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  1. So I want to give my perspective on the whole love triangle going on with QF-XE-AR...

    But don't kill me, cause this is just my opinion based on what I have seen and I respect how everyone else feels about these characters....

    FYI, my analysis is long, so I put it in the spoiler.


    I know that many feel for QF being pushed into second lead status, when he has clearly been nicer and seems to understand her better. But personally, I don't feel sorry for him at all.

    Before you get upset, please hear out my reasons as to why I feel that way.

    Firstly, QF could have easily gotten XE earlier on, he totally had the advantage and opportunity. And I personally think if he had not done some of the stupid stuff he did AR would have never had the chance to get XE at all. But QF was stupid, and that is why XE is now with AR. What were those mistakes? Well, the first, and biggest, mistake was that QF NEVER TOLD XE THAT HE DID NOT LIKE CC ANYMORE! 

    This is like rule number one in dating: do not let the girl you like believe you are in love with someone else. Why? because no matter how attracted she is to you, she will not act or believe it because you are considered "unavailable". And what is soooo frustrating, is that he had every opportunity to set her straight, and he never did, and even went so far to agreeing with her when she talked about him liking CC! Why would you do that when you don't even like the girl???!!! 

    But this also shows QF greatest flaw, which is he is waaaaayyyy too passive. He gives everyone too much space and doesn't follow up with XE. For example, when XE slaps CC, it is AR who follows her and not QF. When XE ran off because of her suspicions of MR, QF did not follow up on her and find out what is going on. When XE was stuck painting overnight, QF did not follow up to find out where she was and help her out. QF has been more of an observer than a participant when it comes to XE. If he had been less passive and more active in his courtship of XE, he totally would have gotten her hands down. The fact that he didn't and actively watched while XE and AR flirted in front of him, makes me wonder if he even liked her that way at all. Thus, I don't feel very sorry for him missing out on the girl. If he had made more of an effort, then that would have been a different story. 


    Now as for the XE - AR romance, according to my perspective, I can actually get behind it. I know that at first glance that it can look like AR only likes XE because she has become the female lead and XE only likes AR because he is a TX look alike and it has been her goal to be the female lead. But how I see it, is that is not the reasons why they like each other. In fact, my belief is that the reason XE became the female lead is BECAUSE AR liked her. And the kiss he gave her then forced the story to then changed according to HIS FEELINGS. So AR does not like her because she is the female lead, rather she is the female lead because he likes her.

    Then if that is the case, then why does AR like her? A big part of it is because how unconventional she is. She is interesting because she is a bit crazy, is unpredictable and she was fun. Think back to when she was staying at his house in the beginning. He loved messing with her and would purposefully go out of his way to tease her as he enjoyed her reactions. It was the classic "little boy likes you so he pulls on your piggy tales" attitude. And compared to CC, she was a lot more fun to spend time with. But then, XE did not fit is "ideal type", plus he had most likely never been in love before, so it would make sense that it would take him time to figure out that he actually liked XE. 

    As for XE liking AR because he is TX. That is not the case, because she had quickly figured out they were two separate people at the beginning of the show. Besides, she just had admiration for TX like she would for an idol. She had never met him before, had never talked to him and only knew him from TV or other forms of media. He was very much an ideal, but not really seen as a real person till she saw him at the hospital. But even then, they had no relationship and XE recognized that despite being aware of how he had been hurt by his family. And in the romance world, part of the reason XE even pursued AR too hook up with him was because he was not TX. If he had been TX, she would not have done even half of the things she did. She only did so because he wasn't TX.

