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  1. 29 minutes ago, reddragon said:

    I think it's because of his promise to his mother.

    That’s the only thing that would make sense.  Kang doesn’t strike me as someone hell bent on revenge.  Nor does he have some chip on his shoulder and feels the need to prove himself (unlike his step brother Jun).  Jun’s parents are doing him (Jun) no favours by trying to “protect” him and swinging the odds to benefit him.  He doesn’t look like he wants it either.  In fact it frustrates him more because it makes him feel even more incompetent.  To his credit he wants to “beat Kang” on a level playing field.  So no one can argue that he did it because he had “luck” on his side.


    So Kang hanging in there may have to do with what @mathildafc has suggested.  Dignifying his mother’s life by giving her some status posthumously.

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  2. 6 hours ago, Sejabin said:

    I gossiped a lot with my shining squad when an employee in my office had affair and his wife came to our office and brought a scissor to kill her husband. OMG. It was so horror. His husband run from her and she after him like tom and jerry at our front yard and all of us were lurked to them from the window tsk tsk.. his wife not work and only stay at home. Only wait for her husband to give her alowance? Money? Like that.. so when her husband had an affair she became crazy.

    Wow Sejabin.  Why do you even need to watch KDrama?  Your real life takes the cake.  KDrama pales in comparison.  No one thought to call security or ring the police?  Just watched and filmed it on your phones?  :lol:


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  3. 5 hours ago, triplem said:

    The actress playing the older Jye Ha was superb. 

    Her name is Kim HyeJa (the same as her character in the drama).  The whole drama was a tribute to her.  Lots of little references about her career scattered throughout the drama... the ads she did when she was younger, the friends she had (has).



    Yes to her “father”(son).  If I recall right, when we were watching live, quite a few got mad at him for being so unresponsive to her plight after her “transformation”.  Everyone else seemed to just go along with it and make do but he seemed so distant.  It all made sense after the big reveal.  Why he was so awkward around her.  He was devastated that his mother couldn’t recognize him as her son.  And yes when it dawned on him how she did care all these years, it was a cry fest..:tears:.


    Yes to the 2 ahjussis that she thought were con men.  I had a friend whose mother (with dementia) thought the staff in the Aged Care were out to poison her so getting her to take her tablets was a daily struggle.  :tears:

    This :wub:


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  4. 44 minutes ago, AC95 said:

    @nrllee I can't help feeling that Lee Yoo-young's agency and LJH are trying to rally around her. As many here will know, in May she posted a distressing message on Instagram and people feared for her safety. And this was a difficult role that could have dredged up negative emotions. I would like to think that surrounding her with good colleagues and meaningful work was the best way for her to heal.

    Yes I feel that too.  I think she turned down Terius Behind Me because the female lead in that had a backstory where her husband died and at that time it was coming up the first anniversary of the death of her boyfriend.  I always thought it was odd that she was the one to carry his picture and lead the funeral procession.  That was usually the responsibility of the spouse or close family member/best man.  It put her right in the spotlight which I felt was horribly unfair for her to be forever burdened with that.  She picked up Your Honor instead of Terius.  And that in itself was pummelled with all sorts of side issues which detracted from the drama because Yoon ShiYoon was main lead and he was the one who took on the spot vacated by her bf in 2D1N.  I always felt she buried herself in university/work to try to get away from having to face the grief.  And that post on Instagram was obviously a moment when it all came crashing down.  I am glad LJH took on the role as SHoon.  Acting with someone who knows your history and is responsive to how it could possibly affect you off screen is always assuring.  I think that could be why he seemed more attentive than usual during the BTS in the scenes with her.  Love him for that :wub:.  

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  5. 4 hours ago, blademan said:

    Kinda was taken aback at the scene where LJ went to Libya to see LK and looked like he genuinely cared for him...? Did anybody else notice this...?

