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  1. Hi everyone! How are you guys doing? Sorry that I could not be as active as I was before since I am currently busy with my final year study but I read everything that you guys posted here and I really appreciate it. Btw, happy 2nd anniversary guys! Thank you for keeping this thread updated with all the nice contents. I have fun read them all. I hope we could hear happy news about them someday.
  2. Hi everyone. How are you guys doing? Sorry for being inactive for such a long time. I have so much things to do and go through but don't worry I read all of your posts. Thank you for all the updates! I really appreciate it. And to new members, welcome to this thread! Glad to have you here. By the way, here is the video of Ryota playing Canon in D. Lol he forgot the notes and keys.
  3. Thank you so much everyone for sharing your posts. Here is the video of Ryota in 'Horitsu' TV shows. They were talking about Ryota's drawing. Ryota and the others were laughing especially on Tao's part (Setoka). Lol.
  4. @Transition Thank you so much for sharing the translations of Tao's IG post. I wonder too who was that someone. A special person? @ryotatao9495 Thank you so much for sharing. Haha. It was so funny to see them two. They were trying hard to hold back their laughing. By the way, here are also another videos which are a bit longer. Tsuchiya Tako's part start from second last video (swipe left).
  5. Hi everyone. Sorry for being inactive lately. I was quite busy with my works but I read all your posts. I thank you guys so much for the updates. @Transition Thank you for sharing the news of Tao joining the 'Gurunai' TV show. I'm glad that we could still see Tao wearing school uniform again. I really hope too that we could see Tao and Ryota reunite (in her new tv show or other variety shows). It has been so long since we haven't seen them on screen together.
  6. Here is a snapshot of the making of POL. If you look at it, Ryota's bag looks familiar. It was Anikoma (Anini Aisaresugite Komattemasu). Hehe.
  7. @Transition You are welcome. Thank you so much for sharing the translation of VoCE magazine interview! I didn't know that Tao also used orange-tangerine-scented oil when taking a bath. Haha. It's cute how those fan able to detect the hint.
  8. @Transition @marchingfishes @jerseyno13 @ryotatao9495 @liemmeciau Hi everyone! Thank you so much for sharing all your posts! Wow it's 2019 already. I hope this year we would able to get a lot of hints from them more and see their progress. Hehe. I realized that Tao mentioned about 'important people' on two of her new year posts. Does Ryota included in that list of the important people too? *cough* By the way, here is the full ANN radio show of Tao if you guys want to listen to it. Hehe. As ryotatao9495 said, there were some songs from her previous dramas/movies that have been played on the show but unfortunately not all the songs were played full. Most of them were just like a sneak preview and that including Sora haha but it's better than nothing right? I wonder if Ryota listen to her radio show? The 'Sora' part was at 1:40:25. Link: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av39704197/ Credit: Uploader
  9. @Transition @ryotatao9495 @liemmeciau @cwkwkhp2 Hi everyone. Thank you for sharing all your posts. I'm happy that Tao will be the ANN DJ Radio. I still remember that I have thought it once before if there would be a chance for Tao to be a DJ Radio (because I listened to Genetalk at that time where Tao was nervous and Ryota said 'are you nervous?' and he said is used to it because he has been trained. Now, it will be her turn to do the same job (radio announcer). Haha. Maybe she can learn from Ryota. Lol.
  10. @ryotatao9495 Thank you for sharing the information about Top 30 highest earning Japanese actresses of 2018. I have been wondering before about Tao's earning all this while and finally I knew about it now. About Takumi, I wonder why she didn't follow Takumi but other Harumatsu Bokura co-stars. As Transition said, I think maybe she would follow if he followed her first. Thank you too for sharing the videos of Tao saying that a handsome guy with Ferrari looks cool. I agree with you, usually it is always the men who always like talking about luxury car. Hehe. Talking about getting driving license, Ryota said in latest Genekou episode that he would want to drive next if there will be activity involving driving in Genekou. @Transition Hehe. As you said, it is easier to notice who Tao is fllowing because she only followed few people. @liemmeciau Thank you for sharing the photos and videos of Ryota at WEIBO Account Festival in Japan 2018. As usual, Ryota looks handsome. Hehe. I was wondering about his love neclace/pendant that he had on. Haha. Is it the idea of his stylist or is it his own neclace? By the way, here is another similarity of Ryota and Tao. I got it from my IG follower.
