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  1. Point taken.. I was referencing Disney version...which is getting a remake I see 518
  2. Because ballet was such a heavy focus of the drama, I anticipated a tragic ending, A lot of ballets end like that. And because they kept using Giselle the ballet, I was expecting a tragedy...but no...they went with the Little Mermaid ending. 522
  3. @Lmangla My PRECIOUS Gollum was actually my favourite. I couldn’t hate him, I pitied him. No idea with the angel drama. Love conquers all? Where one is willing to die so that the other might live? Don’t know. 538
  4. Yeah it did strike me as a bit odd that he’s not used to being in the hot seat. I mean that’s kinda a given for that position? It’s part of the job description. So it would make sense if he was just a stand in like PMJ because he was thrust into that spot due to circumstance.
  5. They finished filming 4 days ago (according to his stylist). Wrap up party should be tonight (?). Hopefully we will get some pics. YSY has a social engagement Jul 16. Not sure if pics will emerge of that, we will have to wait and see
  6. Yeah. Spoken like a true Tolkien fan. There was just too much in the books to squash into the 3 movies. I didn’t like the addition of elves at Helms Deep... but I guess he wanted to add it for dramatic effect...poor Haldir 526
  7. You speak my language (Elvish) . I loved Jackson’s portrayal of the books. It was a universe that made sense. Actually in DS60, the main lead character reminds me of Frodo. He’s a Hobbit, tasked with the Ring of Power, totally out of his depth as President, swimming in the world of wizards, elves and orcs (politicians)...yet he and Samwise were the ones that proved their mettle in the end. That good hearted Shire folk may be the very ones to enact big change because they are the ones most able to wield power well (although yes Frodo did get influenced too in the end...). I am waiting to see how the writer pens the character in DS60. Does he get corrupted or does he stay true to his convictions? 528.
  8. @Sejabin https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/entertainment/chinese-star-yang-mi-and-hk-actor-hawick-lau-announce-divorce-will-raise 532
  9. Yeah I agree. It made no sense for the angel to become human? Actually theologically that drama made no sense (probably why I chose not to watch it but just read recaps/spoilers) but hey it’s artistic licence so I will let it slide. 530?
  10. Yeah some of the attacks in there are too personal for my liking. Saying someone isn’t worthy of being called a fan is taking it too far I feel? You can agree to disagree surely? Just put those users on the ignore list? It’s just semantics to say they think it wasn’t a great choice for her? They will still watch her next project? So strange to take any negativity or criticism as a sign of “hate”. Maybe a mod needs to step in and tell them to do just that - suggest they just put people on the ignore list so everyone can just be in their separate idyllic corners and not have to read posts from people they don’t like? 536
  11. Wow... you’re living the Kdrama reality. Now all that’s required is for you to bond over ramyeon and the accidental kiss. Hopefully no noble idiocy. Happy ever after. 536
  12. This was a very different character for him so it’s a good thing to see him try something out of the ordinary. His next one Psychopath Diary (to be confirmed but his name has already been mentioned in articles) is another variant. If he confirms, it is good to see him try something different again. It will increase his versatility as an actor.
  13. Busted . Curiosity got the better of me. Meechutso (?) seems to be doing a stellar job of moderating (self governance) and keeping the peace so maybe mods don’t need to step in. EDIT - wait so the angel Dan becomes human (implied by some in the thread)? And they live happily ever after? How did the writer swing that ending? Hmmm...almost makes me want to watch it to find out. 528
  14. Yup agree @40somethingahjumma. Presently he still doesn’t strike me as someone who really wants the scepter handed to him. He still has this “I am just a seat warmer” mentality (I am just here for 60 days) so he seems to lurch from one crisis to crisis with barely a chance to consolidate and catch breath. He has to WANT to be there if he’s going to put his hand up for Presidency post 60 days and to effect any positive change or be of any real use in the political world. As the Minister for Environment he wanted to be there because he wanted to make a difference and felt that he could make a difference. That mentality hasn’t translated to his position as President. Will be interesting to see where the writer takes his character.
