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  1. Whoa you’re not wrong there. Poor mods in the actors/actress section. Claws have come out and it’s get very personal. 516
  2. @Ameera Ali I really like LDG as an actor. He has this presence. A bit like Kim JaeWook. You can’t help but feel for his character. Even if he’s some psychotic murderer. . It’s like they are impossible to hate, if there’s such a thing. So for me, he trumped L (why is his name a letter? So strange. At least I get D.O. coz that’s like his surname?) whenever they shared screen space. It’s like all the energy of that scene comes from him (LDG). 514
  3. O...so the girl dies? No, she’s in a coma (ALML)? Just went to read comments in the thread. Stabbed whilst dancing Giselle? Kinda reminds me of Black Swan with Natalie Portman. That’s kinda all I wanted to know really. If they follow the story in the ballet Giselle or not. I guess because there are supernatural elements in there, she could wake up and she and the angel (who wants to be human and gets his wish) live happily ever after. Wait, I read that Angel Dan doesn’t stab the girl who stabs his ‘angel’? So maybe that is his ultimate last mission to prove himself? Do you love your enemies more than yourself? Do good to those that hate you? It’s easy to love those who love you back but it’s a far greater love to love those who’ve brought you pain. And seeing he passed that test, he may get his wish after all. @mouse007 yes by all means go with CEW. I watched for a lot longer than I normally would because I was staring at him. Forgot much of what he said or did, but he’s a beautiful specimen of a man. Or flower boy? I still need to find some concrete definition of what constitutes a “flower boy”. 520
  4. Almost everyone? Coming from a Scientist, I am curious to know how you came to this conclusion? Coz immediately my mind goes to figures and data. Almost everyone to me indicates >90%. Is there a Naver article or something that led you to this conclusion? Like one that got heaps of negativity? I would like to read the source if that’s the case. Thanks in advance. And yes I also thought like PMJ when everyone else was pointing the finger at North Korea for the bombing when the video was released. This was an anomaly, the situation played out differently to the past events. Side bar - Scientists love anomalies - we hone in on them (if they are people) and sign them up for medical studies to find out why they are “different” from everyone else , potential for new discoveries or new treatments. Hubby was mortified when I suggested he submit his medically unusual shingles case to a doctor friend, complete with pictures for the sake of medical advancement. I assured him that his identity would be protected, he would be Patient A, in his 50s, of Asian descent... He clamped down on that conversation quick smart and exercised his right to remain silent. EDIT - ratings seem to be holding steady on tvN at 4.2-4.3% in second week.
  5. @triplem since you’re watching Chief of staff and DS60, which do you prefer? Although knowing your LJH bias the odds would swing rather wildly to DS60 ... especially now that next week he’s giving us fan service (just his back from the Preview). It’s getting kinda heated in the main drama thread and I hope I don’t overstep in my posts there when I comment. 512
  6. O I didn’t think it was Sec Han. I thought it was mystery man in the character chart but I guess it could be him. . I thought Sec Han was a good guy and now that he’s actually away from the Political game I think he’s actually better placed to be PMJ’s ally/advisor without all the pressures from his actual post. He can be totally neutral and objective but he knows all the players. It would be odd because it looks for all intensive purposes that LJH knew about the bombing and walked away to a section where he was likely to survive? I don’t think Sec Han would be party to the bombing? So honesty wins out after all in the end. I was on the edge of my seat too. Will he lie and betray his convictions? But his moral compass swings true. He’s a good man. At least this way he doesn’t have to spin some excuse about being away from the Assembly meeting and have his Wife lie for him or something. He takes the bullets and lives with the consequences. Actually the reporter lady looked almost sorry when he answered her question honestly. I guess she has a conscience after all? I am worried that PMJ will have to take the flack for the rogue General though who is going to send the troops out to capture the evicted Myeong (?) somebody - the guy in the video . All these names are leaving my head in a spin. But I like the side characters. None thus far seem superfluous. I like the pace of this thus far. And I like the characters. I have no problems with PMJ being under a rock. He’s but 6 months in politics. Much of the time been nose deep in environmental studies and measuring particulate matter in the air. Stuff that matters to him. Everything else just sort of goes over his head. I guess I am like that too so I warm to him as a result. When my friends talk stock market and office politics, I switch off but I get excited beyond belief when someone mentions a new enzyme that was discovered. Scientists look at global warming and climate change as important matters (and yes my stomach lurched too when there was all that talk about launching nukes, my first thought was not war...it was the ongoing radiation, sickness and holocaust conditions post nukes). I would make a horrible politician. Much like PMJ. So I am in his corner. Scientists unite.
  7. Funny you should say that because in reading the reviews for the American version, critics were of the opinion that Sutherland was brimming with too much know how to be credible. So they didn’t think he was inept enough and was suddenly blessed with political knowledge he shouldn’t have had. Glad you’re strapped in for the ride.
