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  1. Urban Dictionary meaning for Dante https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Dante Top voted (Rosie5 has problems with some spellings She is obviously besotted with Dante ) 536
  2. Ahhh. That makes sense then. I haven’t had the chance to read earlier posts. Thank you for that tidbit. Makes sense then about why the soldiers were after her. She was on the wrong side of the law. Just watched Ep 2, she’s definitely thawing out. And CS is warming to her plight too. He gets her - that she’s hollow and soulless...like the Tiger. I think he pities her (he’s always been kind). And he ultimately finds purpose in delivering the girl with gouged eyes to the Hotel, telling her that she has eyes to see. Just as Manager Noh tells him, it’s meaningful work and that’s why he stayed for 30 years. I am still not entirely convinced about the reincarnation theory (that CS is somehow the reincarnated lover that she had long ago). Preview shows that he has set her time clock ticking again so she’s becoming human. The tree is like her second self. CS’s dad is a thief too . But he’s thieving for the “right” (?) reasons? To support his son? I am not sure I agree with this rationale (why not just get a job?) but I will let it slide. She busts him with the golden snake...even though he didn’t actually steal it...I guess he thought about it? The tree shows him compassion by blooming for him (CS likes flowers), she does the same by giving him his life back (howbeit by trading his son). I have yet to pick up any OCD traits in CS though. He doesn’t strike me as a person with OCD (yet). Has all the elements of a Carrollian (Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland) fantasy. Weird strange quirky people. Supernatural stuff. Cantankerous Queen of Hearts MW (Off with his/her head ). We’ve been transported down the rabbit hole. Strapped in for a helluva ride.
  3. O looks like I guessed right about them exploring euthanasia. Looking forward to this. https://www.soompi.com/article/1338982wpp/reasons-why-doctor-john-is-unlike-any-other-medical-k-drama
  4. At an event today. Launch of LG’s HomeBrew machine. He loves his beer so this would be a good match for him if he’s endorsing it. Works like a coffee pod machine except with beer? The actress who posted this pic acted in “Prime Minister and I” with him.
  5. I still haven’t watched Ep 2. No time. Will try to carve some out tonight. MW strikes me as someone who has lost her will to live. So she’s just kinda existing...wandering the world with a coffin full of possessions (treasured memories?). The old lady takes the treasured memories and says something strange, “let’s find you a nice comfortable place”...or something to that effect. It’s like she’s safekeeping them in the meantime until MW wants them back again? Anyway despite looking after the lost souls and consoling them, (MW has had to process plenty surely), she still hasn’t found anything that’s struck her hard enough rekindle her desire to live? She has accumulated a lot of “things” - garage full of fancy cars, gorgeous clothes, eats the best food, but nothing so far has breathed life back into that “dead” soul of hers. Instead, she gets crankier, more eccentric and unpredictable as her dissatisfaction with her lot in life spills over to her existing ‘life’. She’s looking for meaning in life and failing to find it. Enter clueless and hapless GCS who she treats as her personal “toy” and new “play thing” to keep ‘life’ interesting. He surprises her...by coming back to ‘save her’ in Ep1. Kindness has a way of thawing out the most bitter of hearts. I think he’s worked his way into hers
  6. I just realized I tagged the wrong “staff member”...should’ve tagged @sushilicious not @triplem 530
  7. And he’s still perfectly coiffed? How does he do it? Must be the tub loads of gel in that hair. . Must admit though @triplem he looks mighty fine in that suit. And with a name like Dante... well... he’ll give Mr Gold a run for his $. 532
  8. @Ameera Ali I guess that could explain why her card is the Queen of Diamonds and not Hearts.
