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  1. Interesting theory @bebebisous33. Who did SM's Father kill and put in the suitcase in the apartment fire? I thought it was very odd that he would drag a body there? What was his intention? To bring home his kill to show off (like a cat does for its owner)? Sorry - kind gory but I just find it very odd for him to do that. He was obviously looking for his Wife (and Son??) and bringing the body to them?? He went to their apartment first and when he saw it was empty then went next door where the 3 ladies were. So perhaps the person in suitcase 1 was Kang Eun Sool (lady in the missing persons poster??). SM conveniently identified her as his Mother so people wouldn't question him about her whereabouts thereafter? He had a plan. He told her to do exactly as he ordered. So he was the mastermind behind the escape. She was too terrified to do anything. Did he tell her to do more than just run away? Did he have a plan all mapped out, where they should meet up after etc?? The 3 ladies next door seemed almost there at the wrong place at the wrong time? Why kill them? And then do the elaborate ritual of setting up another cup setting? So many questions. Makes for better viewing I guess .
  2. Yeah that stumped me a bit. It seemed strange that he would sign her in under another alias - like he was complicit in hiding her? It wasn’t like she was sedated or struggling? She was seen knitting in her room? So he was part of the plan and she got him to do it? So yes I am with you about the mom somehow being more sinister. It’s one thing to be a fugitive but quite another to kill someone to assume their identity? So I get the feeling the guy knew SM’s father got wind of her whereabouts and he rushed there to get her out. And he succeeded. Almost a replay of what happened in the apartment years ago where they (SM and his mom) got away. It didn’t make sense though for him (the Father) to take it out on the neighbors next door? Was it just a case of misdirected anger? Just like he did with the ladies in the room next to hers at the aged care facility? Why kill them? And then set fire to the scene? And one last thing that stumped me was the chain of events. In spoiler coz this is Ep 6 EDIT - before I forget. Yes to your reference about the birds in the cage. I noticed that too.
  3. PB (personal best) last night. https://www.soompi.com/article/1313180wpp/he-is-psychometric-rises-to-set-personal-best-in-viewership-ratings
  4. Yeah it sorta creeps me out a bit too. . I can't tell if it's just 'fondness' (similar to how he looks at LA) or he actually likes her. . He is very non-emotive (to have to look up what love means in a dictionary is very factual and intellectual). Although most psychopaths are like that...they lack EQ (emotional intelligence) - they cannot empathise with the victims' plight at all - they cannot comprehend that their actions bring about pain or suffering to the victims. So if we presume that SM is lacking in EQ then chances are his affinity for JI is purely from the point of view of shared experience. So he perceives that they are in the same plight - she has blocked out memories of her Father and doesn't want LA to read her because she is afraid of finding out the real truth. Similarly he has blocked out memories of his Father (?) because to find out your Father is a Monster is a terrible thing (and it also casts doubt on himself as to whether it would also be his fate). LA is the key to unlock those memories for both of them.
  5. When I watched it, the subs had her saying "Ahjussi" as in "Mister" so it was a man. And as @packmule3 astutely pointed out, he's left handed. He stabbed victims on their right side. Most clearly seen when he stabbed Ahn coz you see Ahn grab hold of his hand holding the knife then and he did a reading on him. Also been trying to work out why it is that SM seems so fixated on getting LA to hone his skills on JI first? I get the feeling he knows personally he has memories locked up deep inside - latent. I think he knows JI is similar? Haven't watched Ep6 but looks like she has had some interaction with SM in the past too (from Preview). So she's like the Guinea pig? If LA can see those hidden memories of hers, he can unlock his (SM's) too?
  6. Hmm...anticipating a jump in ratings for tonight's episode. There's been a significant increase in number of views for last night's preview for tonight's Ep... It may well translate to a ratings rise. I may have let my imagination run too wild. On second thought, @bebebisous33 is probably right about it being the Father as the killer, so no Brother - he only existed in my overactive imagination
  7. Yes that painting caught my eye too. It has the faces of 3 men below which are 3 corresponding animals? I need a still shot of it to confirm. I am wondering if it's 3 men? The dad who chained the 2 brothers because the Mother ran away? I am wondering if the killer is the Father or a Brother. He looks to be too young to be the Father given how much older SM is to LA, so I think it's SM's Brother. That's why 3 men. Could be wrong. Maybe it is the demented Father and there's no Brother. Actually the posters of The Mask on the street - there's 3 of them too. Yes to blocked memories for SM - PSTD? He's blocked out almost all emotions which is possibly why he seems so oblivious to Jisoo's advances. SM gets flashes of his horrendous past, none of which make sense enough for him to form 'bad memories' for LA to read him (that whole spiel about Noradrenaline that he told LA). I guess that's why when LA's Father grabbed his ankle when he was running past the lift, he didn't even flinch. He can't remember. Even when the killer left the clue with the chain on the dead man he seemed to struggle to make the link. If it's his Brother he would be scared that he too would go down that path of becoming exactly like him - seeing both of them were raised in the exact same circumstances?
