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  1. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I like thrillers and crime but if it’s too gruesome I skip it. Tunnel was pretty gruesome (the murders) but the plot and the cast just kept me glued to the end. Thanks for that list, I will keep them in mind. I know you’ve suggested Prison Playbook so I might check that out if I get a chance. I haven’t had the time to binge watch. This quarter leading up to Christmas is always the worst on my calendar when it comes to busyness. I was going to try Melting Me Softly just for light hearted viewing but the whole thing is coming across as very cheesy to me so I am not in the mood for that right now. @staygold yeah I don’t have great hopes for Vagabond but I may watch just to keep in the loop with the banter/conversations happening in @packmule3‘s blog. . Sometimes I just read recaps and watch snippets just to join in the conversations there... like I did with Hotel DeLuna. 532
  2. Ooo...thinking man. Thought as much. . Have you watched Tunnel? Or is that too dark for you? The only drama @Dhakra has mentioned that I know of is Weightlifting Fairy? What other dramas would you recommend? I haven’t watched Signal but I have heard good things about it. Might have to put it on my binge list. But first I have to check out Vagabond to see what all the hype is about. I need to see if I can watch at least one of LSG or Suzy’s dramas from start to finish without dropping it midway. I couldn’t finish Hwayugi. I tried Dream High but the cringe factor was just too much for me to continue. 524
  3. No way...he speaketh good Anglais ...although I never was a fan of Bae Doona, I will look up Sense8 to see if I need to binge watch (although lately I haven’t had much time and been resorting to watching varieties and movies which are less time consuming). I don’t know why she (Bae Doona) gets requests for catwalks/magazine covers...I wouldn’t have put her down as a classic Asian beauty? Maybe it’s her angular androgynous which is the appeal. I would’ve put Song HyeKyo as top of my list for aesthetics. Sorry in advance to Bae Doona fans. 510
  4. So apparently this is more reason for Park2 couple shipping...their drama tv stations have aligned... it was definitely MEANT to be . I wonder if the shippers will wander into their respective drama threads later on I like they did for Mr Gold (standard for kiss scenes). 948
  5. @triplem gah...hubby and he (Lee JeHoon) are of one mind. . At least LJH attempted a response. Hubby didn’t even try to understand. I had to break it down for him bit by bit (explain the whole thing) which naturally took all the romance out of the situation. 948
  6. Reporting back on hubby’s reaction when I attempted to show him aegyeo... epic fail. He gave me a blank stare in response. Even when I explained the whole process and how he was supposed to “catch my kiss”, he shook his head and gave me a firm “no”. . 938
  7. Pros and cons. The filial piety generation learnt the meaning of self sacrifice. You sacrifice the “little me” to accomplish/complete the “big me” (Chinese saying). The individualistic autonomous generation is all about me, myself, I. They become very self absorbed. Everything is about “me”, how I feel, how everything revolves around “me”. Their world becomes very small. It’s harder to get them to look outside of themselves for the greater good. I think half the problem is that this autonomy whilst advocating self esteem and becoming your “best self” and finding meaning within “yourself” in reality does the opposite. You can’t “find” meaning apart from giving of yourself to others. The most self fulfilled people are actually those who have learnt to not take themselves too seriously and give of themselves for the betterment of others. In the case of Wonder, the Sister Olivia who had to give up most of her time with her parents and grow up on her own in the shadow of her disabled Brother whose condition took up all of their energy? She grew up self reliant, independent, with a great head on her shoulders. I also loved how the movie emphasised the importance of a stable affirming family which is paramount to growing mature, thoughtful children who have the resilience to navigate the ugliness of life. It was a beautiful film all round. Warm. Grounded in reality but hopeful. . I might try it some other time. Why dish out a flying kiss when I can smack him one on the lips? I think he much prefers the real deal. 878
  8. This couple was just the sweetest. I enjoyed O My Venus from start to finish. So satisfying . I’ve got dimples like her...maybe I should try this with hubby. 872
  9. I watched the movie Wonder on Netflix a few days ago and cried nearly the whole movie. It was a good cry though. Such a heart filled movie. Well worth a watch. 854
  10. O My Venus. It’s surprisingly good. I love both JiSub and Min-Ah. I didn’t think I would like the story but it was really well done. Their characters are so cute together. 802
  11. Why is he on the other escalator?? Like the one going up? And the others going down?? Yeah I still see them posting meet ups (the girls). Glad they all got along so well. I miss DS60. I have been in a slump since. Started old dramas and binge watched. SiWan’s new one is too gory for me... I get the feeling it’s all happening in his head? Like probably the people and some of the situations are similar but he’s just extrapolated it in his head to include the gore... I saw stills of some of the episodes and just couldn’t watch... 776
  12. No way...I’ve been living in a hole. So I see “Ask The Fellas” pop up on the hot topics panel and Lo and behold, our very own @Dhakra is like the Sensei there. RESPECT . He even does private counselling sessions. . Love a man who cares. Mrs D-to-be is a lucky woman. 662
  13. I had a Science teacher who named his son Hydrogen... . I don’t get this teaser? I thought it was all about con artists who are like Robin Hoods and scam the rich. Why are they trudging through the countryside? Shouldn’t it be set in the city where all the big scams are? 474
  14. @Ameera Ali SeungGi is cool. There are some guys born to do action type movies/dramas. When they run, they look cool (there’s a fluidity in their movements). LSG is one of them. Rain is another. So JiSub, Ji JinHee and Ji ChangWook as well. They even look cool running in suits. Some seem out of their element for some reason. I am not sure about brown eyes Oppa...I am assuming this is referencing Seo KangJoon? This is him exercising (such a dork)... wait till the camera pans out in the end. (HINT - his hair was defying gravity...) 466
  15. Yeah...that scene of him saving her (YooJin) from the room and the sprinklers going with her voice over saying she can’t tame him coz he’s a wolf? Then he stops her just at the cusp of her emerging into daylight with his hand on the small of her back as he growls, “stand up straight, your enemies are watching”...Gah...just as well they had the sprinklers on... to turn down the heat . 470
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