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  1. I think the July 2020 airing date sounds about right. Probably to tie in with Netflix release (please make it so). Yes EunSoo was just desperate for “revenge”. She was too emotionally invested to be objective. Clearly why SiMok thought it best to leave her out of the investigation process altogether. You can’t have someone who already has preconceived ideas about who the killer “should be” on an investigative team. I like how SiMok put the blame of her death back squarely on her father’s shoulders for being so reticent in the first place. He tried to absolve his responsibility by blaming SiMok for not “protecting her”. In reality it was his diffidence that was the root cause. He knew full well how headstrong and determined she was, yet he kept sitting back on his hands in the matter. Perhaps he didn’t want to ruin his “upright” standing in her eyes, preferring to play the victim rather than coming clean that he too sat on the truth all those years ago and turned a blind eye. I really hope the PD for Season2 is as meticulous as the PD for SF1. Little details are not glossed over which just adds to the gritty reality of the drama. Things like police berating prosecutors for messing with the crime scene. The fact that SiMok ousted Park MooSung’s mother out of the house as soon as he realized it was a crime scene so she wouldn’t contaminate it. Putting on gloves and shoe covers when at a crime scene. Talking about blood spatter and spray. Methodical, precise evidence collection. SF1 was a quality production so everyone had done their homework to make it as realistic as possible. In today’s world where the audience has been exposed to forensics in detail thanks to Hollywood, glossing over these details would prove irksome to the educated and ruin the viewing experience. EDIT - I went back to the original thread to see what the ruckus was about when her death aired... and yeah... I think I would’ve picked some of the comments apart had I watched it live .
  2. I kinda agree with this - that it’s a classic melo. Melo is exactly what the OTP is giving us and it’s what’s keeping me watching. I just wish they paid more attention to details so it doesn’t irk the audience too much (eg yes definitely have that car scene with Kang napping and then CY wanting to wipe his tears away but at least have him drive off from the side of the road BEFORE getting hit with the truck?). Had they been stopped on the road it would’ve been okay...but they were pulled over...off the road and he had his hazard lights on? It’s these little details that ruin the melo experience for me. I hope they pay more attention to details and don’t over dramatise. It doesn’t need it...really. The cast is fabulous. They just need to be allowed to emote with less histrionics happening around them. Less is more when your cast is capable.
  3. . She acted well though so I will give her that. It was the actions of her character EunSoo that were questionable. I think she did try to be his “best buddy” but I felt like he was trying his utmost to distance himself from her and keep her out of it (so as to keep her safe) but she kept reading him wrong and putting herself into situations where she was out of her depth and he had to bail her out of. She just kept pushing in and trying to involve herself when all the signals coming from him were for her to just butt out? She wasn’t giving him any information that he hadn’t already worked out himself? He is incapable of reciprocating the “love” or “kindness” that she wants from him. He’s plenty happy with his work and with the rudimentary essential social dealings with colleagues. I think that’s why I like his relationship with YeoJin. She doesn’t expect anything from him. She just takes him as he is. They are equals.
  4. Yeah the medical side of me perked up with the mention of lobotomy... so radical and invasive? Only refractory epilepsy springs up with something so radical as a treatment option. So yeah tumour came to mind but there was no mention of a growth to excise but hey I will just take it at face value that they had exhausted all conservative treatment and therefore were only left with the surgical route. YeoJin definitely has a backstory of past trauma. She loathed that child molester she chased down. She told the underaged call girl that she had to live so that her final look at life wouldn’t be one of horror/terror. And then there was that cryptic monologue to herself when she visited the girl’s high school and saw some giggling school girls and she said, “that’s how your school life should’ve looked like” as if to imply that hers wasn’t a happy one. And she wants to stay in the Crime/Homicide division despite her chief suggesting she transfer out. Her drawings I feel are her catharsis. Memories of lost childhood perhaps? I am glad she’s turned out so well despite her past. She still loves life and believes in fighting the good fight. SiMok and her make a wonderful team. Ironically on second watch, EunSoo is the character that grated at me most. Her drive for revenge had clouded her judgment and her one sided crush on SiMok didn’t do her any favours. I felt like she had this desire to prove herself to SiMok by trying to be clever/helpful. She kept putting herself in danger so it didn’t surprise me that she ended up dead. Just as well I didn’t watch real time or I probably would’ve butted heads with her fandom with my assessment of her character.
