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  1. Clue 2 (continued from post above) It is no coincidence that LeeShin had JWon take on the Pink Run in Ep3. The Pink Run is the marathon done in support of Breast Cancer. Exactly what SHwa was fearful that she had when she detected the lump. The clues to link the 2 scenes (Ep3 and Ep6) are there but you need to look hard. The scene in Ep3 starts with SHwa listening to the DJs (JiWon - a “JW”) and they say it’s 7am. It’s May. Lots of references about special days. One of which is Children’s Day (Pediatrics anyone?). Then as she drives out of the carpark, the song that plays is Cool’s One Summer Drive. (pics are in the full article in the link below) Lyrics loosely translated - it’s primarily a song about new beginnings, which fits well with SHwa’s current situation as she had just broken up with Prof Jang. But it also is about coming back to where it all started again after a setback. And the song starts with the opening of a room window. There’s this segment highlighted in red though? Does it sound familiar? Flower Garden. That’s why when you listen hard, as SHwa opens the window to her room in Ep12 after his “confession” to her that he is staying, you can hear the wind blowing. (Matching this song’s lyrics and also alluding to JWon’s song in Clue 1 above). Actually it’s been brought to my attention that the Korean subtitles actually have it in there (it’s missing in the Netflix English subs). As she opens the window, these pop up in the Korean subtitles (translated it says, The wind is blowing). Thanks @miracle23 Clue 2 is too long and picture heavy. The full write up is here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AyWOn4UT_fASRv7uOEaFqh-uTTCvbE3FZBUJEzqcr1E/
  2. Clues that hint at a missing scene SHwa’s biopsy results. JWon was there. But was called away. Clue 1 The Wind reference. SHwa’s friend from high school. Her name is BaRam (which means wind). She had breast cancer. She didn’t tell her husband. She didn’t expect him to show up but he did in the end. Initially I thought IJ was the one who was the one there for SHwa but Shin made sure there were lines between them everywhere in their scenes. So he’s not it. And their conversation didn’t make her feel better? It made her feel worse? So whilst IJ was there for her physically, he didn’t provide her with the emotional support she needed. In her rational intelligent mind, she knew he was in no position to “fix it no matter what” if things went pear shaped. It wasn’t the words she needed to hear. Not like her friend Baram’s husband. He was there for her physically and emotionally. No. That support (the right kind) would come from her soulmate JWon. He’s the Wind that will come blowing in. That’s why he’s on the cover of the OST The Wind is Blowing. So that’s Clue 1 that JWon was there. Clue 2 to come.
  3. Throwback timelines - even this matches them up Flower Garden MiDo’s first meeting (she reads for Lee-Shin) - happens on 2April 2019 She returns for her second meeting (and gets cast as SHwa) 4June 2019 In between those 2 dates, LeeShin had asked JJS about Jeon MiDo. During his second meeting on 9May 2019. He had already been cast. Yoo YeonSeok’s first meeting happens on the same day MiDo was cast as SHwa - 4June 2019 and he was cast. By that time, JJS and KDM had already been cast. Even the room (background) is the same for these 2 . Waiting to see if KDM and JKH’s auditions are the same. Locked in from the get go. Pink Piggie approves.
  4. I guess Shin wanted YYS to up the vehemence and dissatisfaction (when the cameras started to roll) with his resident when Jang was insensitive to a patient (as opposed to what was said in the meeting above). So he would match his soulmate tonally in the same episode. Both spat the words of reproach and reprimand out. Both are unflinching with regards to how a doctor should empathize with their patients and guardians. Locked in. cr - midoring tumblr Should’ve seen it coming. Right from Ep1. In how both women related to the same lady (mother of the son who needed a liver transplant whom IJ operated on) One is cold and frigid (like her wintry name) - note how Shin frames this. Distant, far away. She’s looking down from her pedestal as a doctor and observing the lady. She makes no move to comfort or to get down to her level to help her. The other is warm. Reaching down to support her. Even as the lift goes down (depicting how life would hit her hard), SHwa gets down to her level to support her. . Both she and JWon mirror each other. They are a match made in heaven.
  5. I love how Writer Lee rewards you over and over as one dissects the drama carefully by looking carefully at the script. She is meticulous and even inane dialogues link up. Like this one in Ep1. Off topic so in spoiler.
  6. Okay this is my stab at why the murder of GT’s mom happened. ST has the bag which says SeongJin Welfare Home. I think this is where he stays in the day (gets cared for) whilst his mother works. Whilst GT is at school probably? His mom then says this as she walks him home, “ST I have to work late from now on. So you’ll have to go home with GT.“ Then as MY’s mom stabs her, MY’s mom says this, “I didn’t get to say this earlier, it is me who will take care of my child.” Initially I thought she meant earlier BEFORE I stabbed you. But what if GT’s mom was hired to work in the Castle by MY’s dad? Hence her “I have to work late from now on”. Maybe to look after MY? So earlier meant at the Castle. GT’s mom may have “touched” MY? Whom MY’s mom felt was hers alone. “I don’t like it when people touch my things? “ Which is why MY’s mom gave her the ultimatum, “I will take care of my child.” As if to imply that she felt threatened that GT’s mom was looking after My? So she didn’t just kill someone random who the dad knew nothing about. She killed the housekeeper? And he would find out because he knew GT’s mother (as the housekeeper). And he killed MY’s mom as a result (he thought of her as a monster). Initially I thought the murder had to do with GT visiting but it’s too big of a reach. That’s why she let ST go with just a warning. He wasn’t a threat to her. He never touched her things? I still think the lady in the basement is POR who has taken on the identity of MY’s mom. She’s a theatre actress. It would be her greatest act.
