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  1. I don't think Seongmo has turned to the dark side, I still have faith in him because of the way he challenged Jaein and Ahn during the investigation. He made it clear to them that they need to find solid proofs in order to indict him--which I think is his way of "taking care" of them, if that's possible. I don't know if I'm biased but it looks like that he wants them to find solid proofs whether it will benefit him or not. However, we should keep Jaein's statement that Seongmo doesn't trust the police or law in general in mind too. Also, I agree that Jisoo's death might be mainly for the sake of having element of surprise (since the drama is ending), but I don't think she died in vain. Her death did convince her father to reopen the cases although it's ironic since he turned on a blind eye to keep her alive but still losing her in the end because of that. Maybe that was part of the reasons why the writer chose to kill her off. The writer could totally use this to trigger An and Seongmo too (well, he cried. Hard. At least we're all now convinced that he has emotions), if s/he does I hope it would make sense and do Jisoo justice. Lastly, this is just my Seongmo-Jisoo shipper heart (IM STILL SAD UNTIL THIS DAY), but I'd like to think that Seongmo does like her, it's just he has too many unfinished business on his plate as of now and cannot appropriately reciprocate her feelings. It's obvious he has a soft spot for Jisoo and is very fond of her, and although I don't know if it's love, it can definitely lead there. Jaein may have been the one who first triggered his emotions, but Jisoo was the one who kept his emotions alive. I wish Jisoo could see that and okay now I'm just very sad let me crawl into a hole and cry my heart out again :((((( Thank you for everything, Eun Jisoo. You have all my heart. P.S. I do think that Seongmo putting the ring on her mother's finger himself is creepy... but I'll hold all judgment until tonight's ep (read: PLEASE DONT BE BAD)
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