  5. Sounds plausible. Isn’t it based on a Japanese webtoon? “Repeat”? Or something like that? I guess if anyone’s desperate they can hunt that down and get a synopsis (spoiler). 10 people though...not just the 2 of them. But I guess with their backgrounds, they could well be the ones to piece it together...there could well be a “hidden killer” amongst the 10? For goodness sake let it NOT be LJH this time PLEASE... Just play the straight up good guy for a change JoonHyuk! JuSeYo. No more twists that turn you into some hidden Monster. Seriously that’s getting old... you need to add some good guys in your resume to keep us guessing? Time to change your modus operandi.
  6. @triplem I wonder why they are so behind? Not like it was a big hassle to just release the statement? SOOP is pretty big and manages lots of big stars? Some don’t even bother confirming till script reading pics come out and then they just assume everyone knows already so they don’t bother releasing anything.
  7. Yeah I think filming is already done on Kingdom2. I am just happy to see CSW in dramaland. He’s very selective about his dramas so I trust his judgements. There’s got to be something uniquely different about the drama before he says yes...otherwise he stays in the musical theatre domain. I can’t imagine anyone but him being Hwang SiMok. I adore how he and YeoJin bounce ideas off each other. Both are just as intelligent. They are equals. I love that the writer has done that. I am currently rewatching SF1 again just to pick up the running threads I missed watching it first time. YeoJin has a backstory that was hinted at but never explored (abuse? Potential hostage before?)...and SiMok’s dad has some story as well but it was never expanded on either. His mom (who remarried) mentioned in passing that his dad is back...and SiMok then had that episode in his apartment...so it was obviously a trigger of a troubled past. Were they both abused? What would compel his mother to say to him (when he was 8yo) that they should just “die together”? . I am trying to figure out what medical condition SiMok actually had... Hyperacusis? Tinnitus? Was he autistic? Was it post trauma,? Being hit on the head repetitively by an abusive father? But they seemed to imply his lack of social skills happened post op (to deal with his hyperacusis). The surgical treatment was over the top though... that had me scratching my head... but O well... I will let it slide. The writer is just brilliant otherwise. Life was another great drama. It was the most realistic drama about the hospital system that I have ever watched. I am a fan of her writing for sure. . I like how authentic her characters are. 2020 dramas definitely look promising.
  8. O well done YeJi! Score! Please say yes! https://www.soompi.com/article/1370422wpp/seo-ye-ji-reportedly-starring-in-new-drama-kim-soo-hyun-is-in-talks-for 784
  9. Thanks @triplem. Although knowing Cho SeungWoo (yes I researched him intensively after SF1 ), he doesn’t like to do dramas with live filming. He much prefers pre-production. So even if it says airing in July, they may film much earlier. CSW is doing Sweeney Todd the musical right now...that finishes end Jan 2020 so maybe filming will begin in earnest then. LMH’s drama has already begun filming...so it’s probably pre-produced as well.
  10. The best kind of news for a fan. Appreciative idols and the satisfaction knowing they “get” your gift (the meaning behind it). 776
  11. Yeah. For me the triad of logos, pathos and ethos needs to be there for me to keep invested. Currently the writer is hitting the audience with pathos overload... so much so that the logos suffers...and ethos doesn’t even get a mention much. But I am willing to overlook the lack of ethos IF the drama steadies itself in the logos department. I get that Kang is our tragic male lead alright? I don’t need anymore convincing? Just give him a break already? I mean the man is obviously on a mission? He was supposed to join his mother in the afterlife when he flatlined in Libya? BUT he chose to come back to complete that mission so I want him to start making some headway. When the previews showed an accident scene I was totally expecting it to happen as he was driving her out of the fishing spot and he was falling asleep at the wheel...that would’ve been the logical place for the accident to happen...and then he pulls over to catch a nap? And then the truck hits them? That didn’t make sense. . What’s worse...it’s a hit and run? So I guess the truck driver never got caught? And poor Kang had to drive to the hospital? Didn’t think to call for an ambulance? He was responsible enough to pull over when he realized he was an accident waiting to happen when he kept dozing off at the wheel...but he thought driving in a car after a big accident (and he was probably concussed) was a good idea? Huh?
