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  1. Yes it just seems way too “obvious” to point the finger at the fiancé? There’s more to it than meets the eye. As for why she didn’t pass the information and raise her suspicions with others, I think partly because of self preservation (she would be implicated as well because of her close relationship with him - fraternizing with the enemy) and also because she couldn’t quite believe it (she couldn’t believe that she had no inkling all that time - the memory collage as she was trying to work out the passcode to his phone gave us an insight into her mental state - all their shared moments - although of all the numbers/dates to pick it was strange to pick the one on her judo (?) jacket ). Agree about the sensitive nature of the North-South therefore the plot would not be anything that would potentially jeopardise that in real life. And yes to LJH’s character being the one most likely to be the “villain”. I have been told ( @triplem ) that he selects roles for their complexity. He doesn’t seem to like straight up black or white roles, often choosing layered challenging characters. So when his character appears, he will probably slot into that role. Perhaps as a potential rival to the Presidential seat? Stills have him in Naval outfit - so he’s some decorated Marine with obvious crowd appeal, but remains to be seen what his political leanings are. Just from Ep1&2, the opposition party lady seems to be doing a pretty good job of playing the devious politician (villain) to the tee. Their whole party boycotted the National Assembly meeting (so they are potential suspects too) and she is eyeing the Presidential seat. Although again I feel it’s far too obvious. Netflix tells me only 10 Episodes? So hopefully Writers give us political thriller/whodunit without the complications of an affair to muddy the waters. After 60days, I think they go to the polls? It is a democracy? I thought that was what they said when they read out the Constitution to PMJ in the bunker. So I guess there would be 3 in the running, PMJ, the opposition party lady and LJH (and maybe Sec Han). They would be jockeying for the top job position amid the whodunit plot. @ktcjdrama Yes to this. I thought the strength in their relationship was evident. They are in that “comfortable” stage of their relationship. It’s steady, it’s solid. They have an unspoken understanding. Not flashy and passionate like affairs are but far more enduring and worthwhile.
  2. Facts kinda pointing to the lady’s (from the Terrorism Task Force) fiancé? Yeah. Does everyone think his wife cold? She seemed quite disinterested in the car when he seemed to be making attempts at conversation (multiple attempts to break it to her that he had been fired). And yes she seemed to be the one wearing the pants in their household, dealing with the Son at school (I assume she was the parent the school rang about him getting in trouble) and she seemed to be the only one knowing that their daughter was on an excursion to the National Assembly. Then again that’s sort of how Asian families work as a norm. The dad doesn’t need to know these things so he’s often left out of the loop. They are usually swamped with work and their relationship with the children aren’t like Western dads. I didn’t really think her cold. I thought she was just pragmatic and sensible. The secretary knows him well because so much of his life is tied up at work and that’s pretty much his whole world right up till he became President. She does seem to come across as rather starry eyed and adoring of him though so the danger is there. Wife did seem to be there for him when he needed her so I am hoping that their marriage stays intact. And the children are there to reinforce ties/bonds between the pairing. Had there not been any children the temptation would be stronger as there are fewer individuals to factor into the adultery equation.
  3. On my oath welcome back @USAFarmgirl 2 . Now if we could only get @packmule3 to respond. She’s been on my worry (prayer) list since she went AWOL from her website more than a week ago. It is VERY unlike her not to at least check in to tell us to quit worrying because she was busy or on holidays. . 508
  4. Yeah he’d hardly be human if he weren’t tempted. BUT like you said, he needs to do the right thing when those temptations are thrown at him (be it lust, greed, power). That’s the true test of his mettle. Not that he didn’t struggle at all, but that he struggled and prevailed.