    This takes us to other point people talk about, which is XE liking AR because he is the male lead in the story. From watching the show, I honestly believe that is not even the case at all and she genuinely likes AR for who he is. This is why I think so:

    While she did initially pursue him because he was the male lead, at that time, she did not view him as a person. In her mind, he was in a sense, not real. It was as she got to know him and forced to look at him as a person with feelings that slowly she came to care for him. Because XE has one very fatal flaw, she is very empathetic and always ends up treating people genuinely despite her plans to manipulate them. We see this happening when she helps CC and then ends up going far beyond what someone with insincere intentions would do. She is all talk and no bite. And this is a trait that many characters, including QF, notice and comment on throughout the show. She is much more compassionate and softhearted than she lets people know. This could be an affect of being an orphan and not wanting others to see her weaknesses. Plus she is also very much a nurturer. She likes taking care of people and being needed, no matter how much she grumbles about it. This can be seen how she purposefully heads home early because AR most likely has not eaten. boiling the dishrags to disinfect them, ...etc. The other thing is that, she has no family, she is very alone in the world. And despite how he steals her food, follows her around in the dark, bicker about cleaning and cooking like and kind of drives her nuts. She is not lonely, where as without him for her to chase and bother she is very much alone. Plus over time, their interactions do cause her to come to care for him because they make her view AR as a real person. But it is not till he faints at the resort and she overhears his reason why he is scared of the dark that she realizes that even though he is supposedly just a character, she can no longer treat him as such. She has come to recognize that he is a person in his own right with feelings, wishes and desires. Which is why she backs off in a sense. Because she is respecting his feelings and she understands it. But at the same time, she misses him, because when she was with AR, XE did not feel alone in a romantic novel world where she feels like she doesn't belong. (It is at this point that QF totally could have swooped in and made her his girl....but he played it way too safe/passive and didn't tell the girl he liked her and wanted to date her!! grrrrr!)

    I hope that make sense, as XE's feelings in the story are much more complex than any others, so it can be difficult to explain what I am picking up. 




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  2. My theory is that HS was physically abused by his father. The amount of fear that he has for his father cannot just be due to emotional abuse. My guess is that he used to restrain HS with the dog leash and treated him a bit like a dog. It is interesting that the image of the father always shows up when something happens that is positive or would be an event that would bring about positive feelings in a normal circumstances. My guess this reflects the times when he father would attack or hurt him, so he has in a way been conditioned to expect his father to come for him or be hurt by him when he feels anything remotely happy. 

    As for why HS thinks his "father" is "scared" of her, my guess is that the "father" is not really scared of JW at all, but rather the father was sent away by HS himself. It is interesting that it wasn't till she kissed him and he clearly was emotionally touched by it and let him self go into it for a sec. I see it as he felt her love for him and for someone who apparently has not had a lot of it in his life, it was perhaps very comforting and peaceful for him. And it was those feelings that sent the father away in his mind, it broke the conditioning he was used to and raised under, plus it distracted him. It is like when you have a kid that is crying because of something you get them to stop by distracting them with something else....kind of the same concept. 

    And having lived under the shadow of his fear of his father all his life, due to the trauma. Realizing that being with JW and her love could send the "father" away, it would have been a lifeline to someone who was emotionally and mentally dying. 

    Did he love her from the start? No, he most likely used her as a shield at the start and emotionally manipulated her. But I do think that over time he has come to care and love for her in his own way. And I do think that he is extremely loyal to her and very dependent emotionally. 

    I do worry about when JW is going to find out about his past and lies... but I have a feeling that rather than tear them apart, it will pull them closer together in the end.

    With how much it has been shown that he needs her and how desperate he is to keep her, I can see that he is not going to be willing to let go. Plus on the flip side, JW has been keeping secrets of her own from HS. Though at this point we don't know what they are, my guess it is related to why she wants to be a detective. Plus, she has been shown to be rather compassionate and more understanding of those who are left behind.  


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  3. Spoiler

    I found it interesting that in ep 4 he explained part of the reason he has stayed with his wife was that "my father is scared of her".

    The visions he was seeing at the beginning of the episode look like a reflection of how he fears he will become his father and how him father made him think of feel like he was a "monster". But when he is with her, that fear and his ugly past is banished. So when she is around, he can be normal. Thus while he may not understand or feel love, she is extremely precious to him because she is in a way his "savior"


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  4. 4 hours ago, Anjali Punia said:


    Well the stepbrother wasn't explicitly shown doing the misdeed so may be he just froze and neither helped nor pushed HTH?


