch for that dream date sequence YoungSoo is just a barrel of laughs. His dancing on stage for the old folks And that cliffhanger at the end
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