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  1. @turtle0217 I died when he started singing LOL! I was so impressed by how terrible he made it sound, I was actually questioned if he really was tone deaf.
  2. I have to say that I haven't watched todays episode yet, but I am not sure if anyone else noticed. But at the end when LR was sitting outside while our heroine was crying, he was actually tearing up himself listening to her cry. But they cut off right before tears became too obvious. It really shows how much he cares for her and how soft his heart is. I do agree that this had been one of the best dramas that I have seen SSK act in so far. I think it is because this character actually fits her temperment better than her previous roles, which were being the typical candy, comic relief or ditzy female lead. It is like she is a bit like the ML in this role and LR is the FL...characterization wise. Her character is the straight man in the story and everyone reacts to her, rather than being the character that reacts to everyone else. As for who her character will end up with. I am with the small group that says LR, but not because his role is the "ML". The crown prince is more like an older brother to her, I feel like. I feel like he respects her for her mind, but he kind of sees her like he does his brother... a friend of sorts or more so a friend for his brother LR. The time she was sitting with the crown prince to record really demonstrated this. All he talked about was his brother with her, "my brother this...my brother that...etc." before he was like "Hey, lets actually hang out with him, let's go right now." Then he was getting a kick out of how she was ruffling LR's feathers, he wasn't jealous at all or even wanted to show off like LR. And I am pretty sure the crown prince could tell LR is interested in GHY... I mean it was rather obvious. So I am sure at some point the crown prince is going to be supporter of their relationship. As for the Historian, I do not think he would be good for GHY outside of being a work colleague. The historian has be come too much like his job, only observing and never interacting or interfering. While I believe that he does respect GHY on a level because of her intelligence and guts, he seems at the moment too committed to his "hands off policy" which GHY can't do. She is a bit like a rebel fighter. She can't stand back when she sees injustice. And that moral code puts her in direct conflict with the Historian. Another reason I think LR is the best for her, is the fact he is so sheltered, innocent and pure. GHY lives in a society where women are second class citizens in a way, and she is an anomaly. She is very highly educated, which in that time was very strange and considered wrong. Her family actually treats her more like an equal as well so the normal restrictive life that women lived following behind men in that time is very unappealing to her. She does not like not have control over her own life, which is why she the historian role appealed to her. In this respect as well, LR is not a typical male lead or man in his era. He wrote fluffy romance novels, and is very ignorant of the world in general. He is sweet and kind, He can't fight, he is terrible at shooting, he cries easily, and doesn't have a calculating bone is his body...as a result, he is not very masculine but rather feminine in nature. But because of that, despite the fact that men are considered to be a higher status, it makes him the more submissive one in their relationship. You will notice that in most of their interactions, LR is on the losing end of the deal. It has only been recently that he is starting to win...though still not very often. But this dynamic, makes them more equal, though GHY is often put into a position of control in the relationship and allows her to display her entire wealth of brains without having to hold back like she normal has to in society. While her finding out that he is a prince has put a bit of a damper on their budding relationship, I have a feeling that it will eventually grow back into that fun equal/unequal relationship again and some more. Just my thoughts.
  3. I think YD is going to make the connection here sometime. The fact that he could recognize her when she had changed so much says a lot. In the beginning YD was so upset with YR was because she looked like JH, but wasn't "His" JH, because the age didn't match. Logically it couldn't be YR at all due to science...and frankly it kind of creeped him out...which is why he had such a strong reaction to her. So I don't think it will be too long till her makes the connection, particularly since he has now met the real JH. Also, I think that YD as eccentric that he is, when he finds out, he is going to go with it in the end and everyone is going to be super confused and conflicted. And in the end he'll be like "Why is it any of your business who I am with? get lost!" and just be happy with her. But they do make a good pair. She mellows him out and softens how harsh he is, and he pushes her to stand up and fight to reach her goals. They truly bring out the best in each other. Who else thinks that there is going to be something with the charm she bought at the shooting star watching event? I noticed that it had glowed when she made a wish...I am thinking that there is something else magical that will happen later on. Will it be related to her wish?
  4. Ok! That makes me feel better. I was worried about our puppy being kicked out on the streets. As for her having to re-interview for the job, that makes perfect sense as legally and as a formality a business is required to publicly post and hold interviews, even if the job is yours... I know this as I actually experienced this and my manager explained why at the time. But I do think it is good that she is still his secretary, they make a good team in the workplace.
  5. So guys, I am a bit lost on one thing here as I have not been able to watch the episode yet. Does MI still work at the company? Or is he jobless after giving up the President job?
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