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  1. Could it be the wife she put something on those pills. Like she did with the death wife...??
  2. Besides she was the one who intigated the doctor to give the woman the medicine to put her on depresion. And I also believe she has been giving the husband also some kind of medicine. He is always taking some when he is nervous at his studio. Would not be surprise if this woman has been makeng them sick or controling.
  3. I am going to take a break on this drama for a couple of weeks. Right now it only makes me angry how the story is.
  4. At the Crotton Megahit Youtube channel it says that after 6 months they would upload the drama with english subs. Right now its only in original language available. I have not find it with english subs neither so I guess I would wait the 6 months until Crotton has it.
  5. I stop watvhing. I would come back until 80 or 90 episode. Until the crazy pair is punish.
  6. I just wish unhappiness for JH and that peace of woman. Probably would never be able to be a mother and JH would eventually leave her.
  7. I have an idea what if...GH needs to remarried in order to keep with her son, and the only one willing to do it is SW...that would be a twist at the story. What if they get married before thr crazy btc....and the soon to be ex husband. What if they never get married...jajaja.. That woulf be so annoying...for them...to see GH and SW as a happy familly and they don't....that is my dream...karma...
  8. Could he be the son of an Important figure, son of a mistress or something like that..??
  9. I am with you on this one. Can not undertand them. But at the same time as like Tammy said las week SKK choose this path. There can always been another options but she choose this one, this familly, this persona, she is who she is because of her choices. And now she needs to live with them. And also she also has a bad twisted side, she likes power, she likes to be right and in control. Deep inside her she has a part that it just suits her new familly. She can be evel if need to. And does not now where to stop.
  10. I am really enjoying this drama. On my nerves every week. So real. So good.
  11. So the father is the real monster. He really is a complex person and the mother did her part into asuming everything. They are the one that need to be at jail.
  12. Is this still a 100 episodes drama...?? I am really desaponted in the plot. I think would skeep this until the las chapter.
  13. So when is the last episode..?? Is it tomorrow or next week....
  14. I think is the other way around...he forgiving her...she really is stuped. He has been telling her the entire time that his stepmother is the cause of his mother suicidal and him going abroad growing up without a familly...and she still believes her more that him and she supposly is in love with him..really she deserves more than the scene in front of all the guest. She really went wrong with it. He have her oportunity to tell the entirely trued but choose not to...she choose to believe and trust her so call aunt instead of her love. And know she would be so proud and try to hurt him even moore she really do not deserve his love. He has help her since the begining don't forget who rescue her on the begining of the story. I also blame the grandmother she really did not saw what kind of monster she had as daughter in law and just let her do everything. Now another battle would come.
  15. It was just a totall mess. The daughter is the only one with a more trusted character and personality. I did not get the OTP too, yes shallow relatiinship, just blah...I was more interested in the development of other people that them. Its shame it could it be a better story but it was not.
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