  15. I love this analogy! I guess it begs the question as to whether the Mr Smiths of this world should therefore stay clear of politics because they just haven’t got it? No Boy Scouts allowed. Just savvy politicians with the gift of the gab and spin. All politicians lie to a greater or lesser extent, it’s a given? Truth has no place in politics. Certainly not absolute truth of honesty. Everything is relative. A little white lie here and there is okay surely? So for him to tell the truth about his dismissal is just dumb? And to give the lady Opposition leader the truth too about the North Korean video? Just naive? Personally I feel it’s a smart move on his part. His very honesty astounds his peers. It means he doesn’t have to make up more lies to cover the original lie. He doesn’t cower and hide. He stands in the light even if they approach him in the cover of darkness. If he starts his political career on a lie, it will set a precedent for his future in politics. Will he fall on his own sword because of his honesty? Possibly. But there are worse things to lose your job for. Even if it is the highest post in the nation.
  16. @Ameera Ali O I like the visuals of LDG and that lady. Lovely soft dreamy pastels (clothing - reverse for male and female) and white background. Very nice. I just went and read the updates in the thread. So Dan and YS get their happy ever after I assume from the hug in the end? But a little too late for the fans who want a wedding, kids, and bed scene? Did the writer give a valid reason as to how Dan managed to move the hand of God to become human (because I thought the initial premise was that it wasn’t a possibility at all?). Or was that just all a dream? And they stayed on their original metaphysical state ie she human and he angel? I guess when the subs come out people will know for sure. EDIT - so hard to understand why fans get so uptight about any criticism directed at their idol. The drama (and other side characters) and the actor are separate entities. Intricately linked but still separate. Yes they chose to star in the drama but based on a skeleton of a plot line and a general character synopsis. They are at the mercy of the writer once they sign on. No amount of great acting will detract from huge plot holes. Just because I don’t like the drama storyline or how the character is written doesn’t mean I stop following an actor/actress? In fact you could argue that the realistic fan who avidly follows an actor/actress regardless is the more reliable? I like kokkuri33’s analysis (this is the Scientist in me talking), it’s rational, logical (non-emotive) and backed up by facts. 526
  17. @triplem I agree about those 2 in DS60. I guess that’s how they do the Ramyeon connection in the Blue House (a bit left field but I will take it). Tension is there. So is lady reporter and NamWook (stand in Press Man), although lady reporter is in my bad books for snaring poor unsuspecting PMJ in that TV interview. Why do they opt for such startling lip colors for the men? I agree it’s a bit much. Especially since most of them are already so fair. SKJ has the most riveting eyes - his iris color is what gets me every time. 516
  18. @shinuuuuuuu I am sorry I came across that way. I honestly wanted to know where you got that information from. There are other sources of articles other than Soompi so I just assumed you got that information somewhere. I did not mean to offend. I apologise if I did. I want to read what other people think (good and bad) of the drama. Not everyone will enjoy it and everyone will have different feelings and opinions. So I like reading other people’s takes on things. It broadens my mind.
  19. Whoa you’re not wrong there. Poor mods in the actors/actress section. Claws have come out and it’s get very personal. 516
  20. @Ameera Ali I really like LDG as an actor. He has this presence. A bit like Kim JaeWook. You can’t help but feel for his character. Even if he’s some psychotic murderer. . It’s like they are impossible to hate, if there’s such a thing. So for me, he trumped L (why is his name a letter? So strange. At least I get D.O. coz that’s like his surname?) whenever they shared screen space. It’s like all the energy of that scene comes from him (LDG). 514
  21. O...so the girl dies? No, she’s in a coma (ALML)? Just went to read comments in the thread. Stabbed whilst dancing Giselle? Kinda reminds me of Black Swan with Natalie Portman. That’s kinda all I wanted to know really. If they follow the story in the ballet Giselle or not. I guess because there are supernatural elements in there, she could wake up and she and the angel (who wants to be human and gets his wish) live happily ever after. Wait, I read that Angel Dan doesn’t stab the girl who stabs his ‘angel’? So maybe that is his ultimate last mission to prove himself? Do you love your enemies more than yourself? Do good to those that hate you? It’s easy to love those who love you back but it’s a far greater love to love those who’ve brought you pain. And seeing he passed that test, he may get his wish after all. @mouse007 yes by all means go with CEW. I watched for a lot longer than I normally would because I was staring at him. Forgot much of what he said or did, but he’s a beautiful specimen of a man. Or flower boy? I still need to find some concrete definition of what constitutes a “flower boy”. 520
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