    Yes I noticed that.  I don’t believe Jun actually hates Kang.  He just always feels like he needs to measure up to his grandmother...no thanks to his Super pushy parents. <_< and a grandmother who thinks that pitting the boys against each other gives them a “competitive edge” <_<.  Jun can’t get angry with his parents or his grandmother so all that pent up frustration from being constantly pressured to excel has to be directed somewhere...and he directs it at Kang.  Same with the dog.  He was an angry little boy with nowhere to direct that anger.  When a child is constantly seeking approval from his parents who only dishes out “love” when that child performs to a certain level, it makes them very insecure and angry.  Kang is a “threat” to Jun.  So I don’t think he actually wants to dislike Kang.  It’s just that every time Kang surfaces, Jun feels horribly insecure and lashes out to prove his worth.  So I am waiting for him to have an awakening.  :)

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  6. 6 hours ago, mathildafc said:

    After watching the 2 episodes, I think MS-CY-LK triangle was in 2013. And then after summer 2018 onwards the triangle will be between LK-CY-LJ. 

    It might be that MS knows or suspected the reason on why CY left for Greece and that as his last act of love for his bff LK, he told LK that he wants CY’s dumpling stew knowing that LK will go to Greece to look for CY personally.

    He knows that LK will be all alone once he died so he sent him to CY because he’s aware or suspected that LK is the one that CY loves all along. 


    That would fit with his personality thus far.  He’s always been the supportive friend for Kang.  

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  7. 11 minutes ago, Latte_Anyday said:

    Kang appears to me to have..amnesia??

    See I am not so sure about this.  He seemed fine around his friend?  He doesn’t remember her as the little girl at his mother’s restaurant.  She made that link herself because she went back to look for him and found out his name.  He knows nothing about her as the little girl...no name.  She looks familiar because he met her back at the hospital.  But he’s a doctor, and it’s not like she’s one of his patients (she didn’t have neurological problems that he had to perform surgery on) and their meeting at the hospital was brief.  Doctors are always tired and they meet lots of people fleetingly so he probably hasn’t made any of those links yet unlike her?


    But yes I agree, she left because she had residual feelings for Kang.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Latte_Anyday said:

    Ahahah I like the bit where she told Min Seong that she's unattractive 'cause of her belly fat:lol: 

    Yeah that was my fav line from her. :lol:.  I mean...there’s a saying that goes, “never trust a skinny cook”?  More power to her for admitting to it.  She’s a real woman.  


    X'mas or not, Cha Young should've told him.. It'd only cause misunderstandings after.

    I think she was working towards it and she would’ve said it eventually had it not been for Kang breaking her reverie.  She was just stunned that he had “come back to life”.  And I believe she did tell him before she packed up and went to Greece?  Or was I mistaken?  That’s why Kang was aghast when MS said he wanted to eat her dumplings?  He was mad that she left MS after presumably saying “yes” that night to MS’s advances.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Lawyerh said:

    @nrlleeI like LDW back then in old drama The Partner, before he turn into a guy who never see sunshine for whole year :joy: He seriously need to go beach , lie there and got some sun tan! 

    I agree.  And he’s always so gaunt.  He looks positively anorexic.  The man needs to eat and get some sun to get some colour on his face.  He looks ill.  When he showed up in stills as a Dentist in Strangers From Hell I thought he looked the part.  As a doctor running around in Life, I thought he looked sicker than some of the patients which isn’t great. :lol: 


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  10. 640 (I think)



    He definitely was in my suspects list! God I was suspicious of everybody on the show! :lol:


    :lol: Human rights lawyer was my top suspect (because he kept popping up right through the drama).  The other lawyer with the tattoo was kinda left field.  Especially when they didn’t reveal the whole backstory with the kid till so much later.

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  11. 31 minutes ago, Nymeria289 said:

    I don't think so, Cha Young did hug him so he wasn't coercing, its just Cha Young took a baby step toward him and Kang showed up.....bad, bad timing......I think Min Sung still is in love with her.