  8. Rewatched some parts to try to get a sequence of events flowing in chronological order because it's being revealed to us piece meal. 1. JaeIn's dad is confronted by the 3 women - perhaps this is why JaeIn has doubts about her dad's innocence. He had 'motive' because he was fired by the rude lady who was subsequently stabbed along with the other 2 ladies. 2. This all happened on the 7th floor. The fire in the nursing home also happened in rooms 701/702 (?). The lift with Ahn and his parents in it was stuck between the 6th and 7th (they were just below the 7th floor). The 3 ladies were killed in room 702. SungMo was running/walking on the 7th floor when his ankle was grabbed by Ahn's dad in the lift. Was he a resident? Was he visiting someone on the 7th floor? There was a mysterious lady with a bag (looked like she was on the run) that saw the man dragging the suitcase (with the 4th body in it) and she was petrified when she saw him? Potentially she is the missing woman Kang EunSol (?) in the poster on the lift. She is in hiding/running? Her son (?) SungMo was paying her a visit (?) or living with her - he was on the 7th floor when the fire broke? SungMo was not the killer. The killer left before the fire started. SungMo started down the stairs but turned back. JaeIn's dad tells him to look after Ahn whilst he tries to rescue Ahn's parents. SungMo jumps with Ahn out the window. JaeIn's dad obviously survives the fire and is convicted of starting it and also killing the women in room 702. 3. Is the lady seen knitting in the hospital (?) who the man seemed to be protecting (who was later stabbed with the chain on his leg) the same petrified lady running (?) from the 7th floor? 4. Not sure if this was a clue but the camera pans to 2 chains bolted to the wall. SungMo only had one ankle in shackles...just like the man who was killed (but his ankle was shackled and the other end of the chain left lying loose). Who was chained to the other? A Brother? His Mother who escaped later? 5. SungMo must have lived in the Orphanage after his escape from his hellish upbringing. He seems very at home there...playing Soccer with the kids. Talking to the priest (?). Organizing JaeIn's living allowance payments. He was also in the van to pick Ahn up from the Police station so he obviously had links there beforehand. I doubt the Orphanage was the place of abuse or he wouldn't have left Ahn there. The abuse happened prior to the Orphanage. I find it odd that there's 4 bodies in the initial apartment fire. Why bother killing another (dragging the body to the scene) to add to the mix and stage a setting of 4? Potentially there were 4 in SungMo's family? The Mother did a runner? Left 2 boys with the Father who chained them to stop them from running away? The little smile by the killer as he watches a sleeping JaeIn in the guard house drawing a "I love daddy" picture? SungMo's Hyung/Dongsaeng is the killer. SungMo adopts Ahn as his Dongsaeng who acts as his conscience so he too doesn't go down the path of his Brother? Pure conjecture on my part of course.
  9. My take thus far 1. I don’t think SungMo is ‘bad’. Yes he has a secret but he’s protecting someone. Potentially his mother (like @packmule3 suggested). She ran away (?) - the missing woman Kang EunSol poster in the lift. 2. Whoever’s doing the killing has a grudge against women. Maybe SungMo’s father? Brother? Angry that the mother ran away maybe? One of them chained him when he was young. The killer is taunting him with the re-enactments knowing that he is the Prosecutor in charge of the case - the chain on the witness who was killed. 3. I love Detective Eun (and her friend at the morgue - nothing like death up close to simulate deep and meaningfuls about Prosecutor Kang ). She’s giving me Sandra Bullock in Ms Congenitality vibes 4. I really like the dynamic between the 3 of them - SungMo, Detective Eun and Ahn...add a white fluffy dog and bingo...cute family dynamic overload. Thus far the female lead JaeIn is my least favourite character in the mix. I feel like even though she’s supposed to be critical and supposedly one of the obvious threesome, at this point I am gravitating towards the quirky threesome of SungMo, Detective Eun and Ahn more . 5. The dereliction of duty by the Policeman leaving Ahn alone was not explained well enough? Yes the young Ahn was waiting outside the station for his ride (Orphanage) but shouldn’t he have been waiting inside until an adult came by to take him away? Or someone waiting with him to make sure he got in the right vehicle? I guess they had to play out the scene with him by himself meeting young JaeIn so I will let it slide.
