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  1. Remember how I said FG reminded me of SunWoo and Bora? Look at the Spotify pic for MiDo’s recent Violet Fragrance release. Her cover In Reply1988
  2. In a drama slump after Stranger2 . Tried other dramas but just couldn’t get motivated to keep watching. And of course real life started to pick up in intensity and busyness so decided to just wait it out till I get the bug again. Thanks all for making it an enjoyable watch. I still can’t believe we were trolled about the message on the note. Doing the dishes will never quite be the same again .
  3. The BTS video last Thursday had a finality to it? It was a nod to all the small characters. All of whom had a vital part to play in the collective story as a whole. I liked what Shin did here (using all their pics) to form the mosaic. It looks like a Dinosaur on the left (T-Rex). To me it does anyway. (Cr screenshots from https://youtu.be/yYNdOxekx8Y) What I find fascinating is the number of hints Shin has dropped about Romantic Winter in the clips. This scene where GU admits to liking IJ out loud...to her colleagues. And he puts this scene in as a stark con
  4. Hmm... if this is true http://koalasplayground.com/2020/10/14/pd-shin-won-ho-of-hospital-playlist-and-prison-playbook-confirms-2021-sbs-drama-racket-youth-team-about-badminton/ does this mean there will be no S3? It seems odd to start something totally new when your pet project is supposedly still to finish? EDIT - I think KoalasP misread the original article. It’s the writer of PP Jung that’s signed on with SBS. As per this article. https://www.kdramapal.com/upcoming-sports-themed-drama-prison-playbook-writer-under-discussions-air-sbs/ N
  5. You know the little waving panda post react? The one I thought was just a friendly wave to say hello? Well, apparently it’s a “where’s my Oppa?” react? Pray tell when would someone use a react like that? Under what circumstances would it be deemed an appropriate response? Maybe it needs to be renamed to something more appropriate . Like a “Welcome Back” react. 800
  6. Okay. Interesting premise. A geeky engineer? . Well let’s see what he brings to the table. After emotionless ShiMok, it will be nice to see some semblance of a facial expression on him . I know he is capable of so much more. He’s got a wicked smile. It’s got that hint of mischief in it that’s irresistible. 620
  7. @Sleepy Owl I dropped Alice about ep5(?). Can’t remember. I couldn’t do 2 dramas which required lots of rewatching to get clues. Stranger2 was taking up a lot of my free time. @pompyavi I will starts Sisyphus for CSW (if only for his acting). What genre is it? Is it a mystery or melodrama? Sisyphus is a Greek mythological figure. It’s in philosophical territory? If that’s where the writer is taking it. Then it would move in existential (meaning of life type) questions. 620 EDIT - wow the white is blinding after getting used to the dark mode... and the
  8. @Sleepy Owl is the story in Alice making sense or is it losing its way? I just went to read some posts and it seems like it’s getting very complicated? 524
  9. Another farewell. This time Dr Bae from ER. Her character brief lists her as an ER Fellow. So she’s a bit further on than the residents. It looks like it’s just the doctors that are being farewelled. Bong is staying - no farewell speech. I always find it interesting that Shin asks them about their personalities. I think judging from the responses, most candidates would be taken aback because it’s not something that is asked in a routine audition process. (Pics taken from YouTube clip) https://youtu.be/zqPI_O_Ji9g Goodbye Dr Bae Intere
  10. FYI You need to remove pics from quotes. Sent you a link via PM to the full analysis article.
  11. @Sleepy Owl How can you watch so many dramas at the one time (in your signature)? I struggle with 2? I don’t know how you do it and still have a life @partyon yes I always thought it was odd with the potatoes AND rice. Carb overload. And they have so many different types of potatoes. Not just the one variety. Spoilt for choice. 478
  12. The clues extend all the way back to R1994 In the World Cup Soccer match. Sung DongIl bets on Italy (priesthood) and stays with Italy to the end. He joins the priesthood in HP. YYS bets on Italy initially too. But changes his mind later in the game and swaps to Korea. JWon stays as a doctor and doesn’t go to Italy to join the priesthood.
  13. @partyon thanks for the invite for the Revenge dramas but sorry not my cup of tea right now. I remember not finishing Money Flower. 552 PS I think I will pick up where I left off with Zombie Detective. It’s a barrel of laughs and I need that right now. It’s so meta. I didn’t expect to like it but I do.
  14. I think that dream when recounted to YJ at dinner with SM prompted her to visit Yoon. 3 people walked towards the light (death). Yoon was one of them. Kang walked to the side (he resigned). DJ was directed back to the living. I think YJ was worried that it was foreshadowing that Yoon would do something drastic because he had nobody left to “live for”. That’s probably what spurred her to visit and tell him what she did at the visit and it was timely. He didn’t look to be in a particularly good headspace. To give him hope that whilst it was a heinous crime he committed, there was room for
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