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  1. he played a prosecutor . He was out to get JiSung for “aiding” a patient end his life. His character had a terminal illness too though...so it was personal. That drama brought up good issues but somehow it just never quite delivered the punch required at the end. It was well received, mainly because of JiSung and Lee SeYoung but it just seemed to skirt around the issue and touch on it but never really probed far enough. Yes to LIYE. The characters sing. 544
  2. Yeah. Saw that coming...swan dive from construction site. I felt sorry for him. He took one bad step and never recovered. Slippery slope down and out. EunSoo (SHS’s character) was cringey because of her crush. I tried really hard to imagine that she did what she did solely to get her father’s name cleared (and how she related to SiMok was totally above board) but she was just making it far too obvious that she was crushing on him. So that sort of put me off her character altogether. I went to the thread and read a bit and I can see why you said what you said about her fans being dissatisfied about her untimely exit. S2 should be good. I may watch Life (same writer yeah?). She writes well. 544
  3. @triplem @ktcjdrama so my guess for who the killer is in Secret Forest was totally off the mark . I guess I know why SHS is not coming back in S2 . Was the human rights lawyer in amongst the list of potentials when the drama was airing? There’s just something really unhinged about him? SiMok slammed their piano lid onto his fingers at school and he still goes around calling him “chingu”? Acting all chummy? And he was the guy who sent flowers to Bae Doona’s character in the end? He’s just kinda creepy. It was a great watch. I am looking forward to S2. 546
  4. Yup. It was done so well. No judgement. It’s not preachy. It just tells it like it is. I really liked that. Because that way, it doesn’t turn the audience off the life lessons by making us all defensive. It just presents us with the scenarios and we have to do with the information as we choose. It sits with our conscience and opens our eyes to the other person’s predicament.. It really calls for a kinder, gentler world. It’s a testament to Kim HyeJa. There are lots of little tributes to her littered through the drama. Ads that she was in. Things people would immediately pick up as part of her legacy. It was really well done. 522
  5. Figures. . But like you said, he’s totally clueless. She really can’t compete with Bae Doona’s character. She’s so cool. They match well as a team SiMok and her. I hope she signed up for S2. I look forward to seeing her in the team again. LJH is so slimy. Can’t trust him. He plays both sides at a whim. @nohamahamoud2002 biology was my favourite. I couldn’t get enough of it. Maths I didn’t mind too much but it didn’t get me all excited like biology did. 520
  6. @triplem Ep8. Re LIYE, it’s sad but for some reason I never felt devastated after every episode (despite crying my eyes out). It was always hopeful. And that’s what I loved about it. Ordinary people just trying to get by in life. Good hearted people. Nothing fancy. Her brother was just hilarious. With his internet videos . 516
  7. PS @triplem I am guessing the human rights lawyer friend of ShiMok is the mystery killer. 516
  8. Yes that’s a given . I like all the characters in it. The pace gallops along really fast. I am struggling to keep up (I have had to pause and replay a few times just to catch what they are saying) because it’s so deliciously convoluted and there are so many players involved. The bane of my life. I loathed Physics but I had to do well in it to get to the course of my choice so it was a necessary evil. 518
  9. @triplem question for you. Were there fan wars happening during Secret Forest? I can see how Shin HyeSun fans would be shipping her with the male lead...her character clearly has a crush on him. But Bae Doona is something else. I always wondered why she seemed to be this mega star, she has this very unusual “look” about her (I would never have put her down as “beautiful”). But now that I have watched her on screen I can see why. She’s magnetic. You can’t take your eyes off her when she’s in the frame. I love her character. Smart without being fake. 520
  10. Your loss. . Currently plowing through Secret Forest 1 (Stranger)...so I have context for Secret Forest 2 next year. @triplem you’re not wrong when you mentioned LJH is a slimy character. Why does he always pick these? I want to just appreciate him as a straight up good guy for once without having to second guess him. Maybe Lies Within is the drama for that. . We’ll find out next week. And his latest with NJH for next year looks promising. Was he a good guy in A Poem a day? I heard it wasn’t particularly good plot wise? 988
  11. It could very well be the brutality of the hand amputation was enough to assuage his rage (from having lost his son)...and he grew increasingly clinical? So I can buy the vet being the only person involved. Still it makes no sense for them to persuade SHui to run for office? When all they wanted to do was to expose the toxic waste? SHoon was on their side? It just seemed like a very convoluted way to finally get to the real underlying reason for the land purchase/business? The more moving parts you have, the higher the likelihood of failure? I agree about the big reveal about YM...a bit early? Maybe writer wants to focus on how to take down the Chairman in the final 2 eps and hopefully SHoon back alive and safe in the arms of SHui again.
