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  1. @V, @Berou, @supergal99, @moo1304, and all the pretty squads... 

    Thank you sooooo much for all the recaps, the gifs, the crazyness, the laughters, the tears 

    and all the excitement you guys bring me.....

    it means sooooo much since I have no one to talk about IANAR...


    And what if that AI robot has KMG face... I'm sure it would be sold out on 1st day...

    MBC should have change their business core into robo making...kekeke


    And I'll be glad having robo KMG and AJ3 too...

    And I will make sure they do that HAWD KISSEU each time I miss this drama:lol:


    sooo, ANNYEONG CHINGU.... Until we meet again with The Royal Hotness which is YSH...:wub:




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    How can we all forget

    It was SUN HYE, JA best friend who taught MG about kissing....


    so lets say it out loud...


    for teaching him about SEXUAL TENSION

    that's exactly what we see from them...

    and that's so obvious... even before the PD nim shout action


    they cant deny it, SEXUAL TENSION, 

    That look when they're about to kiss,

    the way their body react to that kiss

    and the way their body react when they had to abruptly cut the kiss:wub:


    Look closely to YSH priceless reaction,

    You'll get it...

    since any healthy man tend to find it diffucult keeping the butterfly in their lower abdomen to calm down 

    after that HAWD KISSEU:lol:



    Look at me 17 hours after that kiss and still on that... 


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    THE GIFS... ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME? The GIFs are 1000 x hotter than the BTS:wub:






    I smell something burn...:lol:


    Thank you everyone..... now parting with this drama doesnt seem as hard... 

    But I change my mind... they're not best actors around their age.... They're the greatest actors...


    But in my honest opinion... YSH would never do this kind of kiss again in the near future...

    coz he need CSB to do that kind of kiss!

    He was the one who suggest that kind of kiss... can you imagine how close he must be to CSB.

    And I'll keep my memory of their kiss forever... :heart:

    unless YSH proved me wrong and serves me a hotter kiss than that... 

    Next time he'll do that I'll bring fire extinguisher:lol:












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  4. @supergal99

    OMG.... That FRENCH KISS BTS... 

    The 2nd try... the director cut it and they're hugging comfortably ...

    Are they in :heart: 

    I saw CSB was nervous and looked like his hug is his way telling her to calm down... Look at how he stroked his hand around CSB lower back. More like caressing her... 


    Now I know when did he learn to kiss like that! 

    Give him CSB and their skills will double the heat!!! :wub:


    But why do I feel like peeping somebody's personal life, everytime I rewatched the kiss... But then the BTS convinced me they're just doing their job... Or not?!:D


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  5. They're still filming? Are we gonna get an extra episode? :D


    I don't think so... Sadly.

    I think CSB has to film until today, since she play 2 roles. Maybe nobody realize this... But playing 2 roles means you need twice the time needed to film your part. When YSH finished his part with CSB,  she still has to take her part with another casts. Esp since this drama is back to back film. And they are filming in winter on top of that. How hard it must be for her. 

    YSH did asked her on the BTS I heard you're filming until late last night. And CSB said until 5 am.

    And YSH always let her took her take first so that she could finished early and take a decent nap. Not only because he cares but CSB is the only one who can't get tired or sick. Since she plays 2 roles. How considerate he is...:wub:

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  6. A hard week... The ending is getting near... What we're gonna do when this drama's over:bawling:

    This is my problem. Once I fell in love. I fell hard...

    I think YC will come to his senses again once Ri El declaring her love. That if MG is holding a grunge against him. Marrying Ri El would be the best way to do. And later he'll see through what his appa is up to and had been doing since they're only kids. 

    And AJ3 came back home to MG's I suppose. Which is illogical to me, since her GPS is gone, how can she found her way home. But it's been long since I put my logic away to enjoy Kdrama....

    I think everyone would get their own verse of happy ending.

    MG & JA 

    BG & Pi

    SH & Hoktal

    CEO Hwang and his alli go to jail

    YC & Ri el would go abroad building their own career and family there. 

    And what if Madame X & the Butler get married too... 

    And AJ3 get her pair robo MG... Kekeke... 

    That's my version of happy ending

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  7. @Berou I agree with @blissfullyblessed...

    MG might have high IQ. But not EQ. 

    EQ is something you get by interacting with another human being. Which is he lacked for 15 years. 

    I guess his EQ stop developed when he get his traumatic experience from watching his parents death and betrayal from his very best friend. 

    That's understandable if the human he ever interacted with 15 years ago is no different than an AI robot. 

    AJ3 is very humanlike robot. And his little knowledge about human cant help him diffirentiate between human and robot.