  8. Hello. Who is this? Visuals are amazing . How is his acting though? https://www.soompi.com/article/1337533wpp/sung-hoon-transforms-drama-set-into-runway-as-he-dazzles-in-suits-for-level-up 508
  9. Good for you! I drop a lot of dramas. I think his first project as lead but he had minor appearances beforehand. He appeared in The Best Hit acting as an idol . Anyway the other reason I dropped it was the fact that I didn’t think they addressed the whole beauty issue well? They started off seemingly attempting to tackle this huge topic of “what constitutes beauty” using surgical enhancements as a foil but I couldn’t help but feel they kept skirting around it without addressing it in any depth. So I bailed. Frankly I think Shrek did a better job of addressing true beauty and all its stereotypes. 502
  10. Didn’t finish it. The female lead was annoying and frustrated me no end with her vacillating character...the male lead was beautiful (his acting not so great). I spent much of the time ogling at his perfect features. I think he’s starring in a Sageuk soon to be airing Rookie Historian or something. With another actress who isn’t exactly great at acting either. Visually they are both stunning so it might get the drama by. currently I am watching Designated Survivor 60Days. Will probably pick up Doctor John and try to tune into Hotel Del Luna and also Strangers From Hell (? they keep changing the title. With Im Siwan in it). 500
  11. No he seems to be of the opinion that he’s just a seat warmer. Although after Ep3, when he pushed forward with the executive order, he pretty much deposed Mayor Kang and put his hand up howbeit reluctantly to being the Presidential candidate for the Majority (Ruling) party.
  12. The movement of the submarine pre-emptively into South Korean waters. A sub with nukes in it. South Korea was justifiably nervous. North Korea may be coming to the table for peace talks but it’s never been smooth sailing. They are a loose cannon. Mistrust abounds from previous failed peace talk attempts. A bit like China now with Taiwan and all the posturing happening in the South China Sea. Communist regimes are notoriously difficult to negotiate with. They (KAIST) probably did. But talking his talk, science jargon. So he would be completely at ease there talking about data, facts, environmental impact studies. Here they were throwing things at him that he would’ve had very little context or confidence in. Political speak, state of the economy, bank collapse, mass panic. He was out of his depth. Where should he even start? And he’s never struck me as a man to step up unless his moral convictions are challenged. So he would just sit stunned and bewildered much of the time. He doesn’t lead unless forced to by circumstance or morally. From his standpoint everyone else in that room was so much more qualified than he was so it didn’t strike me odd that he just sat there until Secretary Han took charge and ordered everyone out.
  13. Other things I liked about the Episode. I liked that PMJ pulled his son up for disrespect instead of just letting him get away with it. I also liked that they didn’t sugarcoat the reality of raising a sullen teenage boy by having him respond to his dad positively after that heart to heart in his room. The poor man was looking for a fist pump shake but was met with nonchalance. Someone mentioned that at least he “connected” with his son (via the WiFi password - pun intended ). The little girl is darling - all rainbows and unicorns. You can tell JJH is a dad for real, he doesn’t miss a beat when talking to his little girl. Awww...
  14. Spoil it for me please. Does she die in the end? Or are we not there yet? Or does the angel die? Wait...angels can’t die though? Too complicated for me. 506
  15. Just watched Ep3. If there’s any romance happening, it looks like lady reporter and N Korean defector Speech Writer (NamWook) . She looks kinda besotted. And their verbal foreplay sizzled. NW : Ms Woo’s performance depends on her questions and my performance depends on my silence. (Wowza. You go NamWook! Snag her with your wit.) I was sad that Secretary Han sacrifices himself to prove a point. He’s established the point that PMJ does want that power but only if it will achieve the ends that align with his core beliefs and he has the gumption to carry it through to the end (proven by his sacking of Secretary Han). His sacking has also inadvertently aligned the loyalties of the rest of the staff with PMJ. Now all that remains is whether CYJ’s prediction is right about PMJ. He believed the deceased President was a good man too, but he ended up being corrupted by the power he had. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. So his rather cynical assessment (that you may as well just side with whoever has power anyway because ultimately it’s not goodness that wins, it’s power) may soften with PMJ if PMJ stands by his moral code regardless. Minor note : I find it strange that the lady in custody died of Cushing’s Disease (Netflix sub). More than likely she died of the opposite disorder Addison’s Disease where a lack of meds can result in fatality. Sorry my medical mind can’t switch off - probably why I find it very hard to watch Hospital or medical dramas that aren’t true to life. EDIT - did anyone think it odd they filmed the cat in that chase scene with the cable set up guy? I mean why? Sorry I just thought it was odd. So random? Maybe PD was like O look, the cat wants a cameo...let’s oblige
  16. @triplem I haven’t watched yet. I just based my guesses from the Preview. . I can’t stream live for cable channels. I have to rely on Netflix. So i will watch tonight. Although just reading the spoiler above I am a tad suspicious as to how they missed finding LJH the sole survivor when they combed through the site initially? Did he plant himself there post explosion? Maybe too radical a thought . Too much espionage on my mind
