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  1. Agree, I'm really happy that they're in a good terms Hope they'll always be close friends (or more hehe) Waiting for their next project individually or together, will be really good if they scouted for CF or another project together
  2. Thank you Listening to the ost make me miss them more Hopefully they'll get more projects so I can see them soon...it'll be good if they can do some projects together, maybe CF or cameo for some drama like minki and somin in WWSK last year
  3. Very late reply, sorry i've watched it, and rewatched my favorite ep several times after it ends. Hope you'll enjoyed it too I can say that TBI really popular when it airings in SK or international glad the the actors and actress get more recognition especially Lee min ki ssi, happy to see him again to be a model for magazine.. Hope he will get more projects this year
  4. I've been silent reader here, I just want to say that this drama really good in many aspects and it deserve more recognitions I watch it from the first ep but put hold in it when roo da start dating Jun hoo, (because I'm team BJS ) and just start picking up this drama again in the last 4 ep. Now that I know roo da end up with BJS I'll watch again fully, from the beginning After the tender moment when BJS secretly visit roo da's appartemeent, this parody from my sassy girl movie also cracked me up so much Even with minimum skinship, I still find that their romance is sweet and sincere
  5. Just saw this YouTube post from https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2018/12/23/another-time-another-place/ Really hope they will reunite in another drama, especially saeguk..because Lee min ki in saeguk attire is so Miss them so much
  6. @Nanana85 about LMK signature post, I think I saw that too in his previous post when he went to jeju for BTIMFL gift vacation Hehe maybe instead weird, it's more proper to use the term unic? I've been following his IG since 1 year ago, and i really like the way he post his pic (include his deadpan face ofcourse ) idk but i just feel that it was charming...he also seldom to post pic in IG except when he has project...so the feeling of excitement waiting post about him and the happiness of seeing his pic on IG (mostly upload by someone else) really make it more and more precious and worth to wait @Yasaman Asghari he indeed really cheerful in that BTS I keep comparing his BTIMFL and TBI BTS and I notice that he smiles and laugh more in TBI, his smile and laugh really bright up my day maybe like you said because they're the same age, and because in BTIMFL it was his comeback project after 10 years hiatus from dramaland I don't think that I can join you watch Dalja's spring...I need to comeback to my normal life, because my obsession towards LMK and TBI make my daily life a bit uncontrollable Aside from works, I spent most of my time rewatched the eps or BTS, check update from soompi or another sites, check IG etc .. Glad that another drama airings right now not really make me excited...but I think I'll come back to this habit when there's new projects from LMK My favorite scene from the last ep It was a pleasure to join this thread, even we have different opinion.. i really enjoyed reading the comments here..thanks everyone for the pics, updates, and who gave links to stream and watch raw I seldom post in threads except thread about LMK, so see you all in thread's of LMK next project .. Sorry for the long post
  7. That's part of his charm I like that part of him too, he is not the typical k drama actor @kdrmalover4444 that moonjin IG pics, are they from the wrap up party?
  8. Raw in dailymotion is out https://mobile.twitter.com/rischassie/status/1064886709265911808
  9. Agree with you Before, I prefer do jae not getting surgery..but now watching him healed and be happy with the ones he love (includeing his family) I'm happy for him too.. The writer also make his successful surgery more believable by increasing the success rate compared to 10 years ago And moreover I like their reunion scene, I like se gye said that she regret her choice, several times..I like that se gye also take initiative too to became closer with him..and I think it's the first time I see female lead give flowers to male lead, it's sweet
  10. Check your message, I send some links, hope it's help.. For anyone who can't watch any streaming links, Usually I watch clips from this IG (this IG upload some clips the same time as the drama airing) https://www.instagram.com/tresna_n.a/ And then watch raw file from dailymotion, you can find dailymotion link from this twitter. The link usually appear 30 min - 1 hour after the drama airing https://mobile.twitter.com/rischassie
  11. https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2018/11/17/preview-beauty-inside-episode-15/ Brief Translation from link above Do Jae decides to go for the surgery, hating the idea that his last memory of Se Gye is one of her crying. And it works because he says at the end, “So this is how you look like
  12. Find good comment on some site about LMK blank faced as seo do jae... Sometimes I even forgot that he can't recognize face, Because Do jae as a character really doing a good job to recognize people around him by other aspects
  13. Hope this can be some happy pills to lessen your sorrow Really need BTS of this scene LMK crying scene is painfully beautiful, it's better than his crying scene in BTLIOF I think
  14. I don't know if its selfish or not, but I'm with you in this part, I also don't want do jae to getting cured from his prosopagnosia ..and Se gye to remain as she is now (her transformations every month)... Because both of them already a beautiful person even with their flaws, and they complete each other perfectly...although it's sad that do jae can't recognize se gye from her face, but do jae already recognize her with his heart and love her because who she is (her inner beauty) not because her appearance beauty I'm pretty much sure that do jae will take the surgery, but I wish do jae's mom will beg se gye to stop him...I don't want do jae to risk his life for the second times, and if something goes wrong (but I think it won't be happened because it's dramaland) I don't think se gye can handle it. Also I don't want se gye comeback to do jae because his illness being cured, but because she forgive her self and allow her self to be happy with do jae
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