  12. It really does the trope overkill. I am lurching from crisis to crisis and it’s just 4 eps in? It’s not giving me a break and just ease into the drama. So I am hanging in there... there’s already been a few deaths. But because they didn’t really build any attachments for me...it’s just sad but not so sad that I weep? You have to suspend belief a lot in it...but the acting is good so that’s keeping me watching. I will give it another 2 eps and then reconsider if I want to keep going with it. It’s just given us too much too soon with no breathers...so it’s sort of hard to get invested in the characters if that makes sense? It’s getting to the point where it’s getting old? I mean I get that the main lead’s life is just tragic okay? I don’t need anymore convincing? So just give him a break already? 764
  13. Yeah me too. It’s all getting too dramatic for me. The shopping mall collapse, the “evil” family Kang has to live with, MS’s death so soon after his introduction, the truck of doom (Note to self : never drive a car in Korea...none of them seem to be fitted with airbags ), the residual hematoma leading to a drastic career change, running away to Greece... I need some sort of normality to resume in the drama for me to sit back and enjoy it. Thus far I have been lurching from one crisis to another. There’s only so much I can take...plus...it’s Christmas (like MS reminded us)? .
  14. Ditto ... especially when ur a neurosurgeon? Whoops... my hand shook when I was trying to cauterise a blood vessel. And of course the truck of doom..: Ditto . Probably slow burn. The first few minutes of Ep1 had him running to find her again in Greece? So I am anticipating lots of angsty being apart until the penny finally drops.
  15. That’s the only thing that would make sense. Kang doesn’t strike me as someone hell bent on revenge. Nor does he have some chip on his shoulder and feels the need to prove himself (unlike his step brother Jun). Jun’s parents are doing him (Jun) no favours by trying to “protect” him and swinging the odds to benefit him. He doesn’t look like he wants it either. In fact it frustrates him more because it makes him feel even more incompetent. To his credit he wants to “beat Kang” on a level playing field. So no one can argue that he did it because he had “luck” on his side. So Kang hanging in there may have to do with what @mathildafc has suggested. Dignifying his mother’s life by giving her some status posthumously.
  16. Wow Sejabin. Why do you even need to watch KDrama? Your real life takes the cake. KDrama pales in comparison. No one thought to call security or ring the police? Just watched and filmed it on your phones? 740
  17. yeah I am trying to figure that out too? Is it revenge (he wants to take them down before he leaves)? Or is it because he needs to earn enough capital so he can walk away and start a restaurant of his own? Did I miss something?
  18. @Sushimi Negative. Imposter. 722
  19. Her name is Kim HyeJa (the same as her character in the drama). The whole drama was a tribute to her. Lots of little references about her career scattered throughout the drama... the ads she did when she was younger, the friends she had (has). This 720
  20. @triplem it was SO clever wasn’t it? Last few eps did a lot more explaining and resolution. It was beautiful right to the end. So hopeful 710
  21. Those 2 dramas should never be in the one sentence...Lookout...incoming... @Dhakra 694
  22. Yes I feel that too. I think she turned down Terius Behind Me because the female lead in that had a backstory where her husband died and at that time it was coming up the first anniversary of the death of her boyfriend. I always thought it was odd that she was the one to carry his picture and lead the funeral procession. That was usually the responsibility of the spouse or close family member/best man. It put her right in the spotlight which I felt was horribly unfair for her to be forever burdened with that. She picked up Your Honor instead of Terius. And that in itself was pummelled with all sorts of side issues which detracted from the drama because Yoon ShiYoon was main lead and he was the one who took on the spot vacated by her bf in 2D1N. I always felt she buried herself in university/work to try to get away from having to face the grief. And that post on Instagram was obviously a moment when it all came crashing down. I am glad LJH took on the role as SHoon. Acting with someone who knows your history and is responsive to how it could possibly affect you off screen is always assuring. I think that could be why he seemed more attentive than usual during the BTS in the scenes with her. Love him for that .
  23. Yes I noticed that. I don’t believe Jun actually hates Kang. He just always feels like he needs to measure up to his grandmother...no thanks to his Super pushy parents. and a grandmother who thinks that pitting the boys against each other gives them a “competitive edge” . Jun can’t get angry with his parents or his grandmother so all that pent up frustration from being constantly pressured to excel has to be directed somewhere...and he directs it at Kang. Same with the dog. He was an angry little boy with nowhere to direct that anger. When a child is constantly seeking approval from his parents who only dishes out “love” when that child performs to a certain level, it makes them very insecure and angry. Kang is a “threat” to Jun. So I don’t think he actually wants to dislike Kang. It’s just that every time Kang surfaces, Jun feels horribly insecure and lashes out to prove his worth. So I am waiting for him to have an awakening.
  24. LJH welled up? At 2:05-2:08 in the video above after his final scene and he received flowers. He was looking fondly at LYY and she asked him, “Why are you crying?”. Aww... they must be good friends for him to step in and play her “husband” SHoon. Such a nice man. Hopefully they will meet together again in a lighter drama.
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