  12. @Dhakra if you don’t watch then I highly recommend you spoil yourself with the ending. It was a brilliant piece of story telling. I would say the best I have seen for a long time. I really liked how it dealt with the whole topic (which is hardly ever talked about). It never once left me bereft of hope. And that’s the beautiful thing about it. If I remember right, when the big reveal happened, the youngsters who had stayed were still scratching their heads and the older ones needed to explain things to them. A lot of the younger ones left because the plot seemed ridiculous. But the older amongst us stayed... and when the reveal happened... it was glorious. All the pieces fit together. And by that time you were so invested in the characters that you knew every subsequent episode would bring tears... but they were happy ones. 978
  13. First thought...so he incubated (sat on) the eggs? Like papa penguin does? Actually emu papas incubate the eggs too. Female just lays them. 978
  14. Yes that’s what I think...although if you think about it logically, SHoon is missing a foot? And he would be sedated? Was it you who mentioned that SHoon was calm during the phone conversation with SHui because he sounded like he wasn’t totally conscious? Anyway, it would’ve been hard to get him out of the basement alone... he’d be dead weight (no pun intended... I want him back alive for SHui). Preview does seem to show us YM back to his black cap stealth ensemble again so it does look like he’s back to “no good”. It does look like perhaps the vet did everything? Hand, foot and eye? Right from the beginning?
  15. Did anyone notice that in the opening scene where he was led out by the Police the voiceover newsreader (?) said that he was accused/convicted (?) of 7 crimes in total but only 6 were detailed in the diary? Maybe that’s the mystery that will play out in the end. Did DongSik commit the 7th murder? So far the last diary entry by SIW was that homeless man’s death but he didn’t write about the fire in his house though? He was expecting to kill him in the building construction site? But he escaped. Who is the 7th murder victim?
  16. Yes I would say Taec is the exception to the rule. He immigrated to the US at 10 with his family (according to Wiki) and stayed there till he was 17 (when he was scouted?). That’s very important. His outlook in life and how he sees himself would be very different from someone who grew up only in Korea. I like Taec. He’s a great guy with sound morals and a good head on his shoulders. 956 EDIT - for anyone here who reads and is hiding behind the happy face you project here, if you are suffering from depression PLEASE seek help. I want to say that there is NO shame in admitting that you are not coping with life. DO NOT suffer in silence. Get help. It is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength when you admit that you need help. The earlier you address the problem of mental health, the faster it is to recovery. It’s like any physical disease, leave it long enough, it festers and it becomes a bigger problem. The online community can only do so much. Find a psychologist that will help guide you to better thought patterns and a healthier mind. Just like sometimes some of us need personal trainers to get us back to a good exercise regime, a psychologist is your mental health personal trainer. Admitting that you are having a hard time is the first step to recovery.
  17. The wheels turn on their axis.... and they keep on turning (sorry couldn’t help myself) 966
  18. So the wheels are still turning on the axis then I presume? No justice for the plane load of passengers blown out of the sky? It’s always risky ending on a cliffhanger with the expectation that you will get the green light for season 2. It’s always better to have standalone seasons. At least then if there’s nothing more, there’s at least closure for the one. Hopefully there will be some happy news for Vagabond 2 soon.
  19. It doesn’t make sense in the beginning and it looks like it’s romcom on steroids with uneven acting (from veterans even ) and an even stranger storyline, but keep at it and when the big reveal happens, it will all make sense. I watched it live and even without knowing the big reveal I found little gems littered through the quirkiness...about how to treat old people, the problems they face, how they feel obsolete. I liked how they delivered the message in a matter of factly sort of way, no judgement. And I learnt how to age gracefully. . It was well worth it. 966 (I think)
  20. @imgreatgal I think he was shocked at the video message and the note passed onto SHui? He seemed genuinely in the dark about SHoon’s disappearance after the hospital escape. So it looks like IDG/Chairman Jeong are on the same page, YM has his own agenda possibly with the vet as his accomplice. So it looks like YM planned the whole thing like @bebebisous33 suggested. I am still unsure about the video message... how did YM hack SHui’s laptop?
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