  9. @triplem I think you have stiff competition for Oppa LJH (even if he is compatible with your blood type - O is unfortunately the most common blood type ). His shirtless video on Naver has hit 31000+ views, the highest amongst all the DS60 videos. Maybe I am too cynical and it’s him in uniform in the thumbnail that’s drawing all the eyes/clicks. https://m.tv.naver.com/v/9102004 (I think this can only be viewed in certain regions) 508
  10. Haven’t watched Ep 2 yet but thoughts from Ep 1 - love the Moonlight Sonata piano piece as an introduction playing in the background - the dead Tree - takes her offering - swallows up her sword with her blood - she was willing to pay for the dead with her life so the tree grants her that wish, imprisoning her as recompense for 1000 years. As the old lady said, you can’t just kill yourself and think that it will be enough to pay for the lives you’ve taken. Dead tree started to bloom (show signs of life) when GCS’s dad appeared in the Hotel. Questions raised - JMW seems to be a doorkeeper of sorts. Dead souls who find their way to HDL have to get by her to the afterlife? 1. As evidenced by her dialogue with the policewoman who drowned. She seemed to have awarded the mayor (?) the same gift to see dead souls which is why the scene in the hall played out like it did. And hence why he could see her later on with GCS at the restaurant. Here’s where I have a problem. There seems to be a different state that the mayor and GCS are in as opposed to JMW. She is invisible to humans? Or can she appear and disappear when she feels like it? The old woman could be seen by JMW who wasn’t dead or perhaps was gifted with the sight then? GCS and the mayor who were gifted with this sight are obviously still visible to the living (taxi driver and everyone else in the hall). 2. She gave GCS’s father his life back. He was dead on the hospital table. She sent him back to the land of the living with a price to pay. She seemed to send the mayor straight to the afterlife by impaling him with the stake. 3. Which explains why some of the other staff seem so terrified of her. They don’t really want to go to the afterlife? To be rebirthed as something else less than savory? Probably because they haven’t been particularly “good” in their past life. So they want to stay in the Hotel (the in between). 4. Coffin doesn’t contain a body. It has assortment of things? Cups, trinkets, blood stained weapons? - how does the managerial role get passed down? Old lady to JMW? What are the conditions? From the character synopsis it sounds like the existing manager needs to find someone who has committed sins far worse than her/his own before that handover takes effect? So in these past 1000 years JMW hasn’t found someone like that as she vets the wandering souls through to the afterlife? I would hardly think that GCS would qualify then? Man doesn’t look like he could hurt a fly. Or perhaps it has to do with a willing sacrifice? Sins + repentance (a willingness to die as payment for sins past). That’s what JMW possessed when the position was handed down to her. - why was she looking for the Guest House of Dead Souls? She said she was looking for a Guest House that consoled the souls of the dead. The old lady said only dead people can go there. Figuratively I think JMW was already “dead” to this world. The old lady had said she seemed to have been wandering aimlessly for a long time now. She didn’t want to live anymore. She chose to be there. GCS also unbeknownst to him chose to be there. Remember how she gave him a choice to leave when she was stabbed in the street? He came back. Inadvertently signing on the dotted line. I guess more will be revealed in coming episodes. The drama shows promise. EDIT - Trivia - Evening Primroses are used to decorate altars for Moon ceremonies (occult diary). Flowers are also only supposed to open in the evening.
  11. Rumpelstiltskin is a Grimm’s Brothers Tale. Their tales always have a bit of creepiness about them eg Hansel and Gretel. Anyway in a nutshell, there’s a girl who is trapped by a King because her father stupidly boasts that his daughter’s straw blonde hair turns to gold when the sun strikes it. Anyway, king locks her away because he believes that she can spin straw (spinning wheel) into gold (don’t ask me how he jumped to that conclusion ). He gives her an option to spin the straw he provides into gold or has her head cut off (not much of a choice if you ask me). Anyway this weird creature appears (Rumplestiltskin) and he does it for her, every time asking for something of hers in return (necklace, ring). Finally he asks for her first child as payment when she has nothing left to give. She makes this promise, ends up marrying the King (talk about toxic relationship ). Her first child is born and R returns for the child. She refuses to surrender him. He gives her 3 days (some versions have 3 chances) to guess his name after which he will take the child. She sends a servant to spy on R. Servant sees him dancing around a fire singing a song which bears his name, informs the Queen...and she reveals it to R when he appears to her the next day... and he chucks a tantrum... and disappears from her life. So yes there are parallels and the creepy vibe for Grimm’s Tales is a suitable match for HDL.
