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  1. Already PM you the webtoon link I'm not good writing summaries, but after reading the webtoon (but not finished yet) what can I say is drama's different from the webtoon and I enjoyed them both Spoiler alert
  2. Hello I'm newcomer to this thread. Decided to unlurk because I want to say how much I love this show I'm not fans of high schools romance drama, because of my age (i'm mid twenties now) and I think high school romance just temporary fling that will fade away when they became adult later. Checking extraordinary you because i'm losing my interest in another airing dramas. I'm Watching without any expectation, also didn't check teaser or the actors name or face. So the revelation of haru's face in final scene ep 2 really I'm really enjoying this drama. Times flies so fast I didn't realise it. I'm gigling, squealing, rolling eyes along with Dan oh about the cheesy plot, simply I'm hooked just by watching the first two ep. Usually I need 4 or more. The last time I I feel like this about dramas are last year beauty inside After watch 2 episode i become greedy and impatient so I marathoned the webtoon, and i think I love drama version more, especially Dan Oh characters. I'm waiting for ep when drama's will tell us about haru's perspective later (my fav part from webtoon)
  3. Is that actor Lee Joon hyuk (a poem a day) who plays Lee yo young husband's? If so, woahh I'm more excited to see this drama, because my 2 fav actor playing Just read nanana85 post above, same question
  4. Third comment in this forum. I rarely post, but i really enjoyed reading everyone post here. Finish watch with sub. For me it was a satisfying bittersweet ending. HDL is a rare (and special) drama for me with how they portrayed the OTP. In other drama OTP always have this magic sentence 'they couldn't live without each other'. I admit that it was romantic and I felt pang in my heart whenever some OTP declare that sentence. But honestly deep in my heart, I want OTP that love each other but also can let go their loved one and keep on living. Because I also believe that in the afterlife (heaven) god will allow us to meet our loved ones (without reincarnation and last forever) I have no expectations or anything about this drama when I first watched. But it become one of my favorite dramas now that I'll gladly rewatch later I really enjoyed IU antics as jang man wol, and I adored YJG as Go Chan sung. Go Chan sung now on my top three male leads that I like. This is not the first drama I watched YJG. But this is the first drama that make me looking forward to YJG projects in the future I'm conservative, so I'm quite satisfied with OTP romance. I also like the bonding of our OTP with other side character. They seemed like real family and warmth my heart
  5. Thank you so much, finally I can hear this song again I watch tree of heaven a long time ago, and like the ost too. His whistle and one more ost by shin Seung hun (mod. Sorry I don't know how to remove video from my quotes)
  6. Hello.. I'm new to this thread...I rarely post something on any thread but I'm really curious about the piano instrumental that Played in minute 22.45 I remember listening the song version before, and I think it's the ost from old drama...but I forget from which dramas or the singer name...it's beautiful and calming song... Anyone here knows that song? Thank you
  7. Agree, I'm really happy that they're in a good terms Hope they'll always be close friends (or more hehe) Waiting for their next project individually or together, will be really good if they scouted for CF or another project together
  8. Thank you Listening to the ost make me miss them more Hopefully they'll get more projects so I can see them soon...it'll be good if they can do some projects together, maybe CF or cameo for some drama like minki and somin in WWSK last year
  9. Very late reply, sorry i've watched it, and rewatched my favorite ep several times after it ends. Hope you'll enjoyed it too I can say that TBI really popular when it airings in SK or international glad the the actors and actress get more recognition especially Lee min ki ssi, happy to see him again to be a model for magazine.. Hope he will get more projects this year
  10. I've been silent reader here, I just want to say that this drama really good in many aspects and it deserve more recognitions I watch it from the first ep but put hold in it when roo da start dating Jun hoo, (because I'm team BJS ) and just start picking up this drama again in the last 4 ep. Now that I know roo da end up with BJS I'll watch again fully, from the beginning After the tender moment when BJS secretly visit roo da's appartemeent, this parody from my sassy girl movie also cracked me up so much Even with minimum skinship, I still find that their romance is sweet and sincere
  11. Just saw this YouTube post from https://breathlesssurvival.wordpress.com/2018/12/23/another-time-another-place/ Really hope they will reunite in another drama, especially saeguk..because Lee min ki in saeguk attire is so Miss them so much
  12. @Nanana85 about LMK signature post, I think I saw that too in his previous post when he went to jeju for BTIMFL gift vacation Hehe maybe instead weird, it's more proper to use the term unic? I've been following his IG since 1 year ago, and i really like the way he post his pic (include his deadpan face ofcourse ) idk but i just feel that it was charming...he also seldom to post pic in IG except when he has project...so the feeling of excitement waiting post about him and the happiness of seeing his pic on IG (mostly upload by someone else) really make it more and more precious and worth to wait @Yasaman Asghari he indeed really cheerful in that BTS I keep comparing his BTIMFL and TBI BTS and I notice that he smiles and laugh more in TBI, his smile and laugh really bright up my day maybe like you said because they're the same age, and because in BTIMFL it was his comeback project after 10 years hiatus from dramaland I don't think that I can join you watch Dalja's spring...I need to comeback to my normal life, because my obsession towards LMK and TBI make my daily life a bit uncontrollable Aside from works, I spent most of my time rewatched the eps or BTS, check update from soompi or another sites, check IG etc .. Glad that another drama airings right now not really make me excited...but I think I'll come back to this habit when there's new projects from LMK My favorite scene from the last ep It was a pleasure to join this thread, even we have different opinion.. i really enjoyed reading the comments here..thanks everyone for the pics, updates, and who gave links to stream and watch raw I seldom post in threads except thread about LMK, so see you all in thread's of LMK next project .. Sorry for the long post
  13. That's part of his charm I like that part of him too, he is not the typical k drama actor @kdrmalover4444 that moonjin IG pics, are they from the wrap up party?
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