    Yes, from what I saw too, the brother fell because the sister stopped him by reminding TJ....


    about  TX's mothers death and TX may come back at them for revenge. It is still not clear exactly what happened to TX's mom, but it is becoming clear that someone did something to her which is why she died and the family is somehow responsible. And apparently it was bad enough that they fear TX's retaliation.


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  5. I like hearing everyone's thoughts and theories here. Makes waiting for the next episode a bit more bearable. I agree in a mishmash of everyone's different theories... This is how I see it:


    The world they are in is created from a mixture of Xiao En and Aoran's mind. I think that the reason that this all happened is that TX's spirit latched onto Xiao En as someone who could help him and dragged her into the dream state with him as an attempt to communicate for her to help him. (Kind of like a form of haunting) This is most likely carried out, due to TX's feelings of being betrayed by his whole family and needing someone to help save him. But, because TX is in a coma, he is not able to communicate clearly with Xiao En, he can only bring her to his empty space. But since Xiao En is technically still conscious, she created a world in that space to move around it. And as a Romance Novel Editor, it would make sense for her to build a world using the last book she was working on.(They say when you dream, your mind goes over what you last did) Since TX is in a coma, his conscious is weaker in comparison, so while Xiao En provided the world to function in, TX provided additional details, such as many of the work colleagues and family members, to fill the various "spots". This is why TX character cannot remember the real world and is very different. We are interacting not with he conscious mind, but most likely his subconscious mind where TX does not hold himself back. Also, since this takes a "haunting" route, that would explain why the book is changing in the real world, because it is Xiao En's spirit that is "Editing" the book.

    At the moment QF is the mysterious figure, but I have wondered if he is a young version of the father, as he is in a coma too...maybe a bit ickky, but who knows! (And maybe it was the dad who caused XE and TX to meet in the "dream" world as this is his attempt to save his son as he was in a coma when everything happened to TX. )
    But ultimately, So it could be QF that is preventing her from leaving till she is able to save his son. My thought is that as TX starts to become more aware of who he really is, QF will be the one to let her go back to the real world and then TX will follow her, but because this was his subconscious, he will not remember her off the bat. She will go to save him, and he will feel the love and emotional connection with her, but not understand why. He will also have a bit of a personality change too, he will be more like Aoran in certain situations. He will most likely find himself seeking her out due to what happened in the "dream" and then eventually, over time, he will begin to piece back together their time and love.



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  6. 2 hours ago, jeonghyang said:

    I wonder why he stares at her eyes and lips. 33.gif It's the 2nd time he's doin' it. He's spacing. What the heck is he thinking?  59.gif I find it odd. 


    He is observing her face for social ques to determine how he should act and respond and how he should look with certain emotions. 
    It makes sense if he personally struggles with feelings and emotions, and since she is very much like an open book emotionally, he can "read" or understand her better than most people. Plus she is easy to please. And I think some part of him wants to be normal and accepted. I feel like its not so much about him liking her, but him trying to keep her around by keeping her happy so that she doesn't leave. 

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  7. So I have been quietly following this show and just had to make a few comments after ep 7


    So, my take is that Aoran has fallen for her, he just isn't willing to admit it or even allow himself to believe that he has. The reason that I say so is that the show does not show him spending any time thinking about Chu Chu, most of his thoughts and energy is spent on Xiao An. "What is Xiao An doing?" "Why is she saying this?" "Where is she going?"...etc. She clearly occupies his thoughts and feelings more than Chu Chu, even when his is with Chu Chu he is thinking about Xiao An. But it is clear that he is not willing to let himself admit how he truly feels. Why? It is because she does not fit his ideal of what he thinks he should like. Chu Chu is his ideal, and fits his idea of the kind of girl he should like. But she does not cause him to think about her all hours of the night, miss her, or anything else. Chu Chu is a bit of an after thought, even when he thinks that Xiao An is plotting against her. All of his energy goes into Xiao An and not Chu Chu. I can see him torn between the two, particularly if he has never been in love before...So later in the show Aoran is going to be very confused and be going back and forth while he tried to sort out his emotions. 