  5. Yeah wouldn’t go down well with me at all if they sparked some office romance with his secretary. Would totally ruin his family man image (especially since there are children involved) and it would decimate my respect for him as a man worthy to stand in the President’s shoes. Men of integrity do not cheat on their wives or betray the trust of their children. If they stay true to themselves in private (working long hours with his secretary alone away from public scrutiny would give them ample opportunities to have a secret affair ), then chances are they would stick to those same morals in the public scene when all eyes are upon them. If the writer wants us the audience to take him seriously then he has to stay squeaky clean in that arena... the secretary may secretly crush on him (I mean look at the man that he is, who wouldn’t ), but he has to steer well away from adultery.
  6. Just add dinosaurs... someone made that comment and I couldn’t stop laughing... yeah... throw in some Jurassic Park just to take it even to more bizarre territory. @kokodus yes S3 coming but I just read the review and it’s a bit disappointing. I think S1 and 2 were so good it’s a big ask to top. I have forgotten much of S2 so I will need to speed watch it again to get context. I remember S1 more than S2. I think coz it had a simpler story line and it had so many references to E.T. which made it easy to recall. 962
  7. No I haven’t. Just like I haven’t watched any of the Reply series or My Ahjussi (?), the one with IU in it? I have heard a lot of good things about them. I am way behind in Kdrama. I only joined in late 2017?? I think? So I have a lot of catching up to do. Binge watched all of Yoon Shi Yoon dramas. Then branched out to others. Left Hollywood for good and all the rubbish it was dishing out because I was so disappointed with where all of it was going...just all sex and violence on repeat. It’s like they kept trying to up the ante (how much more can we give them to raise the shock level?? ) I loved Stranger Things though . Just that old Hollywood wholesome vibe with good story telling and acting (reminded me of E.T.). Doubt I can pick up any more dramas coz I am planning to watch Dr John as well. I need some sleep to function. 958
  8. @shinuuuuuuu yeah it sounds more like high blood pressure (this is purely guessing from what I am seeing and not with any tests done etc). He’s not managing it. Which is why he keeps getting headaches. They warned him at the hospital that he was in danger of a brain(cerebral) infarction which is basically a “stroke” (parts of your brain die because of a blood clot stopping oxygen from getting there). People with high blood pressure have a high risk of that. Yes some cancer patients do too but the most common cause is high blood pressure which a lot of Asians have. His very stressful job isn’t ideal...long hours, little sleep, irregular (and probably unhealthy) meals. Maybe he does have cancer, I guess we will find out.
  9. I am on board the Designated Survivor 60 Days ship. Gripping, intense...everything I need right now. Only gripe is that the episodes are long? Over an hour. But it’s great viewing. Cast is superb. I am loving it. Looks like it’s just 10 episodes (not too long)on Netflix so I am on for the ride. . 958
  10. I have never watched the American version. I actually prefer PMJ flailing and incompetent. It fits better with the Asian cultural norm. Taking charge and being the impenetrable and uncompromising hero is very Western. I like that he puked after the enormity of the task he had undertaken sunk in. I like that he at first wanted to quit and didn’t rise to the occasion straight up. I like that his legs shook after the crisis was averted. I like that he broke down and cried when his daughter rang him. I liked that he seemed indecisive and lost for words most of the time, squirming in those dress shoes constantly. It makes him very real and authentic. In short I have fallen hook, line, sinker for this honest to goodness man who lives by a moral code and lays it all down for it. I like that whilst everyone was posturing and trying to get the upper hand, he stayed as calm as he could and kept his humanity. Because ultimately that was what prevailed in the end. He reached out to the North Korean dictator from one human to another, appealing to his compassion and conscience...we lost families today, you are in danger of losing some of yours in that submarine. At the end of the day human lives are at stake and that should count for more than any political agenda. And the scene that gripped me most from Ep2 was the one where he was alone in the room, gets the faxed reply from the North Korean Dictator (who according to Netflix subs signed off with The Democratic Republic of Korea )...no North/South? One humanity. . The crew from the submarine are safe and back with their families. He sends condolences for the South Korean losses of life. Then as if to echo that point, PMJ gets his little girl back. I like that he wore her hair tie all this time, reminding him constantly what mattered in life. His integrity, his name - not just before the politicians or higher ups, but to those that mattered in his life. His family. You can lose your job, your reputation but if you lose your integrity, you lose what little dignity you have left to face your family who believe in you. So yes I shed tears too when he broke down as his little girl kept asking him why he wasn’t replying. I really hope there is little romance in this story and if there is, it plays out between PMJ and his wife. Or other side characters. Honorable mention - his wife. What strength! How intrepid! I will hold the fort down at the home front whilst you are away, I understand you are needed elsewhere, there are bigger things at play here. No whining, no demands, just fully supportive of her husband when the chips are down. Bravo. EDIT - I assume the “cancer” man referenced by @shinuuuuuuu is Secretary Han? I have no context coz I didn’t watch the American version. Does he have cancer? They talked about the potential for brain infarction and that doesn’t sound like cancer to me, more like hypertension/high blood pressure. Which is why they discouraged him from going back after he fainted. Highly stressful situations are not conducive for people with unmanaged high blood pressure. He didn’t seem to be regularly taking his pills (had headaches a lot).