  11. @Transition Thank you so much for sharing the photos and videos of Harumatsu Bokura and Tokyo Coin Laundry (TCL) as well the other photos and videos! As you said, it seems that Pray is the theme song for TCL. Hehe. As for Tao new sp drama, I was kind of interested already with the storyline. I wonder how will she sounds like singing the popular 70s songs. Looking forward to seeing it myself. @ryotatao9495 Thank you so much for sharing the information about this thread views. Wow! That's great! I don't know that this thread could reach that amount of views. Good job everyone! By the way, Ryota also has started to follow many casts from 3A on IG. (I don't care I'll just said it here. Take it or leave it). Haha. But don't worry he is still continue liking Tao photos. You know when there were too many people you followed, there could be possibilty that you can overlook the past posts of others) but he was quite quick in liking photos from Tao. Not to mention he put the likes on her posts like every time. I wonder if he turn on post notifications (because I didn't. Lol) or he was just happened to be online at that time. Anyway, Tao looks so cute when she was in 3rd grade. I like basketball too when I was a kid because of Slam Dunk anime. Lol.
  12. @liemmeciau You are welcome. Thank you so much for sharing. Everyone was so happy to see their interactions. Hehe. @Transition Thank you for sharing the news! Hehe. It's not a rumour anymore. It's on the news. It seems that we can hear Tao singing again. Based on what I read, Tao will be play as Ozawa Tsubasa, a girl who lives in a port town in Tohoku and is giving up the dream to be a singer. The time skipped then she met Oozora Tsubasa (Momota) who is also a singer. These two will participate in the "- songs championship" as a duo. It seems that they have the same last name in the drama. Are they going to be related to each other like siblings or something? Or is it just by chance they have the same last name that make them as a 'Duo'?
  13. @Transition You are welcome. Hmm, I'm not sure about the likes because many people have liked Tao's photo at one same time so it was hard to count. But as we can see in the comment sections, he was the 34th person that commented on Tao's post. Hehe. I wonder too if he will reply back. I miss them. Here, the screenshot of Tao liked Ryota's IG post and his comment.
  14. @Transition Wohoo! Today is the best day for us. Thank you so much for sharing the photo of Tao with Harumatsu Bokura! I like especially the photo of her with Sugino aka Kunimitsu! Haha. Here, I made the photo compilation so that we could always remember them. Ryota liked it so fast eh? It's been a long time since he last commented something on Tao's IG. It seems that he doesn't afraid to show it off. I realised that he was the first 34 people that commented on that photo. Anikoma has liked that photo and Ryota's comment too. Haha I can't read or forsee the future, that's for sure. It's just that I hope if it could be possible to happen and it just fortunately happened exactly as I wish. Lol. I just can't believe it haha. I guess it was a fate then. Thank you so much for listening to my bad singing voice haha. I don't remember the lyrics to be honest. I had only listened to this song for about 3-4 times only which was during its first released. Lol. Ryuto's parts were mostly high notes while Ryota's more to low notes. It's good to have different person to sing different range because they can balance it out when they are singing.
  15. @Transition I agree with you. I had to change the range of my voice to high key (or chipmunk voice) because that is how it supposed to sound like for a Japanese song that usually sing by girl singers (except Leola because she used her real voice) and it is not easy to be honest to sing with that kind of voice because sometimes it doesn't fit certain song. So I think Tao's voice is already good. Speaking of song, I just tried to sing Shounen by Generations and this time I used my real voice since it was the boys who sing the song. Lol. You can hear on my IG story if you want to and be ready to get your ears hurt. Haha. You are not alone. I'm getting a bit worried too that she doesn't have any productions she is leading next year. If previously, she was mostly the leading of her movies or dramas with the roles of school student. Hopefully, it will be annouce soon. About Ryota's new drama, don't you think that 4 months are too long to film only a drama? I think it could be as you said too that it is because there are so many actors involved and to accomodate everyone's schedule they have to drag it out. I'm not sure if it will be a movie though. Hehe. Thank you for sharing the photo of Tao with Harumatsu Bokura casts. I like the one with Sugino! They are so cute. Unfortunately he doesn't have IG, if not we could see Ryota liked that photo of them.
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