    But with how our second lead is starting to come on strong, I do have a theory on how the story will flow....

    Since the title of the story is "Lost Romance" I speculate that perhaps that in our Novel world Aoran is going to miss out of his true love with Xiao An due to his actions along with other factors and she will end up with the second lead. As a result, when he gets back to the real world and he sees her again, he will be reminded of the lost his lost and will go and get her in the real world. 

    Plus, I have been wondering if the brother has more to do with his coma than what has let on. They have purposely not shown him getting pushed...so there is more than what they have let on. 


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  8. It is funny how ND and DJ keep sleeping with each other. But at the same time I am not surprised DJ keeps allowing it as she has mentioned that while it was uncomfortable for her in the beginning, she realized that she was able to sleep better with him at her side. He helps keep her nightmares and demons at bay. Which is why she suggested the same thing to the king. 

    ND on the other hand, really has no boundaries, particularly since he has realized he loves DJ. He went 180 from being all "men and women should not breath the same air" prissy to supper clingy and cuddly. But DJ needs that clingyness in her life with how suicidal she has been with her revenge mission. I think it is significant that she wants to die for her mother, but then here comes ND and becomes her new mother. In a way, you could say he is filling the void the loss of her mother created in her heart. 

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  9. I know that perhaps ND's little stunt with YM was perhaps not the best move, but I did think that it was good in that it did demonstrate that ND is a worthy opponent. Since ND started on this journey, how many times has he fooled or pulled on over on YM?

    If you think about their interaction in the widow's village, YM was completely fooled that ND was a woman. And that was literally right under his nose and YM is supposed to be well informed and yet he had no idea that his own cousin was spying.

    Plus ND kept stealing all of his treats for DJ as well as disrupt their time together, not to mention how his little make out session with ND REALLY through him for a loop. :D 

    Then while YM is still looking for DJ, ND finds her instead (yes, I know that ND and DJ have OTP fate, but still, he found her first)and is inadvertently hiding her from him. And lastly, while he knew of ND little scheme, that kind of blew up in YM's face in that HE gets kidnapped instead and nearly killed...and he really couldn't do anything to stop it. If his bodyguard hadn't shown up, he would have been D.E.A.D. ! 

    So I have a feeling that ND is going to continue to throw YM for a loop and surprise him in ways that he does not plan for.

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  10. I got to say, I really like the screenwriters right now. They only had Haru and DO's separation for only two episodes, which I think was the perfect length to build some tension, but not drag it on till the end. It makes me excited to see what will happen next.

    Too many times, I will watch a drama and they separate our leads for most of the drama, only to get back together at the last possible second....which I hate. 

    Now that they are together, I can see them truely working to find out how they can free themselves from the writers preconditioned path. 

    Also, I am liking BK more recently as he has gotten his awareness and he is starting to see the whole situation objectively now, which is making him more compassionate. While on one hand I am sorry that he will not get the girl at the end of the day, I think for him it is better and more important  to free himself from his father and gain control of his own life. He needs to free himself from his demons first and I think his new awareness and understanding of DO will help encourage him to break free. And I think that is what will make him happy along with seeing DO happy as in a way she is a representation of his mother to him. Not really a relationship with DO.

    But that is just what I think.

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  11. Out of the whole twisted family, I found WS one of the most interesting characters. Mostly as he really did not have a mean streak compared to the rest of them, when he was stable, he was very much an okay guy. His issues, I believe, stemmed from emotional and verbal abuse. Which is why he lost it with SH's Mom. He was bound to snap at some point mentally, it just happened in the worst possible way and at the worst possible time. 


    But that leads me to another reason WS ultimately killed himself. 

    Out of everyone in the whole family, SH was the only one who expressed to him that he was not a failure and that he had capability. When he was caught for the murder, he lost the one person who had believed in him wholeheartedly. Plus, from what I have been able to glean from the show, he was nice to her even before her mother died. Meaning he genuinely liked her as a family member. So losing her, meant losing everything that made his life worthwhile. 