  11. Yeah that would be me. . I am supposed to wear them when I want to do work/read but I can see just fine otherwise. I don’t have to strain my eyes as much with the glasses on. @Lawyerh No I don’t think it’s just for fashion. It makes his character more “bookish” (Scientist). Plays on the reluctant hero image. He may be “gun slinging” but he shoots with bottles filled with dust
  12. Thoughts from Ep 1 (I rewatched key scenes that perked my interest with the first cursory watch) - it’s long so I have put it in a spoiler
  13. Late to the party. Never watched American version (I am glad) so no comparison. I loved Ep1. Started off with a bang . Blue House Down (as opposed to White House Down). Yes lots of characters thrown at the audience higgledy piggledy and I was lost in a lot of the political speech but I focused more on the characters and their inner workings and relationships rather than their rank/status. I am sure it will all fall into place as the episodes unfold. I was only annoyed by the belligerent American diplomat (?). Acting was below par and cringey but he only lasted for a while so I closed one eye. PMJ - a regular Jack Ryan. Boy Scout. Honest, decent, family man... giving me all the Clear and Present Danger vibes. The reluctant hero. A bit of a klutz. An unassuming thinking man. I like him. The woman’s (terror attack coordinator or something?) backstory is interesting too. I am sure I will eventually get the names... there were just too many characters thrown into the melee. And it was chaotic. But the scene is set for the next 60days. Other characters will float in later I am sure to add to the mix. It’s an intriguing story. Out of the ordinary for sure and no room for fluff.
  14. Probably coz both have huge fandoms and the blame game is being fueled by media. Plus the way it played out didn’t exactly pave the way for an amicable parting. So their “children” are taking sides and fighting it out in the public space. 836
  15. @triplem yes he was in Along With The Gods and his character was so minor I thought it odd? In fact I had to do a double take to make sure it was him before really believing he was on screen for such a short duration of time. 840
  16. O...he caught my eye in that Robot drama (Are You Human). Actually I preferred him to the male lead . Is he first lead yet? I always felt like he deserved first lead but somehow just always got relegated to second or minor roles. 840 EDIT Urgh... @stroppyse @angelangie @youngatheart @LavelyShai Someone (newbie) just lobbed a grenade in the SongSong thread. Needs moderation. Don’t know where else to put out the alert.
  17. @triplem when your name becomes a verb...that’s on another level ... kinda like Google... “let’s Google it.” Quote from ALML thread 750
  18. @Dhakra 2 hours ago, Lmangla said: P.S -- should start planning for july birthday post. hmm, theme? how about "change" -- so @kokodus @nrllee @sushilicious @Sejabin and others here, any suggestions? also for nice kpop songs ? I thought the last line was part of the whole birthday post thing. Hence the reference. . I guess it kinda made sense to have like a song of the month play in the background or something... instead of happy birthday 708
  19. I’m a noob with birthday posts. What’s it about? The only kPop songs I know are EXO ones and even then I wouldn’t say very well... . 698 I know...she was like the mom in a lot of the dramas I watched. So sad that no-one knew of her pain.