  12. So I checked with Mr Google and I found this https://www.koreanclass101.com/blog/2018/05/09/blood-type-personality-in-korea/ O what? According to the article... SKJ and Taecyeon share blood types... and I mentioned them in the same sentence in an earlier post... man I must be channeling my psychic abilities...way cool 502 4. Blood Type AB They are the most interesting type compared to the others because this blood type is labeled as either genius or psycho. They are unpredictable because they often jump around from one activity to the next and their temperament is mixture of blood type A and B, therefore their personalities change quickly depending on their mood and the situation, and sometimes they don’t have control over it. Also type ABs are rational thinkers, therefore they cannot stand it when they find some situations to be irrational. As a result, they may have some difficulties interacting with people, giving others the wrong impression of being moody or two-faced. One of the ways to describe blood type ABs is: AB형은 합리적이고 재능이 있어요. AB-hyeong-eun-ham-ni-jeo-gi-go jae-neung-i it-eo-yo “People with type AB are rational and talented.” Blood Type AB Personality in Korean 합리적이다 (ham-ni-jeo-gi-da) = “to be rational” 재능이 있다 (jae-neung-i i-tta) = “to be talented” 비판적이다 (bi-pan-jeo-gi-da) = “to be critical” 별나다 (byeol-na-da) = “to be eccentric” Blood Type Compatibility for AB The best blood type compatibility is AB, followed by B. The worst blood type compatibility is O. Famous Celebrities with Blood Type AB 박진영 (Park Jin-young) 한가인 (Han Ga-in) 택연 (Ok Taecyeon) 김수현 (Kim Soo-hyun) 박봄 (Park Bom)
  13. We can make a pact here to be official triplem warning lights for any incoming gore on HDL. I can start. Ep 1 - beware lady with sunglasses. Time to avert eyes or use pillow to cover eyes whichever suits. 502
  14. SKJ Blood type AB...rare... universal recipient. Sorry my Scientist brain picked up on that. I always find it odd that they list blood type in actor profiles. Does anyone know why they do that in Korea? 502
  15. @triplem I wouldn’t call it scary. Can you watch KDramas with their renditions of ghosts or undead people? So far in HDL it’s kinda obvious when they will appear (the make up etc gives them away), so if you’d rather not see them, you can avert your eyes. None of the horror movie type scares where there’s anticipation but no preparation so you jump out of your seat when the gore appears suddenly on screen. It’s more quirky, Harry Potter type scary? So elements of the dead etc but no scare factor in it...more just eww... 498
  16. Strains of moonlight sonata (Beethoven) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piano_Sonata_No._14_(Beethoven) . Very clever. So many parallels. Original name for the piece is Piano Sonata No. 14 in C♯ minor "Quasi una fantasia" Excerpt from Wiki So far I like it. Quirky with gothic elements of Harry Potter, Tim Burton...
  17. Me too. I checked in. I was a bit tentative with Hong sisters and IU but after Ep1, I decided to stay for longer. This character really suits IU. And JinGoo is good. It’s quirky, unconventional...ala Tim Burton, Harry Potter. I just hope it delivers right to the end. Hong sisters often hook me in and then... sigh... lose me in the middle of dramas 500
  18. I spy @ktcjdrama in the Hotel Dela Luna thread. So much hype and the ratings better than AC premiere? I will try to watch a few episodes. IU is looking gorgeous in those vintage outfits in stills. 500
  19. Is the statement in bold referring to Dr John? Why don’t they just call it Dr YoHan (coz that’s his name in the drama?). Why bother anglicising it to John? I know YoHan (Johan - pronounced YoHan) is the John equivalent in Hebrew(? Dutch) but it seems excessive. I went to take a quick spin of Watcher (so many gifs and pics of SKJ got me curious). Okay for diehard SKJ fans open the spoiler at your peril (this is just my observation and bearing in mind that there’s only been 2 episodes so it may change or it may not because I don’t think I have time to commit to so many dramas ) 498
  20. Yeah I think it premieres tonight? I am in 2 minds whether to start it or not. Fantasy. Hong sisters. But I like Yeo JinGoo. . Then there’s Doctor John starting soon too. I don’t think I can watch so many. There’s also SiWan’s one Strangers from Hell which looks creepy and I quite like it. 520
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