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  12. I was hoping I was wrong for the whole show that WS had not actually killed the mom, but I had a sneaking suspicion that something was seriously wrong with him and that he was acting more like he felt guilty for something. The backflash when he hugged SH was a big indicator that he felt guilty, but I was still hoping that he would turnout to be a good guy.

    But it does explain partly why he was so nice to SH, he felt guilty for what he had done and in his own dissolute way tried to make up for it, but at the same time he couldn't face the consequences. Him killing himself made sense, facing the face that he killed someone meant that he himself had to acknowledge that he was a failure and when he did, in his mind there was no point living after that. He was desperate to prove himself and to show everyone that he was not the failure that everyone saw him as. And there is no worse failure than being a murderer, there is no coming back from that.

    He was a very tragic figure in that could have been a great person had he been raised right. There was potential, but it was destroyed by the family.


    Kudos to the actor who played WS though, he did a fantastic job in keeping all the viewers guessing. I wonder if he knew from the get go about the plot twist, cause when I look back, he left a lot of clues that hinted the whole time.

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  13. 2 hours ago, tulip06 said:

    Much as I am tempted to watch raw, I will save myself for full subs this weekend. 


    I am right with you for waiting for subs. As tempted I am, I need to wait for the subs otherwise it will drive me crazy not knowing what exactly is going down. I don't have that problem with other shows, but this one I HAVE TO KNOWWWW!!!

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  14. 8 hours ago, Lmangla said:

    it would be real curve ball to the audience as he is only one who seems human out of the suspects and showed some empathy when seok hee cried on losing her mom. don't like wan joo, or second wife or dad or ms han and so it wouldn't be a surprise or even care if it turned out to be one of them. that said, if it was wan soo, am not sure if the dad would step up to cover it. in ep 11, wan soo seemed to have gotten into a fight and instead of paying for compensation, he told wan soo to get the punishment. whereas for wan joo, they were willing to charter a jet and for his friends to party in spain. so can see them covering up for wan joo. lets see.. like you said, maybe it is not someone from the mo family at all..


    personally will be disappointed if it is wan soo -- so far, I like him. he is the only one who talks about her mom like a real person. when seok hee asked if he ever met her, he acknowledged and said she was a cool artist and then asked if seok hee was missing her.


    does anyone wonder what ms han gets out of this? she doesn't even own real estate and lives in a rental. so what exactly is she doing with her salary or the power she has?


    while there were no OTP moments as such in ep 11, did like the way TOP security guy raised his eyebrow at yeon do and seok hee. she is understandably upset that her mom's work is stolen but the only one who can calm her down is yeon do and he quietly drags her away. TOP security guy has been quite jealous of yeon do and can see him thinking why seok hee is listening to yeon do and not him. so based on preview, in ep 11, ms han finds about yeon do?


    Agree that would be a major twist if WS was the one who killed. But there have been hits through out though that WS for all his flaws is rather innocent at heart. The when he was dating the actress, they all asked how far he had gone with her, and she mentioned that he hadn't, and was surprisingly innocent. Plus I agree that they would not have covered for WS had he murdered anyone. Though, it is possible that they only did because the scandal would affect WJ's succession. 

    But we have never been shown that WS has any real violet tendencies. The only time that was close was when he stopped his ex in the hallway... but he never really touched her at all. 

    WJ on the other hand, seems really unstable, particularly when he loses his temper. Which we have seen a few times. He was even kind of scary with his wife at some points. So it is possible that he lost his temper with SH's mom and went out of control. Maybe he mistakenly thought his secret was being threatened? And step mom just took advantage of the situation. 

    But Ms Han is really up on the list as well. But I have a feeling that she would use someone else to do her dirty work. She doesn't seem the like to take care of things personally like killing someone like that. If you notice that with Grandpa, she killed him indirectly by taking advantage of information. Could she have not done the same with SH's mom?



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  15. @thistle @monica63

    I agree that the episodes have flown. The story has been that interesting. But I keep thinking that this show is longer than 16 episodes. How they are going to wrap things up well in the next 6 episodes will be the final determining factor for this show. Many dramas start fantastic but peter out in the end because the writer wrote them selves into a corner and could not find a way out of it.