  7. Aww...supportive of each other. Whilst waiting for S2 to start. Great friends! Even the actor playing the other Ahn (ChiHong) was there! Cr - YYS’s Instagram.
  8. Love that YYS is Ahn JeongWon to the tee. A love line in S1? Yes that would be the one sided crush from Jang. And the struggle with his (love line) girlfriend “God” who he was planning to “marry” (join the priesthood). Remember Shin doesn’t give much away. He wants their acting to be natural. That’s why he didn’t let on to JJS that SHwa was his old flame. He didn’t want JJS to be affected by that thought. He was a happily married man in the first few episodes. He wouldn’t have told YYS either if Flower Garden was the plan all along. That would ruin the surprise Who gets the man? - too wordy and picture heavy to put here. So it’s in a Word doc. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CqFtBYAZezoUWgHLmdC5AVJCzIwwuD9cXmBU4kxBFDU/
  9. FlowerGarden reminds me so much of this couple. Both women are driven, smart, strong and independent. Both men are principled, good with children and selfless (and have another girl crushing on them ). JWon and SunWoo have their crushes confessing.
  10. Here’s my theory. MY’s mom is dead. Killed by the father because he found out she killed GT’s mom. He nearly killed MY as well but didn’t. He carried that secret with him. And now it looks like his tumor is inoperable so chances are he will die (which I guess exempts him from culpability in the end). POR is a Sasaeng fan of MY’s mom. She loved her so much she became her (with her theatre background). Think Single White Female (the movie). That’s why there was that conversation MY had with SeongJae at the Castle about fans and their crazed behavior. POR felt like she “owned” MY’s mom. That’s why she repeated the line “don’t take what belongs to me”. She tormented MY’s dad because she felt he “stole” her away (caused her demise). She’s done multiple plastic surgeries in an attempt to “look like MY’s mom”. She’s the one hiding in the basement. She has embodied MY’s mother and all her tendencies. So it would be dangerous for GT and MY now. I think it was MY’s mom who killed GT’s mom (I haven’t watched Ep12 yet). Because she felt like she owned MY and was threatened that GT would steal her away. If POR (as MY’s mom) feels that MY belongs to her, GT would be in danger. Not ST (because he’s not the one threatening to steal MY away from her). MY to a certain extent also mirrored her mother in the beginning. Until she cut her hair (cut the cord/her leash like the dog in the story). She still has elements of a disturbed upbringing but she is showing signs of progress in the empathy area. Head nurse seems suspicious but I feel like she’s not “dangerous” per se. She’s the task master at the Hospital making sure it hums along and runs like clockwork. Director Oh is almost like Oz (Wizard) with his contraptions and eccentricities. He needs her to make sure the bills get paid, the staff rosters are done etc. I need to find time to catch up with Ep12.
  11. SongHwa’s sense of humor (at the expense of IJ the man child) There’s this encounter. It also doubles up as the “chance encounter” of Romantic Winter (which I feel like I should dedicate one whole off topic post too because that love line has been running in the background since Ep1) IJ and his Darth Vader helmet Then this revelation. SHwa had time enough to get the details of the surgery all sorted which meant she could’ve taken the helmet off IJ but she left it on - just because. I love a woman with a great sense of humor!
  12. Mirror scenes from R88 which made an encore appearance in HP. Of couples that didn’t end up together.
  13. “We’re aware of the Soompi forums currently being unavailable. This was due to it having been taken down by the forum service provider due to certain posts and activity. We are currently working together with the forum service provider to investigate this matter.” Rakuten posted this. I wasn’t playing any of the games. Was there any hint of gambling involved? South Korea is particularly sensitive about that. Not sure. But that seems to be what’s gone from the forum. 506
  14. Yes JWon, it’s our dream too for you and SHwa. And she says yes. Looking forward to a happy ever after in an idyllic seaside setting. Both doing what they love - healing and helping others. There are 3 little piggies with Pink Piggie. So 3 children?
  15. No I don’t think so. MY’s mom is dead. Her dad killed her. MY’s mom killed GT’s mom. I think it had to do with how GT appeared at the Castle and the mom wanted to keep MY all to herself. MY’s dad thinks the mom is alive again because OkRan is pretending to be her ghost and wandering the halls primarily to torment the dad. Ok Ran is a fan of MY’s mom. When she snatched the book away, I think it hints at her getting angry that MY’s dad “stole” the mom away from OkRan. OkRan is tormenting the dad as a form of revenge for him “stealing” her favourite author away from her. The other alternative is that she’s finally living up to being an actress (as suggested in her character brief). She’s playing the part of MY’s mom by embodying all that she is/was to her. Also the mentions of Serengeti and farting whilst eating was a nod to the Korean movie Marathon (true story) in 2005. It did what Rain Man did for the West. Marathon catapulted autism into the mainstream. So much so that mothers with autistic children referred to the condition as “marathon” (it became synonymous with the condition).
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