  10. Late to the party as usual . Had to recover from the cryfest that was Light In Your Eyes first before starting something else. 2019 is shaping up to be the year of serendipitous finds in dramaland. First LIYE and now this. I came into it with zero expectations and after watching Ep 1 and 2, I am strangely intrigued. The characters are fresh and the acting believable and the plot is tantalising enough to keep me invested. Thanks @packmule3 for the recommendation to get on board. I need to play catch up now. And yes like others have mentioned here, it was disturbing that the Policeman would just send the little boy off with the box of collectables with no adult to accompany him - gross dereliction of duty? His head was still bandaged ?? And that fall from the building would most definitely have killed both of them?? But I will suspend my disbelief for the sake of the drama and let those details slide for now.
  11. YSY has posted on his fan cafe saying that he is coping as best he can under the circumstances. He is keeping busy with MBF and during his leisure times he has taken up boxing. He tells fans not to worry too much. That he is well and he will see meet us again soon. Relief for all hearing from him after the furore that was last week.
  12. After weeping bucket loads from Light in Your Eyes I think I need some comedy Mon/Tue. So I will take a week off to recuperate and then back into it. Looks like this premieres April Fools day ?
  13. O looks like they earnt a reward vacation! Well deserved! https://www.soompi.com/article/1311575wpp/radiant-cast-to-go-on-reward-vacation The “Radiant” team will be celebrating the successful conclusion of their drama with a reward vacation! The cast and production staff of JTBC’s “Radiant” will be leaving for Jeju Island on April 3 and staying there for three days and two nights.
  14. No. Alzheimer’s Disease has a whole list of memory impairments associated with it. See article link (probably way too technical for the general populace) https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11434-010-4164-6 False memories is one of them. With many triggers. Schizophrenia is different. You are convinced you hear voices. You are generally very disruptive and unsociable. Plus schizophrenia has a different age of onset. It hits late teens and young adults. HyeJa did not display signs of schizophrenia. She was having flashbacks of memories locked in her brain of moments in her life which she associated with present day triggers - like the doppelgänger doctor, her grandson with the broadcasts. The old man with the watch. Consistent with signs of a person with Alzheimer’s.
  15. Yes. Tough love is hard. I don’t doubt that had she done it differently, her crippled son would probably have had better relationships in life. But somehow I think this drama is trying to address the now. It doesn’t sidestep the responsibility for past wrongs or belittle it, rather it encourages us to embrace it rather than living with regrets all your life. It encourages us to accept past wrongs, fix what you can and move on with living life to the full now. Just like the crippled son did. He could’ve remained bitter about his mother never showing him love all those years ago when he learnt about her love for him but he chose instead to accept it and to move forward with life and relationships now. Good thoughts about Chanel @SonShinAe - I didn’t see that link till you mentioned it . Also does anyone know the reference with that boy chopping onions with Young Soo?? I am sure there’s a significant reveal there - I just saw @SonShinAe‘s reference- he’s a famous chef . Hats off to SHJ for doing a stellar job at providing laughs right through. I am so glad to have stumbled upon this drama. Thanks all for providing shared fun, laughter, tears and insights. It’s been well worth it.
  16. O that was so beautiful... Bravo. I loved how they had ending credits with celebrations with staff and cast. And HyeJa's parting words to everyone...life is worth living no matter how hard it is. @Boba. No she didn't exist... She existed in the mind of HyeJa the old grandmother as Alzheimer's merged her past life with her present reality. As for why the cripple dad never connected with his son. Truth was he always felt alone growing up. He felt abandoned by his mom (young HyeJa) who was giving him tough love - trying to get him to stand up for himself. So he never really had meaningful connections with the people around him eg his mother, his wife and his son. It was only at the epiphanous moment when it dawned on him that his mother did love him (she was the one who would sweep the path of snow so he wouldn't fall down going to school) that he finally opened his heart to let others in and loved in return...hence he reconnected with his wife in the end and it sounds like he would make that effort with his son too (at his wife's bidding). I have been trying to find the link to Chanel and her son in the last 2 episodes. The only one that comes close would be the bag lady (Chanel??) - the old lady who hoards/pockets everything. Her daughter doesn't seem to visit even though she dearly wanted her to...and she only got visits from her good for nothing sons... I guess that's where HyeJa's mind linked it all, good for nothing sons, missing daughter who never visited...who I guess subsequently died of uterine cancer? The other major players in the first 10 episodes I could sift out in the mix... Although the old guy who kept hitting on her is a mature age student ?