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  16. 9 minutes ago, Latte_Anyday said:

    It's so funny how no one notices his Adam's apple LoL! Or maybe it's not as noticeable idk? Drama logic perhaps, or that he has slight stubble/facial hair eheheh. His birth secret is another mystery. 


    I also find it funny that no one really questions how tall he is either. But in reality it is true that people do overlook certain things when they assume certain things about you. Also, if you think about it, for the time period, wouldn't be unthinkable for a man to dress like a woman. Or even want to dress like a woman. Wasn't it illegal or something?

    So it really wouldn't be their first thought that he is a man, plus it helps that he looks good dressed as a woman...so they unknowingly over look the tell tale signs. 

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  17. 31 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

    The coffin JMW was dragging never contain any body... only of trinkets from dead people she killed or got killed because of her. 


    As for CS being the reincarnation of CM, I am in the camp of that not happening. I doubt the writers/producers would make it so complicated by using a different face when the others have appeared with the same face. 

    My best guess for now, the tree is CM. In the past we speculated that it was YW, but now that YW appeared in modern days, the tree could be CM. 


    I was on the same track at you. The coffin held the only things she could recover/carry of the people who had died... there were too many.

    As for what many people are saying about the firefly's and CS and CM. The firefly is definitely someone's soul, as to who it is, I say that there is a strong possibility that it is CM. In the first episode when MG took the coffin, all of the firefly's representing the souls all followed her, except for one, which turned back to stay. It could be he stayed out of guilt and longing for what he lost with her due to  his actions. 

    But one of the main reasons that I think that CS is not CM is how they act and treat her. My impression of CM was that he was trying to seduce her, but was very hands off with what she did. Note that he does not really stop her for the most part, he lets her do what she wants, even if it could destroy her. He holds himself back from fully loving MW even though it hurts her.  Where CS does not hold himself back. If he thinks she should stop what she is doing because it is bad for her and will hurt her, he makes her stop even though it hurts himself. Because saving her is more important than himself. These attributes of CS and CM are part of their innate character, so no matter if they reincarnate and can't remember, they will have certain traits that get passed on. For example, MR is still selfish in a way and just likes to take things even if they are not hers. (i.e. stealing money and sanchez pottery) And I bet we can say the same about YW as well. There are things about his character that will always be the same no matter what life they are living. Though the circumstances of the life will determine if they become positive or negative. Thus CM would always act as CM, but CS is not the same as CM in how he approaches things, and he does not abandon people he cares for, no matter what. Look, he still takes care of his ex-girlfriend despite not being in a relationship with her. CM though, he abandoned MW. Even if it was in the name of protecting her, he did abandon her. 


    As for what will happen at the end between CS and MW, It has crossed my mind at times that if she left to the afterlife, I could see him following her so she did not have to go alone. He is afraid of her leaving, suggesting how strong his attachment is to her. 

    And that could be the reason he was chosen by MG for MW, she knew that MW needed someone righteous who could steer her in the right direction and would not abandon her. Though how far he is willing to following will need to be seen.


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  18. I think YD is going to make the connection here sometime. The fact that he could recognize her when she had changed so much says a lot. In the beginning YD was so upset with YR was because she looked like JH, but wasn't "His" JH, because the age didn't match. Logically it couldn't be YR at all due to science...and frankly it kind of creeped him out...which is why he had such a strong reaction to her. So I don't think it will be too long till her makes the connection, particularly since he has now met the real JH. Also, I think that YD as eccentric that he is, when he finds out, he is going to go with it in the end and everyone is going to be super confused and conflicted. And in the end he'll be like "Why is it any of your business who I am with? get lost!" and just be happy with her.


    But they do make a good pair. She mellows him out and softens how harsh he is, and he pushes her to stand up and fight to reach her goals. They truly bring out the best in each other. 


    Who else thinks that there is going to be something with the charm she bought at the shooting star watching event? I noticed that it had glowed when she made a wish...I am thinking that there is something else magical that will happen later on. Will it be related to her wish?