  20. FYI @sushilicious @triplem it’s getting kinda tense in the SongSong shipper thread. Lots of people wanting to vent (some newbies coming in). Might wanna send one of the mods who are responsible down that way to rein in the vitriol somewhat. It’s getting kinda personal in there. 698
  21. Ooo... @sushilicious I just went and read synopsis for Dr John(YoHan) and I like it. Sounds meaty. Exploring pain management and euthanasia. I hope they don’t dwell too much in the medical techniques but more on the ethics - if they do this I will keep watching. At what point does chronic pain determine that life is no longer worth living and euthanasia is the “kinder” option? That’s what popped into my mind when I read the brief. And it’s SeYoung. I adore her. This was a good choice for her post Crowned Clown. JiSung should be good. 666 - wait that’s demonic...ahh...angels and demons are just my lot
  22. Disclaimer- I didn’t mean to point any fingers with the SongSong divorce. Divorce is a horrible experience. There’s no doubt in my mind that both were guilty to a greater or lesser extent. It takes 2 to tango. There’s also a HUGE shame element that comes into play. Especially in Asian culture. It’s seen to be a massive fail. So I don’t blame SHK (or @Lmangla‘s friend) for pretending and faking it for so long. They were both probably hoping beyond hope that some miracle would happen and it would just all be a bad dream. But the fact that it’s played out like it has is unfortunate. Trial by media and netizens alike. Their lawyers will have to speak on their behalf and fight it out for them. To be honest I have never seen an amicable divorce. Just as well they don’t have children. That just makes it worse. The mud slinging that happens in Family Court over custody is not pretty. I have seen it firsthand. . 646
  23. Here’s my take on it (purely speculative). Since I am not analyzing drama I might as well analyze real life drama SJK is known to be pretty easygoing and chilled so for him to lob a grenade like he did was out of character. Some have said that it’s got to do with kids. That SJK wanted kids but she wasn’t prepared to give up her career or put it on hold. Kim TaeHee put her career on hold when she had kids with Rain. But she wasn’t as big a star as SHK. Whatever it was, it was a big issue. He gave her an ultimatum and left her to “think about it”. The separation would explain her weight loss and stress as she tried to come to a decision. It finally came to a head and SJK was totally frustrated with her response or lack of it so he just decided, “to hell with it, I will just file and make the announcement” out of hurt, frustration and bitterness (?). It was just the way he did it and what he said in the announcement leaving her side scrambling to respond. Had he wanted an amicable divorce he would’ve waited and BOTH release statements at the same time? Like Fan Bing Bing and LiChen. SJK and SHK were obviously not on talking terms when this blew up. This is an ugly divorce. There will be rumors and talk for a long time. 648 Me.
  24. She pulled out of Hyena and they are scrambling now to get a new female lead so JJH is “safe”? I think she signed up for a movie (Anna?) instead. Both she and SJK are filming movies then. I think he’s filming Lightning Ship or something with Kim TaeRi (in early July) - poor her and the production cast. This will all be hanging over their heads when they film. They will bury themselves in work to keep busy. Movie is probably better than drama. There’s not that pressure to live film and the promos etc won’t happen till at least a year (?) later so no media circus to navigate till the dust has settled. EDIT - no I don’t like robots either. In fact I watched none of the 4 dramas that were listed in the quiz 630
  25. O what? Angels and demons? I’m not even watching that drama! I chose the kPop song randomly...I only know EXO songs and purely because of Do KyungSoo . Apparently I want a forbidden love . Doomed from the get go. Like Romeo and Juliet. This is the second quiz I took. The first one was done out of sheer desperation coz I spotted KyungSoo in the mix and tried in vain to rig my answers so I could end up with him. Failed miserably . 614
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