    But one thing we must prepare for enjoying romcom Kdrama...  Push aside your logic or else you wont be able to enjoy it. And to be frank, the only reason that keep me here is YSH and CSB acting skill. And the kiss would be their greatest present for me... :wub:

    And the 1st gif @supergal99 gave us is soooo unlogical... 

    Why did the PD nim let them kiss when the FUR is blocking the view...

    Then I found the logical reason why... 

    to give the best training for YSH and CSB... So that if they want to kiss each other IRL they're doing it the best way... :D

    Anyone come across this? I think YSH & CSB would be great in Saeguk. :wub:


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  8. Thanks for all the recappers... And all the pretty squats who share the kiss with us... Love you always... :heart:


    Guess I'm the only one who feels sad...

    That kiss... Didn't satisfy me... 

    Is that all they give us?! 

    I was soooo pissed with the fur. 

    After they kissed, they stared at each other, I thought they were gonna kiss again. The most hot kiss of all time...

    Really don't understand KMG who retained him self so much for touching any human... Finally had his 1st kiss with human... They should make it twice... 

    1st testing if his body reacts negatively to the kiss... 

    After he found out that he's completely fine he should share one deep kiss, long, and warm...

    And no fur blocking the view... 

    And on top of that... next week this drama has to end. I don't think they're gonna make some extra episodes for us...:(

    So PD nim you have to pay us for that! We better get another hot of our cuties kiss... 

    Or... You have to make them publicly kiss IRL...:wub:

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  9. I think tonight still will be no kiss... They still need to resolve the trust problem.

    We have to wait till tomorrow...:(


    Btw. I bumped into funny things on YT people start naming uri OTP as Seung Bin... Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin:wub:

    Took me sometimes to figure out... 

    I think I need my daily doze of their kisses...:heart:

    an hour and a half feels like forever...

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  10. I know this is not Shippers Forums. So forgive me Mods coz I'm dying to tell our pretty squads this...

    The biggest proof I find that YSH is his self around CSB. 




    Around 2:16 YSH feeling CSB arm, not just touching, but feeling...then he teased her.  THAT IS SOOOO NOT YSH...

    Usually he's so composed, retain himself so much that sometimes I think he doesnt feel comfortable around his previous co star. Around CSB, he could be his self. 

    He feels comfortable with her thats enough to make me happy. At least he's happy around her. 


    The fact that they were paired up to be ambassador of DMV Docs Film Festival in 2015. Now get paired again in this drama. Remember this YSH was gonna be paired to 2 other actresses and they both declined.  It means they are meant to know each other closely enough to be best friends. Or more....:wub:

    Leave the rest to fate then... Maybe the 3rd time they got paired in the altar in RL... Looking forward closely:D




    @ChellseeSo JA got a chance to proof her anti allergyc cooking skill:wub:



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  11. 5 hours ago, k8telyn said:

    I can't contain my excitement for the next episode!! Yoohooo!!

    Anyhow, I really love the promo pictures so I made an edit just now.  I love the way MK stares at Ji Ah. :wub: I'm sharing it here first! :D

    IT'S CALLED SEXUAL TENSION....Remember the look in the moment your heart say Now...is the time to kiss:heart:

      I'm sure you all remember this line... Jo JA best chingu, Sun Hye.

    @k8telyn Thank you for sharing

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  12. @haney207 OMG I was about to post the same picture....

    @blademan Is it just him being nice buying her coffe or... I wish it's something more:wub:


    Can we dream about YSH getting married to CSB... Maybe 10 yrs later from now. Would it be too long?:D

    If they date now or after this drama... I hope they could make it secretly. Or else...The public in SK would eat them alive.

    Reading all the post from Pretty Squads here really ease the pain of waiting. So I know... I'm not the only obsessed one craving for anything IANAR related. 

    @SpiritGambler laugh my self out reading yours.

    Since the PD nim really love torturing us... Kissing of OTP wouldn't satisfy me... 

    I need to have them... Get married... Or having baby or... Married in RL..... Or all of it...I'm greedy and obsessed like that:D




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  13. I think for 3 reasons, MG and JA needs to be together within this week.


    1. The drama only has 8 episodes. I guess Ep 25 wake up and alone. Ep 26  realizing. ep 27 trying to be back together. ep 28 The company political issue climax but it drive back MG and JA together again, maybe we'll get our 2nd kiss here...

    Next week proposing and 3rd kiss:wub:

    2. MG has to purpose JA under the meteor rain. it had been broadcast in tv. so I think it's about about to happen soon. JA cant go to Australia or they'll miss the meteor rain. It had been foreshadowed too that MG wants to purpose under the meteor rain.

    3. My heart just cant take it anylonger... I need them to kiss their hearts out this week...:D 


    Please PD nim let them show us their greatest kissing skill or else.... I demand you to get YSH and CSB married to each other in RL:lol: 


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