  17. I think potentially this could be the fact that he was fired (but it wasn’t signed off) prior to the mayhem. They were probably trying to work around some justifiable reason for PMJ’s absence at the National Assembly. They can’t exactly say that he was fired and therefore left which was why he was absent. What could his alibi be then? Going to pick up his Wife and Son? He got called away because the school rang him because his Son got in trouble? It would be a convenient lie...but it would require his Wife and Son to back it up... then where would his integrity be in front of them? He hasn’t told his Wife that he was fired. Nobody really knows except Secretary Han (?) or were there more? Everyone who wasn’t there at the Assembly is potentially a suspect. And the man who ascended to the seat would be prime. LJH being the sole survivor in the bomb blast would elevate him to a messianic status. He’s pretty much the only one in the eyes of the public who doesn’t need an alibi? He wouldn’t exactly be top of the suspect list which means he’s already got a leg up in the eyes of the public to get the top job. He’s the most trustworthy of the 3. Neither the lady chief the Opposition Party nor PMJ have that luxury. The public would want to know why they weren’t there at the meeting. I sort of feel like because they deliberately have this other faceless figure in the background, he’s the mastermind behind it all. So he wants the power and clout but he wants someone he can manipulate like a puppet. The deceased President for all his faults seemed to be a decent man. He was loved by his staff. But somewhere along the way, he caved and sacrificed his morals. He seemed to have enemies? That conversation with Secretary Han about the popularity poll seemed to hint at something amiss. Anyway to pin the bombing on a faceless madman (maybe chaebol?) is probably the most diplomatic solution for Dramaland. The other 2 players in the power struggle want power (LJH and the lady Opposition Leader) so that is their weakness to exploit. PMJ’s weakness is his family. He would give anything up for them. Like Jack Ryan. Threaten his family and chances are he will cave. Looking forward to next few episodes.
  18. @triplem what are the rules about setting up new accounts? There are certain people that I have added to my ignore list whose posts have suddenly have popped up again for me to see and on closer inspection it’s because they started new accounts (with names so similar that it’s a dead giveaway that they are one and the same ). Anyway I just have to add the new accounts to my ignore list. I guess if it’s a case like USAFarmGirl it would be a valid excuse. Or if they forgot their password. But what if they were banned? I realize it’s very hard to police these things and it’s near nigh impossible to stop them from returning if they take up different aliases. 500
  19. Forbes reporter Joan McDonald needs to do her research. He was fired. He didn’t quit. Yeah it would be kinda weird for her to leap into another relationship. She’d be burnt from the last one. And given LJH’s character is shifty the poor woman would risk being betrayed a second time? So I feel like she would cross paths with LJH and they would butt heads (tension of a different sort). She’s the best person to possess the “yet to be proven evidence” pointing the finger at her fiancé as the traitor. Had anyone else gotten it, chances are he would just be implicated because everyone just wants the case solved and closed. She on the other hand doesn’t want to believe it so she will be more inclined to dig deeper to prove his innocence. So I feel she would be all out doggedly trying to clear her fiancé’s name whilst LJH may well just want to pin it on him (potentially using him as a means to gain the people’s trust).
  20. I punched this into Papago and translated it to Chinese (usually translates better because it does a better job of metaphors and grammar). There was no “Cheong WaDae or someone” in the Chinese translation. Instead the gist of it is “...and a particular person...they all try to seduce PMJ. Join hands with us they say, our power can give you power”. So in other words, now that he’s in the hot seat, they are all trying to sweet talk him whilst he wields that power. Not sure if the “particular person” is that mystery person in the character chart with no face?
  21. Yeah @triplem that’s exactly how I envisaged his character to be. A decorated hero figure. Easy on the eye. People look for a hero in times of crisis and he fits the bill perfectly. He’s not a geeky Environmental Scientist (PMJ) who always looks like a fish out of water and way out of his depth. LJH is oozing self confidence, disciplined (one article mentioned he lost 9kg for this role - guess he trimmed down and lived a regimental Marine type life to get into the role) so people would gravitate towards him as they seek stability. He’s going to be a tough rival. And yes to him potentially being the mastermind behind the bombing. He’s an independent, up and coming political figure so he would give PMJ and the lady opposition party leader a run for their money. I need to go back and read all the previous pages of this thread to catch up on character/relationship charts etc. EDIT - They seem to have updated the lines for the chart on tVN page...no more red line between KHN and LJH? It’s not showing up This was the original from original post by triplem in page 3 of the thread. “the blue lines generally indicate - trust, allies, political aides. The red ones - rivalry ( btwn JJH and LJH), suspicion ( btwn Kang Hana and LJH)”
  22. Actually does anyone think JJH (DS60) looks like So JiSub from some angles? I had to do a double take in some stills to work out why he looked so familiar. He’s not as tall and lanky but his facial features... 456
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