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  1. I take my words that I won't drop this drama, i skip ep 14 and 15 and jump to the last minute of e 16 and the ending disappointed me. I can accept sad ending like hotel del luna, but this drama i just can't..it's not only sad but bad..i especially dislike bi soo cold and hot attitude towards joo in... what a waste of great actor and actress. Hope they'll get better projects next time.. Sorry lee min ki
  2. I think it will get happy ending too, at least i'm relieved the break up is earlier, not at ep 14 or 15 so they have much time to mend the relationship
  3. Sighhh this two weeks Thursday ep always make me disappointed with han bi soo, after the sweet moments and then breakup? Why not being honest? Give a chance for your significant other to make a decision too...i hate this noble idiocy trope so much hope it will get better in the future ep, i won't drop this drama, because although the plot disappointing, there's still lee minki in it..
  4. Glad i survive the first 2 ep and continue to watch this...this show is such a gems. The best show i enjoyed so much in 2021 along with zombie detective
  5. My like for this show keep growing as the more ep released. Nana's likeable since beginning and Bi soo too, getting more and more likeable...i like that bi soo doesn't beat around the bush and straight forwardly confess his feelings...and i like the way he confessed I didn't expect bi soo will know about his mom ilness this soon, glad he can spend more time with his beloved hae jin shi (i expect he will find out much time later like ep 10 or more... but i like it this way And i like how the show reveal yu jin real feelings for nana soon, so Nana's can treat yu jin acco
  6. Lee min ki's shampoo fairy song is so good, i like his voice..i've been humming this song almost everyday now
  7. The new episodes are getting better, i like that han bi soo's character more likeable... Btw, the shampoo fairy song han bisoo singing, is it lee min ki's real voice?
  8. Hello, newbie on this thread Just watched ep 3, glad that i decided to give this drama a chance. Because from the title i supposed it's a slice of life or healing drama (aside from the romance) Ep 1 - 2 is hard to watch, especially about her dad and Ep 3 confirm the fate of hani's dad. Furthermore i really really feel annoyed with the teenage hani for her blabbering and reckless action that burden mature hani more. But at ep 3, the teenage hani's reedem her action, she gave courage for MHani to stand for herself. So satisfied watching hani scold her prete
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