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  1. In the first place this drama has a 40 episode but suddenly being cut off and end up with 32 ep. I think this the reason why the writer make the thugs problem in the middle episode because he/she think they have more episodes left. If only SBS let this drama have 40 episode, I think we can have a beautiful ending right. Flashback about the Trio Timjangnim, Story about Inwood and the father, another date with new security couple and of course Our love story SY and YR too. Recap final episode https://www.dramamilk.com/where-stars-land-episodes-31-and-32-live-recap/
  2. Our security couple is SO CUTE The best FMV for our lead couple SHIPPPPP OR SKIPPPPPP??????
  3. I'm glad Knetizens recognize Chae Soobin's acting skills, usually they only care about the male lead
  4. YR - Do you know why my name is Han Yeorum? Becuase I was born in the middle of the summer. But my favorite season is fall. Because fall was the first time I saw my parents. What about you Lee Soo-yeon, which season is your favorite? SY - Summer…. Because that is the season where I first met you To be honest, I feel nervous
  5. I like that part too, LSY better be ready because YR will never let him go easily. And our security couple is really cute today Edited You like Yeorum, right? So you should not have any secrets. On today episode we love GES. He really pushing SY to tell everything to YR, like ES said YR should hear it from SY, not him or everyone else. Today recap episode https://www.dramamilk.com/where-stars-land-episodes-19-and-20-live-recap/ Engsub preview SY – Is it really okay for me to love you? YR – So, when are you going to take me on our first date? SY – Han Yeorum, do you think I am strange? Aren’t you afraid of me like this? VO – It makes no sense. Not others…but team leader Lee? (Traffic team leader). He had an envelope in his coat from the thugs. SY – Why are you restricting where I can work? VO – If you cannot fix this then you should quit this job. ES – Among friends, we are going to do something right now. YR – he likes me, he told me. But why does he want to have alone time for himself? ES – Why do you like Lee Soo-yeon? SY – There is a malfunction frequently because of you Han Yeorum.
  6. Stop the angst for LSY Just tell her the truth and be happy. Stop hurting each other
  7. @ktcjdrama same. But If only Mr.Jang gave SY the cellphone when he asked for it, maybe he wouldn't be too desperate and forced himself. As we know SY just want to communicate with YR because he know YR will be worried about his condition. And then come to Mrs.Yang who indirectly tried to stop her from returning to work at the airport. That made the situation became worse to SY.
  8. Preview eng sub Jang – Why don’t you tell her the truth? VO – You are Han Yeorum right? YR – Oh Min Jung. VO – When I was in high school there was a girl who was a push over VO – Can I have 4 fast track tickets ES – I want to talk to you about what happened yesterday. Jang – This is a portable discharge, you should use it in the worst case moments YR – About the fast track card. IW – Let’s do it, lets listen to each others one wish. That is the deal. SY – What kind of favor (wish?). MJ – You lost your walkie talkie? YJ – Where is Oh Dae-ki? VO – Oh Dae-ki is not here. IW – Han Yeorum, are you really not interested in it at all? IW – What are you hiding under your clothes? Yeorum ah please don't make a mistake or troublesome, aaaaaa what wrong with siw??? Please let lead couple have a happy moment.
  9. I hope this drama hit at least 10% for the rating because they deserve it. The stories, all actors/actress, it's really amazing. Where Stars Land fighting
  10. The other drama already release video BTS, here we have to wait 1 week to watch the making film. SBS please release video BTS earlier.
  11. "If someone likes you accept that person with an open heart And if someone doesn't like you just mind your own business and don't care about them" "There isn't much to life anyway"
  12. In this episode i'am more curious about YR family issues. Spoilers recap https://www.dramamilk.com/where-stars-land-episodes-13-and-14-live-recap/ "YR asks him if he is a fortune teller? He says that he studied it once before. But he studies psychology. Don’t tell anyone that I am here, it will be a headache. She asks why he said something about ehr parents. He explains tht it is her behavior. When someone cares about what someone else thinks, like her, then the parents are high achievers…or…they did not compliment you….or abandoned you…yes, that's it, Abandoned! Yeorum tells him that he said everything so at least one will be correct. He tells her that seh is close minded. She says she is open minded. But he says that she is smiling to hide, not because she is happy. That is because she does not want anyone to know what she thinks becuase she is afraid of being ignored or abandoned. Dont hide, the world will be the same if you show your emotions." In the beginning we already know how hurt and suffering SY life is and now we have another sad story about our YR. They really similar, they both hurt by people looks at them a certain way. They just want to have a normal life. it's really break my heart SY and YR please be happy Ps. I'am not good with English, so Sorry
  13. what make knetizen and i-netizen view angry is not because of the baseball game but is SBS fault, they are tooooo lateeeeee to give notice that the drama will not air. Hoping 2 episode today
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