  17. Errr if it’s light and fluffy you’re after then this drama is not for you. It’s for people wanting deep and meaningful. I believe the follow up drama in this slot next week may be more your cup of tea? Waikiki 2. Slapstick funny. EDiT - To be confirmed, can't read Korean but looks like we finished on a high - well deserved - I see 9.7% (but it could be highest minute and not actual average for the night?) https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002892435
  18. This is why KBS is stalling. The public outcry has been massive. Look at the upvotes cr https://ddoboja.blogspot.com/2019/03/cha-tae-hyun-and-kim-jun-ho-apologize.html?m=1 Original Source (OSEN via Naver): Cha Tae Hyun ・ Kim Jun Ho, a cruel leave of shows for fans...Continuing to ask for a change in decision 1. [+24823, -1538] I'm against them leaving the show 2. [+10917, -415] Look up '심마담 (Shim Madam)' on Naver. Shim Madam is Choi Soon Shil's line. A powerful madam who provides escort services, prostitution, offers a place for gambling, drugs (Lee Myung Bak's son, Kim Moo Sung's son-in-law, celebrities), gang bangs, and private loans for people with power and celebrities. (They're a person that even Naver protects by saying you're prohibited from searching them, the thing that's obvious right now is that they got caught and the search prohibition is gone). They also made a lot of appearances at Burning Sun. If they reinvestigate Shim Madam, the dirty scandals of people with power and celebrities will be exposed so Shim Madam aids are protecting them. (t/n: at the moment, this claim is all alleged) 3. [+9941, -712] I'm against them leaving 4. [+6041, -504] I'm against them leaving 5. [+5518, -441] I'm against them leaving Original Source (SPOTVNEWS via Naver): "I'm sorry to my children and my members"…The pitiful emotions in Cha Tae Hyun's apology for 'betting on golf' 1. [+14681, -367] My dad went to go play golf with his friends today and they betted on the game, then will my dad also get punished? ㅠㅠ 2. [+13248, -372] I'm not disappointed. Leaving the show is an overreaction. The moral standards are really high 3. [+9686, -97] Just exactly who is mixed up in the Jang Ja Yeon scandal... ↪ [+319, -1] Please investigate into it until the end~ 4. [+8617, -156] Why do they keep coming out of the point ㅠㅠ Are they messing with hard people ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Is this something to halt a show over, ugh ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 5. [+6296, -200] Are there golfers who don't make bets while golfing? I guess they need catch everyone including me
  19. Sigh. Still no updates from KBS as to their decision about the show. One bit of happy news. I guess the members bar one will be invited? YongJin is getting married next month. Wishing he and his fiancé a happy ever after
  20. First half hour was funny and light and I was waiting for it...then bam...the next half hour was just tearful and sad. I gave up trying to match everything scene for scene and just tried to match up big moments and it was much better then. Because that was how it all played out in HyeJa's slowing disintegrating mind. Her memories of before were triggered by moments of the present and her mind merged them together in the best way it could. But they saved the saddest moment for the last when she failed to recognize her daughter-in-law. Alzheimer is like that. There are moments of lucidity where she apologized to her daughter-in-law for not supporting her enough and telling her to just start life anew without her husband and son. And then there will be moments where she no longer recognized her. So HyeJa and JoonHa met at a Protest rally (I guess that was a tribute to the Pro Democracy movement mentioned earlier). I get the feeling JoonHa and a few others were caught and then interrogated...hence the Preview where she asks one man and he said he was released and he thought they all were? The detective that interrogated JoonHa may have been overly heavy handed? Maybe JoonHa died in custody? The detective pocketed the watch? Which is why he was so startled when he saw JoonHa's lookalike Doctor at the Hospital? And he's old now...he's still wearing the watch... Will HyeJa forgive him for taking away her JoonHa so long ago? Time stopped for her then, her world fell apart.
  21. Still number 1 . Ratings 190318: SBS #Haechi: 5.5% | 7% KBS #MyLawyerMrJo2: 5% | 6% MBC #Item: 2.9% | 3.5% JTBC #TheLightInYourEyes: 8.5% tvN #HeisPsychometric: 1.9%
  22. Gah...missed this little tidbit from the writer. Someone commented in Melohwa about the comments on Naver [+358,-5] In the beginning, the senior talked about covering the Angolan Civil War. But it happened in 1975.. The scriptwriter has been telling us from the beginning...
  23. Wait...is that pic in the bottom left corner HyeJa's Oppa and HyunJu (retro clothes)? SHJ rocking the bowl cut and large glasses (so Beetles) crhttps://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003391666
  24. I think they canceled the episode for tonight and replaced it with something else. Originally they were going to screen previously filmed footage with JJY's parts edited out but they found it was too hard to do that coz he was in too many frames. And the episode they filmed on Friday recently in front of KBS will probably not been seen either. So yes, no more 2D1N. Indefinite hiatus. With how KBS has treated CTH and KJH by throwing them under the bus (whilst they were still reeling from the betrayal by their maknae), chances of them ever wanting to come back would be minuscule. In the space of a week, our beloved show has been ripped apart without a chance for us to even say goodbye. Thanks for the good times. The laughs. What irony that the members all wanted cameos in DG's drama Your Honor. They are living it now.
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