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  1. https://www.nylon.com.sg/2018/11/netflix-is-entering-a-new-era-and-its-all-about-asia/ For Love Alarm, it’s based off a popular webtoon with an interesting premise: an app that chime in with an alert whenever a love interest is physically nearby. That it’s helmed by female director Lee Na-jeong is reward enough, but it gets better when she says she’s interested in all facets of romantic love, both the euphoria and how we’re “faced with the ugly sides of ourselves”. Talent Kim So-hyun also brought up an important theme, the idea of an app that seemingly connects people, but at the same time, disconnects us from interacting with others. As Lee also mentioned, you’ll see how digital technology gets mixed up with real-world, analogue feelings. Either way, it should remind you of a certain dating app or two.
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