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  19. 15 minutes ago, turtlegirl said:


    @guinearoyal Dom isn't jobless. He still works there, just not as President (and had to switch offices too). Now I'm curious about GH though. She remained his secretary, but had to, what, re-interview for the position? Hmmm. That's what I gathered, at least. 


    Ok! That makes me feel better. I was worried about our puppy being kicked out on the streets. :tears:

     As for her having to re-interview for the job, that makes perfect sense as legally and as a formality a business is required to publicly post and hold interviews, even if the job is yours... I know this as I actually experienced this and my manager explained why at the time. 


    But I do think it is good that she is still his secretary, they make a good team in the workplace. 

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  20. 13 minutes ago, greenwatch08 said:

    Without any prior knowledge of the novel other than the sypnosis of this drama(since I'm avoiding spoilers), I've reached/finished episode 25. Wow, there's so much good things to unpack about this drama. 


    First & foremost, I love Ting Ye & Ming Lan,

    not only as an pair (platonically/

    romatically) but as individuals. I like how the story unfolds & allows both main characters to have their own unique voice & have relationship w/ other people. It gives room for the main characters to develop as individuals. Even with minimum interactions, ML & TY already have a grasp/understanding of each other, & can relate to eachother on a personal level.


    Ting Ye is a very well-written character. He's imperfect but that's one of his finer qualities because it makes him more relatable & likable. This gives him room to develop. I like that he's very experienced/well-adapted to the outside world. He's also understanding,onsiderate, & responsible, who handles business & take cares of his family well. Another plus side, he kicks major @$$. His interactions with people around him is great. He's a realist, much like Ming Lan. 


    Ming Lan is like a sponge & a quiet storm. Much like TY, she adapts well in any environment. I like that she is resilient even under all the scrutiny & challenges she faces. ML is intuitive,cunning, & also caring. It's great that she also thinks about her own well being & isnt written in situation that's degrading or belittling to her character growth. She's starting to break out of her little shell & the way it unfolds is great. Her relationship with her grandmother is endearing. 


    ML & TY is great as a duo.

    There's depth/dynamic to their interactions, which is based on mutual respect & understanding. I was pretty happy to finally seem them engage in conversations. It's so fun to watch, from their small bickering & quiter/intimate moments. Ming Lan always seem to be at ease when she's with TY & vice versa, since TY very much enjoys her company. They both look so nice being in each other's presence. 


    I agree with your points here. ML and TY are great characters, both together and separate, they are portrayed very realistically, compared to some dramas I have watched where the characters were a bit two dimensional. 

    But personally what I love about their relationship is how TY had always liked and respected ML since they were young. And unlike everyone else, he knew what kind of person she was behind her facade. This was really shown when they were in the Sheng school and he had encouraged her to speak out and debate with her. Everyone was like "oh the shy miss. oh sweet ML does not know very much." and TY was like "Lol, you people have literally no idea. Come on girl, talk!" He liked cracking her shell and when she would dish it back out at him. She would give as good as she got when it came to him and he respected her for that. 

    But I think it wasn't till he pulled her out of the river and they started talking about his daughters future, that he truly started to fall for ML. It is clear that with TY, from having such a crappy family life growing up, the key to his heart is family. He mentioned to his Nanny in the beginning that the birth of his children made him feel like he had a place and could for once be loved, when he was always hated and scorned before. Though he had liked MN in the beginning, he did not love her, he did however, love his children. So when ML started advising him to take better care of his daughter, it resonated with him that she cared for and thought well of someone he loved. And where others in her position would look down on a child like his due to birth and circumstance, she never did that once. And it occurred to him that with ML he could have the kind of life and family he has always wanted. So from that moment on, I can see that he viewed her as not just as ML, but as his future spouse. Cause if you watch carefully, his behavior and language towards her changes during their conversation on the beach. And afterwards he behaves much closer with her and starts following her around and taking her safety seriously. 

    Anyways, I got caught up and have started blabbing away.

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