    Did she?  She merely came out, put gloves on his hands.  She made no moves to hug him.  He hugged her?  And when he did, she didn’t exactly return in kind?  Her hands were still rigid on her side.  And then he mentioned seeing someone watching them holding a bunch of flowers.


    So in my mind she never said yes.  She didn’t outright refuse him.  But she gave him lots of excuses NOT to go out with her.  I think in her mind she was swayed but still unconvinced.  And then when Kang showed up it made it even worse because MS just took the fact that she didn’t say “No” as silent assent and announced to Kang that she was now his gf.



    Still I find him sort of presumptuous for declaring outright that Cha Young was his woman when she practically rejected him countless times.

    yeah.  I think he was so infatuated with her that the fact that she didn’t rebuff him straight up sent him delirious with joy...and with all that Christmas goodwill floating around, he convinced himself that she had come around this time.  Christmas does that to you. :lol:

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  12. 5 hours ago, triplem said:

    oh if SF2 is gonna be shown in Feb 2020...how’s he gonna juggle this?

    That was my first thought?  I thought it was a big no-no to do 2 running dramas at the same time?  I mean what about the promos?  SF2 he’s not main though so maybe that can be managed.  Frankly I would rather see him in the main role in 365...at least he’s hopefully more “likeable”.  His character in SF2 is slimy at best, cowardly at worst.  He nearly killed his colleague?  Strangled her?  I was sorta incredulous that she would just let that slide and act normal in front of him again at work.  Only in KDrama... :lol:

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  13. I must be in the mood for Makjang...it’s an easy watch, not too taxing on the brain...and there’s a lot of nice food involved. :lol:  Actually it’s quite gratifying watching HJM eat cake, chocolate and look like she’s really enjoying it.  There are so few dramas where I have watched actresses eat like normal people.  There’s been a few time jumps already which sort of surprised me.  I am staying for a bit.


    644 (I think)


    EDIT - btw does anyone think Lee DongWook is like a real life vampire?  I am watching Life now and of all the characters, his is the one I can’t relate with the most.  I wish he wasn’t so gaunt.  It makes him look even more vampire like.  

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  14. 4 hours ago, Samuel Yohanes said:

    Also by the time that came, Crash landing on you still hasnt finished yet ( they finish on 2nd february ) so if Forest season 2 Replace crash landing on you then they will be premiere on 8th of february. 

    Didn’t baseball stuff up all the drama scheduling?  I recall a lot were pushed back because normal screening time was interrupted by sport.  So it could be a projected date which isn’t set in stone and it might be give or take a few weeks later.

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  15. Sigh... guessed right but it was still hard to watch :tears:.  The last scenes were lovely.  Much needed reprieve from the gore and pervasive evil that we were witness to for 15 episodes.


    All because one old man didn’t have courage enough to say “sorry”.  So much pain for all those involved.  As some have suggested, the saving grace is that evil will always persist but there are those of us who still fight the good fight despite the odds.  Just because it’s worth fighting for.  Kudos to TS and his team. And SHui.


    It was well worth 16hours of my time.  Thanks all for the discussions.  You made it all the more entertaining  :).  Till the next drama, adieu. 

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  16. :lol:.  They totally copied Love Actually in that scene where MinSeong used the tablet to express his feelings to ChaYoung.  But it was still sweet. :wub:


    I am slightly surprised by the rapid pace of this drama...Lots of time jumps all within 2 episodes.  :o.  The acting is good though.  I like the characters.  And the scenes in Greece is just gorgeous.  I actually find it quite satisfying to see an actress eat indulgent food.  :lol:.  Most of them are rake thin and hardly eat anything.  There’s something very liberating to see CY eating chocolate, cake and other delicacies.  And she talks about her “belly fat” when she was trying to stave off MinSeong’s advances.  Seriously though, her assent to being his gf (?) was presumed?  I never actually heard her say, “yes”?  It was all implied because she didn’t give him an outright, “no”?  

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